UK Artist of the Week: Cut Capers

Cut Capers is a band that has been around for a number of years now. The Bristol based ska-hip hop-swing-gypsy-seriously difficult to categorise 8-piece have had some fantastic success on the live scene building a solid core of fans in the process.

However, despite having played Glastonbury, Secret Garden Party, and Boomtown Fair as well as touring in the UK, France, Belgium, and Ireland with their high energy live performances they’re yet to have a breakthrough befitting of their abilities.

Originally formed by childhood friends Mark Pearce (vocals and tenor sax) and Nick Van Tinteren (guitar) along with Eloy Bandin (vocals) and Matt Sunderland (drums), they released their first EP “Pinstripe Tux” as a four piece. Doubling in size over the next few years as they brought in Jane Thomas (vocals), Dan Plimmer (bass), Tommy Taylor (baritone sax), and Angel Rodriguez (trumpet), they’ve continued to build momentum with a succession of singles including the stand out track “Say What.”

While continuing to gig the whole time, the band have quietly spent the past year or so putting together their singles along with a collection of new songs to form their debut album, which also takes the title Say What. Launching it with another sold-out Bristol show this weekend, the record puts their infectious live sound into a form that will hopefully see the group reach the ears of a much wider audience as well as giving their already faithful fans something to take home after the night has ended.

Maybe it’s the difficulty in categorising their sound that has led to Cut Capers lopsided reputation between the live circuit and the media, but collecting fans and admirers like the legendary Jimmy Cliff, Neville Staple, and Jerry Dammers along the way, there is only so long that this can continue. Let me be one of the first to be officially won around!

Say What is out March 4th 2016 via Two Wheel Records.

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