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In rotation: 12/7/22

Manchester, UK | New record shop Haunted Dancehall opens in Manchester: The store launched last week in Wellington House across from the Ashton Canal. A new record shop has opened in Manchester. On Monday, November 28th, Haunted Dancehall launched on the second floor of Wellington House, an industrial space across from the Ashton Canal. The shop stocks a range of electronic music, mostly focussed on the dance floor. There’s a mix of new and second-hand records, as well as reissues. Haunted Dancehall takes its name from the 1994 album of the same name by London trio The Sabres Of Paradise, AKA Jagz Kooner, Gary Burns and Andrew Weatherall. The shop bears no relation to the new Dublin festival. Haunted Dancehall will open from Tuesday through Saturday. Browse the shop via the website.

San Francisco, CA | Open, divine portal: Dark Entries label launches record store in Tenderloin: Josh Cheon’s acclaimed outfit specializes in dark and synth-y sounds; now it’s got an IRL outpost in the TL. SF’s Dark Entries label specializes in releasing and re-releasing dark and/or synth-y sounds from decades past as well as today, but the musical excavations of label honcho Josh Cheon go beyond lost goth and other shadowy dance floor classics, though there are plenty of those. (It is named after a Bauhaus song, after all.) The label has championed such obscurities, at least to the US, as cult ’80s Argentinian darkwave act Euroshima, underground Mexican synth-pop acts, experimental poetic Greek electronic music from Dark Entries muse Lena Platonos, gender-swapping dream pop, and, perhaps most famously, the unreleased work of San Francisco electronic dance music wizard Patrick Cowley, who passed from AIDS 40 years ago. There’s even fizzy Italo disco and vintage gay porn soundtracks in the Dark Entries portfolio.

South Bend, IN | South Bend Record Show holds last event of 2022: If you’re looking for treble, you found it as The South Bend Record Show holds its final event of 2022. Vendors from five Midwestern states filled 88 tables with thousands of vinyl records, CDs, memorabilia, and more at the Gillespie Conference Center in South Bend. From 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., hundreds of people came to talk about music, add to their collection, or find a music lover’s perfect holiday gift. Event organizers tell 16 News Now they love helping people start and add to their growing collections. “We have people who come here who have thousands and thousands of records, getting to the point where it’s really hard for them to find something they still need, and we get people who walk in the door for the very first time,” South Bend Record Show Owner & Organizer Jeremy Bonfiglio said. “They just got a turntable. They’re just learning about what it is to have vinyl and how to play it, who are buying their very first records, and everything in between. So, it’s a really wide mix, which makes it a lot of fun.”

Atlanta, GA | New vinyl listening bar aims to be a source for creativity in Atlanta: At Ponce City Market on a Saturday evening, it’s hard to miss the tiny store that’s designed as a living room. Warm hues of brown abound. Art, magazines, and Ghia — a brand of non-alcoholic drinks — fill the back of the store. Speakers, incense, clothes and other items compose the front. Stacks of vinyl records and a sofa encompass the middle. Erykah Badu’s “Time’s a Wastin’” blares in the background. There’s a lot going on in the small yet inviting space. And, upon a first glance, it’s tough to decipher what exactly is going on. But the store’s appeal is rooted in its mystique and its soothing atmosphere. “We wanted it to be kind of homey in a sense … but everything is for sale,” said Kim Alex Hall, co-founder of Console by 2ndbdrm. Located within Ponce City Market’s Citizen Supply, Console by 2ndbdrm is a new vinyl listening bar that also sells furniture, incense, non-alcoholic spirits and other items. The space had a soft launch on Nov. 25 and 26, but it officially opened on Sat, Dec. 3.

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In rotation: 12/6/22

Birmingham, AL | Where To Find Classical Vinyl Records In Birmingham AL: There are several places in Birmingham, AL where you can buy classical vinyl records. One option is to check out the local record stores such as Alabama Music Awards, Seasick Records, and The Vault. Another option is to look for online retailers that sell classical vinyl records. A few good options include Discogs, Amazon, and eBay. Finally, you can also check out some thrift stores or garage sales in the area as you might be able to find some classical vinyl records for sale. 10,000 Hz Records is a funky new record store in Opelika. At Seasick Records, an intimate show can be held on a stage. They have a wide range of vintage albums that will satisfy your curiosity. There’s something for everyone, from Taylor Swift’s The Head to The Heart to MIA’s The Light. Mobile Records offers low prices and an excellent selection of records.

Melbourne, AU | Vinyl in revival as young listeners splurge on old mediums: In Victor Milazzi’s aptly named Vinyl Revival store in Fitzroy, Melbourne, a record renaissance is underway. While baby boomers long ago sold their extensive record collections for CDs, the twenty-something audience is rediscovering the joys of vinyl records, spurred by a quest for sound quality and a desire to support artists. Milazzi was one of few who kept his record collection, initially selling records from an upstairs studio in North Carlton in 2010. While this retail operation still exists, it’s the hipsters browsing along Brunswick Street that are his main clientele. The retailer not only sells records, but turntables, amplifiers and speakers. The store’s vinyl stash, all new and repressed, come in original cover designs including David Bowie’s Brilliant Adventure, Nirvana’s Nevermind, and The Cure’s Wild Mood Swings. And what would a cred record store have if it didn’t include INXS’ live recording from Wembley Studio or Duran Duran’s Future Past, complete with a couple of intertwined fluorescent figures on the front cover?

Jackson, MS | Vinyl is king during Central MS Record Convention: Millenials and Generation Z weren’t around when vinyl records ruled but today industry insiders say they are the force behind album sales. Saturday, the crowds attending the Central Mississippi Record Convention will be packed with teens to seasoned collectors in search of new and old vinyl. “Vinyl’s back? Vinyl never left,” said Arden Barnet. Friday the concert promoter was preparing for the Central Mississippi Record Convention where vinyl is again king. Sales are bolstered by the young generation’s peaked interest in LPs and 45s. According to Variety Magazine, over 19 million records were sold this year. “The kids are buying vinyl. There’s this resurgence, this obsession with owning a product rather than streaming,” said Barnett. The 61-year-old, a record collector with more than 10,000 albums, was just hours away from the start of the fifth annual record convention.

