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TVD Live Shots: Baby Gravy at the Aragon Ballroom, 11/22

On Tuesday, November 22nd, Baby Gravy headlined the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago. Baby Gravy consists of frequent collaborators Yung Gravy and bbno$ (baby no money). The duo have released an EP and an album together, titled “Baby Gravy EP” and Baby Gravy 2, as well as multiple singles on each other’s solo projects, so it was only fitting that they share the stage for a tour.

Rather than performing a full set each, Yung Gravy and bbno$ structured their co-headlining set so that they would perform a handful of songs together and then an individual set of a few songs each, repeating this set up before ending the show together. The animated videos they played before each mini set helped guide the tone, showing the duo in comedic situations that the crowd went wild for.

It’s no secret that the rappers are popular, dominating Tik Tok and making award show appearances, so it was no surprise that they would draw a rowdy crowd. Lining up for hours before the doors opened and then smashing into the venue like sardines, bbno$ had to stop mid song to point out an attendee that needed medical attention. It was endearing to see how much both of the rappers cared about their fans, making it a point throughout the night to pass out multiple cases of water to the crowd so they could stay hydrated and enjoy the show.

Another endearing moment is when Yung Gravy called for the crowd to throw as many bras as they possibly could on stage, explaining that they donate all of the bras they collect to different charities in every city. Once he shared this information, a sea of bras littered the stage.

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TVD Live Shots: Turnstile at the Roadrunner, 11/19

BOSTON, MA | Baltimore’s innovative hardcore force Turnstile tore up Boston for the first of two weekend shows at Roadrunner on November 19th. The intensity of their show propelled this sold out crowd into a frenzy in what felt like a purge of emotion for all involved. Each song was a favorite battle cry for fans as they let off a controlled chaotic energy filled with joy and gratitude. Turnstile offers a unique show that needs to be seen and felt to be truly appreciated.

As the band prepared to take the stage, Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” hyped the crowd up with positivity to set the tone of the night. Turnstile exploded onto the floor, fittingly opening their set with “HOLIDAY” as the night felt very much like one.

Singer Brendan Yates shared the mic with the crowd during emphatic parts of songs, locking in the connection between the band and crowd, making the two feel entwined. Bassist “Freaky” Franz was constantly interacting with fans and headbanging along to the music.

Guitarists Pat McCrory and Greg Cerwonka kept the energy high with tight rhythms and a showcased blend of heavy and ethereal riffs. Drummer Daniel Fang served as the heartbeat by combining punk, latin, and go-go grooves seamlessly. Justin Andrade of Warwick, RI said, “They’re a band that blends a lot of heavier influences with a more alternative / pop flair. Their live shows are where they really shine though—bring your dancing shoes!”

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Graded on a Curve:
The Kinks,
Muswell Hillbillies / Everybody’s in Show-Biz Everybody’s A Star

Ever since the 50th anniversary reissue of The Kinks Are the Village Green Preservation Society (2018), considered the first concept album from The Kinks, the group has been rolling out some box sets befitting its exalted place in the pantheon of rock and pop music history.

The Kinks Are the Village Green Preservation Society was followed by Arthur (Or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire) in 2019 (the group’s last ’60s concept album) and Lola Versus Powerman and the Moneygoround, Part One, in 2020, its first concept album in the ’70s. Lola Versus Powerman and the Moneygoround, Part One was a biting critique of the music industry and cast a jaundiced eye on the pitfalls of musical stardom, or obscurity, clearly from first-hand experience. It would be the group’s last album released by Reprise in America, surprisingly a very artist-friendly record label at that time.

While Lola Versus Powerman and the Moneygoround, Part One is certainly a bitter album from a veteran pop music insider, it isn’t heavy. Davies conceives these albums as conceptually thematic, but unlike some others who created concept albums in this period, he avoids the weighty pretentiousness and grandiose egotistical bombast that often mars otherwise ambitious and worthy works. Also, Davies does not write about working-class people from the lofty perch of a rich and famous pop star, or simply paint the rich and famous as bad either, but instead brings empathy to the writing of both kinds of characters.

Between Lola Versus Powerman and the Moneygoround, Part One and Muswell Hillbillies (1971), its RCA debut, the group was involved in the soundtrack for the film Percy, released in 1971. It was directed by Ralph Thomas and was based on the novel by Raymond Hitchcock, and the screenplay was co-written by Michael Palin.

