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Tommy Keene:
In-store with TVD
at DC’s Som Records

Remembering Tommy Keene on what would have been his 63rd birthday with this look back from our 2015 archives.Ed.

As we noted earlier this month with our review of his latest release, “In guitar pop circles Tommy Keene is an utter fount of reliability. On the radar since the late ‘70s, he grew from underground beginnings and briefly landed on a major before transitioning into an unimpeachable elder of melodic rock, and one still active over three decades hence.

Make that active and undiminished, for Laugh in the Dark finds Keene in excellent form. Featuring typically sturdy songwriting and the bold production values associated with musicians who came of age when rock radio truly mattered, and it’s out now on LP/CD/digital via Second Motion Records.

Choosing Keene’s strongest record is no easy task…but Laugh in the Dark is a major development in a career of rare longevity and worth; if it’s not Tommy Keene’s best, it doesn’t miss the mark by much.”

In person, Tommy is warm, candid, funny, and seemingly has been and played just about everywhere—making an afternoon perusing the record bins an absolute delight. So, c’mon—we’re record shopping with Tommy Keene at Washington, DC’s Som Records.

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TVD Radar: The Charlatans, (s/t) 2LP yellow vinyl reissue
in stores 10/8

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Beggars Arkive is happy to announce the reissue of The Charlatans self-titled fourth album. Set for release on October 8th, the pressing is on marbled double yellow vinyl with a gatefold sleeve and it hasn’t been pressed on vinyl in over twenty years. The audio is via transfer to 96khz/24 bit, with vinyl mastering by Frank Arkwright at Abbey Road.

This, their fourth album, a self-titled release, came out in 1995. It was their most ambitious and focused album to date, and returned them right back to the number one slot in the charts. The album also spawned three UK top 40 singles, “Crashin’ In,” “Just Lookin,’” and “Just When You’re Thinkin’ Things Over” which peaked at no. 12

When the Charlatans started out, there were countless bands “similar” to them, but they immediately catapulted to the forefront of the Madchester scene, standing alongside such icons as The Stone Roses and the Happy Mondays.

The band was/is successful because in addition to being able to ride the groove, they could also write amazing songs. These were the gifts that made them among the greatest British survivors of our time, rolling through tragedy and stylistic changes to amass a terrific body of work—one that was modern enough to play in clubs but classicist enough to stand the test of time, and one that continues to grow to this day. They have notched up thirteen Top 40 studio albums—three of them number ones—alongside twenty two hit singles, four of them Top 10.

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Graded on a Curve:
Desolation Boulevard

Celebrating Andy Scott on his 72nd birthday.Ed.

We live in complicated times. This was brought home to me years ago, when I TWICE found myself on board flights from Frankfurt to Berlin with the band Sweet. They were flying peon class just like me, and looked haggard, hungover, and very thick in the middle. But what complicated matters was this: while I knew they were Sweet (I chatted up the drummer, who was sitting morosely beside me) I had no idea whether they were Steve Priest’s Sweet, Andy Scott’s Sweet, or Brian Connolly’s Sweet.

That’s right. During those years there were three different bands calling themselves the Sweet out there, keeping themselves alive primarily by playing glam oldies shows in Finland, Denmark, Norway, etc., with the likes of Suzi Quatro. Now you might think three Sweets is four too many, and I would be inclined to agree with you, that is if I hadn’t just spent days listening to the band’s 1974 classic, Desolation Boulevard. Opened my eyes, it did. Sweet is primarily known for two songs, at least in the United States, but Desolation Boulevard has a slew of tasty tracks, even if some of them sound like uncanny copies of other bands’ sounds.

Recorded before Sweet exploded into multiple Sweets, Desolation Boulevard included original members lead vocalist Brian Connolly, bassist Steve Priest, guitarist Andy Scott, and drummer Mick Tucker. Formed in 1968, they quickly teamed up with the pop songwriting machine that was Nicky Chinn and Mike Chapman, with whom they produced bubblegum hits with titles like “Funny Funny,” “Co-Co,” “Wig-Wam Bam,” and the horrifying, “Little Willy.”

