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Demand it on Vinyl: Mary Wilson, The Motown Anthology
2CD in stores 12/3

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Singer, activist, author, fashion icon, actress, U.S. cultural ambassador, motivational speaker, dancer, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, friend, trailblazer, legend, Supreme: Mary Wilson earned her place in music history.

She was the only original member of The Supremes in every incarnation of the groundbreaking group from beginning to end (1961 to 1977) but her story didn’t end when The Supremes did. Wilson the world-renowned performer was an advocate for social and economic challenges in the U.S. and abroad and used her fame and flair to promote diverse humanitarian efforts including ending hunger, raising HIV/AIDS awareness and encouraging world peace. She continued making music, performing to adoring fans around the world, wrote several best-selling books, and continued to protect artist rights and promote the legacy of the Supremes.

Now, the late legend’s remarkable legacy of music is being collected for the very first time in a deluxe 2-CD set. Real Gone Music and Second Disc Records are proud to present Mary Wilson’s The Motown Anthology. Slated for release on December 3, 2021, this first-ever comprehensive overview of Wilson’s Motown discography presents 38 songs, including a whopping 33 tracks only available physically on this collection. It boasts nearly two dozen Supremes classics, deep cuts, and never-before-heard songs (most in stunning new mixes) from a host of songwriters including Berry Gordy, Smokey Robinson, Holland-Dozier-Holland, Deke Richards, Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil, Thom Bell and Linda Creed, and others.

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In rotation: 10/12/21

Tiffin, OH | Columbian grad opens underground record store: With a love of music, a Tiffin native has now become the owner of a small, underground record store. The store, Under the Surface, is located at 16 E. Market St. Owner, Jacob Wheeler, has been selling records in the back of Line Drive since July, and now has his own space. Under the Surface will specialize in independent label releases and demos. Wheeler said it was in high school that he got into music. He and his friends would bring bands to Tiffin, and still do in their spare time. After discovering college wasn’t for him, he decided to focus his efforts toward his business venture. According to Wheeler, Under the Surface is a record store that specializes in the underground and obscure side of music. Wheeler said he carries things most record stores don’t such as genres like hardcore, black metal, harsh noise, death metal, grindcore and more. “Ever since I was (young) I always liked selling things and owning a business was a thing I always thought about,” he said.

Sydney, AU | 12 Best Record Stores in Sydney For Vinyl Lovers: The last decade has seen a significant and surprising rise in popularity for vinyl. Although vinyl never really went out of style many artists are choosing to also release their albums on vinyl more and more. Some even re-releasing their older albums too. Luckily Sydney is known for its music scene because of this there’s no shortage of places to get your hands on some quality new and second-hand vinyl. And with Sydney being Sydney you’ll be able to get your hands on pretty much any genre of music you’d like, but that just makes it harder to decide which store to visit. So to help guide you on your vinyl hunting journey, we’ve found the 12 best record stores in Sydney for vinyl lovers.

The first Beatles record that Paul Weller bought: …“Sgt. Peppers was the first album I ever bought,” Weller told The Guardian. “I much preferred the Beatles when they dropped all their moptop nonsense and just became themselves. It was real. Musicians are just normal people, with good and bad points like everyone else. I don’t know why they always have to be perceived as either one extreme or the other. He added, “The Beatles were never totally sweet, it was all a false image they tried to put across when they started. I could never do that. I don’t think I’ve ever tried to put across any image really. That’s why the press didn’t like the Jam when we first came out. They found us boring. We were too normal for them. At the same time, that’s why we had such a strong following – our fans liked us purely for the music.”

