TVD Live: Collective Soul, The Fillmore, 6/13

Collective Soul got a bad rap right out of the box in the mid nineties when their debut single became a radio staple that no one could escape.

Anyone who paid attention to the band afterward were rewarded with an absolutely brilliant record called Dosage. Produced by Anthony J. Resta, known for using vintage gear to create sonic atmospheres for such artists as Duran Duran, Perry Farrell, and now Collective Soul, the band was at their creative peak and singer Ed Roland’s songwriting was pure pop rock genius.

Dosage is the type of record that a band can only make once in its career. If you didn’t appreciate the brilliance behind this record, it’s simply because you wrote the band off long ago and failed to give them another chance. Meanwhile, the rest of us got it and we celebrated the band’s 2012 sold out return to The Fillmore in San Francisco last week where they performed the album in its entirety to a sold out crowd.

The band took the stage with a “Thanks for coming out,” from singer Ed Rolland to the capacity crowd. “We’re going to play Dosage in its entirety then come back for a second set of other favorites.” Nice way to connect with the fans.

Next up, the opening song of the night and lead track from Dosage, “Tremble for My Beloved.” The signature rock riff of “Heavy” followed as track number two which opened up to the heart of the record. I was allowed to shoot only the first two songs, and it was pretty incredible to be up in front of 1,200 fans with full reign of the photo pit.

“No More, No Less,” “Needs,” and “Compliment” are the songs on the record that shine through the most. This is pop rock at its finest, folks. The production, the ability to recreate it perfectly live, and the shear sense of brilliant songwriting was alive and well and the crowd embraced it.

Say what you will about Collective Soul, and that’s OK. There are plenty of fans out here that are fueling the band’s success enough to tour and release new music whenever the band feels like it. And that’s a lot more than I can say for half of the bands that came out of that era and even 90% of the new ones today.

Fantastic rock ‘n roll show indeed.

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  • jraiey

    I’ve been to seven Collective Soul concerts over the years, and the one thing that makes this band more special than any others is the fact that they honestly love and respect their fans. They connect with them through social media, and they care about their opinions. They sell a very limited number (30 pairs/60 tickets) of their VIP meet & greet passes for a relatively inexpensive amount (ours were $125 each) while shows like Britney Spears and Katy Perry charge upwards of $1,000) for a hello and a handshake. CS gave us not only a limited edition signed lithograph, but also signed our VIP passes, got a photo with the band, but most importantly — and why they sell so few VIP packages — is that they took the time to just chat with my wife and all. We probably had 4-5 minutes with the band, and they opened up about how their songs have been the soundtrack to my wife;s and my relationship, and even talked about all the band member’s kids (we all have some the same age). They’re by far the best touring band out there. They give their all during show.

  • RJamesTrapp

    I’ve been a fan since they’er inception, I have every album except 7 year itch. These guys cease to amaze and entertain. As a huge and devoted fan, I hope they keep creating awesome albums and touring. I just saw them at the Neptune Theater June 17th in Seattle and like the Dosage, Blender, and Youth tours before, I loved and cherished every second of it. Thank you Collective Soul and don’t ever stop.

  • jennifermarieaddison

    It’s so common as someone from the hometown of this band to run into folks that “know them through this connection…” etc. etc.  I also have my own story of how I know three members and both of their families.  It is amazing for me to see my former neighbors and former fellow church member still doing so well!  It is all as it appears.  These guys are down to earth, easy going, real people.  In this day and age it’s so hard to find anyone with even an ounce of celebrity that isn’t fake, crass, or just downright trashy.  The three members of Collective Soul that I’ve had the pleasure of knowing in my life are seriously some of the best guys I’ve ever known, even considering that I’ve not had very close contact with the folks from my childhood as the years have passed by.  Whenever hometown gatherings have happened involving our shared connections, these guys are there.  These men are wonderful examples of how people with good rearing and strong values embrace both success and disappointment.  No matter the “popular” opinion, this music is heartfelt and passionately created.  I’ve never had the pleasure of seeing one of my favorite bands in concert…but I’ll always remember hearing “Shine” being practiced in the basement across the street.  😉  Go Team WHOLESOME CELEBRITIES/MUSICIANS!!!  We still love your music three decades later, and I can’t wait for my children to be part of the next generation of fans.  🙂


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