But by 1974 Sweet wanted to be taken seriously, and in so doing parted ways with Chinn-Chapman, although Desolation Boulevard, or at least the U.S. version (which differed drastically from the English release), consisted of a Side One consisting solely of Chinn-Chapman contributions. As for their new, tougher, rougher sound, it won them some real critical respect; indeed, Pete Townshend asked Sweet to open for The Who, an offer Sweet had to turn down due to severe throat injuries suffered by Connolly in a fight. It also resulted in his not handling lead vocals on a pair of tunes on Desolation Boulevard.

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TVD Radar: Explorer Tapes unreleased debut LP in stores 8/13

VIA PRESS RELEASE | “I had no idea that participating in the Explorer Tapes debut album would be such a refreshing opportunity to fall in love with modern music in a way that I hadn’t for a very long time. The highly original compositions of Max and Drew showed me firsthand that there were still contemporary pop artists out there that valued melody, wit, prowess, emotional conveyance and attention to detail as much as I…the perfect blend between the head and the heart.”Roger Manning (Jellyfish, Beck, Cheap Trick)

The story of Explorer Tapes is a classic tale of popular music. Two guys from the Dallas/Fort Worth area with a lifelong friendship decide to start a band. They gather some additional talented musicians from the surrounding area, write some songs, play some shows, make some videos, then pack everyone in a van and drive to LA with the hope of getting signed to a publishing company, a record label, or even better, both.

This is, in fact, what happened to the group. Not long after reaching LA, Max Townsley and Drew Erickson, a.k.a. Explorer Tapes, signed a publishing deal with Warner/Chappell Music. After writing several songs with more established writers (David Baerwald, Dillon O’Brian, Steve Lindsey), the duo had the good fortune of having Keith Urban record their song “Texas Time.”

The group soon signed to Warner Records and were assigned hot producer Mike Elizondo, a protégé of Dr. Dre and known for his production of artists as varied as 50 Cent, Eminem, Carrie Underwood, Fiona Apple, and Twenty One Pilots. The songs and recordings came together quickly and the album was more or less done in three weeks in January 2015. After unforeseen circumstance, including a regime change at the label, the record stayed on the shelf at Warners for over six years, with no release in sight . . . until now.

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Graded on a Curve: Snowglobe,
Our Land Brains,
Doing the Distance

Extant for over two decades, Snowglobe has been described as a Memphis indie rock institution, with the foundation of this esteem grooved into a pair of fresh reissues. Listening to their first album, 2002’s Our Land Brains, which hit vinyl for the first time last November as a double set, and its follow-up, 2005’s Doing the Distance, also debuting on wax July 2, it’s easy to understand why folks would get behind them, or more accurately, stand facing them as they play a set of tunes; the sound is vibrant, also tough, and yet personable. The reissue of Snowglobe’s first album is out through Nine Mile Records of Austin and their second via Black & Wyatt of Memphis. Observations on both are found below.

The scoop with Snowglobe is that they formed not in Memphis but in Athens, GA in 1999 and with connections to the Elephant 6 neo-psych scene of the time. Specifically, there were ties (i.e. shared living spaces) with Elf Power and the Olivia Tremor Control. To put a fine point on it, Snowglobe aren’t an official part of the Elephant 6 Collective, as there’s no listing of them amongst the 47 acts ordered alphabetically at the E6 website, but their strain of psych-pop, regularly seasoned as it is with horns and strings, solidifies the association, nonetheless.

Circa these two albums, Snowglobe was (and appears to still be) comprised of Brad Postlethwaite, Tim Regan, Brandon Robertson, Jeff Hulett, and Nahshon Benford. On Doing the Distance, Postlethwaite and Regan play six instruments each (not including vocals), with Robertson playing five, so I’m dispensing with individual credits here, though I will note that additional hands do help out with strings and pedal steel.

I didn’t hear Snowglobe when these two records were first released (though I was aware of the band’s existence). Being introduced to both records now undeniably alters my point of view. To elaborate, I feel confident that the grade awarded to Our Land Brains below is higher than it would’ve been had I been exposed to the album in 2002.