The White Stripes releasing 20th anniversary peppermint vinyl reissue of ‘White Blood Cells’: The White Stripes are releasing a vinyl reissue of their 2001 album White Blood Cells in honor of its 20th anniversary. The limited-edition disc will be available on special peppermint pinwheel-colored vinyl exclusively at independent record stores on October 22. Over the summer, The Stripes released a 20th anniversary digital deluxe version of White Blood Cells, featuring remastered HD audio and a live recording from a 2001 hometown Detroit show. Jack White‘s Third Man Records Vault subscription service also released a compilation titled White Blood Cells XX featuring various demos, alternate takes and live tracks. If all that doesn’t satiate your White Stripes nostalgia, you can check out their 26-track Greatest Hits compilation, which was released last December.

Lil Wayne to release vinyl box set featuring ‘Tha Carter’ singles: ‘Tha Carter Singles Collection’ is now available for preorder. Nearly a week after releasing his joint album with Rich the Kid, Lil Wayne is exciting his longtime fans with a blast from the past. On Friday (Oct. 8), “The Dedication” emcee announced that he will be releasing a few singles from his popular Tha Carter series on vinyl. The seven-inch vinyl box set titled Tha Carter Singles Collection will features 19 of the rapper’s hit records, including “A Milli,” “Hustler Musik,” “How to Love” and “Ya Dig,” which was re-released on Friday. Two liner lithographs and a booklet filled with never-before-seen photos will also be included in the box, which is decorated with Wayne’s tattoos. According to Weezy’s site, the box set is currently available for preorder. It is being sold for $200 and is expected to arrive by Nov. 12. While Tunechi’s entire career is worth mentioning, the performance of the era of Tha Carter albums is unrivaled.

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TVD Radar: The Clean premiere releases to be reissued, in stores 11/12

VIA PRESS RELEASE | On November 12, Merge will reissue two crucial releases from The Clean’s distinguished discography. The “Tally Ho!” b/w “Platypus” 7-inch and the “Boodle Boodle Boodle” 12-inch EP, the Dunedin trio’s first official recordings as a band, both celebrate their 40th anniversary this year.

These reissues have been remastered by Tex Houston with assistance from the Alexander Turnbull Library New Zealand, and The Clean’s David Kilgour and Robert Scott oversaw the careful re-creation of the original packaging. Merge is thrilled to make these records globally available for the first time since their release in 1981.

Pitchfork described “Tally Ho!” as “a classic of immense proportions, from its Velcro melody, absurdly mixed garage organ and motorik beat, to the crusty, hiss-laden home eight-track recording that embodies it.” Recorded in the middle of a New Zealand tour for a humble NZ $60, the song broke into the country’s Top 20 singles chart at #19, surprising everyone including the band.

Its B-side “Platypus” was recorded live at a show just days prior, capturing the band’s buoyant and elastic sound on stage. The 7-inch reissue will be available on limited-edition silver Peak Vinyl and standard black vinyl, as well as limited clear vinyl exclusively in New Zealand.

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In rotation: 10/11/21

Seattle, WA | Queen Anne Gets a New Record Shop: For a decade, the little strip of 10th Ave between Pike and Pine in Capitol Hill was a prime spot to pick up books, records, and DVDs—the type of media you put on a shelf. In 2010, the Elliott Bay Book Company and Everyday Music moved onto that block, choosing the risky path of selling physical media (books at Elliott Bay; records and DVDs at Everyday) while digital media was taking over the world. A decade and a pandemic later, Elliott Bay is still there (and seems to be doing well), but Everyday kicked the bucket. …Saturday’s opening is something to celebrate, not because of kitschy or sentimental feelings, but because physical media and physical retail spaces still have a purpose. Just look at Glossier, the “digitally native” beauty brand that has opened up what they call an “offline experience” (AKA a store) next door to Everyday Music’s grave on 10th. Even digital giants can’t resist getting physical.