Madison, WI | Agrace to sell collection of over 45,000 records: Vinyl collectors can browse a large collection of vintage records at a retail pop-up shop in Madison next week. Agrace is hosting a sale of more than 45,000 records. The collection was donated by Jim Kirchstein, an electric engineer and founder of Cuca Records. Kirchstein founded Cuca Records in 1959 in Sauk City and recorded thousands of songs and LP records until the early 1970s. The independent record label is said to have “captured the sound of Wisconsin in the 1960s.” Kirchstein’s record collection includes rock, country, jazz, blues and American genre albums. Robert Washburn, Agrace pack up and pick up manager, said it took three days to collect and bring the records to the store. “We are honored that the Kirchstein family chose to give their treasured collection to Agrace and grateful we can help get their records into the hands of many other music lovers,” Washburn said.

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In rotation: 12/5/22

Paso Robles, CA | Traffic Records opens second location in Paso Robles: This past weekend, local business Traffic Records opened a second record store in Paso Robles. Traffic Records opened its first location almost five years ago in Atascadero. Store owner, Manuel Barba, tells KSBY it was time for them to expand, in hopes of offering the classic vinyl experience to even more people throughout Northern San Luis Obispo County. Their record selection ranges from rock n’ roll to classical and everything in between. “You can hold them, you can smell them, they are lovely,” said Barba. “They sound incredible. We have been fed this convenience for a very long time with streaming and having the world at our fingertips, in our pockets, on our cell phones. I think people want to get back to a simple aspect of listening to music and enjoying their media.”

Baton Rouge, LA | Longing for an LP? Baton Rouge’s record stores have plenty of options: Music aficionados know it — vinyl isn’t dead. Over the past few years the venerable long player has staged a comeback, surpassing CDs to once again become king of physical music formats. While vinyl can be found scattered throughout Baton Rouge, including at thrift shops and, especially, antique stores, there are main four record stores in the Baton Rouge area that boast impressive collections for sale. Though prices vary wildly — rare vinyl can be worth hundreds, while banged about records can be found for as little as $2 — be prepared to pay in the $20 range for a standard, easy to find album.

Lincoln, NE | First Day Vinyl: Lincoln’s newest record shop: For months, Travis and Emily Mannschreck have been planning and preparing First Day Vinyl. The store opened on Dec. 1, offering a wide range of vinyl for all interests. Travis Mannschreck said he wanted to open a store that brings together his favorite things: the Lincoln community and music. “The reason I have a bigger space is to re-create that experience I had as a kid of discovery and walking in and having so much to see,” Travis said. The goal was to design the store for the Lincoln community. The Mannschrecks asked others what they would like to see in the store to cater to Lincoln’s music tastes. They also plan to make First Day Vinyl a space that accepts local musicians and gives them the ability to share their music with the rest of the community by bringing in local vinyl for sale.

Aberdeen, UK | Aberdeen record shop Cavern announces closure after 25 years of spinning vinyls. The Belmont Street shop, sandwiched between Siberia Bar and Hotel, has closed for good. The news was announced by Spin Aberdeen who left a cryptic comment about the closure. A record shop in Aberdeen which touched the hearts – and ears – of many in the city has closed its doors for good. The Cavern in Belmont Street announced a 25 per cent firesale after announcing that the shop, which sold old and new vinyls, was closing its doors permanently. The news was revealed by bar and record shop Spin Aberdeen on Thursday. A post on Facebook stated: “Sadly after 25 years the Cavern is closing, not that we wanted to, but thats another story. Lots of great bargains to be had on all genres of vinyl.” The shop is believed to have been the longest-established record shop in Aberdeen. The news comes amid a planned development with the shop’s neighbours, Siberia Bar and Hotel. The famous vodka bar firm is set to move into the vacant premises next to The Cavern, the former Melt Sandwich Shop.

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In rotation: 12/2/22

Cleveland Heights, OH | The music stops — oldest record store in Ohio is closing at the end of the year: The oldest record store in Northeast Ohio is closing its doors after more than 50 years of business. Records Revolution has been selling records for 55 years along with posters, shirts and so much more. It’s a classic in Cleveland Heights and one of the country’s longest-running independent record stores. All in the heart of the Coventry neighborhood. “Coventry, historically, it was kind of the ground zero for the counterculture,” said John Neely, manager of the Grog Shop. “This is a place where people can be themselves,” said Rob Love, the general manager at Record Revolution. Of those 50-plus years, Rob Love has been at the record store for 35 of them. “Music to me is everything right? It’s my art form. It’s my religion. It’s the soundtrack to my life,” said Love.

Montreal, CA | Montreal’s BANQ Has A New Music Pavilion With Free Instruments & 10,000+​ Vinyl Records: It’s also a unique and relaxing study space. Montreal’s largest library has a pavilion dedicated entirely to music lovers. Musicians who visit the top floor of the BANQ can play instruments provided by the space, while audiophiles can peruse the library’s 10,000+ vinyl record collection and listen to their picks at a private station. The BANQ is a notoriously delightful study space, and its music pavilion is no exception. You can set up at a desk surrounded by musical inspiration, including old music player installations and colourful displays of special records, including a release by Montreal-based Polaris winner Pierre Kwenders. The revamped space, once occupied by the National Music Collection, now also lets visitors digitize audio cassettes and other analog audio formats.

