TVD Vinyl Giveaway: Stars, The North
Limited Ed. Gold Vinyl

“Vinyl is so dear to our hearts—every tour is one big shopping spree, from Tokyo to Cologne, Austin to Adelaide. There’s nothing like hiding all day in record stores, finding gems to bring back home and listen to, the way it should be heard.”
—Amy Millan

As if to hammer that point home, Stars has given us, …no wait—one of you—a limited edition gift. The band release their brand new LP, The North on September 4th, but in advance of that street date, they’ve pressed a tiny run of just 500 gold vinyl copies of the new record, and they’re turning two over to us to turn over to two of you.

Each golden vinyl copy of The North is hand numbered and stamped, which must be the most personal release from the band to date. The balance of this limited run release will be heading direct to the local indie, mom and pop shops in the US and Canada.

We have to think that only the most devotional fans of Stars should find these golden copies of The North in his or her mailbox—so it’s up to you to convince us just why you’re the gold standard fan.

Enter to a win one of the two hand stamped and numbered versions of the new release by convincing us in the comments below why a copy should come to you. Be creative, but be succinct too, please.

We’ll choose 2 winners from either the US or Canada a week from today, Tuesday, September 4th, the official street date for The North.

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  • kneander

    my excitement to get this record forced me to drop all early semester work for the moment in order to read and post a comment. (First) 

  • pauliachi

    Please pick me, and I’ll give the record to my 14 year old daughter. 

  • Kelly C

    O [limited edition gold vinyl record], thou art fairer than the evening air clad in the beauty of a thousand stars.
    – Christopher Marlowe

  • darkwing1987

    The 180 grams this record weighs is worth more to me than its weight in gold.

  • Daniel A

    Please give it to me!! Oh wait….I ALREADY HAVE ONE 🙂 STARS FTW!

  • David C

    I have two spleens. No, really. That has to be worth something and to date I’ve been told it will only allow me to bleed to death a bit faster in an accident. Please make my 2nd spleen a winner and rewrite its’ value to a positive.

  • Joey

    I don’t deserve one at all, but I would really like to have one. I let Torque borrow my Mozapedia for last tour and we talked in depth about Morrissey and The Smiths if that helps my chances! But we didn’t dance to Hand In Glove…

  • Stephen Nelson

    1) Ive never one a vinyl giveaway contest 🙁
    2) I just got engaged, and my new fiancés fav band is THE STARS…I would love to give this to her and a special gift….
    3) We saw them a few years ago and they were throwing roses off the stage…I caught one without her knowing, have had it pressed all this time…and Id like to give her the rose with this vinyl for a wonderful sentimental presentation…this is no joke!!! Please maker her a happy girl!

  • Kaitlin Keefe

    Stars is the best thing that ever happened to me. My best friend, now boyfriend, and I bonded over Stars 5 years ago. We have since seen them in concert three times and am looking forward to seeing them again. They produce the perfect music for any occasion; whether it be for intimate moments, to rock out to, or to hold a lighter up and sway from side to side.. Stars has you covered. Much love.

  • William

    I would die for this record.

    Stars have been the band closest to my heart for a long time. maybe about 7 years or so of tears of both joy and sorrow, their music has captured my emotions consistently.

    I find going back to listening to Set Yourself On Fire next to surreal simple because those songs have been a glue to my music library and my life. The North is marked to be a heavy influence on me, with Hold On… capturing the sound of the 80’s that my father raised me with.

    Seeing them last year in Toronto was almost a pilgrimage for me after a long journey of listening and growing with their music. I was sick and in the hospital a week after, however the music always motivated me to get better, which I am.

    I would appreciate this record, and probably cry, laugh and dance while listening to it.

  • Michael

    Have a HEART! If I don’t get one of these I’m likely to SET MYSELF ON FIRE! I swear I’ll do it IN OUR BEDROOM, AFTER THE WAR , of course. You can add me to the FIVE GHOSTS stuck here in THE NORTH. Then you’ll be just another one of the SAD ROBOTS waiting for THE COMEBACK. OK, maybe that’s a tad hyperbolic, I’ll just content myself listening to NIGHTSONGS, on vinyl of course (cost me 60 bucks on ebay!).