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New Release Section:
Gaz Coombes, “Long Live The Strange”

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Ahead of the release of his forthcoming solo album Turn The Car Around, due January 13th 2023 via Hot Fruit Recordings / Virgin Music, Gaz Coombes has released his latest new single “Long Live The Strange” and accompanying music video.

Recently Gaz announced a UK/EU headline tour for 2023 and also debuted music from the new album to a packed audience at London’s intimate Lafayette, a first taste of the masterfully written and recorded songs contained within, and a timely reminder of why Coombes remains one of the UK’s most enduring and gifted songwriters.

Gaz explains “This song was written as a celebration of the weird and wonderful and as a reminder to embrace that at all times.” The single stands as an ode to how music has the power to bring people together. He wrote it after taking his daughter Tiger to see Cavetown in Oxford in 2020. “The show had a big impact on me,” he recalls.

“It was what live performance is all about, connecting with an audience that consists of anybody and everybody who wants to be part of it, it’s fully inclusive and I found that quite powerful.” It was heartening to Coombes to discover, 30 years after he listened to Inspiral Carpets and Pixies and The Wedding Present and felt like he was part of a gang, there was still a place where the strange ones go. “It’s obviously strange in the nicest sense of the word,” he adds.

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Graded on a Curve:
Mike Baggetta, Jim Keltner, Mike Watt, Everywhen We Go

Everywhen We Go is the second album by the unimpeachable trio of Mike Baggetta on acoustic and electric guitars, Jim Keltner on drums and percussion, and Mike Watt on bass. Cohesively structured with an air of spontaneity, the ten-track LP is a non-vocal affair with expert interplay that’s spacious yet disciplined as it thrives on the deepened familiarity of the participants. The record is out now on vinyl and digital through BIG EGO Records, the label of the album’s producer Chris Schlarb.

The story is that Wall of Flowers, the 2019 debut by Baggetta, Keltner and Watt was the byproduct of a cold call by the guitarist, who admired and had been influenced by the other two points in this creative triangle. The results are impressively together given the specifics of its creation, though I don’t want to suggest they just arrived at Chris Schlarb’s BIG EGO studio and proceeded to wing it.

Wall of Flowers is a potent dose of expansionist instrumental rock, at times atmospheric and with an edgy post-fusion jazz tinge, which is unsurprising given that Baggetta has cut four albums for the Fresh Sound label, three with his quartet (Small Spaces, 2008, Source Material, 2010 and Thieves and Secrets, 2013) and one with his trio (Spectre, 2016).

After Wall of Flowers release, Baggetta and Watt took it out on the road with Stephen Hodges stepping in for Keltner (who doesn’t tour) under the name mssv. They also cut two records, Live Flowers (2019) and the studio follow-up Main Steam Stop Valve (2020), the title referencing Robert Wise’s 1966 film adaptation of Richard McKenna’s novel The Sand Pebbles (the album’s title also directly inspired the initials of the trio’s moniker).

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In rotation: 11/30/22

Niagara Falls, NY | New business gives Falls a different spin: …I’m 49. As a teenager, as CDs started to settle in as the preferred medium for listening to music, I snapped up all of my sisters’ records that they were planning to drop off at the local Goodwill. I’ve had them ever since and acquired other people’s collections over the years in a similar fashion. What I love about those records now is that I curated them long enough for them to be part of the vinyl renaissance. If you haven’t heard, vinyl is all the way back from the dark days of burning disco albums. These days, a person my age or older is as likely to be listening to music on a record as any teenager or young adult. As for the city’s new record lounge and store, in case you missed it, Niagara Street — yes, Niagara Street — will soon be home to Daredevil Records.

San Francisco, CA | Dark Entries is opening a record store in San Francisco: The store kicks off with a launch party on December 10. Dark Entries Records is set to open a brick-and-mortar store in San Francisco on December 10. Located at 910 Larkin Street, San Francisco, the store will host a special launch event on opening day with DJ sets by Carlos Souffront, Topazu and Jeremy Castillo from 6-9pm. Founded in 2009 by Josh Cheon, Dark Entries’ aim is to release out-of-print and unreleased underground music and contemporary bands. Since then, the label has put out 100 releases from Severed Heads, Crash Course In Science, Patrick Cowley and more.

