Weekend Shots!

Hey Weekend Warriors, are you ready to take the next two days off? Too bad! This weekend has a hefty list of great shows that have as much in common with each other as good music and Chad Kroeger.

The welcomed amount of variety is ushered in by an indie name that’s currently cultivating massive amounts of street cred, some crazy guitar work from an awesome singer-songwriter, and some of the most hard ass gangsta shit you done ever heard. Strap on your scuba gear, and let’s get deep!

Friday (7/20) brings indie upstart He’s My Brother She’s My Sister to The Hi-Tone Cafe. The “folk” music featured harkens back to music of yesteryear, yet still wears a fresh coat of modern sounds. Golden Animals is also billed. The dynamite duo (turned fourtet for performance) fills out the evening’s sound, guaranteeing you a great show of some modern takes on the very broadly defined genre of “folk.”

Need something with a little bit more teeth? The Buccaneer Lounge will be hosting the gritty rock of Linden, Texas’s Buffalo Child. In a similar dirty rock vein, Sheik and Slut Hound are also billed, not only providing you with better band names than you could ever think of, but enough overdriven guitars to rock your socks off.

Saturday (7/21) will keep things hopping with plenty of Memphis music in all sorts of contexts. Local independent radio station WEVL 89.9 FM is throwing a bluesy party Saturday evening at The National Ornamental Metal Museum for another edition of its Blues on the Bluff fund-raiser. Showcasing Jimbo Mathus(pictured) and Lightnin’ Malcolm, the night is full of great local talent supporting a great cause (the most kick-ass independent radio station in Memphis, ever).

Next on the agenda is an acoustical tour de force at The Hi-Tone Cafe. Cory Branan headlines a night of quiet guitar work that you’ll score major brownie points from any college intellectual cutie if you turn it into a date night. Joining Branan on the night’s roster are Oklahoma City’s Audra Mae and subtle swooner Adam Faucett. Come out and order a glass of wine at The Hi-Tone; it’s one of the only shows you’ll be able to get away with drinking a glass of white at.

So now that you’ve had a bit of upper crusty culture, why don’t we get down and dirty with some of the South’s hardest rappers playing at Minglewood Hall. Cocaine Musik champ and Memphis rap all-star Yo Gotti will headline a night of massive crunktitude. Memphis rap legend 8ball (of 8ball and MJG) is also set to take the stage, as well as recent Memphis breakout Don Trip. Up-and-comers Young Dolph and Zed Zilla are also featured, making sure there is enough, if not too much, crunk to overload your dancing shoes.

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