  • DjBabyBuster

    Been listening to Stars since 2001, and I have their first LP Nightsongs on vinyl in addition to the rest.  I also have a local vinyl exclusive radio show on 91.1 WSPN in upstate NY.  I could banter about how I’ll share it over the airwaves (which I will), but really I just want that gold vinyl for my selfish self.

  • staci

    Please & Thank you?! (short and sweet!)


  • Dye Corduroy

    As an indie/alternative singer/songwriter and a fan of Stars since the first record and days of “text” based internet – I did a few covers all the way in the Middle East and Asia and what better way to celebrate the Stars release here now in New York than to receive a Gold Vinyl of one of my favorite bands through the years!

  • Daniela

    Gold is a gal’s best friend!!….and I could use a best friend ;]

  • Kat McGhee

    I’ve been to see Stars every year since 2003, and have every album except the North. Also, I named my cat “The North on Gold Vinyl” and that would be really awkward if I had to tell him his name is now a vague reminder of things never won.

  • Jessie McKeown

    I love stars and was disappointed when I missed their LIVE at Squamish set last year. Tears and all. Luckily they’re opening up for Metric so I’ll finally be able to see them live!!!!

    I was gunna pick up The North, and still will, for an early birthday for myself but this would be even cooler omg.

  • Roxanne

    1. I wear my Sad Robots shirt around a lot which is good publicity because it’s the best shirt I’ve ever seen/had. (People always ask about it)

    2. I know all the lyrics by heart and scare people in other cars when I’m singing along when I drive. If I want to keep this up, I have to practice in my room by listening to the (gold) vinyl of The North.

    3. Also, I want to be Amy Millan when I grow up.

  • Ash

    Ohh, baby. I remember where I was the 1st time I heard their album “Set yourself on Fire”…. (early 20s…Canada….lots of booze). 1 of my favorite concerts was the tour for In Our Bedrooms After the War- they ended with that song and I believe that every1 in the crowd had goosebumps & lost in the swell of musical chemistry… I’ve even daydreamed I will have enough $$$$$ to have them play my wedding receptionfest… xo

  • Oliver

    I just included Ageless Beauty into a mixtape I made for a girl I’m dating. I need this vinyl. Bad.

  • Ash

    Ohh, baby. I remember where I was the 1st time I heard their album “Set yourself on Fire”…. (early 20s…Canada….lots of booze). 1 of my favorite concerts was the tour for In Our Bedrooms After the War- they ended with that song and I believe that every1 in the crowd had goosebumps & lost in the swell of musical chemistry… I’ve even daydreamed I will have enough $$$$$ to have them play my wedding receptionfest… xo

  • Robbie

    A good friend of mine is getting married next summer, and her wedding song is a Stars song (she won’t tell which one). I always try to get wedding gifts that are creative and relevant to the couple at hand. My plan was to get my friend and her hubby the complete Stars discography on vinyl. I will buy ‘The North’ regardless, but it would be super special and awesome if I could give them this limited edition. Thanks. 🙂

  • Steph

    Stars = love.
    Vinyl = golden.
    Pretty please?

  • Donna Lowe

    Dear Stars:

    I saw you live for the first time a few weeks ago in Regina, SK at the folk festival there. I’d always kind of liked your music, but not in a way that would make me label myself a fan. That changed in Regina. Dear god, you guys put on a great show. The combination of that great summer night, your new songs, and Torquil’s pronouncements about the importance of making art (and how festivals were so crucial in that process) turned me into a huge fan. I love you, Stars, and I love this new music.

    But here’s the thing: I don’t own a turntable, so I don’t even deserve to win this gold vinyl. But my friend–who has legitimately been a huge Stars fan for years–is an avid vinyl collector, and it’s his birthday next week. If I win this record, I’ll give it to him, and he’ll let me listen to it, and that will be just fine with me.

  • Shani B

    because I’ve had a really cruddy month (broke up with my gf and lost my job) and something good would definitely cheer me up 🙂 And it goes without saying that I LOVE Stars 😉

  • Adam

    I peed myself the first time I ever heard STARS. It was some kind of odd physical reaction to the sheer astonishment at how great STARS are. I want to be reminded of that amazing night. This golden album is my golden ticket to that golden memory.