IN | The Sound Of Magic: For The Love Of Long Playing Records: Not only do they have indubitably unique sound, old vinyl records effortlessly summon up the past in a whirl of tactility and art. …Much like Darjeeling tea, the sound of vinyl­—a warm, crackling wave that envelops you in light warmth—is a matter of acquired taste. In depth and timbre, it outperforms the digital accuracy—a cold, met­allic gleam skimming the surface of sou­nds—of CDs. Records have an in-bu­ilt intimacy to them; it’s like listening to live music. Vinyl production in India stopped in the early 1990s; imports stopped soon after. But the sellers on Lenin Sarani and Free School Street kept the supply chain alive by sourcing used records, and keeping them clean and scratch-free. Of course, vinyl has immense staying power too—encased in its cover, covered by the clingy, thin plastic, it shrugs off the decades. Every one of them that I own were made before my birth. It fell victim to our headlong rush to embrace new technology, before it rec­laimed us again with its aural—and aesthetic—superiority.

COMMENTARY: The world is suffering from a shortage of vinyl records and massive price shocks: A couple of weeks back, someone sent me a picture of a Tragically Hip album on display in a record store. It appeared to be a standard vinyl issue of the band’s 2006 album, Music @ Work, priced at $71.99. It wasn’t a typo. To put that into perspective, a copy of the deluxe 2-CD edition of the band’s Fully Completely can be had for $13.99. And that’s more than 10 times the cost of a digital copy available on iTunes. I soon started to get emails and texts from other shoppers outraged that prices for regular vinyl albums had broken the $50 mark. What’s going on? Several things, as it turns out. First, the public’s demand for vinyl records keeps growing. In Canada, sales of new vinyl are up 44 per cent from this time last year. Revenue from vinyl in the U.S. has nearly doubled from 2020. Things are also crazy in the U.K. as customers clamour for old-timey records.

Belfast, IE | Tony O’Shaughnessy, unwitting cover star of Dexys Midnight Runners’ debut album dies aged 63: A Belfast man who unwittingly appeared on the cover of Dexys Midnight Runners’ iconic debut album has died at the age of 63. Tony O’Shaughnessy was only 13 years old when a photograph of him fleeing his home in Ardoyne during civil unrest was featured in the Evening Standard newspaper. The picture, showing O’Shaughnessy gripping a bag in his left hand while holding a suitcase under his right arm, was taken in Cranbrook Gardens in 1971 as Catholics began leaving their homes following the introduction of internment. Nine years later the image appeared on the cover of Dexys Midnight Runners’ classic debut Searching for the Young Soul Rebels. The album, which spawned the singles Gino, Dance Stance and There, There, My Dear regularly features in lists of top albums of all time.

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TVD Radar: Eddie Hazel, Game, Dames and Guitar Thangs electric blue vinyl in stores 12/3

VIA PRESS RELEASE | If your circle of friends includes any guitar players, take this little test. Ask them if they are familiar with Eddie Hazel’s Game, Dames and Guitar Thangs. Chances are their eyes will widen, followed by an exclamation something like “I thought I was the only one who knew about that record!”

Indeed, knowledge of this relatively obscure album is something of a secret handshake among axe men, because the guitar work on it is flat-out incredible. But then, you had to be a bad mutha to be in a band with George Clinton, Bootsy Collins, Bernie Worrell and the rest of the Parliament/Funkadelic mothership, and that’s where a 17 year-old Eddie Hazel found himself in 1967, as the new guitar player in the Parliaments.

Over the next ten years, Hazel would become an instrumental mainstay in PFunk, most notably on Fender Strat showcases like “Maggot Brain” and “Dollar Bill,” which he co-wrote. By the time he recorded this album in 1977, however, Hazel was out of the band, beset by personal problems that led to his premature demise in 1992 and which also explain at least in part why this album never reached commercial lift-off.

All of the aforementioned PFunk notables are here, along with the Brides of Funkenstein on vocals, but this is Eddie’s show, as he lets loose with one coruscating, psychedelic funk lead after another over a mixture of George Clinton-penned originals and covers of “California Dreamin’” and “I Want You (She’s So Heavy).” And now you can get Game in two different ways: on CD with liner notes by former Minister of Information for PFunk, Tom Vickers, or on LP in an electric blue vinyl edition.

