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Alicia Witt, In-store with TVD at DC’s Som Records

PHOTOS: RICHIE DOWNS | You’ve seen her in films as diverse as Dune, Mr. Holland’s Opus, Vanilla Sky, and Urban Legend. On the smaller screen in The Walking Dead, Nashville, Twin Peaks, The Sopranos, Ally McBeal, Law and Order, Two and a Half Men, and most recently the final season of Orange Is the New Black.

And we saw Alicia Witt here in our own backyard of Washington, DC on tour in support of her current EP “15,000 Days”—multi-talented indeed. Prior to the evening’s show at DC’s record store and vinyl cafe Songbyrd, we invited Alicia to the set of our long running record shopping series at Som Records for an afternoon record rummage.

Turns out Alicia is just as much of a music fan and vinyl addict as we confess to be with a run through at the shop before we even arrived on scene. (No method acting here.) Engaged in the mission at hand, warm and funny with a hearty laugh and certainly not camera-shy, it was quite the lovely afternoon.

So, down Som’s stairs, shall we? We’re record shopping with Alicia Witt at DC’s Som Records.

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In rotation: 8/5/19

Dundee, UK | LISTEN: BBC Radio DJ dedicates show to Dundee ‘legend’ Alastair ‘Breeks’ Brodie: BBC Radio DJ Marc Riley has dedicated a show to former Dundee record show owner Alastair ‘Breeks’ Brodie, who died this week. Mr Brodie, 65, owned the iconic Groucho’s on the Nethergate and sold vinyl records in the city for 43 years. His passing on Tuesday night sparked a number of tributes from people in Dundee and further afield. Mr Riley became the latest to pay homage to Mr Brodie in his BBC Radio 6 show on Thursday night. Mr Riley, who has his own two-hour show on the digital platform four nights a week, began the show by saying: “I would like to dedicate this show to Alastair ‘Breeks’ Brodie, RIP, who ran Groucho’s record shop in Dundee. “He was a much-loved member of the local community and the music community – a legend by all accounts – so I hope he would have approved of this…” He then played The Cramps song ‘Can Your Pussy Do The Dog?’ in memory of Mr Brodie.

Japan record shopping: Back to Tokyo: After our rest in the mountains of Hakone I was excited to explore metropolitan Tokyo. When we arrived in Shibuya and got settled in I merely Google-mapped Disk Union and assumed following the search results would lead me to the correct destination. Along the way I came across the jazz bar Dug, a name I knew from separate recordings by Albert Manglesdorff and Mal Waldron. Unfortunately it was Dug in name only, with drinks and a cover charge, but no live music. A few blocks passed Dug, unlike so many of my other searches in Japan, I actually found the store on the first try, located in the heart of Shibuya with no trouble at all. Disk Union Shibuya is a multi- story affair with each floor dedicated to a different genre of music. The stairwell leading to F4, jazz and blues, certainly filled me with a sense of expectation.

Quentin Tarantino Is As Proud Of His Soundtracks As He Is Of His Films: My phone rang the evening after the Los Angeles premiere of Quentin Tarantino’s ninth film, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. Tarantino himself was calling to talk about his latest album: a very special approach to the film’s soundtrack. But first, some context: Tarantino’s latest film is an ode to Los Angeles in 1969, when the Manson family ruled Spahn Ranch (and drew the sexual attention of more than a few famous men), spaghetti Westerns were just becoming a thing, and KHJ “Boss Radio” soundtracked the lives of white Angelenos with Deep Purple and the Box Tops, stitched together with the patter of jocks like Humble Harve and jingly ads for stuff like Pioneer Chicken and Montgomery Bank. While Tarantino might be best known for his filmography — and if you haven’t heard of films like Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill, and Inglorious Basterds, I envy your discovery process — his discography is crafted with equal intention and precision. He’s a music fan, and it shows.

Considerations When Purchasing a Record Player: Owning a record player is a music lover’s dream. This goes beyond the convenience of being able to carry around your favorite tunes wherever you go or switching on random background noise to draw out the silence. The decision to buy a record player is all about experiencing the music to the fullest. Though the reasons to get a record player are straightforward enough like the desire to listen to your favorite music with a warmer, more authentic sound, there may be some less obvious aspects you need to consider. While you don’t have to be an audiophile investing thousands of dollars in a high-fidelity sound system to achieve the same level of appreciation for your music collection, there are some key things you should be aware of when looking to purchase a record player.

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TVD Radar: The Archies, The Definitive Archies–Greatest Hits & More! blue vinyl in stores 9/13

VIA PRESS RELEASE | The first vinyl compilation in 30 years from everybody’s favorite back-of-the-cereal-box band. And, unlike recent (and decidedly unauthorized) reissues of The Archies’ albums, this release is not a disc dub.

