TVD Vinyl Giveaway:
A Charlie Brown Christmas on Limited Edition Green Vinyl

Charlie Brown season again? Where does the time go? (Oh, wait—unfamiliar with Charlie Brown Season? Allow us to explain…)

Commencing in October with It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, the yearly celebration picks up steam in November with a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, and culminates with a warm and joyous Charlie Brown Christmas in December. (All of which are chronicled in 3 DVD boxset here at TVD HQ. When those DVDs slide off the shelf, it’s a sure sign, Charlie Brown Season has arrived.)

The soundtrack to the fireworks finale of Charlie Brown Season is the beautiful (and often very evocative and touching) original soundtrack to the animated A Charlie Brown Christmas as performed by the Vince Guaraldi Trio.

And, as the giveaway label above attests, we’ve got a number of copies on Limited Edition green vinyl to give away to brighten the Charlie Brown Season in your own home.

First released in 1965 as the soundtrack to the animated CBS Television Special, A Charlie Brown Christmas has become ubiquitous since its initial airing, and a such was entered into the Library of Congress National Recording Registry on May 23, 2012 and a Grammy Hall of Fame inductee in 2007.

Just in time for Christmas and courtesy of our friends at the Concord Music Group, we’ve got 5 copies of a newly pressed limited edition on green vinyl to award to 5 of you.

Enter to win a green vinyl copy of A Charlie Brown Christmas by sharing your personal reflections on the sound track (briefly!) in the comments below. We’ll award 5 heart warming individual responses—with a North American mailing address—a copy of the LP a week from today, 11/27.

Happy Charlie Brown Season!

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  • AgentONeal

    Last Christmas I spent the day eating an entire pumpkin pie and setting up a television by myself. My family lives 2,000 miles away and I had just broken up with my girlfriend. This Christmas, I’ll be alone again, but I’m anticipating reuniting with my family in two months. Joy!

  • David

    I love all the songs here but the most endearing moment for me is the “mistake” of a flubbed note in the main theme of “Linus&Lucy”. It’s just one clunker, but it makes it so human and so unlike anything produced today (it would be ruined by auto-tune).  I listen for it everytime and always makes me smile.

  • SarahJoy

    Hello TVD!!  I love this album for how soothing it is to listen to, especially because of the familiarity and warm holiday feelings.  I also enjoy it as an alternative to traditional holiday music, and would LOVE to win a green copy.  Thanks for considering me. 
    Love, Sarah Joy  ()

  • Kubrick

    Christmas isn’t Christmas without the Vince Guaraldi Trio. Though I don’t own a vinyl copy, the CD is usually the first one I pull out of the Christmas box as it gets closer to the holiday season. It reminds me of Christmases past and keeps me hopeful for future Christmases.

  • MikeCawthorn

    It just isn’t Christmas without hearing A Charlie Brown Christmas.  I loved it as a kid and passed it along to my daughter.  From humming “Skating” while playing in the snow to coming inside and drinking hot chocolate singing “Christmas Time is Here”.  I have so many wonderful memories with this soundtrack.  I actually listen to it throughout the year to put me in a good mood.

  • purple tree

    so i wish i could buy everything i see for Christmas on vinyl but i can’t.  i did however get my 6 and 7 yr old daughters record players for this Christmas and i found a very nice copy of A Rainbow Brite Christmas on vinyl for them, this would be a wonderful addition to their about to grow collection!  my hope is to secure a love of vinyl for my daughters so when my time comes, they don’t ditch all my vinyl and instead go through it and keep what they like.  This would be a great influence on my family’s Christmas this year!

  • Caroline

    As kids, as soon as December hit my younger brother and I would grab the box of Christmas specials we had on video cassette and watch them over and over. A Charlie Brown Christmas was our favorite and we would reenact scenes from it for our parents. As a bossy older sister by nature, I would pretend to be Lucy while my brother did the part as Schroder and we would laugh as my brother hummed the variations of Jingle Bells and mimed his imaginary piano. My mother loved the Vince Guaraldi soundtrack and would play Linus & Lucy for us on her piano. It just wasn’t Christmas without A Charlie Brown Christmas in the house.

  • Caroline

    As kids, as soon as December hit my younger brother and I would grab the box of Christmas specials we had on video cassette and watch them over and over. A Charlie Brown Christmas was our favorite and we would reenact scenes from it for our parents. As a bossy older sister by nature, I would pretend to be Lucy while my brother did the part as Schroder and we would laugh as my brother hummed the variations of Jingle Bells and mimed his imaginary piano. My mother loved the Vince Guaraldi soundtrack and would play Linus & Lucy for us on her piano. It just wasn’t Christmas without A Charlie Brown Christmas in the house. carolgarbo(at)

  • Jen1032005

    Wow that album would really bring me back to my childhood.

  • Mark

    I saw George Winston (American modern classical/new age pianist) in concert in the late ’80s. He played a beautiful concert, with a particularly wonderful encore. He began by saying some very kind words about Vince Guaraldi -his brilliance as a composer and pianist, and his influence on George Winston’s own musical growth. He also talked about how deceptively complex his music is and how hard it is to play well, but promised he would try to do it justice. He then proceeded to play an extended selection from this album. I was instantly transported back to my childhood, in that visceral, emotional way only truly great art can achieve. It was a wonderful moment, and made me appreciate this brilliant music even more. I still watch the movie with my family and listen to the soundtrack every year – it’s the defining music of the season, and remains as fresh and inspiring as the first time I heard it.

