Who the hell is:
Holy Shakes?

How did Holy Shakes come to exist?

Holy Shakes came together via friends and friends of friends looking for a musical outlet that was more than copying the latest trends. Access is limited for us in Arkansas and finding four people who wanted to make higher quality music—performance and product is rare—but we did it. It was pure luck.

It’s hard to select one track to feature here as the album is a bag full with greatness, so for argument sake, tell me about “Red, White and Dotted Lines”… what’s it about?

“Red, White and Dotted Lines” is a reflection on my involvement in the music industry in 1999/2000 and getting back on stage after a long hiatus. It’s a part of my mid-life crisis.

In case choosing “Red, White and Dotted Lines” raised a few band eyebrows, what is your favorite track if you have one and why?

The opening track “One Of These Days” is a favorite because it was one of the first songs we wrote. I am impressed with the instrumentation on this track as well—three parts that stand alone but work together nicely. I also have to give a nod to “Mississippi Toes” which has been a crowd favorite and sometimes makes my hair stand on end when I think about the theme of the song, The great Mississippi River rising, flooding the country sides, and taking houses and people with it.

What’s the story with your tie up with Thick Records for this release?

I used to work with THICK back when the company was based in Chicago, so it was a natural tie up.

Your album, Feast Or Famine is being released on vinyl, that’s not that usual in this mp3 world we now inhabit, but what was the thinking behind this?

Apple has always been on the forefront of technology and when the company began releasing computers without CD drives it became apparent that the CD is on the way out and digital downloads are the wave of the future, so we decided to make our music available via CD Baby, iTunes, etc… but instead of pressing CDs, we went for a higher quality format in the 12″ 180gram LP. We believe it sounds better, feels better, looks better and for archival sakes will preserve the recordings longer.

I really love the energy of the record and its punk / garage / psych sensibilities, who has influenced your sound the most?

Well, thank you for saying so. When the band was writing and recording the record we were all enamored with 400 Blows,while staying true to our childhood roots like The Who and Ozzy, as well as, our peers, Fugazi and Wire.

What is the first piece of music you paid cold hard cash for?

Queen, News of The World. My mother cut out the lyrics to “Get Down Make Love” from the record sleeve, but I can still sing the whole record in its entirety.

Will we ever get to see you playing live in the UK?

I have played all across the world with my previous band, Blue Meanies but never made it to The UK as the band broke up just before that tour. Holy Shakes have only toured parts of the US, but would be thrilled to entertain the opportunity to play The UK and beyond. Hook us up!

Name one thing no one knows about the band?

The members of the band are a bit unsure of each other personally. This is because we are a brand new band who met for the most part as acquaintances. We may seem well bonded on stage, but alone in the van there are a lot of questions like, “Who are you?” Tension always comes with meeting someone new and lucky for us we let out the stress in the songs and not on each other’s faces, ala The Who. I think in time, we should be pretty good friends.

Do you want to add anything else?

All the best to you! If you are ever stateside, come visit us in Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas. Cheers!

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