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Telegraph celebrates Record Store Day on Saturday: It’s hard to believe, but there are amongst us Music Heads for whom Record Store Day is up there with Halloween and Christmas, narrowly edges out the 4th of July and Easter, and flat kicks the hell out of Arbor and Groundhog Days. You’ll see these rabid folk celebrating at top volume Saturday in New London when The Telegraph Records Shop commemorates the 10th annual Record Store Day with all sorts of special releases, freebies, sale items and live music.

Your Guide to Record Store Day 2017 in Metro Phoenix: With more record stores participating than ever before, bands playing throughout the day at multiple shops, and a strong slate of releases, Record Store Day looks like it’ll live up to its rep as a national holiday for music fans. Locally, Zia Records, Revolver Records, Stinkweeds, The Record Room, Asylum Records, and several more shops will host Record Store Day (or what’s commonly known as “RSD”) festivities, which began a decade ago.

A guide to Record Store Day in Chicago: In Chicago, Record Store Day has been embraced by the most of the shops. Evolving over the years, the unofficial holiday is often coupled with a day of in-store performances, giveaways and extended hours to accommodate those hoping to spend time digging through crates for that perfect find. Here are some spots to visit Saturday, Record Store Day’s 10th anniversary, for vinyl and much more.

Record Store Day 2017: Ten revolutions — does the store still matter? Ten years ago, observers and owners of indie record shops decided they were in peril due to download culture and the incoming streaming-music market we all know and utilize today. In response, select retailers, along with Record Store Day (RSD) co-founders Michael Kurtz and Carrie Colliton, came up with a holiday that would celebrate the community built around brick-and-mortar stores with staff and customers who love vinyl (never, ever say “vinyls”).

Jacksonville stores benefit from vinyl’s comeback, Records growing in popularity among teens, millennials, hipsters: Vinyl’s getting a new spin and it’s benefiting some Jacksonville businesses. Records are becoming popular again, bridging the gap between young and old as the new customers for this old-school way of listening to music are primarily teenagers. William Brueck runs Yesterday and Today Records in a make-shift shop located at the Beach Boulevard Flea Market — at least for now. His father used to run the record store, then located on Baymeadows Road. While his dad closed down, later, Brueck saw an opportunity to start it up again. He said vinyl started making a comeback around 2007 and 2008, and that’s when he started watching the annual sales.

National Record Store Day takes a turn in Walla Walla: There’s a slightly different spin on Hot Poop’s commemoration of National Record Store Day this year. Washington’s oldest independent record store at 210 E. Main St. joins record stores across the country to commemorate the 10th annual National Record Store Day on Saturday. As in years past, the shop, owned by Jim McGuinn, will offer limited-edition albums from independent and major labels, picked by the artists in what McGuinn refers to as “earotic jewels” for their faithful fans. The records, by the way, are authorized for sale only at independently owned-and-operated, stand-alone, brick-and-mortar stores.

Festival team up with Ventnor Exchange to celebrate Record Store Day: The Isle of Wight Festival 2017 have partnered with Ventnor Exchange, in support of Record Store Day, to give away 5 pairs of weekend tickets to this year’s festival. Each pair of tickets will be hidden inside mystery records for lucky customers to find throughout the store this Saturday (22nd April). The winners will receive the opportunity to see headliners Arcade Fire, David Guetta, Run DMC and Rod Stewart plus many more perform across the weekend.

Four Snapshots of Spokane’s Booming Record-Store Economy: In the space of several hours spent browsing through the overlapping but interestingly distinctive crates of these shops—Groove Merchants, Resurrection Records, Garageland, and 4000 Holes—I was struck most not by the records but by the conversations. In between comparing notes on an old Donovan LP, people ask each other about their kid’s operation, about the work they had done on the tree in their yard, about their road trip from Moscow, about just how “progressive” the city council actually is, about whether or not they had seen Mr. Robot. These conversations proceeded at a leisurely pace, often while the participants flipped idly through records.