  • Bianca Rose

    A Charlie Brown Christmas means a lot to me, it reminds me of good times with my family (especially my big brother) and the spirit of the holidays. There’s also so many good lines in it like “It’s too early. I never eat December snowflakes. I always wait until January.” ha! 🙂

  • JasonWac

    i watched this movie repeatedly during the holidays as a child, and can’t remember a year that went by not watching it several times with my family. 
    i have recently moved far from home with my wife and 8 month old daughter. i am excited to watch charlie brown with her for the first time. 
    she has begun to really enjoy music and is doing the infant dance (leg bobbing and head shaking). i know that we would all appreciate the album and the reminder of home.

  • Dennis Cobb

    This wonderful piece of music immediately brings me back to the late 60’s.  There were 2 significant things that were part of my young life that signaled the arrival of the Christmas season – one being the receipt of the Sears and Roebuck’s Toy catalog and the other being the airing of A Charlie Brown Christmas on CBS.  The latter became an annual event for my parents and I….as soon as we would learn of the date and time of the airing, we would begin to make plans that would ensure our being able to watch it together.  After all, it was a once a year event….there were no VCR’s then, so it had to be seen at the time of broadcast.  We carried on this annual tradition into my adulthood until my parents both passed, and I began the cycle all over again with my own children when they were born, and it continues this day as they are becoming adults.  This music has, and always will, be very near and dear to the hearts of my family and I.  Happy Thanksgiving to The Vinyl District!

  • Joe S

    When my Dad first got a CD player in 1994 (which was massive and expensive) this was the first CD we ever got and we played it non-stop from Thanksgiving night until New Years.
    It’s also the first CD we had to replace because we completely wore it out. I absolutely had to get my own copy when I moved out.

  • mudpucket

    it reminds me of my father who sadly passed away 5 years ago this month…and of opening his gifts on Christmas eve as this played in the background. lol. my dad was an exciteable kid at heart and he couldnt wait until Christmas day. Also the soundtrack made this thrash metal lover turn from Slayer to jazz. 🙂

  • cbanders

    Christmastime with my family would not be the same without a nice fire burning and  A Charlie Brown Christmas playing in the background. The music brings an immediate sense of calm to me and reminds me so much of the wonderful simplicity of family and music.

  • Karen G

    I grew up reading Peanuts in the paper and watching specials on TV. I have been a fan for over 50 years. Every year I play this CD for my kids and now, my grandchild. It would mean so much to have in on a green vinyl limited edition. …Have a very Happy Holiday.

  • lakesidegirl

    Every year during the Christmas season growing up, my dad would play A Charlie Brown Christmas on cassette in the car.  The first playing of the tape every December was always a special way to start off the Christmas season in our family. Linus and Lucy was/is always our favorite! Our drives in the car during the Christmas season were not complete without A Charlie Brown Christmas! While we couldn’t play the Vinyl in the car, it would definitely be just as special playing in the house to celebrate!

  • Aspenn_

    I don’t have any deep stories to tell, however I have always loved both, Peanuts and Jazz. It has been in the past year or two that I have been exploring my love for the music. As a child of the the 1990’s I grew up loving Peanuts and watching with my family. I still watch whenever I can. I’m starting to think of Vince Guaraldi outside of the Peanuts box. As a fairly new fan of Vince as a musician, I would love to have a Vinyl!

  • Gabrielle M

    Every year I wait until the right season to listen to this soundtrack. This is the music I grew up on and it always makes me feel at home no matter what. Vince Guaraldi inspired me to run home from school every night and jump on the piano until my hands couldn’t take it anymore. No matter what is happening in my life or where I am, this album will always allow me to escape into my own little world of music and peace.

  • Brian E

    My family cycled this album on vinyl every Christmas season, now my 3 year old loves watching all the holiday movies over and over again.  I finally obtained a record player this year, so this would be a sweet addition to pass it on to my family!

  • lekdrol

    As a child, I wasn’t a huge fan of the Charlie Brown specials, but I kept coming back. I eventually realized I was coming back for the music. Lucky me, as I got older I grew to appreciate the humor and message of the specials as well as learned all I could about Vince Guaraldi and his music. By coincidence, at the moment I’m recording a Christmas show for my college radio station and happen to be playing three songs off of this album, the best Christmas album ever recorded. Looking forward to playing the vinyl. 🙂

  • DavidLynch

    I might not be the jazz aficionado I am today were it not for this album. It influenced me immensely.
    I’ve owned this album on vinyl and CD (both in original and remastered form). I no longer have my vinyl copy, and would love to hear it again with its original analog warmth!

  • Jake C

    When I was in elementary school, only 10 years ago, I would go over to my grandparents house with my siblings after school.  We would make a point every year to do something special to commemorate the holidays, and Charlie Brown and this album were always a part of that commemoration.  With my Grandmother, we would always prep snowflake sugar cookies to the sounds of “Christmas Time is Here” and “O, Tannenbaum”, throw the cookies into the oven and then go outside and play in the snow.  My Grandfather would be out watching us, letting their energetic collie Sarge chase us around, tossing the occasional snowball or two in our faces when we least expected it!  When we got too tired, we’d come back inside and enjoy the fresh-out-of-the-oven cookies with a warm glass of cocoa, sit by the fireplace and all watch “A Charlie Brown Christmas.”  Even though they can’t celebrate with us now, my family still recognizes this yearly Charlie Brown Christmas of our own!

  • M_Live1

    A Charlie Brown Christmas is truly a holiday classic. The only thing that can compliment sitting at home roasting chessnuts, is this wonderful score. I’d feel blessed to have this record in my life, It takes me back to time when things were much simpler. I want to thank Vince Guaraldi & his trio for making Charlie Brown so great, & in turn making my childhood so great. I get goosebumps everytime I here skating & I always find myself looking for the repeat button. If I was awarded with the beautiful vinyl; I would be ecstatic & a gem would be added to my collection. Thank you TVD.

