TVD Live Shots:
Pine Barons at Kung
Fu Necktie, 1/26

According to their Bandcamp, Pine Barons are “Children of the Forest; Conceived by the roots.”

I believe it. I saw it. I heard it with my own ears at Kung Fu Necktie last Sunday. The New Jersey born quartet was reeling out much more than just their roots though. A mix of every genre I’m not even going to bother naming couldn’t even describe the sticky magic that drips out of their instruments and coats the inside of your ears.

It’s songs like “Telescope” that will catch your immediate attention with its eerie groove and heavy breathing, and “Carnival” that will hold it with its rainbow filled lyrics and remind you there’s more to this band than writing a catchy melody.

The so-called Children of the Forest closed out their set with the last song from their self-titled debut, “Don’t Believe What They Told You,” taking listeners through a series of beautiful piano chords that have you feeling like you’re moving in slow motion. Only to end with a heart pounding chorus of “JESUS CHRIST’s” that will leave you curious as to what the fuck just happened and compulsively longing for more.

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