Who The Hell Are:
Two Wounded Birds

We are Two Wounded Birds and we’re from Margate and we love Rock ‘n’ Roll. There’s me (Johnny) Ally, James, and Joe.

I’m guessing I already know what the track ‘Together Forever’ is about, but in your own words please.

I was laying on the grass one day, thinking in my head about when you’re a kid and that feeling you have where you feel you can do anything as long as you have your friends. You know, like get up to adventures, and that those times would never end. I always wanted that innocence to remain, but circumstances and people change don’t they? That makes me sad.

Who would you say has influenced your music the most? 

In relation to the above question, Brian Wilson had that childlike quality, so for me he is my biggest influence – such beautiful melodies and great songs. When you listen to the Beach Boys’ songs it takes you in and wraps you in candy.

Where can folks catch you live?

Our single launch for ‘Together Forever’ is at the Star of Kings for Camden Crawl’s launch tonight (26th). It’s going to be a good show.

What’s been your standout band moment this year?

There has been lots of good things. I met Brian Wilson and he digs Two Wounded Birds, which is amazing coming from someone I admire so much. He invited us to his residency at Royal Festival Hall and it just felt really magical. I’d say the best band moment… well, playing Glastonbury was fun, but for me playing Camp Bestival was the best one because Debbie Harry and the rest of Blondie stood on the side of the stage and watched our whole set. She’s really into the band and we hung out after our show with her. They were amazing too, they sounded great.

Name one thing no one knows about the band?

Oh, I don’t know…can we talk about Roy Orbison? Have you heard that song of his “The Clown?” It’s so self-loathing. His voice shivers – gives me shivers.

Give me one sentence that sums up the band or your music.

I just want to make perfect music, things that are in tune with what’s really inside of us. True Vibrations.

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