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TVD’s 10 Weeks
of Record Store Day Vinyl Giveaways:
The Vespers,
The Fourth Wall

I first caught wind of The Vespers about a year ago, when the video for their spellbinding single “Will You Love Me?” hit the Internet. Led by sisters Callie and Pheobe Cryar and backed by brothers Bruno and Taylor Jones, the four-piece folk-rock outfit showcased an endearing, organic sensibility that’s easy to like.

With their first album behind them, the group is ready to show a starker, more sparse side to their songwriting. Their new album The Fourth Wall takes their strongest attributes to darker waters, resulting in a sound that’s both heavy and energetic.

The bulk of the material on The Fourth Wall was written and fine-tuned while on the road. The Vespers prefer to work this way, saying it brings out a chemistry between them and their audience that’s usually reserved for live performances.

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TVD Live: Colin Hay at 3rd and Lindsley, 3/14

Gathering Mercury marks singer/songwriter Colin Hay’s eleventh studio album in just over 20 years—a hallmark for some, but if you asked Colin, he’d tell you he’s just getting started.

Though leading Australian band Men At Work and gaining a coveted spot in Ringo Starr’s All-Starr Band are certainly career highlights to name a few, his charming songwriting hasn’t lilted in the slightest. In fact, Gathering Mercury is among his strongest work to date. His performance last Wednesday at 3rd and Lindsley spoke volumes, but above the communal laughter and hushed orders for 3rd Avenue Angus Burgers, there emanated an otherworldly sense of inspiration.

Before heading to the show, Colin spoke with me about where his inspiration comes from, the songs on Gathering Mercury, and how his songwriting process differs from the streamlined, in-house approach for which Nashville is famous.

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TVD Ticket and Vinyl Giveaway: The Bright Light Social Hour, at 12th & Porter, 1/11

Austin rock and soul enthusiasts The Bright Light Social Hour are returning to Nashville next Wednesday, and you could be there to witness all of the fist-pumping, sweaty-moustache glory!

In case you missed our coverage in October, TBLSH perform their mix of blues infused rock and dance with gusto, and this show will pack just as many blissful decibels into your ears. Not only can you win two guest spots, but you will also win a copy of their self-titled album on glorious vinyl.

We’re going to go easy on you—enter to win the tickets and the vinyl by sharing your favorite moustache in the comments to this post. Will choose one winner for both the LP and the tix on 1/11 at 9am.

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TVD Recommends:
Ellis Ashbrook at the Muse, 11/6

Nashville’s The Muse will be hosting New York’s mesmerizing Ellis Ashbrook this Sunday night, and we at TVD are hoping you’ll join them.

Judging from the sounds of their new album Meridia, the show promises to be both compelling and surreal. If you’re making plans for Sunday, this show starts at 9 p.m. and is $7. Lovers of psychedelic rock won’t be disappointed either, as the band draws influences from Pink Floyd to Frank Zappa.

Be sure to preview the album which is available on glorious double vinyl. 

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TVD Live: The Bright Light Social Hour at 12th & Porter, 10/26

Bringing simmering Texas rock n’ roll to Nashville’s 12th & Porter last Wednesday, The Bright Light Social Hour emphatically performed a set that was as surprising as it was fun. Surprising because of the seamless melding of eclectic sounds by four Central-Texas white dudes, and fun because these guys completely own the stage while they do it.

Unsurprisingly, they’re progressively gaining more and more attention in their hometown of Austin, but the enthusiasm in their music is strong enough to draw crowds from across the nation. Currently on a tour spanning across the states, TBLSH are branding every listener with their infectiously heated sound.

Honestly, I hadn’t heard of the band prior to the show, but after seeing them perform I can’t take their album off repeat. Each song is seasoned with blues and soul influences that represent a similar authenticity as Stevie Ray Vaughn’s blues catalogue. But that’s just the foundation; whether subtle or in-your-face, the band combines tons of ideas from dance and hard rock. Their performance of “Detroit,” a lusty jam about a one-night stand, was stadium worthy. The energy of their music is transcendent live, with the amplitude of every note accentuated by the enthralling musicianship of its performers. By the time the song reached its final epic stretch, every head in the audience was banging.

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The Go Round to play fooBAR Thursday, 10/20

Apparently, Nashville isn’t the only place catchy, rootsy folk music is born. Brooklyn based quartet The Go Round have a soft spot for lush strings and contemplative songwriting, as evidenced on their new EP “Eastern Parkway.”

The contrast between the rough imagery of Brooklyn and the stark, intrepid textures of their songs reinforces their music’s impact. Nashville’s Foobar should be the perfect host them. Be sure to stop by East Nashville this Thursday and catch their performance.

The Go Round – Open Hearted

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TVD Live: Weird Al at The Ryman Auditorium, 9/30

At 51 years old, Weird Al Yankovic is still putting out music and touring extensively. This year’s Alpocalypse tour made its way to The Ryman Auditorium’s stage last Friday, and proved that he’s just as funny and clever as when he first released “My Bologna.”

Chock full of costume changes, skits, and rapid fire deliveries of Top 40 hits via polka medleys, Weird Al and his band not only kept their audience smiling and laughing from start to finish, but solidified why he’s an icon of popular culture.

After busting out with “Polka Face,” Weird Al’s recent polka medley featuring snippets of “Poker Face,” “Need You Now,” and “Womanizer,” he described how excited and honored he and his band were to perform at the historic venue. “I can’t express how honored we are to play The Ryman,” he said to a roaring crowd. “So many legendary people have played here—like Hoobastank.”

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Watch Girls’ Nashville Webcast

Girls are in the midst of an east coast tour in support of their much loved new LP Father, Son, Holy Ghost. Last Friday, the band performed at Nashville’s Grimey’s New & Pre-Loved Music and broadcast the entire thing live in what Matador calls “Girls Across America.”

With 8 members strong, including 4 (!) gospel singers, Girls’ in-store concert was broadcast by over 100 independent record stores across the nation. They performed five songs from the new album, including lead single “Honey Bunny,” and closed the set with “Laura” from their debut Album. Stream the concert below or at the websites of all supporting record stores.

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Colorfeels release Syzygy on vinyl

Among many releases from local Nashville bands this year, Colorfeels’ debut record “Syzygy” stands out as the most creative and idiosyncratic. 

Co-frontmen Parker Cason and Justin Maurer, alongside bassist Taylor Zachary, drummer Matt Scibilia, and multi-instrumentalist Jared Ziemba, conjure something beyond “genre,” drawing contrasting timbres from across the musical spectrum to paint a broader picture that all blends together effortlessly and comfortably.

From the spacey folk tune “Fun Machine” (with slide guitar passages performed by My Morning Jacket’s Carl Broemel) to “Unplanned Holiday,” a song reminiscent to Paul Simon’s The Rhythm and The Saints record, the album carries the listener to far away places.

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