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In rotation: 10/8/21

Newton, MA | Take a spin, discover new music at Newton’s Want List Records: For decades musicians from Pearl Jam and Joan Jett to Chuck Berry and Aerosmith have been singing the praises of vinyl. Even with the advent of digital music, record albums remain popular with generations of fans. Music lovers Dave Belson and Brian Coleman, co-owners of Want List Records which recently opened in the Mall at Echo Bridge, love watching people listen to a musician for the first time at their shop. “That discovery is amazing,” said Belson. The Newton resident has been selling records at shows before the COVID pandemic as well as online at the Want List Records website, which was created before the shop. “That first one … gets you down the rabbit hole,” said Coleman, who has written several nonfiction books including “Check the Technique,” which is used in Newton North’s Hip Hop Culture class. Both remember the first records they bought with their own money: a 45 (single) of “YMCA” by the Village People for Belson and “Synchronicity,” by the Police for Coleman, an Ashland resident.

McKinney, TX | In downtown McKinney, Red Zeppelin Records is expanding into a dive bar and music venue: “I’m OK with being the weird kid on the block,” says owner Katie Scott. Historic downtown McKinney is getting a music venue next year, the kind you would expect to see in Deep Ellum. Red Zeppelin record store is expanding into a dive bar with live music from local and touring bands, comparable to Three Links. Owner Katie Scott has already changed McKinney’s cultural district. She opened a vintage boutique shop, the Groovy Coop, in 2015 and a great record store, Red Zeppelin Records, in 2020. In January 2021, she expanded Red Zeppelin into a record label focused on up-and-coming artists from McKinney. The suburb has its own developing music scene that is distinct from other parts of North Texas, Scott says. “We do our own thing, and it’s hard to pigeonhole it with a genre,” Scott said. She says most of the artists are under 30 and their music explores all sorts of ‘80s and ‘90s rock trends, always with a dark undercurrent. “It’s just kind of turning into what it’s turning into, organically. But I think we’re going to see a surge of punk and grunge. We have a lot of skater kids who are in bands and went to School of Rock.”

Miami, FL | Where to find vinyl in Miami: In the age of streaming platforms, there’s really nothing like getting your hands on a vinyl record. It’s a physical representation an artist’s work and tracking down limited releases and pressings is a beautiful reminder of analog claiming its place in a digital world. For music enthusiasts in Miami, there are a variety of ways to take a dive into records, from retail to listening, here’s a quick look into Miami’s vinyl scene: DANTE’S HIFI New to Wynwood, Dante’s HiFi is Miami’s first listening bar and a special place for music lovers. Grab a drink and and enjoy a curated experience of sound. Inspired by similar concepts in Japan, this is not your typical Miami bar as education takes a front seat. As you embark on your musical journey, you’ll also learn more about what you’re listening to for a well-rounded stay. A smaller venue with a speakeasy feel, you’ll want to grab a reservation here. VINYL SOCIAL CLUB Looking to meet fellow record fans? Vinyl Social Club is your answer. A traveling vinyl party, you can find founder Danielle Hartless all over Miami. In an effort to create a collective of music lovers, Vinyl Social Club is where you can try your hand at spinning. Bring records and strut your stuff on the turntable.

UK | The 40 best albums to listen to before you die, from Madonna’s ‘Like a Prayer’ to The Beatles’ ‘Revolver’ When was the last time you listened to an old album from start to finish? With our ears set to shuffle since the death of the CD, only the vinyl fetishists seem to do it any more. Consequently we can end up believing we have solid opinions on records we may never have given our honest and sustained attention. I didn’t want to include Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon. Then I played it to my nine-year-old son, who doesn’t share any of my cultural baggage. Watching it blow his mind, I changed mine. So. This list is designed for anybody interested in extending their aural attention span and genuinely challenging their preconceptions. We’ve included classics and curveballs, because “to list” can also mean to tilt. Most of our personal favourites aren’t here, because we’ve tried to pick the records that broke new ground rather than those that refined old sounds.