Chicago, IL | Katalyst for Change: Talking vinyl, coffee and connection with Katalyst’s Kevin Beauchamp. Kevin Beauchamp, the owner of Katalyst Coffee Lounge and Music Gallery, is an avid music fan and record collector. “It might be the old-school nature I come from,” he says. “I’m used to pressing up some CDs and hustling to sell ‘em … something about that, physically holding the music, it connects with the experience.” He’s a veteran of Chicago’s house music scene, having spent countless hours DJing around the city during high school. This experience inspired Beauchamp to pursue his love of music, and led to a career working for record companies on the West Coast. Eventually, Beauchamp left PolyGram to start his own label, Katalyst Entertainment, which has published releases by Chicago icons like Kahil El’Zabar, Phil Cohran, and the Art Ensemble of Chicago. Today, Beauchamp runs his café and record store in Hegewisch on the Southeast Side. Now in his early fifties, Mr. Beauchamp wants to share his records and stories with the world through his store.​

Bob Marley’s ‘Rastaman Vibration’ Enters Billboard Reggae Chart For First Time Thanks To Vinyl Reissue: Bob Marley and The Wailers’ 1976 classic album Rastaman Vibration has made its way onto the Billboard Reggae Albums chart for the first time ever, thanks to a special vinyl reissue of the record as a collector’s item. On November 18, 2022, Tuff Gong International teamed up with Analogue Productions/Acoustic Sounds to release a remastered and repackaged version of the 1976 album in Ultra High Quality Record (UHQR) vinyl format. The release was priced at $125 USD but was limited to a run of 3,500 units. It sold out almost instantly, according to the Acoustic Sounds website. US-based consumers and audiophiles snatched up the majority of the limited run, with Billboard’s sales tracker Luminate reporting to DancehallMag that Rastaman Vibration sold 2,000 units in the United States last week, placing it at No. 4 on the Billboard Reggae Albums chart, dated December 3.

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In rotation: 12/1/22

Kansas City, MO | Kansas City’s Revolution Records Serves Up Community Interaction & All Things Music: Revolution Records finds itself at the crossroads of community and passion. The Kansas City record shop is proudly curated for curious nerds and avid music fans who crave that classic record shop experience. The shop is curated for discovery, their shelves are lined with new/used LPs just waiting to be picked up, played, and loved, they also carry a treasure trove of other memorabilia like books and stereo equipment that are all curated with the music nerd in mind. Revolution Records have built a strong community around its shop by interacting with other locally-owned businesses to put together fundraising events to support a wide array of causes. Their unbridled passion for music and community makes Revolution Records a one-of-a-kind record shop that puts an emphasis on curiosity with a welcoming smile.

Los Angeles, CA | 3 Best Vinyl Stores in Los Angeles, California: Between the 1960s and 70s, vinyl record sales were at their peak. As technology progressed, our society saw a decline in vinyl sales and an incline in cassette tapes, 8-tracks, CDs, and MP3s. With the uptake of streaming platforms these days, most of those technologies used in the past have become obsolete for the masses. However, vinyl records have been making a swift comeback in younger generations. Audiophiles have been collecting and playing vinyls for years now, but as mentioned before record culture has infiltrated the younger generations, making it one of the most popular ways to listen to music besides streaming. With vinyls, you get to experience music in a whole new way. The act of sliding a record out from its sleeve, placing it on the turntable, setting the needle, and hearing your favorite artists play can be euphoric for some people.

10 Gift Ideas For The Discerning Vinyl Enthusiast: Every holiday season, I always think about a time in middle school one of the local metal girls told me she used a switchblade to discreetly unwrap what looked like records underneath the Christmas tree. (It was 1987 in upstate New York so Santa’s sleigh was heavy with copies of Girls Girls Girls and Look What The Cat Dragged In.) As we approach this year’s festivities, SPIN has whittled down 10 outstanding new vinyl records for the music junkie in your life (and if the said fan is a metalhead, be wary of the switchblade trick.) The following is an eclectic collection of modern classics from a wide swathe of genres and styles, from the cooler-than-cool to the sentimental old fool.

Vinyl Pursuit: A Journey Towards Providing the Best Music Experience: Tammy Brown, the principal owner of Vinyl Pursuit wanted to turn one of her hobbies of collecting Vinyl records into a profession. That’s when she conceptualized Vinyl Pursuit – a one-stop website for vinyl record lovers that sold records and accessories associated with it. Tim from Vinyl Pursuit said, “Tammy was looking to do something next. One of her hobbies is Vinyl records. She owns a sophisticated audio record-playing amplifier speaker system personally. Plus she’s got many contacts and people she knows in the music business. So the suggestion was raised that maybe she should or could start up a website that sold vinyl records.” While this generation of millennials seems to embrace digital streaming, Vinyl Pursuit chose to bring back vinyl records for music purists. Most of its customers trust Vinyl Pursuit’s ways to acquire the records before making them available to its customers.

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In rotation: 11/30/22

Niagara Falls, NY | New business gives Falls a different spin: …I’m 49. As a teenager, as CDs started to settle in as the preferred medium for listening to music, I snapped up all of my sisters’ records that they were planning to drop off at the local Goodwill. I’ve had them ever since and acquired other people’s collections over the years in a similar fashion. What I love about those records now is that I curated them long enough for them to be part of the vinyl renaissance. If you haven’t heard, vinyl is all the way back from the dark days of burning disco albums. These days, a person my age or older is as likely to be listening to music on a record as any teenager or young adult. As for the city’s new record lounge and store, in case you missed it, Niagara Street — yes, Niagara Street — will soon be home to Daredevil Records.

San Francisco, CA | Dark Entries is opening a record store in San Francisco: The store kicks off with a launch party on December 10. Dark Entries Records is set to open a brick-and-mortar store in San Francisco on December 10. Located at 910 Larkin Street, San Francisco, the store will host a special launch event on opening day with DJ sets by Carlos Souffront, Topazu and Jeremy Castillo from 6-9pm. Founded in 2009 by Josh Cheon, Dark Entries’ aim is to release out-of-print and unreleased underground music and contemporary bands. Since then, the label has put out 100 releases from Severed Heads, Crash Course In Science, Patrick Cowley and more.