  • Terri

    I just got my very first record player, and have been looking to start adding records to my vinyl collection. Stars has been my favorite band for years (I’m seeing them for the first time in concert next month!!) and it would be the best experience to have this be the first vinyl I own for my new purchase. I’ve called every local record store to see if they have a gold version of this record but none received one, so this seems like it’s my only chance to get my hand on it.

  • Joanna

    After meeting Amy at the 9:30 Club back in 2006ish, she invited my friend and I backstage for some young indie fanfare. On another occasion, more mature and less swooning, we went back once again – this time for cold pizza and champagne. Oddly, Torq spent the entire time just hanging out in the bathroom for no reason. Amy called us her “right-stage bitches”. I’ve put a lot of miles on my car going to Stars shows – DC, MD, NY – and I’ll probably haunt you if I can’t please win one of your vinyls!

  • Hilary Nemet

    I absolutely adore Stars. My first boyfriend introduced me to them in grade 9, and since then, they’ve been my favourite. He bought me their CD, and it’s probably the only CD I own that is still in mint condition because I care for it so much. Stars not only makes my heart sing, it brings back all the wonderful memories of my first love. Nights when we snuck out and met at the beach, listening to and watching the Stars. Having this vinyl would just be a constant reminder of how great this world is, and how happy Stars made me.

  • Brittney Mac

    I’ve been a fan of Stars for so many years. Their music has played a very big part in me growing into the person I am today! There music has seen me through love and loss, life and death, school and work and all things good and the bad. I have a beautiful record collection with every other album of theirs, and it would be AMAZING if I could complete the Stars set with such an incredible album. Believe me, I tried to hunt down a copy of my own, but we’ve only got one itty bitty record shop here (which is better than none!) and they didn’t get any copies. I also sent out a friend in Toronto to the shops I knew had some BUT sadly no luck on that end either. Just know that this album would be be something I would treasure forever and love for always (not just because it’s gold and awesome, but because the album itself is freaking AMAZING!) 🙂 THANKS FOR READING!

  • Hannason Lindley

    My love for Stars began when I first borrowed “Set Yourself On Fire” from my older brother back in 2006. Before then, I was a anti-social introvert who rarely listened to music. My brother had always been my role model. He being six years older than I am, I thought he was the coolest person on earth, so naturally I wanted to listen to the same music as him. I slid the CD into the CD slot in my ’96 Honda Accord and was blown away by the quality and emotion of Stars. I had never heard anything like it. I had never heard such passion and honesty in music before. I listened to that album every day for months and months on end. It opened me up to a whole new world of music. Arts & Crafts artists are essentially the only bands I listen to nowadays. I have fallen in love with each and every Stars album since “Set Yourself On Fire.” I often feel as I listen to their music, that they’re singing about me, about my life. Their words express feelings I’ve been unable to express myself. Above all, Stars has a special place in my heart because it reminds me of my brother, who passed away last year. He was my best friend and honestly the best person I ever knew. Every time I listen to Stars, I feel his spirit. I imagine what he was doing when he was listening to this album, or a particular song. Stars, you have provided me with a way to remember my brother, and for that I am forever grateful. I’m so looking forward to see you guys in concert on October 13 in Dallas. While I so desperately wish my brother could’ve been going with me, I know he’ll shine a little brighter in my heart that night. Thank you.

  • Alison Kate Helmer

    Stars have been my favourite band ever since I heard my older sister playing Your Ex Lover is Dead on her iPod when I was in grade 7! Since then I’ve fallen in love with album after album!! That same year I managed to score tickets for me and a friend to go see the band AND IT WAS SO AWESOME. I went to another concert for The Five Ghost tour, and it was one of the best nights of my life!! It was the day before Halloween and also the first night of the year that it snowed in Winnipeg. I just remember Torquil coming out onto the dark stage with a lamp, and he was shining it at the audience. He had said he was “looking for ghosts”. I just remember being so excited the whole time! Thanks Stars for making such great music always, and creating the most amazing memories for so many people

  • James Z.

    Just getting into vinyl, so this would be a great first! That said, if I were given this record I would dress it up, take it around, and take pictures with it as if it were my first born child. Seriously.

