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Gal Musette,
The TVD First Date

“I was fifteen when I received my first turntable as a gift from my bandmate. At the time I didn’t own a single record, but it looked cool, so I put it in my room and made a mental note to start my collection.”

“Gradually I started building it starting with a few records I found at a local music shop called Sound Spectrum. My grandpa had been educating me with the music of Doris Day, Bing Crosby, Irving Berlin, and Tony Bennett, so when he discovered I had been given a record player he eagerly let me “borrow” some of his favorite records of theirs, which I began listening to on repeat. Now it feels strange to listen to those artists in any other setting!

In recent years I’ve found great records all over the place. I’ve found many at the Amoeba Records locations in LA/SF where they have such a broad assortment of well-known material it can be a bit overwhelming. Sometimes I prefer finding gems at thrift stores/antique shops where you really have to hunt for the good ones (it makes it sound better.)

Listening to vinyl is an entirely different experience than listening via a streaming service, or even a CD. The warmth and quality of the sound is obviously elevated, but it’s also the experience. Sort of like opening up a piano and seeing the mallets hitting the keys as you play them—it’s really special to see the mechanics so clearly when you set the needle on the grooves of a record.

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The TVD Storefront

Graded on a Curve: Tobacco City,
Tobacco City, USA

Tobacco City is the handle used by at least a couple of shops dedicated to the sale of all things legally smokable, but it’s also the name of a band form Chicago, and don’tcha just know it, their country-infused sound harkens back to the days when the air in bars was thick with secondhand carcinogens. Not that the five-piece’s debut is a mere retro trip. No, it plants its shovel deep in the fertile soil of lightly psych-kissed country-rock and pulls up eight mineral-rich tunes, many with sweet guy-gal harmonies that should warm the cockles of anybody with an unquenchable thirst for the brilliance of Gram and Emmylou. Tobacco City, USA is out July 30 on LP and digital via Scissor Tail Records.

Tobacco City consists of vocalist-guitarists Lexi Goddard and Chris Coleslaw, bassist-vocalist Eliza Weber, drummer Josh Condon, and pedal steel specialist Nick Usalis. Across the eight songs that tidily comprise Tobacco City, USA, the members click together with impressive proficiency for a first album. Although they have been together for a few years, it hasn’t been with this exact lineup, as the initial impetus was to play a Halloween gig as a Neil Young cover band.

That’s a fine platform from which to emerge, but Tobacco City has far surpassed that modest objective with growth that’s apparent straight away through the album’s opener and digital single “Blue Raspberry,” the band hitting a relaxed zone that connects as perfectly suited for recuperation after a late night’s early sunshiny morning.

Goddard and Coleslaw’s voices blend together with vibrant echo and then further intermingle with the siren swells of pedal steel, but the real kicker is how the bedrock of strummed guitar and drums expands the cut’s usefulness beyond simple accompaniment for extended couch lazing, meaning “Blue Raspberry” is as appropriate for preparing to ramp it up as it is for gently coming down.

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A morning mix of news for the vinyl inclined

In rotation: 7/28/21

Vinyl sales increase by 108% on first half of 2021: On-demand audio streaming is also up 15%. 19.2 million vinyl albums were sold in the US in the first six months of 2021, a 108% increase on the same period of last year. The figure is significantly higher than the 9.2 million vinyl LPs that were sold in the first six months of 2020, and part of an ongoing trend that has seen vinyl make a huge resurgence in recent years. Vinyl album sales also just outedged the sale of CD albums, which sat at 18.9 million for the first six months of 2021, according to MRC Data, an analytics firm that specialises in collecting data from the entertainment and music industries. It follows on from vinyl surpassing the annual revenue of CDs in the US last year for the first time in 34 years, which was the first time that had happened in 34 years. The increase in music consumption isn’t just limited to physical sales, with audio streaming up by 15% in the first half of this year.