Preston, UK | “He will always be missed”: Legend of Preston’s Action Records, Allan Atkinson, dies: A legend of the Preston music scene has sadly passed away, with many tributes since coming in for the “large character” who “will always be missed.” Allan Atkinson passed away on Saturday, November 26 following a short illness, and leaves behind his wife, Pat, and children. Allan was instrumental to the launch of Preston’s staple record store Action Records, which first began life on a stall in Blackpool in 1979 but after a move to Church Street in Preston, soon became one of the county’s must legendary music stores, staying in the city ever since. …”I first met Allan around 1973 when we were waiting for a bus back from a Hawkwind gig in Blackburn and our friendship has continued ever since. It was with his help and knowledge of music that I managed to set up Action Records and keep it going all these years. His large character was and will always be part of the shop. He will always be missed by us.”

Dallas, TX | Ladylove coming to Bishop Arts: ‘the Viper Room, without the heroin.’ The owners of Spinster Records will take over the former Grilled Cheese Co. space at 310 W. 7th and build a local-friendly, vinyl-record centric sound lounge, David Grover says. The Jim Lake-owned center houses Oddfellows and a future bakery/brewery that the Revelers Hall owners are planning, Grover tells us. His new place, Ladylove, is nestled in the corner suite and backs up to a an alley, for which he also has plans. His business partner Kate Siamro will run Ladylove, which they will co-own, he says. Music-wise the offerings will complement their aforementioned neighbors Revelers Hall, where one might find jazz and big band acts. We can expect more Latin-inspired music, hip hop and a variety of other genres at Ladylove. The venture combines their love of drinking, records, hosting shows, late-night munchies and their Oak Cliff neighborhood.

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In rotation: 11/29/22

Columbia, MO | Small Business Saturday draws area shoppers looking for deals: Just hours after Black Friday ended, Columbia residents packed into local storefronts searching for Small Business Saturday deals. Originally created by American Express in 2010, Small Business Saturday, which is always the day after Black Friday, has grown into an unofficial holiday that promotes shopping at small businesses. …Hitt Records, a record store located downtown, participated in a holiday shopping event geared toward music lovers called Record Store Day Black Friday. Kyle Cook, co-owner of Hitt Records, said the event brought in lots of customers. “There is this entire wall of brand-new records available,” Kyle said. For this event, according to Record Store Day’s website, some titles might be exclusively released at independent record stores, which might or might not be available to other retailers in the future.

Toronto, CA | Why BMV may be the best store of its kind in Toronto: In an increasingly digital world, physical media is the attraction. …But with the holiday shopping season upon us, it’s comforting to know that BMV is still there – three stores filled with the items it’s named for: books, magazines and videos – as well as collectibles, vinyl LPs, CDs, comic books, games and art. Stuff. Unlike the prevailing minimalist philosophy of curation that drives so many beloved indie shops, at BMV more is more. “When we were closed during the pandemic, some regular customers would shoot us emails,” says Mike Murray, the manager of BMV’s Bloor Street location in the Annex (the others are on Edward Street downtown and at Yonge and Eglinton). “They’d talk about how browsing here is good for their mental health. Walking the aisles was part of their routine and something they’d look forward to. We’re not saving lives – it’s a used bookstore – but it shows it means something to people.”

Niagara Falls, NY | Records lounge to anchor new-look Niagara Street block: In development circles it is known as the historic Tugby-Lennon block. Many long-time residents in the City of Niagara Falls recognize it as the block of Niagara Street where the Arterial Lounge once served drinks and the Press Box restaurant offered up its famous salads and Pittsburghers. …In total, the project covers 12,531 square feet of renovated space, including interior and facade improvements. The project creates 4,177 square feet of First-floor commercial and retail space, with part of the space already committed to a new tenant — a vinyl record store and listening lounge called Daredevil Records. The store, which allows customers to purchase vintage records and also stay and listen to music on cassette and record players while enjoying beer, wine and other refreshments, will be located inside the renovated space at 324 Niagara St.

Chatham, ON | Chatham Record Show offers some great vinyl finds for collectors: The digital age provides instant access to your favourite music these days, but there are still those who love the richness of sound that comes from a record played on a turntable. Vinyl enthusiasts came out in large numbers to the Chatham Record Show on Saturday at the Moose Lodge Hall to peruse wide variety of records offered by about 20 vendors. Toni Martin and her son Chris Martin, 27, made two trips the show. Toni Martin said she was finding “blast from the past albums that I used to own but didn’t think I would ever need back again, but now I do.” Martin said she had been looking for Janis Joplin’s Greatest Hits and was finally able to find it on Saturday. Chris said he picked up a bunch of records earlier in the day, but came back with his mom to find more records to satisfy his eclectic taste in music.

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In rotation: 11/28/22

The Global Vinyl Records Market is expected to grow by $663.77 million during 2023-2027, accelerating at a CAGR of 8.41% during the forecast period: …Our report on the vinyl records market provides a holistic analysis, market size and forecast, trends, growth drivers, and challenges, as well as vendor analysis covering around 25 vendors. The report offers an up-to-date analysis regarding the current global market scenario, the latest trends and drivers, and the overall market environment. The market is driven by the aesthetic appeal of vinyl records, rising promotional events in developed nations, and increasing demand for vinyl records from millennials. …This study identifies the promotion of vinyl records as special editions/deluxe products as one of the prime reasons driving the vinyl records market growth during the next few years. Also, many private labels and retailers are promoting records and changing format sales: from independent to online to subscription basis will lead to sizable demand in the market.

Logansport, IN | The Record Farm celebrates Black Friday with exclusive music: While Christmas shoppers hit locations like Target, Walmart and Kohl’s Friday morning, Nov. 25, for Black Friday deals, record collectors bee-lined for music stores to find Record Store Day goodies. The Record Farm, 430 E. Broadway, hosted a smaller number of shoppers than probably was found in Kokomo or Indianapolis, but several music fans browsed through racks of vinyl at 8 a.m. Friday morning, grabbing their selections while Nirvana’s greatest hits blared through the speakers. “It’s a celebration,” said Adam Wilson, The Record Farm co-owner. “It’s for vinyl collectors and enthusiasts. You are not going to find these albums at Walmart or Target. So that’s what is special to us. It’s our day. And it’s exciting for customers.”

