Needle Drop: Melissa Bel, In the Light

Canadian born, ’50s inspired singer Melissa Bel recently released her latest album In the Light—a collection of flirtatious, feel-good pop songs filled with sass and emotion. Melissa now resides in the UK after she went to friend’s wedding in Las Vegas and met the love of her life, and In the Light was born.

Opening track “Real Tonight” is about that night in Vegas. It has an upbeat, fresh feeling, preparing you perfectly for what’s to come from the album, although title track “In the Light” almost flips this on its head and reveals Melissa’s more emotional side. Her soothing voice transcends the speakers creating a tranquil atmosphere.”In the Light” is followed by the effervescent “Stay Gone” which is a true ear-worm.

The album changes course again with “Dirty Word” which has an amusing, lively feel that seems anything but serious, barring the lyrics, “You say love, like it’s a dirty word…” “Big Boys Don’t Cry” follows in the same suit with melodies that are akin to some of Cee Lo’s wax.

The record gets turned 180 degrees yet again with “She Should Have Been Me” which brings a more soulful feel to the proceedings, slowing things down akin to some of today’s chart topping ballads. In the Light closes with “Sobered Up,” a stand out track with a strong beat, unusual guitar riff, and expressive vocals that are as beautiful as they are fierce.

Melissa’s versatile voice and ear for melody and composition certainly makes her unique. She might just be Canada’s answer to the next Taylor Swift, so watch this space!

In the Light is in stores now via Belhop Records.

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