Penfolds Designs Rare Record Player To Mark Anniversary of Grange Wine: Only seven of them have been produced globally. Australian winery Penfolds has created a limited-edition record player in celebration of the upcoming 70th anniversary of their flagship wine, Grange. Each record player is individually hand-crafted by Symbol Audio, with only seven pieces produced globally. The record player takes on the classic “all in one” console design from the 1950s, the same decade in which Penfolds’ pioneer Max Schubert made the first vintage of Grange while experimenting with wine-making techniques he observed in Bordeaux. In addition to featuring luxury accessories from Riedel, Chateau Laguiole and Monopole, including a hand-blown glass decanter, the record player comes with a hidden wine compartment that houses two rare investment ‘White Capsule’ Grange magnums from 2010 and 2017, intended to be aged and consumed no earlier than around 2030. The record player’s cabinet design also reserves room for storing eight wine glasses and a vinyl record collection, backlit by automatic interior lighting.

Seventies Cameroonian Afrofunk collected on new Analog Africa compilation: Recorded in a DIY church studio on a single microphone. Analog Africa is releasing a new compilation, titled Cameroon Garage Funk, this September. During the 1970s Yaoundé — the capital of Cameroon — suffered from a serious lack of established recording studios. With artists unable to afford to book through the national broadcasting company, many turned to alternative spaces. Seizing on this opportunity, church engineer Monsieur Awono began to organise recording sessions in a church, with artists often only having an hour or two to record, and only access to a single microphone. Cameroon Garage Funk compiles a selection of tracks recorded in this manner, offering insight into the underground sounds of ’70s Yaoundé. It follows the label’s compilation of eighties Edo funk, titled Edo Funk Explosion Vol​.​1. Pre-order Cameroon Garage Funk here in advance of its 3rd September release,

Smashing Pumpkins announce new vinyl release, ‘Live At The Viper Room 1998.’ The band’s second archival release comes from a Billy Corgan acoustic set. Smashing Pumpkins have announced the release of a new vinyl, ‘Live At The Viper Room 1998’, available to pre-order next week. The band’s second archival release was recorded at The Viper Room in West Hollywood, California, on January 15, 1998. The 13-song set saw Corgan perform Smashing Pumpkins songs in acoustic form. “The thing you hear in the Viper Room show is you’re really sort of being allowed into the studio where the songs don’t have the accouterment of all the bells and whistles,” Corgan said in an Instagram clip announcing the vinyl. “There’s a certain innocence before songs are released to the world.” ‘Live At The Viper Room 1998’ will be available to pre-order exclusively through Madame ZuZu’s site (Corgan’s plant-based tea shop) on July 31.

Röyksopp Melody A.M. vinyl sells for $8,450 on Discogs: The limited release version features a cover by Banksy, with only 100 pressings in existence. A vinyl copy of Röyksopp’s seminal album, ‘Melody A.M.’, has sold for $8,450 on Discogs. Only 100 copies exist of the limited release version, which features cover art by Banksy and has consistently topped the official Discogs list of most expensive records bought on the marketplace, with a previous pressing bringing in $11,000, one of the most expensive purchases ever made on the platform. The album is the only electronic title to appear in the latest Top 30, for May 2021, which is dominated by rock, soul, and pop titles, including bands and artists such as Led Zeppelin, The Velvet Underground, Vondells, Motley Crue, and Metallica. Discogs reached a milestone earlier this year, with more than 500 million releases catalogued on the database. Back in 2019, DJ Mag investigated the growing culture of ‘flipping’ records, where unscrupulous sellers use the website to inflate the cost of rare records.

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The TVD Storefront

TVD Radar: Paved Paradise Traveling
Music Expo: Five labels, fifteen cities, one truck, 9/9–9/26

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Today, Ghostly International, Numero Group and Secretly Group record labels Dead Oceans, Jagjaguwar, and Secretly Canadian all join forces to announce Paved Paradise, a traveling expo bringing their music to parking lots this fall.

Over the course of September 9th–26th, a 24-foot Penske truck helmed by several of Secretly’s sonic specialists will visit 15 cities in the eastern United States. From the birthplaces of Secretly, Ghostly, and Numero in Bloomington, Detroit, and Chicago, to Third Man Records in Nashville, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, and a community of breweries, flea markets, and independent venues in between, Paved Paradise will take the record store experience outdoors, with special guests and local collaborations set for every stop. Find the full list of tour dates below.

Equal parts pop-up shop, block party and roadside fruit stand, each day-long Paved Paradise event will pack two tents full of finely-curated LPs, 45s, cassettes, CDs and limited edition ephemera like colored vinyl variants, out-of-print items, vintage goods and miscellaneous merchandise spanning the catalogs of these five record companies operating at the top of their game.