Preston, UK | “He will always be missed”: Legend of Preston’s Action Records, Allan Atkinson, dies: A legend of the Preston music scene has sadly passed away, with many tributes since coming in for the “large character” who “will always be missed.” Allan Atkinson passed away on Saturday, November 26 following a short illness, and leaves behind his wife, Pat, and children. Allan was instrumental to the launch of Preston’s staple record store Action Records, which first began life on a stall in Blackpool in 1979 but after a move to Church Street in Preston, soon became one of the county’s must legendary music stores, staying in the city ever since. …”I first met Allan around 1973 when we were waiting for a bus back from a Hawkwind gig in Blackburn and our friendship has continued ever since. It was with his help and knowledge of music that I managed to set up Action Records and keep it going all these years. His large character was and will always be part of the shop. He will always be missed by us.”

Dallas, TX | Ladylove coming to Bishop Arts: ‘the Viper Room, without the heroin.’ The owners of Spinster Records will take over the former Grilled Cheese Co. space at 310 W. 7th and build a local-friendly, vinyl-record centric sound lounge, David Grover says. The Jim Lake-owned center houses Oddfellows and a future bakery/brewery that the Revelers Hall owners are planning, Grover tells us. His new place, Ladylove, is nestled in the corner suite and backs up to a an alley, for which he also has plans. His business partner Kate Siamro will run Ladylove, which they will co-own, he says. Music-wise the offerings will complement their aforementioned neighbors Revelers Hall, where one might find jazz and big band acts. We can expect more Latin-inspired music, hip hop and a variety of other genres at Ladylove. The venture combines their love of drinking, records, hosting shows, late-night munchies and their Oak Cliff neighborhood.

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TVD Live Shots:
Jason Isbell and the
400 Unit at the Eventim Apollo, 11/17

Having lived in Texas for nearly ten years and working in the record business during that time, I saw a genre struck with an identity crisis. It was the early 2000s, and the “Nashville sound” started fusing into the newly revived Americana movement. A fresh wave of traditional county singer-songwriters blossomed across Texas.

Although its roots were inspired by Nashville, its heartbeat was strongest in Austin. The best singer-songwriters all seemed to be popping up quite quickly. Charlie Robinson, Bruce Robinson, Bob Schnieder, Pat Green, and several others were bringing a much-needed makeover to the bloated pop-style country being churned out and mass marketed. It was time for a reset, and all eyes were on Texas.

Meanwhile, just a few states away, an Athens-based “rock” band started making waves. The Drive-By Truckers were laying the foundation for a breakthrough in the scene, and the stage was set for the band’s defining moment when they signed with Austin-based New West records. It was also the first time that newish member Jason Isbell would significantly contribute to the songwriting. It was an exciting time when country music was being embraced by the hipsters of Austin.

With complete control of South by SouthWest and arguably the most prominent tastemakers at the time, they were waiting for the band that would bridge the two cities together. The Drive-By Truckers were on a tear and would answer that call. More importantly, in this story, you could see Isbell’s influence and songwriting chops come into play. He would continue to blossom, and it was inevitable that he would need to branch out and ultimately go solo.

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TVD Live Shots: W.A.S.P. and Armored Saint at Big Night Live, 11/16

BOSTON, MA | ‘80s American heavy metal icons W.A.S.P. brought their electrifying 40 Years Live World Tour to a sold out Big Night Live Wednesday night. The eager crowd buzzed with excitement as this tour ended a decade-long touring hiatus in the United States.

Los Angeles heavy metal act Armored Saint who also became well known in the same era as W.A.S.P. fittingly opened the night and got the crowd amped up. Vocalist Jason McMaster sounded great as he filled in for John Bush who was recovering from an illness. He was notably excited to be in the spotlight, especially in Boston where he shared his appreciation for how this city always gives the energy back to the artists. The Sandoval brothers continued to be the heartbeat of the band, both on drums and lead guitar.

W.A.S.P. frontman Blackie Lawless commanded the audience with every shout and was met with equal enthusiasm by a crowd headbanging along to their biggest hits. Blackie was joined by W.A.S.P.’s current lineup of bassist Mike Duda and guitarist Doug Blair, whose tenures in the band span 26 and 18 years respectively, along with drummer extraordinaire Aquiles Priester.