Brainchild of Don Kirshner, the man behind The Monkees, The Archies, for all of their “manufactured” image, were actually the result of a remarkable collection of talent. Holding down production duties was Jeff Barry, whose songwriting collaborations with then-wife Ellie Greenwich and Phil Spector had yielded such classics as “Da Doo Ron Ron” and “Be My Baby,” and whose previous production credits included The Shangri-Las (“Leader of the Pack”) and The Monkees. Aiding Barry on the songwriting side was Barry discovery Andy Kim (“Rock Me Gently”) with whom Barry penned The Archies’ biggest hit “Sugar, Sugar.” And at the mic was the great Ron Dante, whose first chart hit, ironically, was The Detergents’ “Leader of the Laundromat,” which was a parody version of “Leader of the Pack!”

With such a sure handed production and songwriting team in tow, The Archies rattled off seven chart hits in quick succession and you’ll find six of ‘em (featuring their other Top Ten hit, “Jingle Jangle”) here in a 14-track compilation. While The Archies practically define the term “bubblegum,” this stuff rocks a lot harder than you might think…power pop fans, dismiss at your own peril.

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In rotation: 8/2/19

Dundee, UK | Owner of iconic Dundee music store Groucho’s dies: News of Groucho’s owner Alastair ‘Breeks’ Brodie’s death emerged on Wednesday morning. The store, which Mr Brodie opened aged 22, has been housed at the Nethergate for 19 years, having moved various times since it first opened on Perth Road in 1976. A statement on the hugely popular music store’s Facebook page said: “It is with a very heavy heart and much sadness that we have to announce the passing of Alastair or Breeks as many will know him. “As the co-founder then sole proprietor of Groucho’s Record Store since 1976, he has been a mainstay of both the independent retailers of Dundee and more importantly the music scene in the city. “There are few people who can say they have never been in to Groucho’s, nevertheless there are generations of Dundonians, fans and musicians who have enjoyed a real music retail experience in one of Dundee’s best loved shops all thanks to the genuine love of music with which Breeks filled the shop.

Joplin, MO | 4-State Record Show comes to Joplin this weekend: Whether you’re new to the world of vinyl, or a fan of it from years past, an upcoming event may peak your interest. Joplin will be the site of the 4-State Record Show. The event will feature lPs from current acts as well and those from the time before digital music. Visitors will have the chance of buy, sell or swap records, CDs, cassettes and maybe even some eight track tapes with vendors from all over the Four State area. “If they want to do some kind of trading, maybe they have something that’s collectable that someone else is looking for that maybe another vendor maybe want, but most time people just coming there just come to buy.” The 4-State Record Show will take place this Saturday, August 3rd, from 9 am to 4 pm at the Jack Lawton Webb Convention Center on Range Line in Joplin. Admission is $5 for adults. Kids 12 and under get in free.

Folson, CA | ‘Farewell Concert’ this weekend at Dimple Records: The record store promises more discounted merchandise, food trucks and live music from a variety of genres. Dimple Records isn’t going without a final song. This week the store announced on Facebook that it will host a “farewell concert” at the location in Folsom on Saturday, Aug. 3. The record store promises more discounted merchandise, food trucks and live music from a variety of genres. Seating will be limited, so attendees are welcome to bring their own chairs. Dimple Records store owners John and Dilyn Radakovitz announced their retirement in June. The couple’s son, Andrew Radakovitz, said business has been negatively impacted in recent years by a number of factors, including “some difficulties in regulations, minimum wage.” The Greater Sacramento Area chain of independent record stores has been selling music, movies, collectibles and more for 45 years.

The comeback of cassettes: We’re all suckers for nostalgia, but this one took us by surprise. The cassette tape is the most unlikely comeback of the 21st century, with sales hitting a 15-year high. Spurred on by the vinyl revival, it seems music fans are returning to the humble cassette – but is it really cool to spool once again, or is this one fad too far? I remember the hiss fondly. Don’t we all, but let’s not get carried away. Do you also remember the joy of pulling a chewed-up cassette out of your tape deck? Not to mention its habit of jamming, chewing up your beloved album in the process, and the inability to raise the volume above a certain level before abandoning any notion of sound quality. If video killed the radio star, what finished off cassettes?

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Demand it on Vinyl:
The Louvin Brothers, Live from the Grand Ole Opry in stores 8/23

VIA PRESS RELEASE | The Louvin Brothers—Ira and Charlie—were one of the great family close harmony acts that did much to shape the sound of Country music in the fifties and sixties.