In addition to DJ sets and surprise performances from Secretly artists, Secretly staffers like Numero Group Co-Founders Ken Shipley and Rob Sevier, plus Ghostly International Special Projects Director and Brooklyn Flea Record Fair Director Amanda Colbenson, will be on-site to talk shop, make recommendations and share stories behind the records with Secretly friends and family.

“It’s been invigorating to return to producing in person events,” says Amanda Colbenson. “Getting to work with so many inspiring and impactful businesses and organizations is what this tour is all about and we are grateful to them for opening their doors and parking lots to our ambitious experiment. We can’t wait to hit the road in the Penske and go see everyone.”

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The TVD Storefront

TVD Radar: Violent Femmes, Why Do Birds Sing? 30th anniversary deluxe vinyl reissues in stores 10/8

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Craft Recordings is pleased to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Violent Femmes’ Why Do Birds Sing? with a reissue of the best selling album from the folk-punk pioneers.

Due out October 8th and available for pre-order beginning today, the deluxe 2-CD and digital formats will feature newly remastered audio, a trove of previously unreleased material (including alternative takes and outtakes), and a complete concert from 1991 (captured at The Boathouse in Norfolk, VA). The CD edition also offers new liner notes from acclaimed songwriter and journalist, Jeff Slate, who spoke in-depth with founding members Gordon Gano and Brian Ritchie about the making of the album. Fans can visit digital platforms today to pre-save the album or stream or download the advance single, “Me and You,” a track recorded during the album’s original recording sessions, but unreleased until now.

Also available is a vinyl reissue of the original 13-track album, featuring freshly remastered favorites like “American Music” and the band’s inspired cover of Culture Club’s “Do You Really Want to Hurt Me.” A limited pressing on translucent red vinyl will be available exclusively via the band’s website and, while select indie record stores will offer a smoke-colored edition.

The bonus-filled CD and digital editions offer early versions of songs that wound up on later albums, including a stripped-down version of “Color Me Once,” which was later released on The Crow (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), as well as original takes of “4 Seasons” and “Breaking Up” from the band’s 1994 album, New Times. Rounding out the unreleased material is an alternate mix of the song “American Music,” which is quite different from the album version.

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The TVD Storefront

Demand it on Vinyl: Jimmie Vaughan,
The Jimmie Vaughan Story 5CD box set in stores 9/17

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Blues guitarists have been the foundation of American music for more than a hundred years, back to early acoustic musicians performing in the Deep South. The evolution of the blues has been one of the truly captivating legacies of popular music in America, from early jazz to even country and, to everlasting success, rock ’n’ roll.

The guitarists in the pantheon of blues players reads like a Who’s Who of the world’s finest musicians, and for the past 50-plus years one of those people has been Jimmie Vaughan. The guitarist fell in love with that most moving of styles when he was still a young teenager in early 1960s Dallas, Texas, and while it took him a few years to find a true home for what he heard in his head and felt in his heart, once he got to Austin in 1969 and found some fellow blues lovers, he set off on a journey that still continues, playing the blues whenever and however he hears it. The man has spent countless years treating the blues with full respect.

The Last Music Co.’s guiding light Malcolm Mills took on the mission a few years ago to create The Jimmie Vaughan Story, a five-CD box set that captures Vaughan’s blues journey, starting with some of his earliest recordings from the mid-1960s and continuing all the way to his most recent in the 2020s. The result is a stunning collection of not only music, but really Vaughan’s history, on the record and in person.

From early bands Storm through the Fabulous Thunderbirds, including previously unreleased recordings with producers Joel Dorn and Doc Pomus; Jimmie’s collaboration with brother Stevie Ray Vaughan on 1990’s award-winning Family Style album; and into the past 30 years of duets, shared albums and solo releases featuring a divergence of styles, the box showcases Jimmie’s take on the blues. Jimmie Vaughan built a world of blues from the only sound that completely captured him as a very young Texan. He is often seen as being in a party of one in this pursuit, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

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UK Artist of the Week: AOHDAN

We’re getting dreamy this week with Australia’s AOHDAN and his vibrant new single “Flies In My Room,” out now.

