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Danny Elfman with Boy Harsher at Five Point Amphitheater, 8/5

On Saturday night at Five Point Amphitheater, music lovers were treated to a truly enchanting experience. The air was charged with anticipation as the crowd gathered, eagerly awaiting the arrival of two extraordinary acts: Boy Harsher and the legendary Danny Elfman. With a captivating blend of musical prowess and enthralling stage presence, these artists took the stage by storm, creating an atmosphere that was nothing short of magical, and a show the audience would not soon forget.

Kicking off the evening was the mesmerizing electronic duo known as Boy Harsher. Their dark synth-pop sound immediately captivated the audience, setting the tone for an evening of sonic exploration. The atmospheric melodies and haunting vocals of Jae Matthews combined with the pulsating beats from Augustus Muller created an immersive experience that left the crowd in awe. Tracks like “Fate” and “Modulations” transported listeners into a world of introspection and raw emotion, showcasing the duo’s ability to create a deeply atmospheric sonic landscape.

As the anticipation mounted, the stage transformed into a mystical wonderland, adorned with intricate set pieces, vibrant lights, and a full orchestra led by none other than the legendary Steve Bartek. And then, the moment arrived. Danny Elfman, the visionary composer and mastermind behind Oingo Boingo and countless iconic film scores, took his place center stage and the near-capacity crowd went wild. The energy in the amphitheater was palpable as Elfman launched into a career-spanning 33-song set that showcased not only his unparalleled musical talent but also his magnetic stage presence.

Elfman’s performance on Saturday was a journey through his vast discography, taking the audience on a nostalgic ride through beloved Boingo classics, theatrical compositions, as well as lesser-known gems. From the hauntingly beautiful “Dance With the Lemurs” to the exhilarating “The Simpsons” theme, each composition came to life with a renewed vibrancy that resonated with both long-time fans and newcomers alike. The crowd erupted in cheers as Elfman belted out the iconic lyrics to “Insanity,” a moment that was met with an electrifying wave of enthusiasm from the crowd as well as his amazing musical ensemble.

But it wasn’t just the music that made this concert exceptional—it was the synergy between Elfman and the audience that truly elevated the experience. The crowd hung on to his every word, singing along with fervor and dancing in unison to the infectious rhythms. It was a testament to the enduring impact of Elfman’s compositions and the connection he has forged with his dedicated fan base. This was showcased during my all-time Boingo song, “Ain’t This the Life.” It was like I was teleported back to the early ’80’s all over again. Sheer perfection.

As the evening drew to a close, Elfman introduced his band and the orchestra prior to launching into the final three songs of the evening. During “Dead Man’s Party,” Steve Bartek (an original member of Boingo and partner of Elfman for over 40 years) came out from the shadows and once again took his place behind the guitar—spinning the crowd out of control one final time on Saturday. The show’s encore was two more of my favorites, “Who Do You Want to Be” and “No One Lives Forever,” and were the perfect songs to end one incredible evening under the stars.

Danny Elfman’s concert at the Five Point Amphitheatre was truly a spellbinding affair. From the atmospheric melodies of Boy Harsher to the symphonic brilliance of Danny himself, every moment of the evening was filled with magic and wonder.


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