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In rotation: 6/30/21

Barcelona, ES | New record store and community hub The Underground Music Network opens in Barcelona: The space was launched earlier this month by Subwax Bcn founder Jimi Disko. Jimi Disko has opened a multipurpose music space in central Barcelona. Located at Sant Bernat 8 and spread across two floors, The Underground Music Network encompasses a record store, radio station, booking agency, networking space and recording studio. It also offers production and DJ classes. Jimi Disko, who founded the label, record store and distribution service Subwax Bcn, opened the new space on June 1st, leaving Subwax Bcn to focus on distribution moving forward. “The Underground Music Network is more than a record store,” says Jimi Disko, “it’s a collaborative centre which will shape and reshape itself with projects and artists involved on many different levels. The project has great meaning to me as I want to use my experience to give something back, mainly by helping young producers and DJs get started and also to make the whole Barcelona scene stronger, more versatile and less commercial.”

St. Augustine, FL | Dream comes true for man who bought his favorite record shop, St. Augustine’s Music Matters: Music Matters, St. Augustine’s oldest record store, has a new owner and a new name: Music Matters Remixed. Eric Wenstrom was “passed the torch” about six months ago by original owner, Casey Kelber, who opened the store in 1989. Wenstrom turns 50 in November, and has been shopping at Music Matters since it opened. He remained a loyal customer over the years, stopping in to buy music every time he returned to town to visit his mom. Wenstrom was furloughed during the COVID pandemic in 2020, and called Kelber at Music Matters to “order a curbside music pickup,” when Kelber handed him a yellow paper flyer stating that the business was for sale. An avid music fan and music memorabilia collector, Wenstrom said he went back to his mom and asked her what she thought about him buying the store and moving back to St. Augustine. After a long career in hospitality at theme parks, he decided it was time to go after his dream of owning his very own music store.

Shawnee Mission, KS | Brothers Toys and Collectibles opens in Mission selling new, vintage items for buyers ages ‘4 to 45’ Kyle and Cole Maggart, the brothers behind Brothers Music KC, a vinyl record store on Johnson Drive in Mission, have a new venture: toys. And their loyal customers won’t have to go very far. Brothers Toys and Collectibles opened earlier this month at 5810 Johnson Drive, right next door to the Maggarts’ record store, which relocated from another spot just up the road more than a year ago. Kyle Maggart sees the new toy store as an attraction for “everyone from 4 year-olds to 45- and 50-year olds.” Brothers will sell new toys, like Marvel, Star Wars and Transformers action figures and accessories, as well as vintage items from the 1980s and 1990s, when the Maggarts themselves were kids. “We have brand new stuff for kids, things that are current that they won’t be able to find at Walmart,” Kyle said. “And we’ll have stuff for older collectors, who may want stuff they had as a child or items to round out a collection.” …Mission residents and Johnson Drive shoppers may already know of the Maggarts through their record store, Brothers Music KC, which opened in its original location in 2015. They’ve built up a loyal following selling new and used records, along with guitars and accessories.

Columbia, MO | Mid-Missouri Vinyl Lovers Gathered in Columbia to Celebrate “Record Store Day” On June 12, vinyl music fans worldwide descended on their neighborhood record stores for Record Store Day. Folks stood in lines throughout downtown Columbia to snag a special release: Maybe the live six-LP box set from the Grateful Dead or the acoustic set by Prince – pressed on purple vinyl, of course. All in support of their favorite artists and local record stores, including: Hitt Records and Slackers. Due to social distancing and global production issues, there are two Record Store Days this year. The next one is July 17. Kyle Cook, co-owner of Hitt Records: So, I’m one of the two owners and here we are on “Record Store Day.” “Record Store Day” is great for independent record stores – it drives business to a lot of places that have a hard time in the past, getting a lot of people to come in, and it’s just one of those things that started small and now here we are almost 20 years later. And it’s really cool to see how many people come out for it – both locally and from far and wide. For us, it’s a really big deal.

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TVD Radar: True Romance OST magenta splatter “Alabama Worley” vinyl edition in stores 7/30

VIA PRESS RELEASE | True Romance is one of the great action flicks of the ‘90s and a stone-cold cult classic.