AOHDAN—also known as Aidan Whitehall—may only be seventeen but the quality of his songwriting is matured and sophisticated way beyond his years. His new single “Flies In My Room” is taken from his EP of the same name and it’s a celestial delight from start to finish. The single falls somewhere between the genres of indie, dream-pop, and indie-folk, giving the song a wonderfully chilled vibe whilst feeling intricate and warm. Fans of Real Estate and Beach Fossils will feel at home here.

Aidan is no stranger to the music scene, having already caught the attention of Communion Publishing UK, so we have no doubt his latest EP will certainly spark further interest. He’s already racked up the streams on Spotify with his previous releases and with his new single he looks set to do the same.

“Flies In My Room” is in stores now via AntiFragile Music.

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The TVD Storefront

Graded on a Curve: Toomorrow Original Soundtrack

Olivia Newton-John remains well-known for a string of ’70s-’80s hits and for her starring roles in Grease, a box office smash, and the roller-disco musical Xanadu, a commercial and critical disappointment in its day that has subsequently acquired cult status. But before all that, young Olivia was part of Toomorrow, a group assembled by Harry Saltzman and Don Kirshner to star in a sci-fi R&R musical film of the same name. That the movie persists as essentially a footnote in the career of Newton-John is reflective of its quality. As for the soundtrack, which is coming out on vinyl July 30 through Real Gone, it also falls far short of a classic, but with numerous points of interest, which we’ll consider below.

Let’s begin with Don Kirshner, the music publisher, songwriter, producer, manager, and talent coordinator whose biggest credit is as a guiding hand in the formation of The Monkees, though he was also responsible for cartoon pop group The Archies. Swinging over to rock seriousness, Kirshner’s eponymous record label featured lite-progsters Kansas, who, in a startling conflict of interest, once performed on Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert.

In attempting to extend his good fortune with The Archies (a rebound after being jettisoned from involvement with The Monkees) by reaching into the realms of motion pictures, Kirshner’s partnership with Harry Saltzman was a savvy move. This is specifically due to Saltzman co-producing (along with Albert “Cubby” Broccoli) the first nine James Bond films, a string that was still in progress as Toomorrow was taking shape.

Although some will harrumph at the notion, putting together a group not just to make records but to star as that group in films (yes, plural, as a series was apparently the objective) is an idea with potential for positive returns. But conversely, things could go horribly awry. That didn’t really happen in this case, as the music of Toomorrow is underwhelming but largely listenable. As the album is a soundtrack, a handful of instrumental middle-or-the-road-isms bring a wild unevenness to the affair; those approaching the record with Newton-John as primary point of interest will likely get the fidgets.

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A morning mix of news for the vinyl inclined

In rotation: 7/27/21

Los Angeles, CA | Permanent Records Roadhouse: Los Angeles hangout spot has bouncer checking for proof of vaccine at door: With masks now required at all indoor establishments across Los Angeles County, some businesses are taking COVID-19 safety measures to another level by requiring proof of vaccination at the door. In Cypress Park, a bar-and-record store has a bouncer checking for ID and proof of vaccination in front of the business. “For the protection of our staff and our community, that’s the decision we decided to make,” explained Permanent Records Roadhouse owner Lance Barresi. “Unless somebody does something soon, this thing is just going to continue on.” Customers like Vance, who downloaded a QR code from the state, can show the bouncer he is fully vaccinated via his cell phone. “It’s a good idea,” Vance told FOX 11.

Wichita, KS | Former Teacher Explores Love Of Heavy Metal With Wichita Record Store The Gate: Russell Horning began his journey as an educator in Mexico. Then, after teaching high school and middle school in Wichita, he decided to make a career change. Wichitan Russell Horning opened The Gate record store in May 2021. Located at 115 S. Pattie, the shop serves as Wichita’s home for heavy metal records. It’s stocked with a vast array of classic metal albums — looking for Ozzy Osbourne’s long out-of-print Speak of the Devil? Horning has it — as well as new stock from around the globe. The Gate feels less like a retail space and more like a friend’s living room. There are classic metal books and magazines on sale as well as the types of rarities only a true fan would take the time to notice. Horning’s road to opening the shop is an unlikely one. After teaching English for nearly 20 years, he decided to follow his passion for heavy metal and create a space that is uniquely his own and which seems poised to become a destination for metal fans in the region.