Custom sawblade guitars perfectly suited Doug Blair’s shredding as he filled the night with lengthy and passionate solos. Duda kept the energy high while shouting backing vocals and bouncing around the stage. A thunderous double bass kit was in high gear with Priester behind the drums. Led by Blackie Lawless, this lineup had Boston throwing up their horns and shouting along all night.

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TVD Radar: “Ladies and Gentlemen…The Beatles!” exhibition running now through 6/25 at NJ’s Prudential Center

VIA PRESS RELEASE | On November 17th at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, the Grammy Museum Experience previewed its new Beatles exhibit, “Ladies and Gentlemen…The Beatles!” for the press and other invited guests. The exhibit will run through June 25th, 2023 and will also feature various events, including several author events. It covers The Beatles’ invasion of the United States from 1964 through 1966.

The exhibit showcases some priceless collectibles, such as Paul McCartney’s Hofner bass and the suit he wore at the group’s first historic Shea Stadium concert, gold records, ticket stubs, posters, clothing, and other ephemera. It’s a Beatles fan’s dream come true and also offers various video and interactive displays.

The evening included a short, informal Q&A between Beatles author and scholar Kenneth Womack and May Pang. After the talk, Pang’s film, The Lost Weekend: A Love Story, was shown. This was the first screening of the film since its debut at the Tribeca Film Festival in June. The riveting film depicted Pang’s time with John Lennon, during his so-called “lost weekend” period. It also provided some depth and context by including background on Pang’s upbringing and her time at Apple and touched on her life since her relationship with Lennon ended. It’s great to see a Beatles exhibit in the tri-state area that will have such a long run and that comes with a very affordable admission price.

Future confirmed events include Allan Kozinn and Adrian Sinclair, co-authors of the The McCartney Legacy (Volume 1: 1969–73), will appear at the exhibit on December 14, the day after the publication of their book. The world’s foremost Beatles scholar, Mark Lewisohn, will appear on March 30, 2023, concurrent with the New York The Fest for Beatles Fans, happening nearby at the Hyatt Regency in Jersey City from March 31 through April 2. Lewisohn will actually be appearing at the White Eagle Hall in Jersey City.

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Graded on a Curve:
The Mama’s and the Papa’s, If You Can Believe Your Eyes and Ears

Remembering Denny Doherty, born on this day in 1941.Ed.

A few random observations about The Mama’s and the Papa’s’ 1966 debut LP and folk-pop classic If You Can Believe Your Eyes and Ears.

1. This album has everything, including a toilet on the cover! Which puts it in some elite crapper company, including the Rolling Stones’ Beggars Banquet, Sebadoh’s Bakesale, Millie Jackson’s Back to the S__T!, and Humble Pie’s Thunderbox. (The Circle Jerks’ Golden Shower of Hits doesn’t count, because it features a urinal.) As for the toilet on If You Can Believe Your Eyes and Ears, it faded from view and was living in filth and poverty until 1988, when it sued the Mamas and the Papas for royalties and won. It currently resides in Costa del Sol and is married to a supermodel.

2. There’s a great story about how Mama Cass Elliot came to join the Mamas and the Papas. Seems John Phillips didn’t want her in the band because of her limited vocal range. THEN, but let’s let Elliott tell it:

“They were tearing this club apart in the islands, revamping it, putting in a dance floor. Workmen dropped a thin metal plumbing pipe and it hit me on the head… I had a concussion and went to the hospital. I had a bad headache for about two weeks and all of a sudden I was singing higher. It’s true. Honest to God.”

It’s a great story. Unfortunately it’s not true. Seems Phillips didn’t want Elliot in the band because she was too fat. Me, I prefer her story. It gives me hope that one day I’ll get conked on the head by a length of pipe, and suddenly discover I can sing like Geddy Lee.

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UK Artist of the Week: Jewelia

London-based emerging artist Jewelia shines bright with the release of her bittersweet new single “Second Best,” out now. Influenced by the likes of nineties pop star Natalie Imbruglia, there is definitely a nostalgic edge to Jewelia’s music, however it is brought into the 21st century with Jewelia’s butter-soft vocals and relatable lyricism at the forefront.

Talking about the single, Jewelia explains, “From a young age, we watch stories of success against all odds and are besotted with the chosen one, while getting accustomed to look down on the average people and their struggles—the irony being, of course, that we are them.