  • Samantha

    It doesn’t feel like the holidays without watching A Charlie Brown Christmas, and listening to the Vince Guaraldi Trio.  Christmas Time is Here will always be my favorite Christmas song.  I remember finding the piano songbook in middle school, and I sat there practicing and practicing, to one day play along with the cd.  I’ve only been able to master parts of songs, but nothing can compare with the magic Vince Guaraldi brings to music.  I recently acquired a record player, and have been looking for A Charlie Brown Christmas to add to my collection of jazz records. Peanuts and this album introduced me to Vince Guaraldi, and I would love love love to hear it on vinyl!

  • IsaacSvensson

    A radio program, an outdoor ice rink, a bakery, a cut-your-own Christmas tree lot and a Svensaw, mulled wine, an overcrowded hardware store, the attic, ladders and untangling, Mr. Christmas’ house on a Christmas Eve night drive after service, new pets, gingerbread waffles—my childhood wrapped in O Tannenbaum to Christmas Time Is Here.

  • JennyLeighHodgins

    Like many, I grew up watching Charlie Brown specials as part of every holiday season. I was moved even then by the intricate connection of the music and characters/stories.  I grew up immersed in playing my own original piano music, inspired by Linus at his piano.  Vince G’s music has been a staple in my collection for many years–& I’m still inspired by how his jazz music became involved with the TV shows–a real anomaly at the onset.  I’m still an aspiring pianist, composer, & hope one day to have my own music involved in TV/film.  Not that I could ever fill VG’s shoes–but definitely, his unique style of storytelling through music, keeps me hoping for a breakthrough.  I teach 600 elementary age students weekly as a music teacher, & playing Linus & Lucy for them never gets old or fails to fascinate my students! Long live VG’s beautiful musical spirit!

  • BenjaminMeredith

    It was a Christmas about 10 years ago now.  I was going through an extremely difficult period in my life.  My parents, sister and I were on our way to an extended family function.  I was sitting in the back seat listening to the album on CD, looking out the window at the snow-dusted scenery under overcast skies.  The instrumental of “Christmastime is Here” came on, and I was hit hard with a wave of nostalgia.  For the girl that had just broken up with me, for the college I had just dropped out of, the ambitions I had laid aside, for the Christmases Past and the magical perspective we lose as we travel further and further into adulthood.  I started crying, but thankfully, I was wearing a huge hoodie.  I pulled the hood up and over my face, so I practically disappeared into it, and sat there in the backseat, alone in spite of the fact that I was mere inches away from all of the people closest to me in life.  They never had a clue that I was crying.  I think they still don’t know.

  • LizBlack

    This soundtrack actually means a lot to me. Hearing it instantly transports me back to my childhood, when my parents were healthier and more family was still alive. This soundtrack played throughout Thanksgiving and Christmas. Last year’s Thanksgiving was held at my in-laws (my parents and Aunt joined us) and I played this soundtrack at dinner. Everyone loved it. 
    Also, at my wedding (Oct 30th, 2010) I played “Great Pumpkin Waltz” as the dance with my father.

  • M_Live1

    A Charlie Brown Christmas is truly a holiday classic. The only thingthat can compliment sitting at home roasting chessnuts, is this wonderfulscore. I’d feel blessed to have this record in my life, It takes me back to timewhen things were much simpler. I want to thank Vince Guaraldi & his trio formaking Charlie Brown so great, & in turn making my childhood so great. I getgoosebumps everytime I here skating & I always find myself looking for therepeat button. If I was awarded with the beautiful vinyl; I would be ecstatic& a gem would be added to my collection. Thank you TVD.

  • Renee

    The “Charlie Brown Christmas” soundtrack is something I can listen to any time of year, and suddenly I feel like a child at Christmas time again. I’m sitting on the living room rug of my parents’ house where I grew up, and I smell the comforting scents of my mother cooking, the rustic pine scent of our tree, and my father building a fire in the fireplace; I feel a tender warmth from the inside out, and in this memory, the “Charlie Brown Christmas” soundtrack backs up the scene with perfection. I will listen to these songs as long as I live and feel an instant, comforting, happy glow.

  • alicegbeck

    When I was little,  I used to tape my house key on my skates so I could be just as happy as the Peanuts were when they sang, “Happiness.”

  • IsaacSvensson

    A radio programan outdoor ice rinka bakerya cut-your-own Christmas tree lot and a Svensawmulled winean overcrowded hardware storethe atticladders and untanglingMr. Christmas’ house on a Christmas Eve night drive after servicenew petsgingerbread waffles
    —my childhood wrapped in O Tannenbaum to Christmas Time Is Here.

  • IsaacSvensson

    A radio program, an outdoor ice rink, a bakery, a cut-your-own Christmas tree lot and a Svensaw, mulled wine, an overcrowded hardware store, the attic, ladders and untangling, Mr. Christmas’ house on a Christmas Eve night drive after service, new pets, gingerbread waffles, —my childhood wrapped in O Tannenbaum to Christmas Time Is Here.

  • nathanchase

    It will always be my favorite Christmas album. The rhythms Guaraldi incorporates are so delicate and complex simultaneously. It’s such a great record to have on to put me in the mood and spirit of the season.

  • Meredith Thomas

    A Charlie Brown Christmas has been a tradition in my family for more than 20 years now. Each year on the day after Thanksgiving, my family buys a Christmas tree. After my brothers tie it to the roof of our car, we bring it home and prepare it to display in our living room. As soon as we pull out the first box of ornaments, we immediately put our old Vince Guaraldi Trio cassette in the tape player. Even though this tape is extremely old and worn, it has been a tradition since my brothers and I were children. When we finish decorating the tree and our home, we all settle down with some hot cocoa and turn on A Charlie Brown Christmas VHS. For as long as I can remember, this is what we have done as a family: my grandma, mother, two older brothers, and myself. This year is the first year we will all not be together over the holiday season. The 175 year old house I grew up in and looked forward to returning to each holiday season, is no longer my home; my older brother’s have moved on, and my grandma no longer lives in the same household as my mother. It is sad to think my Christmas will never be the same, but each year, as I listen to and watch A Charlie Brown Christmas, I will feel like a child again, surrounded by my family and our old-fashioned decorated home… exactly the way Christmas should be.

