Denim Snakes,
The TVD First Date

“My parents bought me a hi-fi with a record player when I was 7. I got my first 7″ for Christmas that year, it was Cliff Richards’ ‘Mistletoe and Wine.'”

“There were always records in the house because of my Dad. He used to have this Led Zeppelin 3 12″. I remember that from when I was 6 but didn’t listen to the album until I was 7. I just remember it because it had a cool sleeve you could turn like a playground roundabout. My Mum came home one night after seeing Michael Jackson’s Bad tour and had his 12″ LP and that’s when I really fell in love with music.

CDs came into fashion then and I forgot about vinyl until I was 12 years old, I was big into hip hop and tried to replicate the scratching on my parents hi-fi with my old Bart Simpson ‘Do the Bart Man’ record.

I became obsessed with vinyl again about 6 years ago and used to run a club night called Ear Sex and we only used vinyl. I had a mixture of new electro stuff and things we bought at car boot sales.

I’m a big fan of the Young Ones show so I recently bought a replica record player from the show—Neil gets it for his birthday and Vivian burns it on the fire.

I’ve had a few singles and an album released on vinyl and there’s something so special about that. I treasure them with all of my heart—them and my Cliff Richard 7”.”
Russell Toomey, vocals, guitar

Denim Snakes’ new single “Stronger” is in stores on August 7.
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