Like just about any Country music act of note from that era, their off-stage lives were permeated by fraternal fallings-out, spousal abuse, alcoholism and violence. However, on record and in concert, the brothers managed to produce an ethereal sound that couldn’t help but move their listeners. By Charlie Louvin’s own account, people who saw the Louvin Brothers perform were mystified by the experience. Ira Louvin was a full head taller than his younger brother, played the mandolin like Bill Monroe and sang in an impossibly high, tense, quivering tenor. Charlie strummed a guitar, grinned like a vaudevillian and handled the bottom register. But every so often, in the middle of a song, some hidden signal flashed and the brothers switched places—with Ira swooping down from the heights, and Charlie angling upward—and even the most careful listeners would lose track of which man was carrying the lead.

This was more than close-harmony singing; each instance was an act of transubstantiation. “It baffled a lot of people,” Charlie Louvin explains in his revealing memoir. “We could change in the middle of a word. Part of the reason we could do that was that we’d learned to have a good ear for other people’s voices when we sang Sacred Harp. But the other part is that we were brothers.”

The Louvin Brothers influence can be found in artists as varied as The Byrds, Everly Brothers, The Lemonheads, Nirvana and countless other acts. This CD—which features performances recorded at the Grand Ole Opry in 1962 and 1963, shows the magic of their close harmony style, the other-worldliness of their voices. It’s beautiful stuff.

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In rotation: 8/1/19

Dundee, UK | Assai Records to celebrate opening of new Dundee city centre shop with live shows: Popular Dundee record store Assai is to launch its new city centre home with a weekend of live music. The shop, which was based in Broughty Ferry since 2015, will officially open in its new Union Street home on August 9. Staff announced in April that they would be moving on from Broughty Ferry after an “amazing four years” to take advantage of a bigger venue. It was later announced the new location would be in Union Street and work refitting the store has been ongoing over the last few weeks. To celebrate the store’s new home, staff have lined up some musical shows for the opening weekend. Dundee-musician Kyle Falconer will be there on the Friday to promote a limited edition vinyl release of his single Kelly, via Assai’s record label.

Dundee, UK | Tributes paid as Alastair ‘Breeks’ Brodie, owner of iconic Dundee record store Groucho’s, dies: Tributes have been pouring in for the owner of an iconic Dundee record store following his death. Alastair Brodie, known affectionately by the nickname “Breeks”, passed away on Tuesday night. The 65-year-old was the owner of Groucho’s on the Nethergate and sold vinyl records in the city for 43 years. Mr Brodie had been suffering from various health issues for some time but took a turn for the worse a few weeks ago. He had been in Ninewells Hospital for the past week. His health is said to have deteriorated rapidly and his passing has come as a shock to family and friends. A joint statement from Mr Brodie’s family and colleagues has been issued by Groucho’s following his death. It reads: “Alastair (Breeks) Brodie, 1953-2019. It is with a very heavy heart and much sadness that we have to announce the passing of Alastair or Breeks as many will know him…”

San Antonio, TX | East Coast Brothers’ Crazy Rhythms Records Becomes San Antonio’s Newest Vinyl Haven: A record by Nigerian guitarist King Sunny Ade played in the background at San Antonio’s Crazy Rhythms Records as a handful of people browsed its racks WHEN. Though there were already hundreds of records its shelves, the open room had that still-unpacking vibe. Little art or decoration hung on its walls. Crazy Rhythms Records opened a month ago at 3617 Broadway Suite 402 in a cluster of shops along Avenue B near Brackenridge Park. “Even before we moved here we knew that this was a good city to try this thing out,” said Zeke Baker, a New York City transplant who opened the store with his twin brother Zach. “Corpus felt too small. Here, most people in the record community have been pretty friendly to us. It feels like a big enough city that we can carve out a niche and feel like we’re not stepping on anyone’s toes.” The Bakers’ parents retired a decade ago in Corpus Christi, and since San Antonio was a nearly city twins were familiar with — thanks to extended family located here — they chose it for their fledgling business venture.

Boston, MA | Salem resident Breaux Silcio ditches practicing law to open Residency Records on Bridge Street: New Orleans native says store carries diversity of musical genres. After working as a practicing lawyer for many years, musician and record collector Breaux Silcio said he was “getting a little burnt out.” So he decided to make a change and pursue a longtime aspiration. That’s when Silcio took some money he had saved up and opened Residency Records, now located on Bridge Street in Salem. “I sort of had an epiphany (about five years ago) about wanting to open a store where I could buy the records I want to listen to rather than buy them on the Internet,” he explained. “The Internet is super convenient when you need to have the thing you want right now. Access is pretty much infinite now, but buying this way isn’t fun. You’re just buying, there’s no experience to be had. I’m a digger, a collector. I’m looking for that sweet find. I’m never impressed when someone tells me they went and spent such and such amount on a particular vintage record online.”