Though it was directed by Tony Scott, the 1993 film True Romance displayed all the signature themes and images of its writer, Quentin Tarantino, from its grisly violence to its B-movie homages to its gleeful amorality. And the same could be said of the soundtrack; alongside composer Hans Zimmer’s riff on Carl Orff (which itself was an homage to another violent road movie, Badlands), True Romance offered a playlist that smacked of Tarantino in its embrace of rockabilly (Charlie Sexton, Chris Isaak), grunge (Soundgarden), honky-tonk (Shelby Lynne), and romantic machismo (Robert Palmer’s take on “[Love Is] The Tender Trap”).

Vinyl would seem a natural for such a “warped” soundtrack; and, for this reissue, we’ve crafted a custom jacket sporting production stills from the film. What’s more, this release of True Romance comes in blue with magenta splatter “Alabama Worley” vinyl. Consider this a colorful homage to one of the greatest cult classic films of all time.

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TVD Radar: Sylvester, “You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real) (Soulwax for Despacio Remix)”
12″ in stores 10/21

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Craft Recordings is pleased to celebrate Pride by partnering with the GRAMMY®-nominated electronic duo David and Stephen Dewaele AKA Soulwax to produce a fresh and joyful remix of Sylvester’s 1978 disco classic, “You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real).”

“You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real) (Soulwax For Despacio Remix)” is available across digital platforms today, while a 12-inch release with an exclusive instrumental version on the B-side is available to pre-order now. It was made to play on the Despacio sound system, a 50,000 watt, state-of-the-art, vinyl only sound system which they created with James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem, DFA Records) and powered by McIntosh & Jordan Acoustics.

Since 1995, the award-winning duo have consistently pushed their creative boundaries, remixing artists such as Fontaines DC, Tame Impala, Robyn, The Rolling Stones, SG Lewis, and Chet Faker, among many others. In addition to their work as Soulwax, the brothers regularly DJ as 2manydjs and run their own record label, DEEWEE.

Nearly 40 years later, in 2019, the Library of Congress inducted “You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)” into their National Recording Registry, recognizing the song for being “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant.” Music journalist Peter Shapiro, meanwhile, described the track as, “an epochal record in disco history” and “the cornerstone of gay disco” in his 2005 book, Turn the Beat Around: The Secret History of Disco.

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UK Artist of the Week: Mike Walsh

This week’s AOTW comes from London-based Spaniard Mike Walsh. His newest single “Ride” is a stunning slice of indie-pop that showcases Mike’s velvet vocals.

What a voice! Mike’s smooth, sultry tones will transport you to eternal bliss on his new single and we can’t get enough. The single showcases Mike’s more vulnerable side as he explores themes of loves lost and the challenges we face in overcoming heartbreak.

The poignantly relatable lyricism paired with mellow guitar tones and hushed melodies make for the perfect break up anthem that is bound to pull at your heartstrings—so be sure to have tissues at the ready.

“Ride” is in stores now.

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Graded on a Curve:
Tim Foljahn,
Dreamed a Dream

Based in Hoboken, NJ by way of Midland, MI, and with time spent in Chicago, New Orleans, and Albuquerque along the way, Tim Foljahn has amassed considerable credits as a guitarist, including Cat Power, Thurston Moore, and Half Japanese. But he’s also a singer-songwriter, with his skills in this regard fortifying the discography of the band Two Dollar Guitar (with Sonic Youth’s Steve Shelley on drums) and releases under his own name, of which I Dreamed a Dream is his latest. It offers writing as confident as the instrumentation is rich, and with diversity the ace in the hole. The album is out now on 180 gram black vinyl, compact disc, and digital through Cart/Horse Records.

Going way back to the Kalamazoo hardcore scene, Tim Foljahn was in Strange Fruit (aka Strange Fruit Abiku) with Steve Shelley, though like much of the best stuff associated with the HC era, their 7-inch from 1983 doesn’t play by the loud fast rules. Purchasable and perusable digitally with bonus cuts via the Bandcamp page of Shelley’s Vampire Blues label, it’s better described as an inspired mashup of dubbed-out post-punk, no wave abrasion, and art damage in general. There was a full LP, Sin Eaters Picnic, released the following year, but sadly, I’ve yet to hear its contents. Maybe one day.

Foljahn first entered my consciousness around a decade later through Two Dollar Guitar, and roughly simultaneously (I can’t remember which I heard first), as part of Mosquito, an intensely creative trio, again with Shelley and rounded out by Jad Fair, the estimable leader of Half Japanese, the u-ground institution Foljahn also joined during this very fertile indie rock period.