  • Callie B

    This soundtrack brings me more joy than any other out there. Every song reminds me of Christmas time spent at home with my sweet mom. Making holiday dishes, decorating our tree and then finally opening presents. A Charlie Brown Christmas is the soundtrack to my every Holiday and am so thankful for that. It will always make me think of my mom and being in my hometown during Christmas time.

  • Callie B

    This soundtrack brings me more joy than any other out there. Every song reminds me of Christmas time spent at home with my sweet mom. Making holiday dishes, decorating our tree and then finally opening presents. A Charlie Brown Christmas is the soundtrack to my every Holiday and am so thankful for that. It will always make me think of my mom and being in my hometown during Christmas time.

  • alicegbeck

    When I was a kid, I’d tape my house key to my skates and skate around in the winter. I thought I was part of the Peanut gang, and didn’t understand the concept of a skate key, but I wanted to be a part of them anyway. I’d come home while my mom played “A Charlie Brown Christmas” in the kitchen , and I’d take my skates off and warm my socks on the radiator while dinner was cooking.

  • PeterJArts

    The early 1960’s: Christmas shopping with my parents, brother and sister…stuffed in the Edsel, and listening to Nat ‘King’ Cole, Sinatra, Bing, Andy Williams, etc. It was/is great music…but, it was THEIR Christmas music. We’d hear ‘Jingle Bell Rock’ while shopping at Sears; but, that was my older sister’s Christmas music.
    Now, its December, 1965, and while I have the tunes from the previous year’s ‘Rudolph’, they’re still pretty traditional. Then…my parents turn on the old DuMont (b&w) TV to CBS, and all of a sudden, there is gentle piano and thrumming bass over the sight of the ‘Peanuts’ gang ice skating on their pond. This is great music…Christmas music…MY Christmas Music.
    Vince Guaraldi brought jazz into the mega-mainstream, and deep into a generation’s consciousness with his indelible score. And, though these days MetLife may think it their music…its OURS…and, always will be!
    “MERRY CHRISTMAS, CHARLIE BROWN (and, thank you)!!!”

  • Naoki

    I had my first REAL Christmas experience when I moved to Canada from Japan in 2003 when I was 16. I was living with my home-stay family and they loved Christmas, they would be playing great Christmas music on their home sound system everyday in December. And of course, Charlie Brown Christmas was one of their favorite. I was just getting into Jazz then, and I fell in love with the sound right away. I’d be sitting there in front of a fireplace, looking snow-covered silver world outside and listening to great tunes. I felt so classy and so happy.

  • rbgame

    This is going to sound strange. Ironic. Contrapuntal. Whatever. But… ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ is my breakup record. Some girl breaks my heart. And it’s ‘Skating’ in the car, the whole album at home. The choral arrangements are well worn but meticulous. The instrumentation sounds like home. I almost associate the “bump…buduludup…budduludupdupdup…” from “My LIttle Drum” with the tick of my heart when I approach my parents house on holidays. This album is my xanax, my guru, my wash basin. Guaraldi was a genius, and every beautiful composition and recording he left behind is a tragic reminder to do the things you do well every minute that you’re alive.

  • NolanTJ

    I grew up loving jazz.  In a green house with red doors, because my mother loved Christmas.  This album represents a sort of eternal family compromise for me… and as such the rotation of the music has always been more prevalent than the actual television program (whose shortened cues have been known to startle members of my clan).
    “A Charlie Brown Christmas” as an album is a true accomplishment– as it is an all time great jazz album that greatly increased the visibility of Vince Guarladi and his trio, as well as a classic Christmas piece.  As touchstone, the blending of those things remains personally important in a way that I’m not sure I can verbalize.  But as the reprise of “Greensleeves” washes over my ears, it’s a feeling I can at least instantly call upon.

  • RM97

    Like many other folks out there, I grew up watching Peanuts specials every holiday. “A Charlie Brown Christmas” was not only the soundtrack to the memorable TV special, but to me and my family’s Christmas. The soft, relaxing nostalgia this very soundtrack induces is euphoric. Every time I listen to “Skating”, my favourite track, I am transported back to magical winter days in the comfort of my warm home and family. “A Charlie Brown Christmas”, and, of course, the incredible Vince Guaraldi Trio, will truly forever have a place in my heart.

  • dainbramage

    Every time I hear this tune my heart instantly warms.  Memories of my childhood looking out the picture window watching the snow fall.  infront of the hot fireplace in my pajamas surrounded in a thick comforter.  One of the few purely emotional pieces of music that bestow security, happiness, peace.  Think I’ll grab the disc and listen to it now…

  • Onslow

    I saw the first airing of “A Charlie Brown Christmas” in 1965. I was eleven. I’ve never missed an airing since. Though I was a big fan of “Peanuts”, it was Guaraldi’s music that made the show special.  It was my first introduction to jazz, and it made me a lifelong lover of a piano, bass and drums playing soft, sweet jazz.