Staunton, VA | Vinyl Asylum partakes in Record Store Day: This Black Friday was also Record Store Day for the Vinyl Asylum in Staunton. The shop celebrates the special things you cannot find in big box stores like limited editions, colored, and numbers in vinyl. Co-owner Tanya Bahrs says that vinyl records have never gone out of style, but its appeal adds something that couldn’t be found in a digital download. “Analog, a record, is like a handwritten love letter. You can feel it, put perfume on it, you can smell it. If it’s emotional, you might see a tear stain on it and that’s the difference that way,” Bahrs said. New imports are on the shelves from multiple partners at 20 percent off. Bahrs shares that they can get what you’re looking for.

Macomb, MI | Village Vinyl has strong Black Friday vibe: Special releases, giveaways drive business on busy shopping day: Reports of the death of the brick and mortar store have been greatly exaggerated judging by the long line that was wrapped around Warren’s Village Vinyl record store on Black Friday morning. Despite the popularity and ease of online shopping, local businesses often have something to offer that customers can’t get via a website. Village Vinyl, located on Chicago Road in the city’s historic district being a perfect example. “The big thing is our special Record Store Day releases,” said owner John Lehl. “These are limited releases that you are not going to be able to buy online until tomorrow and by that time, you’re trying your luck because they are often already gone. The first of these is held in April, marking the release of between 400 and 500 new vinyl records. The second Record Store Day on Black Friday features fewer releases, in the area of 125-150, but still sparks plenty of excitement for music fans.

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In rotation: 11/18/22

Chicago, IL | Dave’s Records Closing After More Than 20 Years In Lincoln Park: The vinyl-only record store opened on Clark Street in 2002. The building that houses is the store is slated to be demolished, the owner told the Reader. Vinyl-only record store Dave’s Records is closing. The store’s last day will be in December, but an exact date is still being worked out, according to the Reader’s J.R. Nelson and Leor Galil. Owner David Crain did not immediately return a request for comment but the store launched a massive closing sale Nov. 8, according to a Facebook post. “No more sad faces … you’re gonna make Dave cry,” the owner wrote on Facebook in response to the closing sale. “Only happy thoughts as we wind things down.” Crain opened the store, 2604 N. Clark St., in a former 2nd Hand Tunes location in 2002, according to the Reader. The building was sold about a year and a half ago, and its owners have said they plan to knock down and replace the building.

New York, NY | Getting the band back together: Tower Records opens new creative hub, Tower Labs, in Williamsburg: Sixteen years after Tower Records was forced to close all of their physical stores, the once-giant music retailer is making a comeback in Williamsburg — and taking a new approach. Tower Labs, a cozy, warmly-lit “creative hub” where artists and fans can mix and mingle at a variety of events, opened on Kent Avenue on Nov. 4. Rather than just selling music, Tower Labs will work with independent music venues across Brooklyn to connect with artists and allow them to host intimate events and gatherings before and after their shows. To stay true to the company’s roots, Tower Labs will also host pop-up sales of merchandise, physical music and collectibles from time to time. “The music business has changed dramatically over the past two decades. Vinyl and merch will always be sold at Tower Records, but at our core, we believe we’re a space where artists can feel at home and connect with fans searching for new music.”

Cincinnati, OH | The Gift Guide: Cincinnati’s Favorite Boutiques Where You Can Shop Local This Holiday Season: Shop local this holiday season with CityBeat’s Gift Guide. Everybody’s Records: With an expansive collection of new and used records, the independent Everybody’s Records has impressed music fans in the Cincinnati area for more than 40 years. Peruse the wide selection of vinyl covering genres from rock, pop and reggae to jazz, rap and country, plus find albums by local acts. Leave time to browse the CDs and cassettes to reveal long-lost favorite tunes you grew up listening to. Not only is this shop jam-packed with music, but you’ll also find band T-shirts and custom Everybody’s pieces. 6106 Montgomery Road, Pleasant Ridge

Lytham, UK | There’s A Record Resurgence & A Vinyl Revival As A Dedicated Store Hits Lytham: …Despite the incredible growth of online streaming platforms like Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music and Tidal over the past 15 years, vinyl has also seen a resurgence in interest and sales in the music industry. Statistics show that one in five of all albums purchased in the UK is now vinyl. According to the BPI, people bought almost 5 million vinyl records in 2021. And, as a consequence of this trend, Lytham is crying out for a record store, so if you have any old records in the attic then simply bring them in to Hollywood Exports and they will buy them! Resident expert Matt has been dealing vinyl records for 25 years and has a vast knowledge. He’s even one of the dealers on Dickinson’s Real Deal, specialising in vintage toys and vinyl records. Fair prices will be paid or customers can exchange old records for credit in Hollywood Exports.

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In rotation: 11/17/22

The Smile, Mitski, Jack White, Rina Sawayama, and More Releasing Rough Trade Exclusive Vinyl Records: Angel Olsen, Black Midi, Weyes Blood, Yeule, and others are also issuing special-edition records. …“We want to thank Rough Trade (NYC) for considering us for Vinyl Album of the Year, it means a lot,” the Smile said in a statement. “Independent record stores and labels remain islands under threat, but are absolutely essential to finding new music, music that exists away from homogenous clean universe of infinite repeat that we are subjected to without being asked. We rely on independent music stores as much as others to find inspiration, to be challenged and to remain excited and surprised by music. Music will be nothing without such independence – rendered meaningless fodder, cheap disposable furniture in a store that nobody notices and nobody cares about.”

Chicago, IL | Dave’s Records goes out in a blaze of glory: Last week, beloved Lincoln Park vinyl shop Dave’s Records announced some sad news: after 20 years, it’s closing for good. Store owner Dave Crain tells Gossip Wolf the last day will be in December, but he hasn’t confirmed an exact date. Crain opened Dave’s Records in 2002 in a former 2nd Hand Tunes location, and about a year and a half ago the whole building was sold. The new owners have told Crain they intend to knock down and replace the building, so even though he renewed the shop’s lease last year, he knows that the writing is on the wall. “Selling it didn’t seem like an option to me,” Crain says. “Starting at a new location, I thought about—but I’ve seen people move, and it takes a while till people figure out that you didn’t just close up. And then there was option three, which is the option I’m taking—which is to go out in a blaze of glory and get the records in the hands of all our fans.”