But to drive home Foljahn’s association with Shelley even further, along with helping to back up Chan Marshall on Cat Power’s first few terrific records, they comprised yet another trio, this time with Thurston Moore, releasing one 7-inch (plus a couple comp tracks) as Male Slut in 1995 before recording Moore’s solo LP Psychic Hearts, which was released the same year.

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In rotation: 6/29/21

Oxford, UK | Hunting old vinyl records in Oxford – the best spots: Ramblers have been enjoying walks throughout the lockdowns so I decided to join them and get some exercise while pursuing my favourite hobby – hunting old vinyl. There has been a resurgence in sales of vinyl records in recent years so on Saturday I decided to see what I could find, while taking in some of the sights of Oxford city centre at the same time. My first stop was Gloucester Green market off George Street where second-hand record dealers can sometimes be found. The market – now running four days a week from Wednesday to Friday – is a hidden gem, combining street food stalls with second-hand clothes, antiques, bric-a-brac and old records. My luck was in as London-based Mick Melbourne was at his stall selling albums and 45s. Mick told me footfall in the market has been picking up in recent weeks after lockdown restrictions continued to ease. I picked out three singles for a fiver by Lindisfarne, Nick Lowe and the Icicle Works before walking the short distance to Riverman Records in Walton Street.

Grand Rapids, MI | Records make comeback as people buy at Grand Rapids record show: Dealers and collectors from all over the Midwest took a trip back in time on Saturday. “You know, it’s just a good time for people to talk about music and get some new music to put on their turntable,” said Jeremy Bonfiglio of South Bend, Indiana. American Legion Post 179 hosted the Grand Rapids Record & CD Show. There were all different sizes from 45s and 33s to 78s. The music covered all genres as records are now making a resurgence. Especially among the younger crowd. “They kinda grew up not having any real physical media it was always streaming,” Bonfiglio said. “They didn’t have anything they could hold in their hands. So, I think part of the resurgence is it’s tactile. It’s something they can hold in their hands, the mechanics of putting it on the turntable, dropping the needle.” Bonfiglio says collecting is becoming more and more popular.

AL | Remember When: The days of Don’s Record Shop: In the 1930s and 1940s, my mother and her friends bought many a 78 record from the O. C. Wood Amusement Company at their storefront on South Cotton Street. In addition to their records, Mr. Wood also sold juke boxes and popcorn machines to restaurants and bars. After he retired or “slowed down,” his daughter Mildred who married Donald Cook (in the electrical business) operated The Record Shop who had moved to East Three Notch on the Prestwood block. Adjacent to Finley Jewelry, The Taylor Shop, Benson and Co., and Star Cleaners, it was a narrow building but also deep. Some say that the space may have been at one time an alleyway. In 1962 Don Parsons bought the business and changed the name slightly to Don’s Record Shop. In addition to the 45 rpm records and 33 rpm albums, he also offered for sale guitars, strings, and picks. Mono records were sold for $3.98 and stereo ones for $4.98.

Austin, TX | New Roky Erickson Tribute Books A Waterloo Records Release Party: Black Angels, Eve Monsees, Charlie Sexton, and more sign vinyl July 18. In 1990, Where the Pyramid Meets the Eye reintroduced the world to Texan psych pioneer Roky Erickson with an extensive tribute album including contributions from the Butthole Surfers, R.E.M., the Jesus & Mary Chain, Doug Sahm, and ZZ Top. Three decades later, it remains an essential document of the rock & roll pioneer’s vast influence. Produced by longtime Erickson fan, booster, and friend Bill Bentley, then a senior publicist at Warner Bros. Records, the collection of covers manifested with the intention of raising money for its struggling subject by exposing his music to a wider audience. In fact, it proved a turn-around event evidenced by the ensuing late-career triumphs of Erickson, who died May 31, 2019. Now, Bentley’s captained a second Erickson tribute, an all-new songbook brimming with modern interpretations of the 13th Floor Elevators frontman.