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TVD Radar: The Beatles: Made on Merseyside streaming and DVD in stores 8/20

VIA PRESS RELEASE | “This warmly diverting film is not just for Fab Four fanatics, but for anyone who recalls the start of the Sixties.”The Times (UK)

The Beatles defined music and popular culture like no other band — but how exactly did they make the journey from Merseyside teenagers to international pop stars in the ’60s? Featuring unique and revealing interviews from those involved in the early years of The Beatles, in THE BEATLES: MADE ON MERSEYSIDE, home audiences will discover the story of Fab Four’s ascent from Liverpool and Hamburg to the pinnacle of success.

Recounting how American rock ‘n’ roll and rhythm and blues dragged post-war Liverpool into one of the most vibrant music cities ever with the Mersey Sound, this acclaimed doc delves into the young history of the Fab Four, their early band iterations and why it took so long for them to break through the noise. From school bands, to colleges, Hamburg to The Cavern Club, The Beatles moved from skiffle to rock ‘n’ roll before creating their own unique sound that took the world by storm.

With newly filmed contributions from the “fifth Beatle” Pete Best, Quarrymen Colin Hanton and Len Garry, Brian Epstein’s business associate Joe Flannery, The Beatles first ever secretary Freda Kelly, original Mersey Beat magazine owner Bill Harry, and flatmates of John Lennon and Stuart Sutcliffe, this acclaimed doc charts the original music and the energy and excitement that led to the explosion of Beatlemania and one of the most influential and beloved bands in history.

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In rotation: 7/31/19

Saint Petersburg, FL | Your guide to the 3 top spots in Saint Petersburg’s Ponce De Leon neighborhood: Visiting Ponce De Leon, or just looking to better appreciate what it has to offer? Get to know this Saint Petersburg neighborhood by browsing its most popular local businesses, from a vinyl record shop to a store for golf enthusiasts. Hoodline crunched the numbers to find the top places to visit in Ponce De Leon, using both Yelp data and our own secret sauce to produce a ranked list of neighborhood businesses. …Topping the list is Banana’s Music, a spot to score music and dvds and vinyl records. Located at 2887 22nd Ave. North, it’s the highest-rated business in the neighborhood, boasting 4.5 stars out of 39 reviews on Yelp. With 3.5 million records in stock, you’ll end up finding that Depeche Mode or rare jazz album you’ve always wanted.

Springfield, MO | Business Spotlight: Hitting the Right Notes: Stick It In Your Ear’s new owner looks to build on store’s recent run-up. More than halfway through his first year of ownership at downtown Springfield stalwart Stick It In Your Ear LLC, Erik Milan says he envisions the music store as the last job he’ll ever want. “I love it. I love the downtown area and the customers are great,” he says. “It’s something new every single day. It’s special, man, this place is special.” Prior to purchasing the 26-year-old business late last year for an undisclosed amount from Wes Nichols, Milan had been working at the store since 2015. He was most recently the store manager. Milan says Nichols moved back to California, where he has family. “He started talking about retiring pretty much ever since I started working for him,” Milan says. “I didn’t want the place to go into the wrong hands. … Let’s see how far I can go with it.”

Middletown, NY | 55 Plus: Catch you on the flip side – vinyl’s back: …One of the best places locally to get deals on vinyl is at the Friends of Middletown Thrall Library’s Used Book Store, where some records sell for as little as 25 cents. Most sell for between $2 and $3. You can donate vinyl too. The manager, Peter “Bruce” Swenson, said collectors have come in over the years, looking for a favorite track, even if the records were scratched, and for liner notes, especially jazz collectors. Right now, Thrall has about 600 records in stock. They’ve got a good selection of musicals, classical records and pop artists. “I remember when Frank Sinatra died (in 1998),” Swenson said. “All the Frank Sinatra records disappeared.”

Southgate, MI | Still spinning: Stormy Records celebrates 20 years in business with anniversary party: Stormy Records has weathered the changing music industry landscape for 20 years and celebrated the achievement the only way they know how: with live music, vinyl, and dogs. Hundreds of people attended the celebration at the Dearborn store, 13306 Michigan Ave., throughout the day July 20, according to Stormy Records co-owners and Dearborn residents Windy Weber and Carl Hultgren. The day included live performances by local performers along with free food and refreshments. Customers and friends also were encouraged to bring their dogs to the party because Weber and Hultgren, who have been married for 18 years, are both dog lovers and have two Labrador retrievers at home. “To run our own business and keep it going for 20 years through all kinds of ups and downs — the amount of work and toil and sweat and tears — we deserved to celebrate our accomplishments,” Weber said.