Portland, OR | Shopping mall fills empty stores with indie shops and pop-ups: On a recent Saturday afternoon, a mall in Portland, Oregon, hosted a bustling pop-up art market from inside a vacant storeroom with dozens of participating vendors. Lloyd Center mall was near foreclosure last year and is now renting to small businesses and shops. “I’ve heard from a lot of customers coming in and just saying, ‘Thanks, I haven’t been here in years, and this is a great excuse to check it out again,’” said Tony Remple, who runs record store Musique Plastique inside a former Spencer’s. As the pandemic turned the economy on its head, retail took a hit. Consumers went online and dozens of retail companies filed for bankruptcy. Shopping malls that were already hurting before the pandemic started emptying out. But Lloyd Center is pivoting. The mall has new leases with a gallery, a hand-printed clothing company and a tattoo parlor. Jason Leivian, who owns comic book store Floating World Comics, is hoping more will come.

Montreal, CA | 8 Of Montreal’s Most-Loved Record Stores & Where To Find Them: If we left out your favourite, let us know! Spotify and Tidal plays simply don’t hit the same as a crisp vinyl according to many, especially Montreal hipsters (and legitimately cool people). Montreal’s thriving music scene includes a network of local record stores responsible for hosting, amplifying and spreading indie music throughout the city. Many of these stores have also served as community hubs for musically interested Montrealers, and eight of them can be found right here for your viewing — and then, listening — pleasure. If your favourite spot isn’t on this list, then a) feel cool, go ahead, and b) let us know!

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In rotation: 11/16/22

Muncie, IN | Locked Groove Records hosts live performance: The record store hosted its first live show Thursday. Locked Groove Records (LGR), at 519 N. Martin Street in Muncie, opened their first live show Thursday night from 6:30-10 p.m. Owner, Celeste Outen, opened the business in July of 2022. This was after the previous owner of the building, Travis Harvey, moved his record company, Village Green Records, to Alabama. …Outen has been organizing the event with the help of LGR planner David Maginity. Maginity was brought on due to his work with planning venues across various Muncie venues. He met Outen in the LGR parking lot after stopping by to help organize a show. “It was funny because they weren’t even here. When I came up to the door, and as I was leaving, they [Outen and her partner] pulled up, and said ‘It’s like somebody sent you, because we’ve been wanting to put up shows and have music here for a while now,” Maginity said. “Ever since then we’ve been trying to figure out how to show music here.”

Best album covers of the year unveiled for 2022: A new exhibition is putting the 50 best record cover designs of 2022 on show, along with a retrospective celebrating album art that goes back to 1949. Even though most of us don’t buy vinyl anymore, record cover art remains a vital part of music marketing and, indeed, the music fan’s experience. Whether it’s having Graham Norton hold up a physical album cover on TV or seeing a digital version as you listen on Spotify, these evocative designs remain central to our enjoyment of music. But if there’s a certain genre you’re not into or particular artists pass you by, it’s easy to miss out on some of the best works of album art. To right that wrong, Art Vinyl has launched its 18th Best Art Vinyl Award—an annual search for the year’s most creative and well-designed record cover—with the unveiling of a striking record wall display at the Collection and Usher Gallery in Lincoln, which runs until 12 December.

UK | Independent labels’ market share set to increase for fifth consecutive year: Independent record labels’ share of the UK recorded music market is on course to grow for a fifth consecutive year in 2022, according to new analysis from the BPI. In the first 10 months of the year, independently released music made up 28.6% of the UK music market, up from 26.9% for the whole of 2021 and 30% up on 2017, when independents claimed a 22.1% share. A wide range of independents are contributing to this success, including BPI members Dirty Hit, Partisan and PIAS, as well as companies such as Domino and XL Beggars. Indie label market share has grown year-on-year in 2022 across sales and streams, but has been particularly strong in the albums market, where independents accounted for 40.5% of sales during the month of October, including on vinyl LP and CD formats.

Zagreb, HR | Croatia Records and Croatia Airlines sign cooperation agreement: The heads of two large national companies, Croatia Records director Želimir Babogredac and Croatia Airlines CEO Jasmin Bajić, signed a cooperation agreement today at the premises of Croatia Records. The companies with headquarters in Zagreb and with a regional and international reputation will, with this agreement, provide numerous benefits to all their users in the future, related to discounts when buying airline tickets, albums, vinyl records, books about music and other musical content, and they will publish joint actions through social networks. Croatia Records is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year, it is the leading record label in the region and a leader in all segments of its business, which with a wide musical repertoire and a large number of performers continues a long-standing tradition and fills its rich archive with valuable recordings.

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In rotation: 11/15/22

London, UK | Three friends who quit their jobs to run a Walthamstow record shop out of a shipping container: Three friends who set up a vinyl shop are still going strong despite moving to a new location just before Covid hit in 2020. East London is full of hidden gems and independent shops, but if you’re a music fan, you’re sure to have checked out some of the record shops it has to offer. One of the most popular in the area is Vinyl Vanguard Records. Based in St James Street in Walthamstow, and set up by three friends, it can be found in a tiny shipping container in CRATE, just a stone’s throw from the station. The passion project was set up by ex-journalist Mike Gerber in 2016, before he got his partner Ruth Lukom and friend Simon Lynn on board later on. It all began when Mike – a lifelong vinyl collector, decided to flog some records on a kitchen table in a local summer market. This turned into more pop ups, before moving to Wood Street market and their eventual St James’ Street location in 2020.

