Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records and TVD at CMJ 2013

Beyond Beyond is Beyond and The Vinyl District’s CMJ Showcase is happening on October 17th at Union Pool and will feature the Velcro Lewis Group, Prince Rupert’s Drops, Coke Weed, and Worthless.

Ocular delights will be supplied by Drippy Eye Projections and by way of introduction to the psychedelic light show, we spoke with NYC’s own visual psychonaut Curtis Gordino of Drippy Eye Projections. We’ll drop into the oil wheel with Curtis and discuss Drippy Eye, the interplay of visuals in live shows, vinyl inspired creations, and the lovely lava lamp sounds of his band, Worthless.

Tell us about the genesis of Drippy Eye Projections—how was the idea born and who are you artistic influences?

Well, Drippy Eye has been a project I’ve been working on for about 3 years now. The idea was conceived when our band in high school needed a light show. I saw a few light show videos from Josh White and Mark Boyle and was hooked. Ever since then it’s been an unhealthy obsession of mine.

What technology do you need to create the visual experience? Anything invented in the last 20 years?

You can use anything to create a light show. That’s why I’m so hooked on it, everything in my life could potentially be involved in my light show it just takes some thought to figure out how to rig it up to project it onto a wall. I think there are new things invented in the light show everyday, it’s endless. It’s also constantly being reinvented because you can’t buy anything specific for this besides oil wheels, but everything else is your own bag.

In your opinion, what is the interplay of live visual art during a live music setting? Does it act as an expression of the music or do you feel you’re creating a distinct artistic experience for the show goer?

I feel both because it is a direct reflection of the music, but with your own creative twist to it. Everyone has their own style, mine is blue and pink.

In vinyl speak, name an album or two that’s inspired drippy eyes:

Family Perfume Volume 1 & 2 by White Fence and Jane Jane Pollock (s/t).

Any occasions when the genre of music didn’t quite mesh with the visual counterpart?

Definitely. I don’t think every band is a band for the light show. Not talking personally but in general with all light shows, sometimes it just doesn’t click.

Let’s turn to your band, Worthless. The first time I heard a track off Keep Sleeping, my notes were a tale about swimming inside a lava lamp. Tell us about Worthless, why the name and how would you describe the sound?

Swimming in a lava lamp, that’s great. Worthless is myself, Skyler Toski, Nicole Zamfes, Annique Johnson, and now Francis Perrott on drums. We started in South Florida with DIY recordings and now all live together in New York trying to get our live set together.

The name I feel is pretty self-explanatory, but we do go for a hot day sound. South Florida has been a huge inspiration for us. Living in South Florida was like sitting inside a dirty man’s mouth after running a marathon in the desert.

Sitting inside a dirty man’s parched mouth is the WORST. Unlike that, the Drippy Eye Projections seem perfectly on point in the Worthless music video “Sweet Sundae.” Did that come together easily?

Yeah it came together pretty easily, I recorded the song then a little while later recorded liquids to it—it’s like a peanut butter and jelly sandy and a glass of chocolate milk.

MMMelty goodness. So what’s up next for DEP and Worthless?

For Drippy Eye, just working on new thing,s doing more shows, and for Worthless we’re working on a new release.

Any thoughts on the future of psychedelia?

The future looks good for music.

Stream Worthless’ Keep Sleeping in its entirety here.
Catch Drippy Eye Projections and Worthless at
Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records + The Vinyl District’s CMJ Showcase
October 17th at Union Pool, Brooklyn, NY
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