Newport News, VA | Old Dominion University offers free DJ classes at Newport News STEM lab: Wanda Mitchell feverishly concentrated on her controller, bobbing her head and tapping her feet as the music pierced her ears. Although she is a Hampton High School music teacher, she was the one learning July 16 during a DJ class at Old Dominion University’s Brooks Crossing Innovation Lab in Newport News. Taught by DJ Rick Geez and DJ Karee from 103 Jamz, the class learned about choosing songs to blend together, counting bars and fading music in and out. The program is a five-session trial on Mondays and Fridays, and ends Monday. The current class is full, but if things go smoothly, they may offer more and include children, said Mia Joe, the lab’s director. The lab is part of a larger facility called the Brooks Crossing Innovation and Opportunity Center, focused on workforce development and STEM learning. It’s stocked with science, technology, engineering and mathematics tools — such as a recording studio, vinyl and laser cutters, 3D printers, a woodshop, sewing machines, a mixed reality space and an electronic workbench.

Bruce Dickinson recalls how the record store was his sanctuary: “Record stores, when I was a kid, before the Internet — you can go and listen to everything for free now on the Internet, but back then it was a bit more difficult. You would have to go into an actual record store and you would ask to listen to a record and you’d listen to probably most of the album and you wouldn’t buy it, ’cause you didn’t have any money. But you were in the store with all these people who loved music, and you’d talk about music and you’d hang out, and just being there was like being recharged when you were a kid. It was just, like, ‘Oh my God. I’ve got school. I’ve got this. I’ve got that. I wanna escape my parents.’ You get on a bus, you go to the record store, you hang out and meet all these people who think and talk music and think like you, and your life is suddenly better.”

Spiritualized reveal vinyl reissue of Ladies And Gentleman We Are Floating In Space: Spiritualized’s acclaimed 1997 album will be re-released later this year – the third part of their vinyl reissue programme. Spiritualized have revealed they’ll re-release their critically acclaimed third studio album Ladies And Gentleman We Are Floating In Space on vinyl later his year. The follow-up to 1995’s Pure Phase was originally released in 1997, with the new version – part three of the band’s vinyl reissue programme – set to land on September 10 through Fat Possum. Like the re-releases of Lazer Guided Melodies and Pure Phase, Ladies And Gentleman We Are Floating In Space will be pressed on heavyweight 180g double vinyl. It’s been remastered by Alchemy Mastering and will be presented in a gatefold sleeve with new artwork by Mark Farrow. Along with the standard black vinyl, the record will also be available in limited edition neptune-blue vinyl.

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The TVD Storefront

TVD Radar: CeeLo Green, The Lady Killer hot pink vinyl edition in stores 9/3

VIA PRESS RELEASE | The title and lyrics to its big hit “F**k You” aside, CeeLo Green’s 2010 album The Lady Killer was something of an old school R&B throwback.

Though the lyrics to its big hit, “F**k You,” were decidedly NOT something you would hear on a classic soul record, in many ways CeeLo Green’s 2010 album The Lady Killer was something of a love letter to old school R&B, complete with strings, horns, and a meaty bottom end. And Green’s flawless yet impassioned vocals proved him a worthy successor to such legends as Gaye, Mayfield, and Redding. But perhaps the biggest miracle about this record was that, despite having a half dozen producers, The Lady Killer remained unmistakably 100% CeeLo Green, larger than life and with its heart on its sleeve.

For its vinyl debut (that’s right, this Top Ten record never came out on LP), we’re pressing it up on hot pink wax and including an inner sleeve with lyrics. One of the 21st century’s essential soul albums, now on vinyl where it belongs.

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The TVD Storefront

Graded on a Curve:
The Rolling Stones,
Exile on Main Street

Celebrating Mick Jagger on his 78th birthday.Ed.

I’ve been down in the dumps of late; the suicide of a friend, the death of another friend I dearly loved, and a bad case of the blues have all pretty much brought me to my knees. I feel beat down, fucked over, and broken up, and life sure does have a way of tarnishing your eyelids, doesn’t it?

Where to turn in times like these? When you’ve got a foot in the grave and your head in the oven? Exile on Main Street, naturally. It’s as beat down an LP as ever you’ll hear; Mick, Keith and Company are torn and frayed and have shit on their shoes and the whole album sounds like it was recorded in a sub-basement of Hell.