Miami, FL | Pizza and Vinyl Bar SimplyGood Preserves New York City Hip-Hop and Funk: Silver lamps dangle above the cozy, dimly lit space. The industrial cement walls are lined with record sleeves from the Grateful Dead to A Tribe Called Quest. The aroma of New York-style pizza blends naturally with the warm, homey furniture and patrons gathered at SimplyGood Miami. The man behind the space is Max Pierre, who cultivated his New York City roots and love for hip-hop into an incubator for local creatives. “I started a pizza shop because I would make pizza for kids on the block. They’d call me pizza man,” Pierre says. “Then I was like hip-hop is my culture. Let me just create a space where I can do all the things that I like and see how people interact with it.” The 48 year old owns more than 30,000 records, too many to sell in the shop. Instead, it evolved into a one-stop shop for vinyl, merch, drinks, pizza, and entertainment.

Tijuana, MX | Tijuana goes back to the past! Vinyl Record Fair returns in November: The 10th edition of “Feria del Vinilo Tijuana” will take place on Saturday, November 26 and Sunday, November 27. As usual, great offers in the world of vinyl records will multiply on Saturday, November 26 and Sunday, November 27 from 10 AM to 8 PM, as the 10ma Feria del Vinilo Tijuana (Tijuana’s Vinyl Record Fair) takes place at Pasaje Rodríguez (Rodríguez Alley). Besides selling records and other music-related products, the 10th Vinyl Record Fair of Tijuana will offer several different activities during the weekend, such as musical live performances. Access will be through Constitución Avenue, Revolución Avenue, and 3rd Street. Entry to the premises is free. The event is open to all ages and pet friendly, so bring your furry friend with you.

Tokyo, JP | Vinyl production finds groove in Japan, thanks to social media: Sales soar, spurring artists to release new music on records. As “city pop,” a type of Japanese pop music produced in the 1970s and ’80s, wins a new generation of fans around the world, production of phonograph records, the principal medium for recorded music at the time, has more than quadrupled over the past decade in Japan. As city pop gains more exposure through TikTok and other video hosting apps, it has drawn young people to vinyl records, which offer a listening experience that differs from digital music. More artists these days are also releasing new music on records. City pop was fueled by Japanese artists including Mariya Takeuchi, Tatsuro Yamashita, Miki Matsubara, and Kiyotaka Sugiyama & Omega Tribe 40 to 50 years ago. Those artists, in turn, were strongly influenced by Western music. The urban-themed, lighthearted melody lines of the era, and devotion to high production value, are drawing a fresh cohort of younger listeners.

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In rotation: 11/14/22

CT | 21 Connecticut record stores to visit on Record Store Day: Twice a year, the record collecting community celebrates the holiday of Record Store Day (RSD), a retail event that features limited edition vinyl records that are only available to purchase on that day. The event typically is held in April as well as on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. This year’s first RSD was moved from April to June while the second edition on Black Friday is still set to occur. In Connecticut, there are record stores in almost every corner of the state, specializing in all different genres of music. Many of these shops also participate in RSD, with people lining up for hours trying to get copies of hard-to-find records. However, some shops do not partake in RSD, meaning that you’ll have to call ahead to see if they have the releases that you’re looking for.

Silver Spring, MD | “We’re Bump ‘n Grind, a Specialty Coffee Shop, Record Store and Roaster.” “Hi! We’re Bump ‘n Grind, a Specialty Coffee Shop, Record Store and Roaster dedicated to and inspired by Coffee, Music, and Community. We create significant third spaces inspired by their neighborhoods; micro-roast, top-grade environmentally and ethically sourced coffee from around the world; and support musicians, & artists of all kinds. With our coffee, we aim to create the “perfect cup” and would love for you to join in our journey. “Our specialty beans are top grade (85+) from around the world, Micro-Roasted in Kensington, Md. We’ve been perfecting our craft since 2016, loving every step of the journey. We medium and light roast the beans to pull out the distinct flavors associated with each region. Our roasting objective is to highlight the nuances of each bean so that we can all learn and understand the differences between coffees from around the world.

Edinburgh, UK | Loved Edinburgh record store that was at forefront of city’s punk scene in late 1970s: If you were a young Edinburgh punk fan at a loose end on a Saturday in the late 1970s, there was really only one place to be: Hot Licks on Cockburn Street. We take a look back the legendary lost record store. It was the indie record store that became a magnet for the capital’s disaffected youth at the height of the punk movement in the late ’70s. For a generation of young music fans, Hot Licks records store on Cockburn Street was one of the best places to be and be seen on a Saturday. Renowned for being ahead of the curve the owners of the independent store always seemed to have a knack of spotting what was going to be the next big thing – and they were seldom wrong. Those at Hot Licks had their fingers on the pulse of what was happening, even managing to attract up and coming groups such as The Jam and The Damned to the store for album signings and personal appearances.

Halifax, CA | “Everybody’s loving it” – Record shop on a canal barge opens in Halifax: A record shop with a difference has opened in Halifax. Rubber Ducky Records is based on a canal barge currently located near The Moorings pub in Sowerby Bridge. It is owned by Myles Greenwood, 27, who lives in Halifax and says the inspiration to open a record shop came from running one while living in Switzerland. “‘I came back here for lockdown, I’d bought 5,000 records for a store I was running in Switzerland and I got stuck with them in the UK,” he said. “So I started selling them in the UK and realised that moving back home was a good thing to do because it’s quite a nice place to live and a bit easier running a business here.” Myles opened the business last month and has around 2,000 records, split between the boat and his storage facility. The shop opens for private appointments only at the moment and Myles says he will probably move on to Hebden Bridge and then back towards Brighouse or Salterhebble soon. “Music is my main passion, especially electronic music,” he said.

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In rotation: 11/11/22

Ypsilanti, MI | Vintage store Wyrd Byrd opens in Ypsilanti: The new business sells vintage role playing games and vinyl records. A new store featuring vintage roleplaying games and records is now open in Ypsilanti at 9 S. Washington St. Wyrd Byrd opened on Nov. 2 after receiving a final inspection from the city. “’Wyrd’ has always been a word I wanted to use in a business name. It means something similar to fate, but in modern English, it became ‘weird,’ meaning odd or strange,” Shawn Gates, owner of Wyrd Byrd, said. “We have pet birds, which are a large part of our lives, so we also decided to add that in but keep the spelling with a ‘y’ because we liked it. I’ve heard folks say it a few different ways, and all are correct.” Gates is an EMU alumni from the class of 2001 and has worked as a software engineer since graduating. He owns Wyrd Byrd along with his wife Brooke Gates. Wyrd Byrd will be closed on Mondays and Tuesdays and open Wednesdays through Sundays with varying hours.

