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Why More Gen Zs Fall In Love With Vinyl Records? Streaming music, premium subscriptions, and wireless speakers — these may seem like the norms in a Gen Z’s bubble. But for a growing segment of audiophiles in this demographic, the above-mentioned are nothing but a facade. Nowadays, turntable sales are mostly from millennials and some folks in their late thirties and early forties. A little behind them are Gen Zs, which may come off as a shock. However, the reality that turntables had outlived many of their supposed successors led to discoveries, a path every young adopter would come across. But why does this presumed zombie tech continue to rise in the hearts of our youth? The answer lies in the factors indicated below.

Detroit, MI | Michigan is home to one of the best record stores in America: In this week’s local column, we’re talking about something every music lover enjoys: a trip to the local record shop. In Michigan, we have a wide range of great stores. One of those has actually been voted one of the best record stores in America. There’s something special and unique about spending time at a local record shop. It’s almost like a “Cheers”-type environment, where “Everyone knows your name.” Shoppers and staffers bond of their passion for all things music. It’s a retro experience that shopping online just can’t fulfill. First of all, it’s worth noting that Michigan has a plethora of solid record shops. If you’re in mid-Michigan, Flat, Black and Circular is a longstanding favorite. The shop has been on the campus of Michigan State University for decades and stands out, both because of its cozy feel and friendly, knowledgeable staff. Another mid-Michigan spot is The Record Lounge, which often hosts live music, to boot. Now, Spin Magazine recently released its list of the 10 Greatest Record Stores in America. On that list is Dearborn Music in Detroit.

Chattanooga, TN | Sales of new and ‘new old’ vinyl records can be found at Chattanooga’s Yellow Racket Records: Sales of vinyl records continued to set a record in 2021, according to a report on, and when Ben Vanderhart decided to take part in the action more than a year ago, he wanted to focus on a market that was not served locally. – freshly pressed vinyl records. It has proven to be a smart move, despite the pandemic forcing him to stop some of the in-store promotional ideas he has. “You can buy previously beloved records at McKay or in an antique mall, but even there it can be hard to find the really good ones because people tend to keep the ones they like,” he said. “The good ones like ‘What’s going on’, who will give it up?” Vanderhart’s Yellow Racket Records on West Main Street in Chattanooga sell the Marvin Gaye album as well as works by The Beatles and other classical rock artists, but they are freshly squeezed and sealed. The store also sells newly recorded albums by artists such as Taylor Swift, Radiohead and local groups Call Me Spinster and Strung Like a Horse.

Birmingham, AL | Vinyl record sales up 50.4% in 2021. Here’s what Birmingham shops have to say: Don’t throw away that old CD player or turntable! According to a yearly report from music data compiler MRC Data, 2021 was a fantastic year for CD sales. For the first time since 2004, CD sales actually increased. Last year wasn’t just a good year for compact discs—apparently, vinyl album sales increased a massive 50.4% over 2020. Why are people starting to buy more CDs and vinyl albums? We spoke with representatives from two record stores in Birmingham to learn more. In an era where nearly the entire wealth of recorded music is available at the tip of your fingers, it seems odd that antiquated forms of recording—such as vinyl albums, compact discs, cassette tapes and more—are picking up popularity. Although physical forms of music saw a steady decline in popularity in the early 2000s due to digital download and streaming services, there has been a renewed interest in vinyl albums over the past decade.

Willamette, OR | How Could One Storefront Contain the Power of Lottie & Zula’s, Erica’s Soul Food and New Record Store In-A-Gadda-Da-Vinyl? Erica’s Soul Food will move its trailer to NE Russell in January and In-A-Gadda-Da-Vinyl opens January 15. When Lottie & Zula’s sandwich shop first opened on Northeast Russell Street, it was a takeout window. The timing—October 2020, deep in the coronavirus pandemic—called for its charmingly makeshift nature. Co-owner John Fletcher Halyburton—known to most as “Fletch”—planned to eventually make full use of the former Toro Bravo space as an East Coast-style deli, market and cafe. It just wasn’t supposed to take 14 months. But now that the time has finally come, Fletch is not only fulfilling his original idea, but expanding on it. Lottie & Zula’s has a covered outdoor dining patio that also serves as the new home of Erica’s Soul Food, the Southeast 82nd Avenue cart beloved for both its hot lemon pepper wings and owner Erica Montgomery’s community-minded spirit. And on Jan. 15, the indoor space will also have a record store, In-A-Gadda-Da-Vinyl, operating as kind of a permanent pop-up.

TW | Vinyl pressing plant in Taiwan announces new service designed for limited pressings: Mobineko Express promises a fast turnaround time of four to eight weeks for smaller orders. Taiwan-based vinyl record pressing plant Mobineko has announced a new service which aims to fulfill smaller orders by record labels with a fast turnaround time. The news was announced by Mobineko last Friday (January 7) in a Facebook post revealing the new service called Mobineko Express, which will feature a brand new pressing system designed exclusively for it. Mobineko Express is touted to accommodate orders from 25 to 100 records per title, with a turnaround time of four to eight weeks. The plant explained that while they see Mobineko Express as a possible solution to major pressing plants allegedly “refusing to take orders for 2022 delivery”, the service had already been in the works for “the last few years”. “[We have been] building a brand new press that’s designed from scratch to be extremely efficient and fast for pressing runs starting at 25pcs with a 4 week turn time,” they wrote.

The best record players of CES 2022 prove vinyl’s still groovy. Opinion: CES 2022 was all about record players. CES is always the best time to discover exciting new technologies. However, the products that stole the show this year were more of the vintage variety: record players. Record players – or turntables – have been enjoying a steady rise in popularity over the past few years, with revenue from vinyl sales growing 94% in the US in 2021. Vast numbers of vinyl enthusiasts old and new are digging deep into their dust-collecting record collections and finding joy once more in the old technology. Whether vinyl’s rising star is down to people seeking a more tangible approach to music in a world of streaming or a collective nostalgia for all things retro, there’s no doubt about it: records and their players are here to stay. And CES 2022 has made that very clear. The most interesting record players showcased at the Las Vegas tech expo combined the very best elements of physical music playing – the tangibility, the warm sound of crackling vinyl – with the kind of modern conveniences we’ve come to expect from our audio devices.

Ricky Gervais recalls the first time he visited a record shop: Whatever you might think about his brand of comedy, Ricky Gervais normally delivers a stellar soundtrack, much of it steeped in the glory years of 1970s rock. Cemetery Junction namechecked Mott The Hoople and Elton John, Extras was awash with David Bowie, and lest we forget how beautifully The Office utilised ‘Handbags and Gladrags’ during the opening and closing credits. Currently enjoying a new creative wind with After Life, Gervais enjoys dipping his toe into a wide variety of genres, each more inexplicable than the last. What he could do in the future is start his own music show, and use it to exhibit some of his more idiosyncratic favourites. As it happens, Gervais started off as a music promoter and is rumoured to have introduced drummer Simon Gilbert to Suede, although the details of that meeting remain somewhat mysterious. As a younger man, he fronted synth pop duo Seona Dancing, and although success eluded them, ‘Bitter Heart’ holds a strangely impressive vocal.

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