  • jennie morris

    my love affair with vinyl began when i was about 3 or 4. while other kids were playing with barbies or matchbox cars, i was sitting on my bedroom floor with my too big 70’s headphones on, listening to records.

    nothing compares to the sound of vinyl. it cannot be reproduced. it cannot be replaced.

    i will forever be an analog girl.

  • Ryan Labrosse

    This record wouldn’t be just for me, it would be for my group of friends (20+ of us) who were front row at the Metropolis concert. I was also able to get Torq to dedicate “calendar girl” to my friend. We are some pretty dedicated Stars fans!

  • Luke

    If I were to be deemed worthy of this regal gift I would place it, framed on the wall, above my top milk crate…She would lord over all of my other vinyls with a fair yet stern hand. She will watch as other “lesser” vinyls are placed delicately into my player…but never will she know it’s harsh needle, for she is queen of all vinyls and guardian of the milk crate.

  • Matthew Harms

    Alright. Did Stars save my life? Unfortunately not. Did they help protect me while defending my Greater Midwest Jello wrestling title? I only wish they had. Did they prevent me from dating that crazy psycho girl back in high school? Sadly, no (even though she did give me free root beer floats–which was bad ass). But what they are is a great band that I’ve loved seeing live for years and years now. The gold vinyl would look great in my new (but growing!) vinyl collection.

  • Mike Scocozza

    Stars saved my relationship!

    The first time I ever saw Stars live was back in 2005 when they opened up for Death Cab at the Wiltern. My girlfriend and I we’re so excited about the show, but ended up getting in the biggest fight we ever had on the way there. You could cut the tension with a knife. I just about turned around and went home before we even got there. Full on yelling match. It was bad.

    We went into the show, not saying a word to each other. Incredibly awkward, but as soon as the band came on and Amy started singing it was like we completely forgot what had just happened. The band was was incredible. They brought us to a happier place. I barely remember Death Cab that night, but I will never forget the Stars set.

    The North brings me back to that time in my life where everything just seemed a bit simpler. The album is fantastic and I would love to have it on limited edition vinyl!


  • Toks

    Because I’d love it. I would make a video with it. I would cry. I would laugh. We would grow old together…literally, my birthday is tomorrow.

  • Susan Mims

    I would love to win this so I could give it to my best friend. He introduces me to Stars about 5 years ago and they easily became one of my favorite artists. He has the biggest obsession with vinyl and this would be the perfect gift for him. He’s been my best friend since we were in Junior high school and this is the only gift that could top the meat manger (birth of Jesus depicted in meat-picture baby Jesus swaddled in salami) that could possibly compete with that gift. Help a girl out, it would mean so much to me.

  • Defne Inceoglu

    I was eleven the first time I heard “Set Yourself on Fire”. My world exploded in that instant. It felt like the ground had opened up and swallowed me whole. I grew up in 57:03 minutes. At the age of eleven. I made a shaky little vow to myself that they would always remain my favourite band and seven years later things haven’t changed. I saw them live for the first time two years ago and bawled my eyes out for the entirety of the show. They are my everything and got me through bullies, drugs, eating disorders and heartbreak. I would have the up most love for everything if The North special edition vinyl was gifted to me. Merci merci merci merci merci, ils sont tout que j’ai dans mon coeur dans ce monde.

  • Lara Okuniewski

    It’s my boyfriend’s birthday on Saturday and he is an avid vinyl collector. I have searched tirelessly for this vinyl to no avail. This would really put a smile on his face. Plus, I love Stars. No gimmicks, no exagerrations. Just love!

  • Amber

    I’m a huge Stars fan and have most of their discography on vinyl and I definitely need to add The North to my collection. I will, eventually, but I’ve had a lot of medical troubles this year and have had to see specialists out of my network. Needless to say, money is tight. And once I am able to bounce back from all this, the gold vinyl will be long gone. The music will still be lush and lovely, but it would be incredible to own the gold version!

  • Travis

    Being an electrician and living in the piney woods of east Texas I don’t meet a lot of stars fans. In fact I’m the only one I know. So I’ll just keep playing them on job sites till I convert someone!

  • Emily

    Stars has been able to verbalize every emotion I have ever felt. It has the most plays on my ipod and is my favorite band of all time. I listen to them when I’m happy, sad, angry, and depressed and at the end of every time I feel stronger when I finish listening to their records. I have been to 5 of their concerts and I am seeing them again in September. This gold vinyl would mean the world to me.