  • simon

    vince guaraldi is how i got into jazz. the charly brown christmas album is a beautiful record, not only during the holidays. i’ve listened to it many times and ask myself, why it is not more popular.(by the way: ‘christmas time’ is also used as part of the arrested development soundtrack)

  • klaustina

    I listened to this album every holiday season, all my life growing up… would even put on a “play” of the classic show, with this album playing in the background, as a child with my best friends, brother and cousin… those are truly some of the best memories of childhood! it’s on standard rotation in our house and in the car, and my 2 yr old is already a huge fan- as soon as the album ends, he asks to listen to “snoopy christmas” again… 🙂

  • SLopez

    I would loved Charlie Brown and would cry if I didn’t get to watch my show. I have the cassette but not the actual album. Everybody loves Charlie Brown Christmas. We play it during all Christmas mornings while opening gifts. We take a long time to open gifts. I had a Snoopy stuffy for a long time as a little girl. Vince Guaraldi was an awesome jazz man. Classic! Always a staple as far as Christmas music goes. Thanks for the memories. 🙂

  • SStang

    My nanny bought me the read-along vinyl lp when I was a kid back in the 70s, and I played it to death!  I loved that record, and I have a special place in my heart for my nanny every time the holidays come around and I watch ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’.  It had full color pages to read along with that displayed the animated stills of the show…I must say, I listened to the record before actually seeing the animated special, and those memories will stay with me for always!  The soundtrack is one I listen to any season of the year, but listening to ‘Skating’ while it’s snowing out is a sublime experience!  Thanks, Vince!  Happy holidays to all!

  • Keag

    Every Christmas I can remember my home had that special mood that only came around once a year. One of the ingredients was Vince Guaraldi’s “A Charlie Brown Christmas” playing through the house 24/7. My older brother eventually picked up the sheet music and soon enough it was being played live to us from the living room. Last year my brother received a record player for Christmas. I did my best to get him the finest Jazz records that the Thrift Store would provide. This year, I would love to get him this special record. It holds so much sentimental value to me and my family and would make such a good gift for him.

  • TrentVanAlfen

    Every year my family and I would watch A Charlie Brown Christmas growing up. We would build a fire and eat popcorn. When I moved away from my family I would watch make popcorn and watch A Charlie Brown Christmas when I got homesick (but it made me more homesick). I plan on making it a christmas tradition with my future family. I now collect records as well and I have a limited ed. green vinyl of David Bowie narrating Peter and the Wolf, which this would go perfect with!

  • Kari86

    I’ve been watching A Charlie Brown Christmas at least once a year for as long as I can remember. Even now at age 26 I have a Snoopy calendar, and yes, I make full use of the stickers that came with it! 🙂 I have always loved that it focuses on the true meaning of Christmas. The soundtrack is so festive and relaxing, I was listening to the CD in the car just a few hours ago. I love collecting records and I would love to add A Charlie Brown Christmas to my albums. I don’t have any green ones! 🙂

  • GabrielMartinez

    My father is a huge Peanuts fan, and this soundtrack has been a part of our Thanksgiving and Christmas traditions for as long as I can remember. From the original vinyl, to CD’s I’ve been listening to it for over 30 years. No other instrumental tracks I’ve heard so perfectly evoke the spirit and feeling of Christmas.

  • Christine W

    I had just finished lunch at a ski resort in Tahoe.  The instrumental version of Christmastime is Here was playing on the sound system.  As a friend and I were walking around, it started to snow slightly.  An awesome memory.

  • TimBatz

    No one else I know loves Jazz. But to me, Jazz is more than a genre, it’s a lifestyle. Artists like Vince Guaraldi remind me what is was like when real musicians put soul and life into their music. This is apparently true in this Charlie Brown Christmas vinyl. I hope to show my kids the magic of the holiday season with Mr. Guaraldi’s wonderful music.

  • VincentWalter

    Charlie Brown and Vince G. are the reasons I am a big fan of all Jazz now.  This soundtrack was the seed to Jazz appreciation in my young synapses in the 1960’s.  And Christmas just isn’t Christmas without this wonderful album.

  • Jeremy R

    Ever since I could remember, Vince Guaraldi’s Charlie Brown Christmas album has been the defining characteristic of the holidays. Whether it was hearing Christmas is Coming while decorating the house, Greensleeves on the car radio after buying the tree, or Skating faintly noticed amid the clamor of gift shopping at the mall–as soon as we heard those jazzy and familiar melodies, we knew that the best time of the year had arrived. For me, as I know it is for many others, Christmas isn’t Christmas without it.

  • celawn

    I play this so often that my wife and kids scream “Again?!?” every time.  It’s my favorite part of the Holidays.

  • cincinnerdi

    Start listening to this album, and you’ll want to hear all of Vince Guaraldi’s stuff. Next thing you know, you’re a jazz fan. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

  • Brian N. B.

    Vince Guaraldi painted the exact sound that the Christmas special needed, and we could never have one without the other. That special was as important for it’s music as it was for the animation. I have listened to this soundtrack through every season of the year since my childhood. Our lives have been enriched, and I am thankful that Vince played his/our music!

  • MikeHanns

    A Charlie Brown Christmas was probaly the first time I ever heard jazz(that I remember) and Ive become a huge Vince Guaraldi fan in the years. I remember I used to hear Cast Your Fate to the Wind and I loved it for years without realizing that it was Guaraldi, but when I discovered that I knew what a great composer he really was.

  • lfthering

    This album is the definitive “Christmas” album. When I try to emulate Guaraldi by plunking out some of his jazzy seasonal licks, I begin to get that warm fuzzy feeling inside. But it isn’t until I listen to the masterful original that I’m overwhelmed with a sense of good cheer and and holiday spirit. This trio is so tasty, and this album will forever be my go-to holiday album of choice.

  • Ryan

    For many, the Christmas season involves timeless reminiscence. Enjoying the traditions from our youth seems to transport us to a greatly endeared time in our lives. Music is one of our greatest holiday traditions, and no other album has captured the spirit of the season like A Charlie Brown Christmas. Many of us grew up with the Peanuts holiday specials; timeless classics in their own right. The music that accompanies the Christmas special is some of the most intricate and brilliant Christmas music ever, and the album seems to encompass all that Christmas represents. Each track paints a classic picture of what Christmas time is truly about, and no medium captures the warm sound of the Vince Guaraldi trio like vinyl. Dropping the needle on this album of unparalleled greatness has always been and continues to be one of my most endeared Christmas traditions.

