Weekend Shots!

T-G-I-F! I know Seattle, but don’t argue, no one is more exhausted from partying hard in celebration of the kick-ass results of this years’ elections than me. Instead of lying around trying to figure out how Washington made out so glorious this year (Yay, gay marriage! Oh, hey legalization of pot! Can you say Obama-rama for four more years?!) pull yourself together and make it to these shows this weekend. It’s cool….you can thank me later.

11/9 – Generationals with Races + Brite Lines at the Tractor Tavern | Bringing indie-pop to the forefront with their catchy lyrics and equally-hooky keyboard backing is the New Orleans duo, Generationals. The duo of Ted Joyner and Grant Widmer, Gererationals are on tour to promote their latest EP, “Lucky Numbers.” This EP is a preview of where the band is heading after the strong release of their last full-length album, Actor-Caster, which displayed traces of Spoon and MGMT influences. On “Lucky Numbers,” the title track reveals the band moving confidently into a more electro-pop arena.

The latest EP is only three tracks long, but each is enjoyable. On “Sale City,” the guitar riffs that initially caught peoples’ attention on Actor-Caster are present and now with a new wave twist, seemingly to remind listeners that musically they’re moving forward with their sound. No doubt the show will be enjoyable to watch. California natives, Races and local favorites, Brite Lines will be opening for Generationals at the 21+ show. Performances start at 9:00PM and tickets are $10 advance and $12 at the door.

11/10 – Neil Young & Crazy Horse at Key Arena | Neil, oh Neil. What more can I possibly say about you that hasn’t been said already? You are a music G-O-D. And I know, I know, there must be some cardinal rule out there that states that if you want to be taken seriously as a music journalist, you should never put a musician on a pedestal. But damn it, Neil Young crawled up on the pedestal 30 years ago when no one was looking, and I’m sure as hell not going to be the one to ask him to step down. His lyrics are and have always been beautifully personal, powerful, and raw and continues to be the epitome of folk and rock combined.

At the ripe old age of 66, Young with his band Crazy Horse, have released not one but TWO albums this year, Americana and their most recent, Psychedelic Pill. Both albums are proof that real talent never ages, let alone dies. At times in Young’s long career his music has been politically-charged and experimental, he’s never been afraid to transform for the sake of producing something thought-provoking. If you have to sell your soul to get tickets to this show, at least you’ll sleep peacefully knowing that you saw a great musician who paved the way for the music we respect today. Tickets range from $55-$180. Doors open at 6:30.

11/11 – The Pack a.d. with Hobosexual at the Crocodile | It’s rare to find a band that is able to mix garage-rock, punk, and a soulful voice together to produce something blissfully sweet. However, that is exactly what the Pack a.d. is able to do. Made up of ferocious drummer, Maya Miller and the almost ravenous-sounding lyricist/guitarist Becky Black, The Pack a.d. brings something menacing to the table. Reeling from the success of their 2011 release, Unpersons, the Canadian-based band is staking a large claim on Canada’s indie music scene and is aiming for that throne in the States, as well.

The band is known during live sets for their witty banter between songs and a pronounced chemistry that shines on stage. They will undoubtedly fall right into that pattern at the Belltown venue, the Crocodile, whose dark environment will feel right at home. Hobosexual opens for the duo at the 21+ show. Doors open at 8PM. Tickets are $10 advanced.

So, this can’t be it right? No worries, it’s not. Here’s what else is going on around town this post-election weekend:

The Crocodile
11/9 – A.C. Newman of the New Pornographers | Harriet $15 8P
11/10 – El Ten Eleven | Michna | Yourself & the Air $12 8P

Chop Suey
11/9 – Psychic TV/PTV3 | King Dude | Dangerous Boys Club | Vice Device. $18. 9P.
11/10 – Mount Kimbie | Jimi Jaxson Cedaa. $12. 9P.
11/11 – Blyss I Bones I Simple Monsters I Her Name Escapes Me. $8. 7P.

11/9 – Tyler Ward. $15.7:30P.
11/10 – Eclectic Approach I Ben Union I Tommy Simmions I James Redfern. $10. 8P.
11/11 – Andrew Jackson Jihad I Future of the Left I Jeff Rosenstock. $13. 7P.

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