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TVD Radar: The White Stripes, White Blood Cells 20th anniversary red and white pinwheel vinyl in stores 10/22

VIA PRESS RELEASE | The White Stripes are celebrating the 20th anniversary of their landmark 2001 third studio album, White Blood Cells, with today’s release of a newly expanded digital edition. White Blood Cells (Deluxe) includes a bonus live performance of the classic album, recorded in its entirety at Detroit, MI’s famed Gold Dollar on June 7, 2001. Additionally, a video of the electrifying rendition of “I’m Finding It Harder To Be A Gentleman” from the same Gold Dollar show premiered today on The White Stripes YouTube channel.

Hailed by Rolling Stone upon its original June 3, 2001 release for “fusing inescapable, eerily eternal melodies with dirty-ass, brain-scrambling riffs,” White Blood Cells will return to record store shelves everywhere later this year with a standard black vinyl edition arriving Friday, October 22; pre-orders are available now. In addition, limited edition red-and-white pinwheel colored vinyl will arrive that same day at Third Man Records Nashville & Detroit as well as at select independent record stores nationwide. Additional details will be unveiled soon.

As part of the White Blood Cells 20th anniversary celebration, the album has also been remastered in HD from the original tape using the Plangent Process to hear on all digital retailers and streaming services offering high quality audio functionality, alongside HD remasters of The White Stripes’ self-titled 1999 debut album and 2003’s milestone Elephant.

Additional White Stripes albums will be available in HD later this year. A special $7.99 limited time anniversary album sale on the entire White Stripes catalog has begun on Apple Music as well. The anniversary is further commemorated with a custom peppermint swirl Twitter emoji which appears automatically when using any of the following hashtags: #TheWhiteStripes, #WhiteBloodCells20, #WhiteBloodCells, #FellInLoveWithAGirl, and #HotelYorba.

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How to Make Your Records Sound Better

2020 was a smashing success for the record industry. Consumers around the globe spent over $1 billion on new records; Americans spent over $620 million alone during the pandemic on new or used records. Streaming may still be king with 83% of the market, but that fact that vinyl has rebounded from 0.03% of the market in the 1990s to almost 5.2% in 2021 is astounding. Affordable audiophile turntables are everywhere—but that doesn’t mean that you’re even hearing 50% of what is in the grooves of your favorite records. Vinyl accessories that upgrade the sound of your records can be very affordable or super expensive in the case of some record cleaning machines and very high-end cartridges.

If you think that $300 turntable with the $80 cartridge is telling the whole story—you’re not really hearing what analog playback is capable of. That dusty Thorens, Dual, or Yamaha turntable in the basement or grandma’s attic is capable of beating the pants off a lot of the new tables selling for under $1,000. There are companies that can help you restore those tables or sell you a finished one that will last a lot longer than the $400 ones you’re seeing online. They may also sell essential vinyl accessories like record weights, new belts, and brushes to keep everything sounding its best.

Taking care of your records is a huge part of the process; those of us with cleaning rituals and multiple machines and brushes—we need to get out more. The kicker is that cleaner records sound better, and they also preserve the life of your phono cartridge. Dust, grime, smoke, food, and pet hair magically figure out how to land on the surface of your records and your cartridge pays the price for it.

The following 5 vinyl accessories and upgrades will improve the sound of your records and allow you to experience vinyl in a way that you’re probably not at the moment. From custom restored turntables, affordable phono preamps, record cleaning machines, and better cartridges—all of these will have a significant impact.

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Graded on a Curve:
Mike Oldfield,
Tubular Bells

Early in the production process of 1973’s The Exorcist, director William Friedkin decided to bring a surprising consultant on board: Satan. “Details are everything,” Friedkin would later say. “I was aiming for total authenticity, and I wanted to get Linda’s dialogue right.”

A relaxed Satan would later tell Spin magazine, “Billy [Friedkin] asked me if I’d be interested in participating in the project. And I was really quite pleased. Nobody ever asks for my input. The Rolling Stones got their hands on a speech I made to the Dayton, Ohio Chamber of Congress, but did they show me any sympathy? Not with Jagger singing they didn’t. I’ve dealt with sewing circles more Satanic than him. Have you ever seen a macramé pentagram? Scary as hell.”