  • Matheteis

    From finding again no greeting cards in his mailbox, to a mutinous Christmas play cast & crew, to being totally laughed out of the little holiday spirit he had left for buying a droopy Christmas tree, blockhead Charlie Brown desperately needs what deep down we all need – a true friend that knows him and loves him for who he really is. Enter Linus, “‘For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord’…That’s what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown. This same Savior is born to you – and all the Charlie Browns of the world. Merry Christmas!

  • Arouet96

    I thought I would have something original to post, but it seems like so many people discovered Vince Guaraldi’s music, and through him jazz in general, through this album.  Like Peanuts, the music is completely sincere with just the right amount of irreverence.  I’d also like to add that Guaraldi did the only two Beatles covers I’ve ever liked: “I’m A Loser” and his amazing cover of “Eleanor Rigby” from his last album “Alma Ville.”

  • AndySchmidt

    Every year, millions of viewers watch ACBC and hear the sublime stylings of Vince, Fred, Jerry, Colin, and Monty.  I would argue that these guys turned more people on to jazz than Miles, Louis, Duke, Artie, Ella, JC, (you get the picture) ever did.  Like Kind of Blue, I never tire of this album, which exudes Christmas with every note.  To me, Christmas just would not be Christmas without this music. Now, I get to watch ACBC every year with my nieces (aged 6 and 3 now) and revel in the fact that, as we are boogieing down to Linus & Lucy, I am passing this tradition along to two of the cutest little jazz fans you’ve ever seen!

  • samluk

    As an artist, I owe everything to my past. I remember so clearly that year, when I was 10, my father gave me a VCD for Christmas. “This is what I watched and fell in love with when I was exactly your age.” We sat together and watched the Peanuts philosophize and rejoice, dancing and singing to Vince Guaraldi. I left home to study while my father stayed and worked on commercial vessels to cover a large part of my tuition. I phoned home whenever he was on land and one Christmas morning, the show came on TV. For the first time in years I felt truly lonely in this foreign land. After I met my girlfriend, we would fly every year to see my dad, who now has mobility issues but still going strong. Ever since the first day, my girlfriend’s family has treated me like their own son, making me feel so welcomed in this country, where I now call my second home. A few months ago, her father passed away. I have not lived the same pain and can only feel ever closer to my own father. When I saw this giveaway, I thought it perfect if Vince Guaraldi could light up my girlfriend’s and my home on the turntable, while we sit by the fire with the rest of the family to rejoice, dance, and sing.

  • chase

    This album has been played at every Christmas since I moved to Oregon 30+ years ago.  It is the consummate Christmas Eve album to played as everything winds down to sit back, relax and enjoy the warmth of family and friends enjoying each other’s company and fellowship of the season.

  • BobGee

    This is a must have Christmas CD if you are a jazz or pop culture fan. The first five notes of Christmas Time is Here causes my chest to feel a little warmer and brings a smile to my face.

  • jess

    this album is not only the soundtrack to my holiday season; it’s the little boost that gets me feeling joyful and triumphant all year long.

  • skylermauro

    I seriously love these tracks and that glorious mustache of his.

  • skylermauro

    I seriously love these tracks and that glorious mustache.

  • Aryu

    In my youth, I would listen to this album in July because Christmas couldn’t come soon enough. I curled up under my blanket with the fan positoned on me cranked to high and imagined it to beva snowy winter day.

  • fluffyasis

    It’s the sweetest soundtrack ever and great jazz. Each piece evokes a scene in the television special so well. I can always picture the way the twin girls danced–I danced that way myself as a girl. And there is Snoopy rigging up his dog house to win the big prize. I received the cassette tape as a gift from my long-distance boyfriend and played it at different times of the year to help me remember him and the purity of the message from Charles Schultz. Merry Christmas Charlie Brown!!

  • facebook_thom

    I wish more people knew and respected Vince Guaraldi’s genius.

  • ThomasPowellGriffith

    Ah, Vince. What a lad.

  • Kim Yuers

    Grew up with this record and it remains my favorite Christmas music to me and my two borthers.

  • Kim Yuers

    Grew up with this record and it remains my favorite Christmas music for me AND to my two brothers.

  • jc12

    For me, watching the 15 minute t.v. special is unsatisfying. To be immersed, in the world of the immortal neo 50’s, politely correct Brown, is christmas noir zen.  The soundtrack underscores the sardonic pastiche of the script and supremely complements the oftentimes crude and dazzling visual score.

  • RichR

    I had just finished setting up the sound system for a Christmas program at our church – and to test it out I popped in a CD that was always within reach during the holidays.  As those familiar melodies began to fill the great hall the audience began to file in.  A small girl holding her mother’s hand was clearly unhappy at the prospect of sitting quietly for another Christmas program – but then she stopped – and I could see the recognition light up her face as she excitedly said “Mommy!  Mommy!  Its the Charlie Brown music!”

  • Jaime Lee

    Every year my family decorated for Christmas the weekend after Thanksgiving.  This soundtrack was a vital part of that tradition.  To this day all I have to do is hear a snippet of this album to be transported back to relive the magical experience of a child helping to decorate the tree.  I can see in my minds eye the big boxes of ornaments and smell the “fancy” hot chocolate that would inevitably be made on the stove.  For just a moment, I feel like the little girl who had to be lifted up high to put the angel on top of the tree.  I also recall the message within the CBS special and am reminded anew that Christmas is so much more than gifts.  Most importantly, I am able to find the inner child that loves Christmas with the sheer joy of innocent anticipation.

