The Single Girl:
Jo Mango,
“The Black Sun”
(Olive Grove Records)

Scottish folk musician, Jo Mango has been around for a while. She’s collaborated with greats such as Adem, Vetiver, Devendra Banhart, and Vashti Bunyan but is now making a mark for herself on the eve of her second album release, Murmuration.

“The Black Sun” is the second single taken from the album and it’s a modern folk masterpiece. Mango manages to narrowly avoid being too twee by giving the song a melancholic, fairytale like edge as it feels as though she’s almost whispering each word into our ears, casting her spell.

It’s these enchanting lyrics that mark her for greatness above her peers as she begins with: “I fell in love with a starling, he died in my Mother’s arms…” Mango is not only a brilliant songwriter but a skilful story teller too.

As you near the end of Jo’s magical journey, there will definitely be a yearning for more; her music is wistful, wonderful, and tinged with sadness, joy and hope all at once. Not many songwriters can take you on such an emotional journey but Jo Mango executes this with grace; she is definitely one of the most exciting alt-folk artists to emerge from the scene in a long time.

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