TVD Live Shots: Yungblud, Palaye Royale, Upsahl, and poutyface at the Warfield, 3/17

While we were away.Ed.

Anyone driving down Market Street in San Francisco this past Thursday evening could not have possibly missed the line snaking from under the entrance of the Warfield down the street and around the corner onto Turk Street. Emblazoned on the marquee, “Yungblud” who was set to take the city by storm on his Life on Mars Tour. If you’ve been wondering what the emo kids have been listening to while waiting for MCR to finally play some shows, step right on it.

Openers poutyface and Upsahl kicked things off with a battle of the power trios that had the packed house more than happy to appreciatively play along. But when Palaye Royale took the stage, things kicked into overdrive with their incredibly energetic set that had the now-packed pit area up front losing their shit.

With a scrim draped across the front of the stage, the crowd got antsy waiting for Yungblud to take the stage and things only got more tense when lights finally went down, the house music was turned off, and the crowd waited in silence for what seemed like forever. Talk about building anticipation.

When the curtain finally dropped all that bottled up energy was finally released and holy crap if the place didn’t go full-out nuts. Yungblud was out of the gates like a man possessed, sprinting from one end of the stage to the other feeding off the hyped-up crowd. Well, more like feeding off each other—not two songs into the set and Yungblud was gobsmacked, almost (but not quite) at a loss for words. Perhaps that’s what inspired him to plant a big smacking kiss on guitar player Adam Warrington’s mouth.

Even with wardrobe changes and an intermission the energy did not wane for one moment. If you think this guy is big now, just wait—he’s nowhere near his potential.




Yungblud Setlist
strawberry lipstick
The Funeral
I Love You, Will You Marry Me
Kill Somebody
I Think I’m OKAY (Machine Gun Kelly cover)

god save me, but don’t drown me out
Machine Gun (F**k the NRA)

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