  • Charles B

    I’ve always considered me having a lot in common with Charlie Brown’s character (and not just because we have the same initials). I guess that’s why I love the comics and the series so much. I really enjoy the holiday specials, my favorite being A Charlie Brown Christmas. I watched it every year since I was a kid. But it wasn’t until I was 20 that I got my hands on the soundtrack. We live in a world where time goes by quickly and lots of things change. But this soundtrack is my link to the past. Christmas meant so much to me as a child and this soundtrack takes me back to those Christmases. I love doing nothing more than listening to this whole album with a glass of eggnog in a warm, cozy environment just so I can get a glimpse of my happiest Christmas moments with my family. Not to mention, it is a huge conversational piece at a Christmas party!

  • Diana

    This soundtrack symbolizes everything about Christmas. It reminds me of my childhood. Coming from a farm-worker family, I wouldn’t get exactly what I wanted for Christmas, but I was thankful I received anything at all. I work at a school, and the soundtrack reminds me of all my kids. I try to gift them little things here and there, and there are many who really appreciate me giving them a pencil or a piece of candy. A Charlie Brown Christmas symbolizes the season of giving to those less fortunate and appreciating everything around us.

  • DanaFlemming

    It’s amusing to me how many non-piano players sit down at a keyboard, and try to plink out the linus and lucy lick.   I know.  I’m one of them.

  • RandallPink

    My fondest childhood memories are that warm bass sound and melodicpiano coming through my TV set when A Charlie Brown Christmas would comeon every December. Vince Guaraldi was my first exposure to jazz and theplanted seed that would lead me to pickup the bass as my instrument ofchoice many years later. Not only do I listen to the album in my car andhome every year, but I still watch A Charlie Brown Christmas everyyear. Each and every time I listen, I travel back in time to mychildhood. No other music transports me to a specific place quite likethe music on this album. Peaceful, serene, and comfortable. There’s just nothing quite like it.

  • Scott C

    This is the sort of album that transcends it’s genre and theme. It has been a family tradition for as long as I can remember. It is childlike at heart but is adult and fresh at the same time. My 16 month old daughter has already taken to it. This is a desert island album for me. It goes above and beyond what it set out to be and it will always be linked with the holidays and memories of my family.

  • Commenter with a story

    I was first introduced to this by a friend

  • Commenter with a story

    I was first introduced to this album by a friend, and it has quickly become one of my favorite Christmas albums. I would like to be able to return the favor, so that they may be listening to it every Christmas season for years hence…

  • Jim Bruzzese

    A singular note from this soundtrack would end all brutalities between my sister and me as we rushed to sit side by side in front of the television!

  • Jeff Foster

    Being older than dirt, I can still remember this on tv back when you could only get 2-3 stations and you actually had to get up to turn the channel! Forgot this soundtrack up until the USPS started to sell these and I happened to pick one up, my goodness what I missed all these years! I have my own copy burned to cd from a clean copy of the release from vinyl to get that “warm” feeling with the turntable rumble and oh so slight crackle now and then, an absolute joy and I really consider it providencial how  Charles and Vince came together to make such wonderful animation come alive for so many generations. Go and read how the making of A Charlie Brown Christmas came about, it brought me to go search Vince’s catalog and discover many other “gems”.

  • moegly

    This soundtrack was played on repeat in moms car from Thanksgiving to New Years ever since I can remember. Now that I’m older, I’ve found myself taking on that tradition, and I hope to pass it down to the next generation as well.

  • Gregory Sheldon

    When Linus explains the true meaning of Christmas, you forget you are watching a cartoon intended for children. This little speech solidifies this special, which I have watched at least once a year since the mid-70s, as a classic. The soundtrack seems to be its own character, helping this amazing episode get from start to finish. When I hear it in a store or at a Christmas party, I am immediately taken to Linus’ speech and stricken with goosebumps and the warm feelings this show invokes.

  • Kelly C

    A Charlie Brown Christmas is one of only a few Christmas movie soundtracks that absolutely embody the childlike joy and wonder of Christmastime. As cynical as I may have become as I have grown, hearing the Lu lu lu’s of “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing!” or “Christmas Time is Here” will always, always, always soften my hardened heart. I can’t imagine Christmas without the Peanuts gang. They are able to make Christmas feel like home and family, wherever I may be.

  • Hannah B

    I remember my brother & I being little,  in front of the tv in our PJs with blankets – sitting on the floor to watch A Charlie Brown Christmas. For the duration of the entire episode, with the volume up, the entire world stopped. There was no homework, no chores, just bliss!  If you ask me, til this day,  there’s nothing like “Skating” to usher in the Christmas season……

  • sunsmellsloud

    Like most folks, I grew up watching A Charlie Brown Christmas TV special every year, helping bring in the Christmas season for my family and I. My sister has worked at Starbucks for years, and one year when her store was offering a remastered version of the CBC soundtrack on CD, she purchased one for me as an early Christmas gift. That CD rarely left my car’s CD deck, even long after the Christmas season was over. The album became important to me because it cheered me up during a particularly low point in life when I received it. To this day, my sister and I have a mutual love for this album which made our bond stronger, which is important to me since she moved up to Colorado from down here in Texas a year or so ago. I would love to be able to send her a copy of this on vinyl this Christmas as kind of a “wink,” and to thank her for being a supportive and loving sister despite our respective changing circumstances.

  • MAB

    How do you put that feeling of excitement, warmth, serenity, love and groove into words?  Peanuts holiday specials were some of the very few that were on for us to watch in the late 60’s and 70’s.  My sisters and brother and I combed the TV section of the newspaper every holiday to find out when they were coming on. Still today, just a few notes from Vince on the radio or over the loudspeaker instantly make me smile and long for the days of popcorn and hot chocolate in front of the heater with my mom and dad! I keep the holiday soundtrack in my office cd player and “Linus and Lucy” and “Skating” are the ringtones on my phone right now. Everyone knows these songs!  They’re genius and timeless and will continue through the years thanks to strong family traditions, like mine, and loads of others!