  • Ricardo

    TVD: Hold On When You Get L̶o̶v̶e̶ a Stars Gold Vinyl and Let Go When You Give It (to a fan that makes Stars music his personal life soundtrack).

    Fan since “My Ex Lover is Dead” changed the way I appreciate music.
    This was the start of Stars as my life soundtrack.

    • Ricardo


      TVD: Hold On When You Get L̶o̶v̶e̶ a Stars Gold Vinyl and Let Go When You Give It (to a fan that makes Stars music his personal life soundtrack).

      Fan since “Your Ex-Lover is Dead” changed the way I appreciate music. This was the start of Stars as my life soundtrack.

  • Christina

    I just moved up North to the great state of Minnesota, so this would be the perfect housewarming gift and celebration of my upcoming golden birthday.

  • Jake Hughes

    Because I once road tripped to these mom and pop record stores in Canada because Nashville Tennessee wasnt quite carrying what I needed (STARS).

  • Corey Higgins

    I have to say, I like STARS. I like STARS so much that whenever I speak about them, I must shout ‘STARS’. I also happen to collect colored vinyl yet am very short on money as are many, many people in this world.

  • Tori

    My sister and I are huge fans of STARS, and a very good friend of ours Elise was to. On Monday September 3rd marks the three year anniversary of our friend Elise’s death. Every year we have a memorial party in honor of her and to celebrate her for what a great and wonderful human being she was. If I got this record it would be in honor of her and I would play it at the memorial party. It would mean so much to me if I got this vinyl.

  • Jared

    The instant that I heard about the limited edition copy released today, I stopped packing for my trip tomorrow and immediately drove 20 min to my local indie record shop only to find out they weren’t able to get any copies. Next closest store is several hours away. I have no chance of finding one now 🙁 Please help me out by sending one my way!

  • Mike

    After a few weeks of constantly playing SYOF in the car in 2005, I noticed my two young daughters singing along. Of course, trying to be the responsible dad I almost always managed to skip over the F-bomb featuring ‘One More Night”. Through back catalogue indoctrination Stars soon became both daughters favorite band.

    In 2007 I managed to score first row tickets for Stars NYC Town Hall show, and of course, took my daughters who were then 9 and 13 years old respectively. Needless to say, for any of you who have seen Stars live, Torq managed to drop several hundred F-bombs (or so it seemed) throughout the show. Parental overprotection thwarted again. Luckily, we were seated directly in front of Amy, who kept making eye contact with, and smiling at, my 9 year old, KC, so I thought maybe some of those F-bombs had gone unnoticed, what with the attention. About halfway through the show Amy grabbed a few of the flowers that were decorating the entire set, came to the lip of the stage, pointed at KC, and beckoned her forward. Kase shyly stepped up and Amy knelt down and handed her the flowers. Prize in hand KC floated back to her seat. A few songs later, Pat came out from behind the drums, danced around the stage a bit, went to the drum riser, grabbed some flowers, came to the lip of the stage in front of us, pointed at KC, who then stood and got a second bunch of flowers. For any of you still reading this imagine two members of your favorite rock band handing YOU flowers at one of their shows. Now image that you’re 9.

    Leaving the show, with KC practically walking on air, a small bouquet of flowers in hand, I couldn’t help but feel a little sad for her flowerless older sister. However, Kim, my then 13 year old, much to her credit, was genuinely happy for all the attention given to her younger sister.

    Flash forward to 2012 and Kim is now 18 and headed off to college on Sunday. Among the carload of belongings joining her is her portable Crosley record player and a few choice LPs. What better item to add to that pile (and in my mind anyway, maybe make up for the flower deficit of way back when) than the new Stars record, limited edition to boot, or so I thought. So, today off I went a-hunting. Three indie stores in Manhattan, three more out here in the burbs, several phone calls and emails to the Canadian indie stores listed on the Stars website and, of course, no such luck. Serendipity and a desperate Google search finally brought me to this web page. Can you help a dad out?

    Anyhow, even if my tale hasn’t moved you (heartless much?), perhaps you can pass along a word of thanks to the members of Stars, especially to Amy, for making a 9-year-old girl’s first concert unforgettable.

