In rotation: 3/10/17

Orange Monkey Records has kept vinyl alive for more than 20 years in uptown Waterloo: The reports of the demise of vinyl records in the 1990s were premature. Reports of its resurgence are bogus as well, as the musical format never went away thanks to the work of passionate supporters like Vince Dabin at Orange Monkey Records. Dabin was already working in the music retail business when he noticed all the big chains were phasing out vinyl for the compact disc format. It was all the push he needed to start a store dedicated to the preservation of the musical art form by starting Orange Monkey in 1993.

Elk City Records opening on Charleston’s West Side: While workmen pounded away in the back of the store, vintage jazz blared inside Elk City Records at 311 Washington Street West in Charleston’s rapidly developing West Side. The volume wasn’t really to cover up the noise of the final touches for the used record store, which opens Thursday. Owner Phil Melick just likes to play his music loud. It’s a perk of having your own record store. You control the volume on the stereo. Grinning, he said, “I’ve always wanted to open a record store. It’s been something I wanted to do for almost as far back as I can remember.”

Demand for vinyl records in Birmingham shows city is “becoming the hippest place in the UK”: The organiser of a record fair says demand for vinyl in Birmingham shows the city is “becoming the hippest place in the UK”. Taking place at The Custard Factory in Digbeth on 18th March, the Birmingham Vinyl Fair will see traders from across the country selling music from a range of genres. According to the BFI, record sales surpassed three million last year – the highest number for two decades. Birmingham Vinyl Fair’s organiser Rob Lythall, of VIP Record Fairs, believes that fans are still keen to get their hands on traditional formats. He said: “Vintage is now a big thing with people getting interested in vintage of all types and vinyl plays a big part in this.”

Check Out Mondo’s Beautiful Vinyl Release Of The RAW Soundtrack: We’re all crazy excited for all of you to see Julia Ducournau’s Raw when it opens this weekend, but we’re also just as excited to bring you the following news: Mondo and Death Waltz Records are releasing the film’s stunning soundtrack on the very same day Ducournau’s film hits theaters. Featuring a hypnotic, brilliant score by Jim Williams and artwork by the great Candice Tripp, this one’s about as must-buy as these things get.

Singapore startup #vinyloftheday launches marketplace app, aims to become the hub for music collectors: Some of the features being launched in the #vinyloftheday marketplace include: A smart search bar for discovering records, from their genres to their condition (from near mint to used), A 30-second music preview of selected vinyl before purchase, Various delivery preferences; be it is shipping or store pickup, Easy checkout through the shopping cart. The company makes money by taking an 8 per cent commission from completed transactions.

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