  • Turtleneck Just Right

    It won’t be long now, the hustle and bustle of the holiday season has begun; and this feeling of anxiousness is both humbling and warm. Vince Guaraldi reminds me every year of what Christmas is all about. His accompaniment to Charlie Brown’s Christmas draws me to the fireplace where I warm my toes with a twinkle in my eye to the sound of the piano reverberating through the house. Christmas cookies–with plenty of sprinkles–are in the oven, the dog is drinking from the christmas tree stand, and the smell of pine makes the air smell like my grandmother’s favorite drink. Time slows when I hear this album; the hustle and bustle speed up but I think I’ll lie here forever growing warmer and more excited for Christmas day.

  • MVB

    If watched A Charlie Brown Christmas every year of my life, but it wasn’t until the past few years that I totally fell in love with the genius of the soundtrack.  It actually plays year-round in our household.  Last year I bought a high end turntable.  I would love to have a vinyl version of the soundtrack to play on it.

  • Danielle H

    My dad just told me a week ago that he needed to get a new copy of A Charlie Brown Christmas CD because his doesn’t work anymore. His copy is so worn out and scratched up from listening to it so much! Honestly, I think he listens to it all year round. A Charlie Brown Christmas is his favorite movie. All things Charlie Brown, really. He was six years old when the special premiered on CBS and he’s been hooked ever since. My siblings and I even joke sometimes that he is Charlie Brown. I would love to give him a copy of A Charlie Brown Christmas on vinyl. I know it will last a lot longer than a CD. I recently got into buying vinyl myself. I’ve got a portable record player we could play it on for now. Soon him and my mom will have a turntable/stereo system when they move over to my Grandma’s house. I can just hear the sounds of Vince’s “Skating” (my personal favorite) filling up our home.

  • lizard1985

    This sound track will convert any Scrooge into a holiday lover. Brings nothing but happy memories from past holidays at home and at my MomMom’s to mind… cozy fires, hot chocolate, playing in the snow, hanging with the family & home cooking!

  • Stephanie D

    “A Charlie Brown Christmas” has always been a part of my family’s Christmas traditions. They do an unbelievable job of telling the “overcommercialized”-side of Christmas and the religious side of Christmas. The soundtrack is so memorable in its own way: combining a jazzy feel (hello, “Linus and Lucy”) with the iconic “Christmastime is Here”. Each winter, as the Christmas music starts to come on the radio, each person in my family calls the other the first time they here “that music” (as its affectionately known in my family). Everytime that song comes on, my mouth moves to an “O” shape as if I’m singing along with the gang. This soundtrack inspired my family and I to create painted wood cutouts for our lawn of the entire gang to stand around a “Charlie Brown Christmas Tree” with their mouths  open, ready to sing. Drivers cant help but stop and look. Even our pets love the soundtrack-and they would, considering their names are Lucy, Linus and Schroeder!

  • Adam B

    When I was a 9-year-old suburban piano student, my mom bought A Charlie Brown Christmas (on cassette!) just because she liked Linus and Lucy. I never particularly dug that tune, but one day she left the tape playing past Linus and Lucy and past both versions of Christmas Time is Here. When I heard “Skating,” my life changed. It hooked me so much that I literally wore out that tape. In 4th grade, I would listen to “Christmas Is Coming” on repeat during school in the hopes that the girl I had a crush on would hear it (because obviously that would make me really hip)! After that, I bought every Vince Guaraldi album that was available at the time. After that, I started to explore other jazz artists, and started to play jazz, and the whole thing sort of spun out of control.
    How out of control? I ended up majoring in jazz piano in college, and I am now a professional pianist. For the second year in a row I’ve been part of a Charlie Brown Christmas tribute here in California. To be honest, though, every time I sit down and play, it’s a tribute to Vince. The music he and his trio recorded back then is such a fundamental part of my musical DNA that I can’t imagine life without it. Thanks Vince (and mom)!

  • JennaWilson

    My heart sinks a little each year when, Halloween candy not yet digested, stores drag out their Christmas decor and start piping tinned carols up and down the aisles. As a Catholic, Christmas begins on the evening of the 24th and ends on Epiphany; but the over-commercialization of what I’ve come to think of as “Santamas” has turned the season on its head, building up the pressure to buy-buy-buy and ending abruptly amid the detritus of candy wrappers and torn paper. But then I hear the mellow/quirky/joyful sound of my favorite Christmas soundtrack, A Charlie Brown Christmas; my inner-cynic dies a little and I feel like a kid again. I’m reminded of what Linus said about the true meaning of Christmas and my hope is restored–someone understands! A kindred spirit! I would like nothing more than to share this album with my whole family this year–the first time since I was little that I’ve been able to celebrate the holidays with my aunts, uncles, and cousins–and give it a whirl on my uncle’s beautiful, old turntable.

  • skylermauro

    Can I have one please I really want it.
    Thank you and I love you.

  • ColleenMineau

    I have been a Peanuts fan for a long time. I have always loved A Charlie Brown Christmas because it is one of the most genuine Peanuts specials. It was created during a simpler time when children were very excited about the holidays and looked forward to Santa’s arrival. When you listen to this soundtrack and close your eyes, you can see the children skating across the ice, or imagine Charlie Brown as he walks through the snow to plant his little tree into a special spot in the snow. It makes you want to dance right along with the children at the Christmas play. Even today, I look forward to watching this each year, as it is the first, and one of the best specials. The music only adds to what is already a wonderful classic, and reminds you what Christmas is all about.


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