As a favor to Friedkin, Satan agreed to weigh in on the film’s score. The director ran a number of ideas past the Prince of Darkness, but he didn’t like any of them. Then one day Friedkin walked into Satan’s office with a copy of Mike Oldfield’s 1973 debut LP Tubular Bells. “Listen to the opening,” he said. “I think you’ll like it.” The Evil One took the LP back to his bungalow at the Chateau Marmont in Hollywood, and a week later burst into Friedkin’s office.

“We can’t use this!” he shouted. “It scared the shit out of me! I haven’t slept for a week! I haven’t been so frightened since I heard Blood, Sweat & Tears’ ‘Spinning Wheel’ and I still can’t get that damned song out of my head!”

“Isn’t that the idea?” asked Friedkin, inviting Satan to take a specially designed asbestos–covered sofa he’d had made after Satan had accidentally set his previous one on fire.

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In rotation: 6/28/21

Glens Falls, NY | Old technologies, new customers: New shop features records and books: A new records and books shop has opened in the Shirt Factory Annex on Curran Lane, celebrating the physical and sensory appeal of art forms that can also be found, disembodied, online. The Bookhouse and Sweet Side Records offer used records and used and new books to a clientele that still appreciates vinyl and paper. Despite predictions those customers would vanish with the proliferation of new listening and reading technologies, they are still around, and a trickle of them has been finding the way to Curran Lane. Matt Funiciello (books) and Ed Martuscello (records) are hoping the trickle becomes a stream as more Shirt Factory shops open for the summer, crowds come to the Thursday night food truck corrals and visitors use the Warren County Bikeway, which runs near the building. Funiciello is the owner of Rock Hill Bakehouse, running a breadmaking business and a cafe out of a space around the corner in the Shirt Factory Annex.

Lockport, NY | Vinyl is back — and it’s spectacular: In decline for years, by 1988, the sale of vinyl records had taken a deep dive. The CD, or compact disc, had been introduced to the mainstream and it was easier to handle and carry around. However, that meant the production of vinyl also slowed, and today any record albums from that era are solid gold. These are the threads of conversations that take place all over the world, especially in record shops where music fans flock to get a piece of what was once obsolete. In Western New York that includes places like Hi-Fi Hits Records in Williamsville, Music Matters in Niagara Falls, Bob the Record Guy in Depew, Revolver Records in Buffalo and The Record Baron in Kenmore. Vinnie’s Vinyls in Lockport and Niagara Records in Sanborn come to mind, too. There are countless other places that sell vinyl records, from big corporate giants like Barnes & Noble to small shops such as Gutter Pop Comics, as well as thrift shops, yard and garage sales and online.

Carlisle, PA | Carlisle man’s collection takes up an entire warehouse, music to record hunter’s ears: This is Dennis Gotthard. “It’s a mess but I don’t apologize for that,” Gotthard said. This is his stuff. “It is what it is. People love to go through stuff like that,” he said. Warehouses and garages can barely contain it and there’s no containing Dennis’ enthusiasm for things. He used to own hardware stores. Now he owns everything. “I have like a thousand mannequins. I’m known as the mannequin guy,” Gotthard said. But those plastic bodies are no match for Dennis’s vinyl. “There’s about 50,000 albums in here and they are categorized,” Gotthard said. He has 45’s and 78’s, which match his age. “Rolling Stones, they’re as old as me and one of these days when they stop, this will be real collectible,” Gotthard said. But there’s no stopping Dennis, who buys records every week and has a warehouse that’s an international hit.

Denver, CO | Opening Soon: Edgewater Tiki Bar Promises to Keep It Weird: “We want to pay tribute to the world of weird,” says Lexi Healy, co-owner of the The Electric Cure and Velvet Lounge. The bar is slated to be the latest addition to the vibrant Sloan’s Lake neighborhood when it opens mid- to late July at 5350 West 25th Avenue, adding another must-see libation destination into the mix that includes favorites like Joyride Brewery and Edgewater Public Market. Healy and her business partner, Veronica Ramos (or, as they describe themselves, “the short one and the tall one,” respectively), are veterans of the service industry and were friends and co-workers before deciding to go into business together. They met at the now-closed Bushwacker’s Saloon on South Broadway, a street that has since became a second home to the pair. Later, they worked together at Bowman’s Vinyl and Lounge, where Healy was the general manager. Taking inspiration from their experiences, the concept for the Electric Cure took shape.

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