And yet. The Rolling Stones’ 1972 bruised and battered masterpiece (and high-water mark) somehow manages to rise above the bad vibes and general miasma of death and dissolution that surrounded the band at the time. Nothing–not drug busts, the death of Brian Jones, Altamont, tax exile, or Keith Richards’ slide toward junkiedom–could stop the Stones from turning Exile on Main Street into a celebration of hope and soul survival.

And this despite the fact that the album is the aural equivalent of the La Brea tar pits. Mick Jagger has never stopped carping about Exile’s notoriously sludgy mix, but the murk doesn’t just work–it’s part and parcel of the double album’s greatness. You have to trudge through shit to get to the Promised Land, and if you scrape the shit off these songs, well, you find diamonds. “Turd on the Run” anyone?

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The TVD Storefront

Graded on a Curve: Rebellion,
Shakespeare’s Macbeth: A Tragedy in Steel

Shakespeare sucks. You can make neither heads nor tails of his plays because his characters are always spouting words I’m convinced the Immoral Bard made up on the spot, and they have more footnotes than words.

And I’m not the only critic who thinks Shakespeare’s Scottish tragedy was a plate of rotting haggis. In 1606 a theatre critic for The London Cock-a-Hoop wrote “Last night’s debut of William Shakespeare’s Macbeth made me harken for a return to Middle English. As gagging playgoers streamed from the Globe Theatre at the end of Act II the poor lad portraying Lady MacDuff tore off his wig and cried “I’ve had enough of this fancified gibberish!” I strongly recommend that worthies in search of real entertainment avoid this Black Plague of a play and head over to Blackfriars Theatre to check out Strumpets on Ice instead.”

Fortunate for us we have we have a sort of Cliff Notes in metal to Shakespeare’s tragedy in the form of the German power metal band Rebellion’s 2002 concept album Shakespeare’s Macbeth: A Tragedy in Steel. The LP—the band’s debut—is an audacious masterpiece that peppers its heavy metal thunder with dialogue from Shakespeare’s play. Shakespeare would no doubt doff his copotain to Rebellion in tribute, agreeing that their version of Macbeth makes his smell like the foul ordure of a prancing bear.

As you’ve no doubt known from the start, it’s Shakespeare’s Macbeth: A Tragedy in Steel that reeks of bear shit. You can’t fault Rebellion for their ambition, but you can fault the finished product as one of the worst LPs this side of Starship’s Knee Deep in the Hoopla. You know you’re knee deep in something when a heavy metal album comes complete with a ten-member “cast,” each and every one of whom has mastered the fine art of overemoting.

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A morning mix of news for the vinyl inclined

In rotation: 7/26/21

Solihull, UK | HMV Solihull among 7 new shops in town centre: …HMV marked its 100th anniversary on July 2 by opening a new store in Solihull. Two years after its landmark shop in Mell Square closed down, the record retailer launched a new site in the old Cotswold Outdoor unit next to Dunelm. The 4,500 square-foot store is stocked with over 5,000 vinyl LPs, collector’s edition Blu-Ray and 4K Ultra HD films and series, pop-culture must haves like exclusive t-shirts, sweet treats and collectable figurines and a great selection of classic turntables and the latest headphones. The new HMV also offers a brand new delivery service, allowing customers to order any item not in store direct to their door. Commenting on HMV’s return, the leader of Solihull Council, Councillor Ian Courts, said: “It’s great that such a well-known brand as HMV is returning to Mell Square with a new store. It shows that Solihull is still a good place to do business, remains attractive to retailers and I am confident they will not be the last to invest in the town.”

UK | HMV at 100: why the beleaguered record store is more vital than you think: It’s easy (and fun!) to take the piss out of the retailer, which may seem like a relic from yesteryear, but we’d miss its accessible approach to music. A couple of years ago, a comedy writer called Laura Crisp went viral with her thread of tweets about working in HMV as a teenager. Anecdotes included a man who came in every week and pretended to faint in order to receive mouth-to-mouth, a staff member who was nicking cash and storing it in a Keeping Up Appearances boxset and, hilariously, a bloke claiming he was Paul Weller and asking if he could have some Jam CDs as he’d “lost” his. The stories were brilliant, but I think the other reason it resonated with so many people was that fact that for many generations, HMV played a role in their adolescence. This week, the store celebrates its 100th birthday – or at least that of its flagship store in central London – so despite the fact this has probably just made you aware that HMV still exists, let’s give it up for them for making it so far.