Looking back at a time where major labels were releasing witchcraft rituals: During the 1960s, Capitol Records, A&M, and Warner Bros capitalised on the witchcraft phenomenon with spoken-word albums of occult incantations. From the late 1960s to the mid-70s, occult and witchcraft records became an unlikely phenomenon in the UK and USA. These spoken word LPs included narrations of rituals and spells by witches and covens, usually accompanied by bizarre, early electronic esoteric music. Some were relatively obscure private press releases – just look at The Art of Witchcraft by Babetta, AKA ‘Babetta the Sexy Witch’, and Ian Richardson and Barbara Holdridge’s Malleus Maleficarum, which were both released in 1974 and which today fetch hundreds of pounds online – but what’s odder is that major labels were often the ones putting these records out. It wasn’t unusual to find albums like Alex and Maxine Sanders’ A Witch is Born or Louise Huebner’s Seduction Through Witchcraft arriving through Capitol Records, A&M, or Warner Bros – but why did these occult oddities exist in the first place?

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TVD Radar: Bernie Grundman to receive Making Vinyl Lifetime Achievement Award

VIA PRESS RELEASE | A Lifetime Achievement Award will be presented to LP mastering legend Bernie Grundman at the third annual Making Vinyl conference on October 14, 2019 that celebrates the global rebirth of the record manufacturing industry.

The ceremony will be held at the W Hotel in Hollywood, a few blocks away from Grundman’s flagship facility which opened in 1984, following a 15-year tenure with A&M Studios. In 1997, Grundman opened his Tokyo mastering studios and in 1998 relocated to expanded facilities in Hollywood. “The name Bernie Grundman is synonymous with mastering,” says Making Vinyl president Bryan Ekus. “Bernie’s world-renowned facilities responsible for a consistently large percentage of chart recordings, and makes him the perfect recipient of our award.”

Grundman’s mastering credits include: Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, Stevie Wonder, Van Halen, Prince, The Carpenters, Steely Dan, Herb Alpert, Barbra Streisand, Jack Johnson, Mary J. Blige, Maroon 5, and Outkast, among thousands of other top recording artists.

Grundman’s Hollywood facilities comprise a complex of six studios, including dedicated 5.1 Surround and Lacquer Cutting rooms, which provide mastering services for vinyl, digital streaming, and CDs. Coexistence of physical media in the digital age is a theme of this year’s Making Vinyl conference, which soon will be announcing other confirmed speakers.

Grundman, an expert with the LP cutting lathe, describes mastering as “basically post-production for the recording industry—the final creative step before delivery to the manufacturer for mass production.”

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In rotation: 7/30/19

A glimpse into the elusive world of Europe’s record dealers: Record dealers play a crucial role in the movement of second hand music, and are often responsible for influencing the dance floor sounds of their respective cities. A direct line for DJs and collectors, they are the anonymous tastemakers behind musical trends, reissues scenes and resale price surges. Jack Needham meets three dealers, operating in London, Lisbon and Paris, to put faces to Discogs usernames, and understand a little more about what motivates the dealers, beyond the bottom line… Pry open the doors of most lockups or storage containers in any given city and you’ll most likely be greeted by a stack of innocuous items crammed into a tiny rectangle; dilapidated furniture that never found a buyer or moth eaten clothes that were never thrown away. But Dobshizzle’s lockup is slightly different.

Saint Petersburg, FL | Your guide to the 3 most popular spots in Saint Petersburg’s Methodist Town neighborhood: Visiting Methodist Town, or just looking to better appreciate what it has to offer? Get to know this Saint Petersburg neighborhood by browsing its most popular local businesses, from a hot dog shop to a record store. Hoodline crunched the numbers to find the top places to visit in Methodist Town, using both Yelp data and our own secret sauce to produce a ranked list of neighborhood businesses… Planet Retro, a spot to score vinyl records and more, is another top choice. Yelpers give the business, located at 226 Martin Luther King Jr St. North, 4.5 stars out of 22 reviews. Score a classic album or a rare gem at this spot, which caters to fans of hardcore, punk rock, doom and sludge. It also hosts live bands on weekends.

New Orleans, LA | Check out the 5 top spots in New Orleans’s Seventh Ward neighborhood: Spending time in Seventh Ward? Get to know this New Orleans neighborhood by browsing its most popular local businesses, from a brunch spot to a vintage record store. Hoodline crunched the numbers to find the top places to visit in Seventh Ward, using both Yelp data and our own secret sauce to produce a ranked list of neighborhood businesses… Domino Sound Record Shack, a spot to score vinyl records and more, is another much-loved neighborhood go-to, with five stars out of 46 Yelp reviews. Head over to 2557 Bayou Road to see for yourself. Take a trip back in time as Domino Sound Record Shack sells new and used vinyl records, cassettes, dominoes and stereo equipment. Up and down the aisles, you’ll find Reggae 45s and LPs, as well as punk, blues, jazz, hip hop and more.