New Westminster, CA | Celebrate vinyl music and frothy beer this month in New West: Spend an evening browsing records, and clinking beer mugs, at Steel & Oak’s annual Analog Vinyl Fair in New Westminster. Getting too used to having YouTube and Spotify suggest what you need to listen to next? It’s time to give those apps a break and play music on something more tangible. Go old school for a difference and head to Steel & Oak Brewery’s seventh edition of Analog Vinyl Fair on Saturday, Nov. 19. To be held at the food court of the River Market building, you can browse through stacks of vinyl records while nursing a chilled beer from Steel & Oak. The fair was introduced by the brewery first in 2016, and the fact that it has continued for seven years now is proof that people in New West, and beyond, still like digging into deep crates of hard-to-find rock, psych, funk, soul and jazz LPs from around the world. …“We’re excited to bring this event back for the New West and broader music and vinyl communities. Music played a big role in helping folks get through the pandemic, so it’ll be all the more special to gather around that shared love of that unexpected find deep in a crate…”

Carrboro, NC | Longtime record-seller Gerry Williams hosts biannual record show in Carrboro: Gerry Williams has been selling records for 45 years. He’s hosted record shows in Carrboro for the last 18. Williams held his most recent record show on Sunday at the Carrboro Century Center. Since 2004, the November event has been one of Williams’ two annual shows sponsored by the Town of Carrboro. “Back in 2004, there wasn’t a show like this in the Triangle and I thought, ‘Let’s do one here,’ or if I could get the Town to sponsor it for me,” Williams said. Williams said he began his career selling records in 1977 when he opened a store in Washington, D.C., which he said featured 200,000 records, mostly used. These days, Williams said he does not own any brick-and-mortar record stores. He said all of his business is either online or through record shows, some of which he hosts.

London, UK | Independent Label Market shares full label and DJ line-up for London Christmas market: Christmas is coming early. Independent Label Market has announced the full line-up for their London Christmas market in Coal Drops Yards on November 12. Record labels involved on the day include !K7, Bella Union, Dead Oceans, Erased Tapes, Ninja Tune, Secretly Canadian and more. The labels will bring an assortment of vinyl-related treats like rarities, test pressings, extended back catalogues, signed merchandise and advance copies to the market, making it a one-stop-shop for Christmas presents this year. The event will also feature a lineup of DJs on an Audio Gold Soundsystem, an acoustic live stage and live radio from Voices Radio. Check out the full schedule and line-up

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In rotation: 11/10/22

Cresson, PA | Vinyl Record Collecting: What’s the Point? Never did the older generations believe that someday music could be stored and listened to on a pocket-sized phone. Thousands of songs, hundreds of albums, and a multitude of playlists, all at the touch of a screen. This is normalcy for people growing up in the digital age. With such convenience at hand, why bother with antiquated analog technology? At the end of the day, collecting records is fun, and it’s a fulfilling way of representing your love for music. The entirety of collecting a physical format of music is a process, an opportunity to get more out of your passion for music. From of course finding and purchasing records, to organizing and maintaining them. Not to forget the simplicity of placing the vinyl on the turntable, dropping the needle, and hearing the joys of your success in completing that process. Regardless of your musical tastes, it has something to share with you, something to tell you.

Croydon, UK | The new Croydon record shop on a tiny backstreet where vinyl is sold for as little as £2: Lisa Docherty feels she has to prove she knows what she’s talking about because many expect a man to be behind the counter. Ten Pin Records is a newly-opened, female-owned record shop on a quiet parade on the edge of Croydon which is already getting rave reviews from students jumping off the school bus to take a look inside and older customers who love to buy in person rather than online. Having run a business selling vinyl online for 15 years, owner Lisa Docherty, 49, is excited about turning her dream into a reality. She acknowledges that opening a bricks-and-mortar shop at a time when many high street staples are closing seems like a big risk. However, she found the shopfront, located on a quiet Purley parade near Reedham station, while searching for a warehouse and it all just “fell into place.”

Hazard, KY | EKY record store owners discuss resurgence in vinyl record industry: Over the last several years, old trends have found a way to resurge. One form of nostalgia that is making a comeback is collecting vinyl records. As a result, several record stores have popped up across the nation and in our region. Mary Everidge co-owns Queen City Records in Hazard. Everidge said she believes this surge in the record industry could be attributed to a few things. “We sell a lot of like metal, and soundtracks, so I think a lot of the movies are coming back out because people can go and watch things in theaters now,” said Everidge. Queen City joins a handful of record shops across the region, like Sisyphus Records in Whitesburg, owned by Lacy Hale and her husband. “A lot of punk bands released vinyl, that’s just what they did,” said Hale. “So, in 2000, 2001, [my husband] had a record distro anyway, and there was a pretty cool little punk scene in the area.”

IA | Iowa’s record stores remain community hubs, weathering ups and downs in the vinyl market: For the music industry, 2021 was definitely a memorable year. With concerts and live entertainment essentially on ice for much of the year, consumers pivoted, directing their expendable income to physical products instead, resulting in a landmark year for record stores. Variety reported in March that 2021 marked the first year since 1996 that both “CDs and vinyl records experienced revenue growth in the same year.” This boom saw vinyl records breaking through the $1 billion revenue threshold for the first time since 1986—an extension of the format’s resurgence, which has seen revenues grow for 15 consecutive years. That trend has started to slow a bit in 2022, however. “People aren’t hiding [from the pandemic] in their basement with their turntable anymore,” said Dennis Hite of NewBo Vinyl Emporium in Cedar Rapids. Discretionary income is again being spread across other outlets as society regains its equilibrium, and wallets have become tighter due to broader economic trends.

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