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TVD Radar: Can, Live In Brighton 1975 3LP gold vinyl in stores 12/3

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Mute and Spoon Records today share details of the second in a series of Can live album releases. Can Live in Brighton 1975 will be released December 3 on limited edition triple gold vinyl, double CD, and digital platforms. The vinyl and CD are packaged in a gatefold sleeve with accompanying booklet.

Sleeve notes for the release are written by Can biographer, author, and editor Rob Young and British journalist Kris Needs. The latter was involved in several live Can shows at the Friars club in Aylesbury, England between 1973-1977 and his description of one of these performances—“like a delirious astral roller coaster, launch-pad a distant speck within minutes as fleeting melodies, vocal lines or rhythms… loomed like iridescent ghosts then evaporated as the spirit took them somewhere else”—manifests throughout the recordings.

Can Live in Brighton 1975 is a new insight into Can’s unique live performance. On this particular release, which unfolds over seven sections, you’re invited to join their interstellar journey: from a rare and evocative Michael Karoli vocal on “Brighton 75 Drei,” to Jaki Liebezeit’s incredible drum lead emerging through a fog of audience noise to take centre stage on “Brighton 75 Vier,” before the final track lands us in an incredible “Vitamin C” jam for “Brighton 75 Sieben.”

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In rotation: 10/7/21

Glasgow, UK | HMV moves to new premises inside Braehead Shopping Centre: Music fans will be able to browse more than 17,000 different products in store. Major music retailer HMV has moved to a larger store inside Braehead Shopping Centre. All staff from the previous store in Braehead will relocate to the new premises, which is on the first floor of the mall. With a shop floor of 4,251 sq ft, the store will offer more than 17,000 different products to customers, including 3,500 vinyl products, 5,000 CDs, 2,500 Blu-Ray and 4K, as well as a large range of pop culture products. The store re-opens in what is HMV’s 100th birthday year. In a sign of confidence in physical retail, the UK’s largest entertainment retailer is expanding, as vinyl sales increase and pop culture product such as t shirts and exclusive franchise merchandise attract younger shoppers. Steve Gray, Head of European Retail Asset Management at Global Mutual, said: “We’re delighted that the team at HMV have chosen to stay with us at Braehead – this is a brand our customers know and love, so it should prove a real draw.

Bury, UK | Bury record store to continue supporting unsigned bands in Live and Local campaign: Up-and-coming independent bands can finally return to a Bury music shop for a series of live music events. HMV’s Bury store will once again, host ambitious acts as part of Manchester’s Live and Local campaign this month. The campaign was started by HMV, which has asked store managers to get in touch with independent, unsigned musicians to help promote their music. Featuring in this year’s event on Saturday, October 23, is Design Rewind, a Manchester-based duo performing classic rock, and New York-born singer-songwriter, Risa Hall. Also playing live at Bury’s store on November 6 will be alternative acoustic rock quartet, Blazing Snowmen. Steve Toolan, the Bury store manager, said: “I can’t put it into words how excited I am for this event, its brilliant for me personally as a music fan, but also it’s very important for the store.

Dallas, TX | Vinyl records and manga comics store to open in Dallas’ Cedars District: There’s a new shop opening in Dallas dedicated to records and comics: Called Black Cat Records N Comics, it’ll be a pop culture destination combining music and manga, located at 971 Botham Jean Blvd., slated to open in the fall. Black Cat is a collaboration between Megan Daniel, who possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of anime and manga; and Guy Steele, a longtime collector and movie buff who previously owned well known stores such as The Movie Collection, Stage & Screen, and Vintage Salvation, a vinyl record stand located inside Dolly Python. “The store will be a unique mix,” Steele says. “We’ll have records and comics, with a wide selection for listeners and readers of all ages, but some with a special focus.” They’ll have the newest and most popular comics, but especially underground and indie publishers, including foreign prints. “Our manga section should be second to none, spanning decades of the art form and all its iterations from toys, statues, shirts, and books,” Steele says.