Pop culture: After tragic music industry fire, source says Shelter Records catalog ‘probably’ safe: Here’s a bit of good news to share in regard to a music industry tragedy: The Shelter Records catalog is probably safe. Many music artists are worried they lost historical materials in a 2008 fire at a California facility used by Universal Music Group, the world’s largest record company, to store masters and other recordings. The public was largely unaware of the significance of the fire until New York Times Magazine published a June 11 story about what might have been lost in the blaze. Among the hundreds of artists whose materials could have been destroyed: Count Basie, Chuck Berry, Ernest Tubb, Jerry Lee Lewis, Neil Diamond and Loretta Lynn. The names of Oklahoma artists like Roy Clark, Leon Russell and Reba McEntire appeared on a list published in a New York Times follow-up story.

Best ‘gel’ type stylus cleaners: It’s a long established fact that regularly cleaning your stylus preserves the sound quality of your turntable set-up and extends the life of your vinyl. The following dip-and-done stylus cleaners are an excellent alternative to dry brushes and liquid cleaners. They work by gently lowering the needle into a gelatinous material and lifting it up again, while the dirt gets stuck in the gel and off the stylus. One thing to be careful about when using these types of cleaners is to make sure the movement of the stylus is vertical only, with no horizontal motion (like platter rotation), or you could snap off the cantilever while in contact with the gel. With automatic turntables, where you can’t prevent your platter from turning by lowering the tonearm, you simply raise the ‘gel’ toward the stylus then slowly lower after contact, while the arm is still in the rest. Here is our selection six stylus cleaners to dip your tip in.

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In rotation: 7/29/19

Mississauga, ON | Trendy Store Moving from Toronto to Erin Mills Town Centre in Mississauga: Anyone who came of age in the 90s or early aughts probably remembers lining up at Sunrise Records—a long-standing fixture in Erin Mills Town Centre—to grab wristbands for an upcoming concert. The process was nightmarish and anxiety-provoking (especially for those who ended up with lawn seats for a 1998 Backstreet Boys concert despite arriving very early), but precious in its pre-technology innocence. And honestly, bots buying up prime seats online aren’t much better. All that reminiscing aside, it looks like Sunrise—the Canadian record store that made an incredible comeback in 2017 when it announced it was eyeing defunct HMV locations—is coming back to the newly renovated mall it once called home. Sunrise recently took to Twitter to announce that its current Dufferin Mall location in Toronto is moving to EMTC in Mississauga.

Newark, DE | New record store cafe set to open Aug. 6 in Newark: When Long Play Cafe opens the first week of August, it will have been because of a village. Hanging just inside the door is a poster designed by owner Brian Broad and headed by the African proverb “It takes a village,” giving thanks to the many people – including Broad’s wife, Brenda; his family; Allura Kitchens and Baths; his landlords; and his former colleagues in Amsterdam – who helped create the Long Play Cafe community. “This is a sign that I put together, you know how people put up their first dollar, they put up their first newspaper article,” he said, noting that he wanted to reflect on the opening in a different way. “It took so many people to do this, and I tried to put as many people on this as I could.” …Several shelves on wheels display the records that are for sale, representing the Billboard Top 200 from the 1950s to present. He also has music from independent labels and artists for sale.

Soho, UK | ‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’ to transport iconic Soho record store to 1969: Sony Pictures & Columbia Records have partnered with Soho music store Sounds Of The Universe to celebrate the release of Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time… In Hollywood – in UK cinemas from 14 August. Fans who visit the store at 7 Broadwick Street, (W1F 0DA) on Tuesday 30 July (opening hours 10am – 8pm) will be transported back to 1969 and the golden age of Hollywood, in a fully immersive experience inspired by the release of Quentin Tarantino’s 9th movie. Early bird visitors will be able to purchase an exclusive, limited-edition white label vinyl of the Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood soundtrack (RRP £45) in advance of the late-September street date for standard vinyl. In addition, the first 60 people through the door will receive a ticket to a special London screening of the movie on 6 August – eight days before it’s released in UK cinemas.

Lancaster, UK | Lancaster man’s vinyl collection – including rarities and John Peel favourites – set to fetch thousands at auction: A Lancaster man’s vinyl collection could make thousands when it goes to auction next month. A selection from more than 5,000 records – spanning the 1960s to the 2000s – will go up for auction at 1818 Auctioneers on Monday August 19. Bob Beckett, who shared a terraced house in Lancaster with his mum, was passionate about music and an avid collector who would despatch his sister out each week with a list of records to track down. Lancaster valuer and record label owner, Simon Norfolk, has the job of cataloguing the collection for 1818 Auctioneers, on behalf of Bob’s family. He estimates the collection is large enough to fill a 75 square feet container and it is being sold through a number of 1818 Auctioneers music sales this year and next. Simon said: “Bob was collecting right up until last year, when he sadly passed away.