Manchester, UK | Sifters Record Shop: This small record store was a favorite of Oasis’s Noel and Liam Gallagher, who mentioned it in one of their early songs. IN 1977, A 29-YEAR-OLD PETE Howard (now known as Mr. Sifters) opened his own record store using 700 of his own LPs. After multiple“punks,” as he called them, started coming into his store and causing mayhem amongst his collection, he moved Sifters from its original location in Burnage to Fog Lane in 1983, where it’s located to this day. The small record shop attracted a lot of attention from the locals of Manchester and started to become quite popular. The store also caught the eye of two brothers, Liam and Noel Gallagher, who used to visit Sifters in the late 80s, years before they started making music as the band Oasis. Liam and Noel have both said they used to go into Sifters at least once a week to buy, or nick, records. In an interview, Pete Howard said, “The other lads from Oasis have said in the press that they used to come in and nick stuff, but I don’t think that’s true, really, I kept a close eye on them!”

San Antonio, TX | Illness forcing San Antonio-area record collector to find a new home for his 113,000 vinyl albums and singles: On the Facebook page for Stevie Ray Vinyl (@stevierayvinyl), record seller Steve Anderson refers to his collection of more than 113,000 albums and singles as an adoption agency for abandoned and unwanted vinyl. Now the 65-year-old Lakehills resident urgently needs to find a new home for the entire collection. Anderson recently announced on Facebook that he’s selling the Stevie Ray Vinyl inventory because he has been diagnosed with terminal liver disease. He and his wife Suzi run the business but can no longer continue to do so without him being able to work full time. Several callers have expressed interest in buying Anderson’s collection. But after several decades and so many more dollars spent on all those records, he would prefer a buyer whose own love for vinyl is as big as his asking price — about a dollar a disc. “I would like to see somebody take the business and the passion and continue my dream with it. That’s the perfect world,” Anderson said.

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TVD Los Angeles

TVD’s The Idelic Hour with Jon Sidel

Greetings from New York City!

What you gonna do when you get out of jail? / I’m gonna have some fun / And what do you consider fun? / Fun, natural fun

I’m in heaven / With my boyfriend, my laughing boyfriend / There’s no beginning and there is no end / Time isn’t present in that dimension

He’ll take my arm / When we’re walking, rolling and rocking / It’s one time I’m glad I’m not a man / Feels like I’m dreaming, but I’m not sleeping

Check it out, y’all / I’m in heaven / With the maven of funk mutation / Clinton’s musicians such as Bootsy Collins / Raise expectations to a new intention

No one can sing / Quite like Smokey, Smokey Robinson / Wailin’ and skankin’ to Bob Marley / Reggae’s expanding with Sly and Robbie / I said, oops, your mama said, uh

Today is the last day of a two and half week trip back east. It took most of the week to get in a New York state of mind, but after walking the streets and playgrounds of my old hometown, I’m just about here.

My feelings are mixed—well, kind of like the Idelic Hour? There are happy and sad songs, old and new of every tempo. My overwhelming feeling at this moment is gratitude. Thankful for family and close friends and the opportunity to have been living a rock ‘n’ roll dream-life.

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TVD Radar: Roger Glover, Snapshot 2LP first time on vinyl in stores 11/19

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Almost 20 years after the release of his fourth solo album, Roger Glover has announced the long-awaited re-release of Snapshot. The album is out October 8 on CD, with vinyl arriving on November 19. Pre-order it here.

Upon its initial release in 2002, the Deep Purple bassist joined forces with the Guilty Party, teaming up with vocalist Randall Bramblett, daughter Gillian Glover, and guitarist Warren Haynes, among others, to deliver this blues rock album. It’s a true highlight of Glover’s solo career, peppered with swing, reggae, and jazz influences.

The re-release comes with a big plus, as it not only brings back these 14 wonderful blues songs but also comes fully remastered with five previously unreleased bonus demo tracks, which show the album in a completely new light.

New liner notes by Roger Glover himself complete the additional content and give an insight into the recording and songwriting process behind this album. The album will also be issued on vinyl for the first time ever, with new artwork, as well.

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