TVD’s 10 Weeks
of Record Store Day Vinyl Giveaways:
The Vespers,
The Fourth Wall

I first caught wind of The Vespers about a year ago, when the video for their spellbinding single “Will You Love Me?” hit the Internet. Led by sisters Callie and Pheobe Cryar and backed by brothers Bruno and Taylor Jones, the four-piece folk-rock outfit showcased an endearing, organic sensibility that’s easy to like.

With their first album behind them, the group is ready to show a starker, more sparse side to their songwriting. Their new album The Fourth Wall takes their strongest attributes to darker waters, resulting in a sound that’s both heavy and energetic.

The bulk of the material on The Fourth Wall was written and fine-tuned while on the road. The Vespers prefer to work this way, saying it brings out a chemistry between them and their audience that’s usually reserved for live performances.

It’s this transcendence that gives its name to the album’s title, the invisible “fourth wall” between the crowd and the band. Make no doubt, the songs comprising this album certainly bring the listener to another place. From the lurking rumbles of “Better Now” to the fast-paced climax of “Close My Eyes,” The Vespers’ music will rapidly turn heads in the months to come.

The group has a string of shows this week, including spots on Nashville’s Music City Roots live radio program (April 4) and an in-store performance at Grimey’s (April 5). In anticipation for the new album, we’re giving away a signed vinyl copy to one lucky winner.

In honor of Easter this Sunday, just leave us a comment with your favorite Easter candy for your chance to win. We’ll select a winner a week from today (April 9). Only U.S. residents, please!

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  • Stephens Hiland

    Starburst jelly beans!

  • truthaboutana


  • CJH234

    Reeses Eggs

  • JillJ

    Cadbury creme eggs. So delicious!

  • Jie

    Chocolate bunnies!

  • mitlamk

    Lindt dark chocolate easter bunny.

  • ariannawelch

    The white chocolate bunnies. 🙂

  • smallreflection

    The largest. Chocolate. Rabbit. I can find.

  • danharmeson

    Cadbury eggs, and PEEEEPS! @thevespers. 

  • Brain_Of_Brian

    Starburst jelly beans!

  • kelleythekid

    marshmallow eggs!!!

  • Mintty93

    Milk Chocolate Bunny!

  • tygerI3

    Cadbury mini eggs

  • ArtOfTheSound

    @thevespers Hands down, Reeses peanut butter eggs! By the way, me and my sis love your music. God bless 🙂

  • AdamCarrico

    Obviously the best Easter candy is the famous Reese’s Egg!

  • JoshOwens

    The best Easter candy would have to be the Cadbury egg. The original cream filled, not the new caramel option. Love the Vespers. We’ve had them here on our campus at Campbell University a couple of times, and can’t wait to have them back. Hope to win this new vinyl as I just got my first record player last month! 

  • Paul C


  • kristinahammock

    My favorite would have to be the hollow chocolate easter bunnies with the candy dots for eyes.

  • farmgirl

    Resse’s peanut butter eggs!

  • rkrox11

    Robin’s eggs!!! 🙂

  • JasonPaulJohnston

    peeps, of course.

  • AndrewPirasPiras

    Is it even an option to not pick Cadbury Eggs? because it shouldnt be!

  • satchelandflask

    What beats candy grass strewn with chocolate bunnies and robin’s eggs?

  • deepwell

    The original candy eggs. You know, the individually wrapped primary-colored, candy-coated sugar bombs. Sometimes you might find one in the bushes months after it had been hidden…and it’d still be good! The was no detectable taste difference between the different colors. Eat one and you can practically feel your teeth decaying. They’re still around, but they seem much smaller now. They’ve been upstaged by other “fancy pantsy” easter candy that are designed to actually taste good…not just “sweet”. I still have a soft spot for those old hard eggs.  


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