TVD Live Shots:
Ben Folds at Cain
Park, 6/23

It’s not easy to command an audience when you’re the lone musician on stage, but Ben Folds is a seasoned pro.

Between his masterful piano playing, unmistakable voice, and humorous anecdotes, his presence can easily fill any venue. Clevelanders were treated to a beautiful night at Cain Park this past Thursday. It was the kind of night we dream about when we’re buried in our homes under piles of snow during the winter.

Folds provided a setlist spanning his 30+ year career that prompted singalongs, laughter, dancing, and tears. My heartstrings were especially tugged during his Ben Folds Five covers, as I was instantly transported back to jamming out to those records in high school. He plays Chautauqua Institution tonight before heading south to Nashville to play with their orchestra. Catch him on the road this summer!

So There
Annie Waits
Capable of Anything
Sentimental Guy
Still Fighting It
The Last Polka (Ben Folds Five song)
Kylie From Connecticut
One Angry Dwarf and 200 Solemn Faces (Ben Folds Five song)
You Don’t Know Me
Rock This Bitch
Cigarette (Ben Folds Five song)
Fred Jones Part 2
Evaporated (Ben Folds Five song)
Kate (Ben Folds Five song)
Zak and Sara
Not The Same
Army (Ben Folds Five song)

The Luckiest

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