TVD Vinyl Giveaway: Christina Courtin, Varsity

“Vinyl is the only way to listen to music.”

“I grew up with a record player in my house and I still to this day use it as my primary device to listen to and experience music. It is important to listen to certain recordings the way they were intended to be listened to. I have dreamed of making a record from tape for vinyl and Varsity is my first experiment with that in mind.”
Christina Courtin

Juilliard trained violinist, Christina Courtin has been heralded by the New York Times for her music and vocal style that “call to mind the soulful, atmospheric sound of the late 1960s: early Joni Mitchell at times, with an occasional touch of Laura Nyro and the vaguest hint of Janis Joplin.”

Her sophomore release, Varsity, takes more of a “smart rock” approach, ala Gin Wigmore or Amy Winehouse, though Christina prefers to avoid comparisons, of course.

Enter to win a vinyl copy of Christina Courtin’s Varsity by telling us in the comments below your pick of band or artist of the “smart rock” variety. (Don’t say Weezer, please.)

One bright bulb with a North American mailing address will be chosen a week from today, April 1st. (No foolin’.)

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  • Brandon

    Arcade Fire!

  • Dumela34

    Here We Go Magic

  • crowbarmark

    they might be giants

  • paul

    readymade breakup

  • cinzano bianco

    The Minutemen, Fugazi, Talking Heads

  • maiasurdam

    Sleater Kinney

  • Bussup

    Amy Rigby

  • twelvetonetechnique

    Daniel Rossen

  • itgetsrad


  • Adam


  • RFoley

    Tegan & Sara
    Fountains Of Wayne

  • Randy

    Galaxie 500