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TVD Radar: Creating Woodstock doc coming to DVD 7/30, streaming 8/13

VIA PRESS RELEASE | With the future of the highly anticipated Woodstock 50 music festival unclear, a younger generation may not know that the original “Three Days of Peace and Music” were also plagued by uncertainty, last-minute venue changes, a lack of headliners and permits… and in fact it almost didn’t happen! With more than 70 hours of interviews with Woodstock producers, planners, and performers – director Mick Richards, who attended the 1969 festival as a teenager, has created the most comprehensive and deeply researched look back at how the event came to be in Creating Woodstock, available on DVD 7/30 and streaming 8/13.

The documentary features never-before-seen private film and rare archival video footage, original interviews with key figures, and uncovered photographs that show just how much went in to pulling off the impossible. First-hand accounts of little known stories are woven throughout the film, such as when Jimi Hendrix was stranded at the airport and hitched a ride to the site, or when a bank manager was awoken in the middle of the night to get money to pay The Who, which then needed to be helicoptered to them before they would go on stage – much like the personal supply of strawberries that Janis Joplin required.

Three decades in the making, Creating Woodstock resurrects the original site blueprints, features interviews with the founders of Woodstock Ventures – John Roberts, Joel Rosenman, Michael Lang, and Artie Kornfield – and takes viewers from the initial idea of the “happening” to the moments when the last festival goer stumbled off Max Yasgur’s once pastural alfalfa field.

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TVD Radar: Dawes, North Hills: 10th Anniversary Edition
in stores 9/9

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Today, Dawes confirm the release of North Hills: 10th Anniversary Edition, a deluxe vinyl reissue commemorating a decade since the release of their celebrated debut album, via ATO Records on September 6th. Upon its release in 2009, the Jonathan Wilson produced album was hailed by Rolling Stone for its “twangy folk rock a la Gram Parsons and Neil Young” and “sweet, Byrds-ian harmonies.” Said bassist Wylie Gelber, “this album is dedicated to my first car, she gave her life for a modest insurance payout, which funded the recording of these songs.”

The 10th anniversary edition of North Hills will include two LPs on translucent red vinyl, a gatefold jacket with gold foil-stamped cover, and a 7” vinyl with two unreleased b-sides, “All My Failures” and “Wilderness.” “We figured at the time that “Wilderness” and “All My Failures” didn’t fit with the rest of the tunes,” Taylor Goldsmith reveals, “but now it’s hard to remember why we thought that. Listening back now, these recordings of these songs seem to share the same North Hills DNA as the original 11 and it feels good to get them out into the world.” Also included will be the album’s original 2009 promo poster, newly expanded artwork, and a digital download. A portion of proceeds will go to Silverlake Conservatory of Music, facilitating dynamic music education across communities and providing scholarships to children whose families would otherwise be unable to afford lessons.

Dawes will also perform the album in full at this weekend’s Newport Folk Festival on Saturday July 27th at 5:30pm on the Quad Stage. “North Hills: Dawes and Friends, the 10 Year Celebration,” will feature an incredible group of unannounced special guests sitting in with the band and can be streamed live on Newport Folk Radio here.

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In rotation: 7/26/19

Bridport, UK | Bridport Music to close after 40 years (unless a buyer comes forward): A much-loved record store at the heart of a town has come to the end of a ‘long and winding road’ after more than four decades. Steph and Piers Garner, who run Bridport Music, say they’ve put their ‘heart and soul’ into running the business but are ready to move on to the next phase of their lives. The couple said: “We have come to the end of the long and winding road called Bridport Music. We have been trying to sell the business for a couple of years. We always said ‘don’t worry, we won’t disappear until we find a buyer.’ As it turns out, we were wrong. After two years of trying, we have failed to interest anyone with the desire and the means to take over the reins of Bridport Music. We’ve been close on a couple of occasions but not close enough, and we have decided that now is the time for us to move on to the next phase of our lives. “We’ve put our heart and souls in to the shop but as we’re now in our 40th year here, we have no more to give.”

Hollywood, CA | Critics sue to stop Hollywood project that would displace Amoeba Music: Weeks after Los Angeles officials gave the green light for a new development on the Hollywood site now occupied by Amoeba Music, critics are suing the city to stop it, arguing that it would tear down a “cultural resource” that deserves protection. AIDS Healthcare Foundation and the Coalition to Preserve L.A., a group funded by the foundation that is critical of how the city handles planning and development, are also pushing the city to enshrine the distinctive murals and neon art at the Sunset Boulevard site as part of a historic monument. Doing so would make it harder to tear down the building, which boasts a Space Age neon turret, an old-fashioned marquee, and murals inside and outside the structure. L.A. “is giving short shrift to the historic significance of Amoeba by completely ignoring the rich and lengthy cultural history associated with this iconic corner of Hollywood,” AIDS Healthcare Foundation President Michael Weinstein said in a statement Wednesday.