Iowa Rock n’ Roll Music Association celebrates Record Store Day Saturday: With a renewed interest in vinyl records, the Iowa Rock n’ Roll Music Association is celebrating Record Store Day with a special event on Saturday at the Roof Garden at 91 Lake Street in Arnolds Park, Iowa. The IRRMA is inviting the public to view and purchase vinyl records on Saturday for Record Store Day. IRRMA’s LaZanne Wetrosky says 1000s of albums will be displayed at the Roof Garden. “It’s National Small Record Store Day all over the country, and in the cities it’s a really big deal, and so we decided, we had boxes and boxes of vinyl out in storage, and we decided to participate in National Small Record Store Day, because we have some small record stores in the Iowa (Rock) Hall of Fame here.

Jerk Dog Records celebrates Record Store Day, third anniversary: The biggest game in town for the 10th annual Record Store Day on Saturday in Sarasota-Manatee will be a small record shop nestled in Bradenton’s Village of the Arts. Jerk Dog Records, which specializes in punk music, will feature a selection of Record Store Day releases and extend its hours to noon through 10 p.m., with performances by punk bands The Frenzied Passions, Dealbreaker and No Bueno starting around 6 p.m. The event will also serve as a celebration for the store’s three-year anniversary.

City’s Action Records in tune for Record Store Day: If you see a queue stretching up Preston’s Church Street this Saturday it will mean one thing …it is Record Store Day. Gordon Gibson will be opening up Action Records early at 8am to meet demand created by the independent vinyl shops’ celebration day, which marks its 10th anniversary this year. The event started in America and Gordon says his business has participated since the event arrived in Britain around 2009 – memorably marking the occasion with an in store live performance by band “Frightened Rabbit”. The day is distinguished by the sale of special releases, unique to record stores, and Gordon, who has more than 500 this year, said: “All these amazing, very limited releases come out. These are serious objects of desire…Some of the people have been queuing out overnight.”

Arts News: Record Store Day; Partick Folk Club: Every surviving retailer of recorded music will be celebrating Record Store Day on Saturday, which is itself celebrating its tenth birthday this year. Stirling’s Europa Music, which claims to be Scotland’s largest stockist of vinyl platters, has a full day of live performances. Proprietor Ewen Duncan is also one of the nation’s longest serving members music-sellers, having established the shop in Alloa in 1976 before moving to Stirling in 1992. His bill of live fare on Saturday ranges from punk band The Media Whores to bluesman Craig Hughes with folk from Corryvreckan and Oxtered to the Bothy and rockabilly by Bad Boogaloo.

Vinyl record collectors will descend on Clarity Records in Pulteney St for the annual Record Store Day: Vinyl collectors will be waxing lyrical from midnight Friday as the annual Record Store Day kicks off in Adelaide across the whole of Saturday. The global event celebrating independent music stores will feature rare, one-off releases along with a dozens of reissued albums. In Adelaide, Clarity Records on Pulteney St, city, will once again host hundreds of vinyl lovers as it opens its doors for a special 24-hour event. Owner Matt Horvath says this year is set to be the biggest yet given the amount of stock that has arrived this week.

Vinyl music gives record stores a boost in a digital world: Record stores have not only survived the onslaught of pirated music, digital downloads and online streaming services. They’re now growing in numbers. Several hundred indie music retailers have opened in the past five years in the U.S. thanks largely to the resurgence of vinyl records, industry officials say. “Stores are popping up in small towns. There’s enough vinyl business to support them. You have a lot of young entrepreneurs who are seeing this opportunity,” said Wes Lowe from Alliance Entertainment Corp., the nation’s largest wholesale distributor of compact discs, DVDs and vinyl record albums. That gives music lovers something to cheer as Record Store Day celebrates its 10th anniversary Saturday in stores from Maine to California.

Record Store Day celebrating 10th anniversary: Record Store Day’s 10th anniversary is just around the corner and proving vinyl is no longer just for old fogies or try-hard hipsters – the format’s making a comeback in an undeniably big way, and it doesn’t look like it’s slowing down any time soon…And on Saturday, New Zealand record stores will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the annual event. So whether you’re a long-time fan or just tipping a toe in the water, here’s how you can join the celebrations at some of New Zealand’s major record stores…

Ahead of Record Store Day, Love Garden Sounds reminds us why records are back in fashion: When someone walks into Love Garden Sounds — a record store on Massachusetts Street — they get hit with a little burst of nostalgia. Over 30,000 vinyl records and CDs line the walls and tables, from old bands to new. If you’re lucky, you may catch one of the shop’s three cats, Sam, Chardonnay and Stuffing, lounging around atop of the shelves. Record Store Day is on Saturday, April 22, and Love Garden Sounds is participating in the annual day of celebration and has been for the past ten years.