    Oh, and one of Kase’s first comments after that show and coming back down to earth: “Boy, that guy curses a lot”. Yes, he fucking does!

  • Alex Witkowski

    I’m seeing Stars for the fourth time next month and they are and will always be one of my all-time favorite bands. I purchased The Five Ghosts 7″ boxset as soon as it was released and I spent an obscene amount of money picking up the ultra-rare first album on vinyl from a seller who couldn’t help but take advantage of my love for the band, so I darn near had a heart attack when I saw the news of this gold vinyl version. On every mix CD I make regardless of situation or season I have to fit a Stars song on it because without one it’s incomplete. I have over 7,000 songs on my computer but about a year ago I came to the seemingly impossible conclusion that if I was asked to choose my single favorite song of all-time, Your Ex-Lover is Dead would be it. To me, every album they’ve ever released is perfect and every song they release is worthy of a single. My summer’s over as of this Friday and this would make the PERFECT end to it. PLEASE CONSIDER ME!

  • Shawna

    “I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.” Thus says Galileo, and thus describes my appreciation of Stars. Musical greatness can be deemed when it is all that remains, withstanding the good times, the bad times, and the ever dark nights. Stars have a quality so exquisite and empowering that can wash away fear with a single tone. Their music is a constant reminder that in all the bad, a light will shine though. They are my light.

  • Rachael P.

    Because stars are stars. Both literally and metaphorically. No other reason than how much I would love the brightness of their music lighting up my record player for years and years to come.

  • Tuong

    My attempt at a Haiku:

    Listen to the North
    As the needle kisses gold
    Stars will fill the space

  • Ryan griffiths

    I’ve got two questions: 1. Where’s the record? 2. Gimme the record

  • Jim Goodwin

    Because I actually hunted down and watched the episode of Sex in the City that Torquil is on. “Is that pleather?”

  • Sarah


  • Maxime

    As a die hard fan, I went to every single show in Montreal for the past 7 years. Was there for their bonfire session too! Had to wait the whole day in order to get in, but that was so worth it! Best show ever! I missed out on the gold vinyl because of work… 🙁 Please pick me!!! It would mean the world to me!!!!

  • e.r

    do you remember the maths test, when you were young? remember this text questions?
    “it’s the 1. of march. you sit beside a pond and on this pond are 3 water lilies. you know, that after every second night the quantity doubles. on what day of the year will the surface be half covered of water lilies?”
    and you read it and read it again and you know that there’s some information something missing, no? and it’s always something missing.
    my problem was to read, more than to do the maths. read carefully, the teacher always told me, but it didn’t help. for me the first of march was the first of may or march had 30 days only or whatever elst i imagined. i was computing bathed in sweat and proud to have a result in the end.
    and there was these long days of wait between the exam and the moment the teacher was distributing the test. a thrill of anticipation. (at least back then)
    and there was this one moment, I’ll never forget. the teacher walked trough the class giving each one his test. beginning with the best. ( i never understood, why teachers are sort out test in a certain order, do you?)
    yeah, and i was sitting there waiting. with every distributed sheet my anticipation changed into fear. and for sure, you remember the moment, when the teacher stands in front of you, looking down on you with a thoughtful face. he starts to speaks very slowly (“i’m not stupid, you fool”) and tells you, that you really should read the instructions. your calculation is right, but you forgot that the water lilies double every second night only. he gave me back the exam and I was too scared to look at the red grade.
    but this wasn’t enough, because there was this sentence. just a little one, but i haven’t forget em.
    “it’s the stars that make them grow.”

    this is my “stars” story and every time i listen to one of their beautiful records i have to think of this very little story. and every time i have a little smile on my face. and i would be more than proud to have a little golden smile in the future.

  • MarkHartmann

    Please pick me, and I will make sure my 14 year old daughter never touches the sparkly gold vinyl with her scratchy little hands.  I will play it for her, and dance with her, but NO TOUCHEE!

  • MarkHartmann

    Please pick me, and I will make sure my 14 year old daughter never touches the sparkly gold vinyl with her scratchy little hands.  I will play it for her, and dance with her, but NO TOUCHEE!


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