North Yorkshire, UK | Vinyl archive that speaks volumes about its collector up for auction: Vinyl records spanning the 1960s to the 2000s could make thousands at an auction. They are just part of a Lancaster man’s collection of over 5,000 CDs and records which filled a terrace house he shared with his mum in the city. Bob Beckett was passionate about music and an avid collector who would despatch his sister out each week with a list of records to track down, says valuer Simon Norfolk. Mr Norfolk has the job of cataloguing the collection for 1818 Auctioneers, on behalf of Bob’s family. He estimates the collection is large enough to fill a 75 square feet container and it is being sold through a number of 1818 Auctioneers music sales this year and next. “Bob was collecting right up until last year, when he sadly passed away,” explained Simon Norfolk. …“Bob has left an incredible archive, I haven’t seen anything like it before. There’s a lot of Punk, New Wave and Indie, much of it influenced by John Peel, so expect to see bands like the Fall, Captain Beefheart, P. J Harvey and Half Man Half Biscuit. There are also other genres including Roots and Dub Reggae.

The pieces are in place for a new Rush jigsaw collection: Four classic Rush album covers have been transformed into 500-piece jigsaws – and they’ll be out later this year. Hot on the heels of a series of jigsaws featuring Metallica album covers comes news that Rush are the next band to be put on a puzzle. Zee Productions imprint Rock Saws will launch four 500-piece jigsaws in September featuring the covers of Fly By Night, A Farewell To Kings, Permanent Waves and Moving Pictures. Each puzzle will be presented in a vinyl box set size, which the company say is “perfect to fit alongside your vinyl collection.” Rock Saws have previously released jigsaws based around Iron Maiden, Motorhead, Judas Priest and Slayer. All four sets are now available to pre-order.

UK | Cassette sales in the UK at the highest level for over a decade: Cassette tapes are enjoying a likely resurgence in the UK, after rising to their highest sales levels in more than a decade. Despite being technologically outdated, a BPI (British Phonographic Industry) report reveals that nearly 35,000 tapes were sold in the UK for the first half of 2019. In contrast, some 18,000 tapes had been sold by the same point in 2018. When it came to artists proving successful on tape, Billie Eilish has secured the top spot – selling 4,000 copies of her debut album When We Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? It was followed by Catfish and The Bottlemen’s The Balance at 2 on 3,000 cassette sales, with Madonna’s Madame X at no.3, Lewis Capaldi’s Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent at four and Hozier’s Wasteland Baby completing the top five. Last year’s bestseller was The 1975’s A Brief Enquiry Into Online Relationships which sold 7,523 copies, most of which came in the first week of release. While it appears that an apparent resurgence is on the cards, Wired suggests the possibility of cassettes being treated as “merch that just so happens to store and play music.”

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TVD Radar: Tony Joe White, “Polk Salad Annie (50th Anniversary Edition)” in stores now

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Deeply rooted in the South, songwriter and performer Tony Joe White made one last musical trip back to the swamp before his death at age 75 in October 2018—to re-record his deep and durable 1969 Top 10 hit “Polk Salad Annie” in his barn studio in Leipers Fork, Tennessee.

Joined by bluesman Robert Cray, longtime accompanist Bryan Owings on drums, and a three-piece horn section, White turned his amplifier up and ignited the session, caught on this special vinyl-only release that’s out July 23, 2019 on White’s own Swamp Records. The A-side of “Polk Salad Annie (50th Anniversary Edition)” features White leading an eight-piece band through a riveting, raw-boned performance of the song, and the B-side is an instrumental-only mix. The single was produced by Jody White, Tony Joe’s son and manager, and engineered by Ryan McFadden, who both also played those roles in the making of the senior White’s blues-drenched much-lauded 2018 album, Bad Mouthin’.

White was playing the rough-and-tumble crawfish circuit, a network of roadhouses stretching through southwest Louisiana and Texas, when he penned both “Polk Salad Annie,” a song about a swamp-raised “girl who made the alligators look tame” and “A Rainy Night in Georgia”—the numbers that would elevate him to the world’s stage and make him a songwriter of choice for Elvis Presley, Eric Clapton, Tina Turner, Brooke Benton, Dusty Springfield, Robert Cray, Kenny Chesney, Willie Nelson, Jerry Lee Lewis, Mark Knopfler, and many others.

“I was playing gigs at the time, when I realized that it was the people writing the songs who were really making the money,” White explained in 2018, after recording Bad Mouthin’. “Those were two of the first songs I wrote. From then on, it seemed really natural to keep writing.” White believed in composing songs plucked from his own experience. So it was with “Polk Salad Annie.”

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