Record Store Day 2017: ‘I sold my house to keep my store open’ says owner of Flashback in Essex Road: Flashback Records is one of the top record shop companies in the UK. But like all indie stores, it had to endure some tough times before the vinyl revolution came along. Owner Mark Burgess tells the Gazette about his change in fortunes. Mark Burgess was branded a “lunatic” when he sold his house a decade ago to keep Flashback Records in Essex Road open. And then he ploughed some of the money into a new branch in Crouch Hill – despite the fact no one was buying vinyl. Of course, thanks to the resurgence in the once forgotten format, he now gets branded a genius. “How did you know people would come back to buying records?” he gets asked. The foresight sounds impressive. But was it as fine a display of business nous as it sounds?

Excitement Builds At Bug Vinyl As Record Store Day Approaches: Bug Vinyl in Beverley say that are looking forward to what will the first time they have taken part in Record Store Day this coming Saturday. Business owner Neil Harris says people will be camping outside his store with people expected to be queuing up early doors to so they can get their hands some limited edition releases. Neil says that it will be releases like No Plan by David Bowie that will be filling record collectors with great excitement ahead of the event. Excitement Builds At Bug Vinyl As Record Store Day ApproachesRecord Store Day has been well recognised as the catalyst behind the vinyl revival and this year will mark the 10th anniversary of the having the event in the UK.

National Record Store Day to be celebrated at Kokomo’s American Dream Hi Fi, Event to include live music, limited edition vinyl and rare craft beers: Each year since 2008 National Record Store Day has become a bigger and better event. The event, which is meant to promote small, independent record stores, will be celebrated in grand style at Kokomo’s American Dream Hi Fi, located at 109 E. Sycamore Street on Saturday, April 22. This is the third National Record Store Day event at American Dream Hi Fi. “We expect a line around the block before we open,” said American Dream Hi Fi owner Mike Wilson. “The big draw for collectors is the limited edition discs that are only available on National Record Store Day.”

Vinyl fans all set to get into the groove: Red House Records, within Holmes Music in Faringdon Road, was opened by vinyl fan and musician Paul Holmes who is already making plans for this to be a real event for both Swindon and national collectors. “We opened in May 2013 and this will be our fourth Record Store Day,” he said. “It just gets better every year. The vinyl revival is still going from strength to strength as younger music fans discover vinyl for the first time and those who grew up with records rediscover the unique experience of putting a record on the turntable.

Record Store Day 2017: Kilwinning’s Rare Trade welcomes Loki, The store and venue joins other shops across the UK for the annual celebration: One of the biggest annual music store events is set to return to Kilwinning this Saturday. Rare Trade, the vinyl record store in Kilwinning, has only been open for 18 months but has already made itself a stronghold for live music and local bands, something it will affirm when it hosts ‘Record Store Day’. The one-off day will see over 200 independent record shops across the UK make special vinyl releases and host live music in the shops themselves, and Rare Trade will be no different.

Record numbers expected for Record Store Day 2017: Gatefold Records in Hitchin’s Hermitage Road, David’s Music on Eastcheap in Letchworth and Revolution Records in Stevenage’s Middle Row are looking forward to celebrating RSD on Saturday – and they would love as many of you as possible to join in the fun. RSD will see more than 200 independent UK record stores celebrate their uniqueness. Special vinyl releases are made exclusively for the day with thousands more shops worldwide also taking part, in what has become one of the biggest annual events on the music calendar.

Oxfam Set to Celebrate Record Store Day: Oxfam shops across Hampshire are celebrating Record Store Day with an entire weekend of events. Club Pyschedelia, the night that has brought the likes Royal Blood and Wytches to Southampton has put together a special line up of bands to play in the Oxfam Music Store on East Street in Southampton on Saturday afternoon. The shop is opening two hours earlier than usual from 8am in order to cope with the increase in footfall. Said Rob Milner shop manager of Oxfam Music Southampton.

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