We are told that we can achieve anything, if only we try hard enough. As inspiring as this sounds, it also implies that we only have ourselves to blame (regardless of systemic disadvantages, biological limits, financial difficulty etc.) for having an average life, in a world where mediocrity is viewed as being worse than utter failure. Something is messed up here, and I thought it was worth exploring.”

“Second Best” is taken from Jewelia’s upcoming album Strong in My Own Way, due in stores in Spring of next year.

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Graded on a Curve: Typical Girls Volume 6

Emotional Response Records of Cottonwood, AZ has amassed an impressive discography, with the Typical Girls various artists compilations amongst the standouts in the bunch. The focus of these comps is international female-fronted punk, post-punk, darkwave, and indie sounds (a song by The Slits gives the series its title), and the latest volume is out now on vinyl (limited transparent red and classic black) and digital download. As the 16 selections featured on Typical Girls Volume 6 unwind, it’s clear the endeavor is as inspired and unpredictable as ever.

One of the dependable positives in the Typical Girls scenario are the introductions to new bands, and so it remains here, even as The Linda Lindas open Volume 6, with this considerably high profile Los Angeles-based Asian/Latinx band having played on national television at least once. Hearing them on TV, my initial thoughts turned to the Vivian Girls’ brand of post-Ramones action, but their cut “Claudia Kishi” here is securely in the punk tradition of their hometown, and notably their label Epitaph, as the Ramones (and even a little Buzzcocks) are still part of the equation.

Navigating north to Oakland, Fake Fruit offer “No Mutuals,” a decidedly post-punk proposition, as early Wire and Pylon are cited as influences, though I’m also reminded of more recent developments like Slant 6 and Scott and Charlene’s Wedding. Hailing from nearby Berkeley, Naked Roommate bring an electro-punky art-poppy spin to their DIY-ish “Wandering Thumb,” while San Francisco’s Cindy (a band constructed around the voice and guitar of Karina Gill) dish gloriously classique ’60s-imbued keyboard-infused bedroom pop with their “Thin as Flags”

Shifting gears and geographical regions, Melbourne, Australia’s Swab throw down crunched-out hollering hardcore in a late ’80s East Coast USA/ Japanese vein with “Nothing to Lose,” so fans of Deep Wound, Lip Cream, and the pungent aroma of circle pits can rejoice. Swab’s blitz is over right quick, giving way to Greek act Selofan and the robust cold wave of their “Black Box.” From there we return to the USA with Sweeping Promises of Lawrence, Kansas, whose riff-laden art-punky “Falling Forward” sounds like it could’ve came out on Rough Trade in 1979.

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In rotation: 11/29/22

Columbia, MO | Small Business Saturday draws area shoppers looking for deals: Just hours after Black Friday ended, Columbia residents packed into local storefronts searching for Small Business Saturday deals. Originally created by American Express in 2010, Small Business Saturday, which is always the day after Black Friday, has grown into an unofficial holiday that promotes shopping at small businesses. …Hitt Records, a record store located downtown, participated in a holiday shopping event geared toward music lovers called Record Store Day Black Friday. Kyle Cook, co-owner of Hitt Records, said the event brought in lots of customers. “There is this entire wall of brand-new records available,” Kyle said. For this event, according to Record Store Day’s website, some titles might be exclusively released at independent record stores, which might or might not be available to other retailers in the future.

Toronto, CA | Why BMV may be the best store of its kind in Toronto: In an increasingly digital world, physical media is the attraction. …But with the holiday shopping season upon us, it’s comforting to know that BMV is still there – three stores filled with the items it’s named for: books, magazines and videos – as well as collectibles, vinyl LPs, CDs, comic books, games and art. Stuff. Unlike the prevailing minimalist philosophy of curation that drives so many beloved indie shops, at BMV more is more. “When we were closed during the pandemic, some regular customers would shoot us emails,” says Mike Murray, the manager of BMV’s Bloor Street location in the Annex (the others are on Edward Street downtown and at Yonge and Eglinton). “They’d talk about how browsing here is good for their mental health. Walking the aisles was part of their routine and something they’d look forward to. We’re not saving lives – it’s a used bookstore – but it shows it means something to people.”

Niagara Falls, NY | Records lounge to anchor new-look Niagara Street block: In development circles it is known as the historic Tugby-Lennon block. Many long-time residents in the City of Niagara Falls recognize it as the block of Niagara Street where the Arterial Lounge once served drinks and the Press Box restaurant offered up its famous salads and Pittsburghers. …In total, the project covers 12,531 square feet of renovated space, including interior and facade improvements. The project creates 4,177 square feet of First-floor commercial and retail space, with part of the space already committed to a new tenant — a vinyl record store and listening lounge called Daredevil Records. The store, which allows customers to purchase vintage records and also stay and listen to music on cassette and record players while enjoying beer, wine and other refreshments, will be located inside the renovated space at 324 Niagara St.

Chatham, ON | Chatham Record Show offers some great vinyl finds for collectors: The digital age provides instant access to your favourite music these days, but there are still those who love the richness of sound that comes from a record played on a turntable. Vinyl enthusiasts came out in large numbers to the Chatham Record Show on Saturday at the Moose Lodge Hall to peruse wide variety of records offered by about 20 vendors. Toni Martin and her son Chris Martin, 27, made two trips the show. Toni Martin said she was finding “blast from the past albums that I used to own but didn’t think I would ever need back again, but now I do.” Martin said she had been looking for Janis Joplin’s Greatest Hits and was finally able to find it on Saturday. Chris said he picked up a bunch of records earlier in the day, but came back with his mom to find more records to satisfy his eclectic taste in music.

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TVD Live Shots: Suede and Manic Street Preachers at the Fillmore Silver Spring, 11/18

PHOTOS: RACHEL LANGE | It’s a frigid November evening and the line outside the Fillmore Silver Spring stretches down the block and around the corner. Ticketholders squeeze through the doors one at a time, torn between anger and amusement at the exhaustive absurdity of the security checkpoint. It takes less time to get into the Vatican. Bags are dumped out, bodies patted down, each individual key on every keyring inspected with meticulous attention. “I’ve been waiting in this line longer than I’ve been waiting to see Suede!” someone jokes, loudly. A few people laugh, but others are beginning to grumble. They can hear the music from inside already, and they’re justifiably pissed to be missing it.

Some of them have waited decades for this. While the Manics have made their way Stateside a couple of times in recent memory, Suede hasn’t made landfall (except a one-off appearance at Coachella in 2011) in a quarter-century. The fans are out in full force, and while some are local to the DMV, others have traveled from much further afield. They have plenty of time to swap stories while they wait to have their keys and their tickets and probably their fillings examined. A couple on my left tells me they drove four hours to be here. They, at least, don’t seem to mind waiting a little longer.

When I finally make my way through the doors, the vibe inside is, well, manic. Nobody’s here just for the hell of it. Most of the crowd is about the same age as Suede and the Manics themselves, but they all seem to be seventeen again for the evening. They’re double-fisting 40s, sucking on vape pens somehow smuggled past the gestapo, hollering along to every song, and underscoring every riff with roars of adulation. Welsh flags wave from the balcony. A man wears an empty cup on his head like a party hat. People snap selfies like downtown tourists in front of the Lincoln Memorial. The guy beside me, already too drunk to stand up without leaning on his girlfriend or the bar, is criminally tone deaf but he’s having so much fun it’s hard to fault him for it. “This is the best night of my life,” he announces, to no one in particular.

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TVD Live Shots: Måneskin at the Aragon Ballroom, 11/17

Måneskin have had a whirlwind of a career over the last few years. They came in second place on the Italian version of X Factor in 2017, won the Eurovision Song Contest on behalf of Italy in 2021, have played countless sold out concerts, made award show appearances, drawn huge crowds at festivals, and now a Grammy nomination in the Best New Artist category. All of this while still in their early 20s. So it was no surprise that when they headlined the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago on November 17th for their Loud Kids Tour, the crowd drew anyone and everyone from the city and surrounding states.

It’s not often that a band is able to pack a venue without any opening bands to fill the waiting time, but Måneskin did exactly that. Homemade signs and various flags were seen flying around the crowd, while everyone dressed in their best rock ’n’ roll outfits chanted for the band to take the stage for over an hour and a half before the lights finally went down.

Even though they’re young, Måneskin have mastered the classic rock moves and have engineered them in a way that sounds unlike anyone else. Their live show proves their musical abilities and serves as a love letter to their fans, showing them the upmost appreciation for following them on their journey. They constantly come down to the barricade and interact directly with the audience, and they even hand out wristbands to anyone in the first few rows who are really enjoying themselves, which allows them to dance on stage with the band before their encore.

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