Miami, FL | Dante’s HiFi Honors Japan’s Listening Bar Culture: On a recent Saturday night, a short walk down a rare Wynwood alleyway leads to a well-manicured courtyard on NW 26th Street between Fifth and Sixth avenues. Despite trying to be inconspicuous, the lone black door immediately draws one’s attention. From the outside, there’s no clue as to what’s beyond it, and perhaps that’s for the best. Dante’s HiFi isn’t looking to be Miami’s next megaclub or — God forbid — another Tulum-inspired hot spot. Instead, its claim to fame is a more modest one: It’s the city’s first Japanese-style listening bar. For those unfamiliar with the concept, Japan’s listening bars are an audiophile’s dream — a place where you can sit down, drink, and feast your ears on the expertly curated playlist. The quality of the speakers, amps, turntables, and mixers are just as important as the cocktails being served. As Resident Advisor notes about the culture: “It’s rooted in the joy of discovering music and listening to that music in the best possible environment.”

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Demand it on Vinyl:
The Dream Syndicate, What can I say? no regrets…Out of the Grey + Live, Demos & Outtakes Book/CD in stores 1/22

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Newly signed to Fire Records, The Dream Syndicate announce a special edition reissue of their 1986 album Out of the Grey. Available on CD for the first time in 24 years, this collection is deliciously remastered over a limited deluxe three disc box set. Featuring 34 unheard recordings, it includes a previously unreleased live 1985 album alongside many unreleased demos and outtakes with rare photos, interviews, and new liner notes from Pat Thomas.

The Days of Wine and Roses era of The Dream Syndicate was so short-lived it’s become mythological. However, some nerds have grown so attached to it that they’ve never been able to accept the Paul B. Cutler and Mark Walton years, partly because the Out of the Grey album wasn’t mastered correctly. It didn’t have enough low-end, for example. But for anyone who caught the band live between ’85 and ’87, they saw devastatingly wicked live shows.

Hidden inside of Out of the Grey are some of Wynn’s strongest songs. “Slide Away” is delightful pop, “Now I Ride Alone” is moody and intense “like the hardboiled typewriting of novelists Jim Thompson, Ross MacDonald, and James Cain” that Steve Wynn told Pat Thomas that he dug when they chatted in a Rochester, New York hotel room back in July ‘85. (The day after Pat recorded the previously unreleased live album included in this box set). There’s also the epic “Boston,” which imagines the era in which Van Morrison was holed-up in that city circa 1967-68 writing the songs that comprised Astral Weeks.

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TVD Radar: Leo Nocentelli, Another
in stores 11/19

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Celebrated archival reissue label Light in the Attic (LITA) is proud to announce the release of Another Side, a previously-unreleased, early ‘70s studio album by Leo Nocentelli of the pioneering New Orleans funk outfit, The Meters.

Available to pre-order beginning today and due out on November 19th in vinyl, CD, cassette, and digital formats, the recently-unearthed album showcases a largely acoustic, more contemplative side of the legendary guitarist, who is best known for his hard-edged funk licks. Backing Nocentelli is an all-star line-up of New Orleans royalty, including Allen Toussaint (piano), James Black (drums), and both George Porter Jr. (bass) and Zigaboo Modeliste (drums) of The Meters.

In conjunction with today’s announcement, the first single “Thinking Of The Day” was released and is available now to stream/download on all digital platforms. Plus, click here to watch LITA’s just-released album trailer for Another Side.

Recorded at Cosimo Matassa’s Jazz City Studio in New Orleans between 1970-72, Another Side finds a young Nocentelli channeling his contemporaries in the burgeoning singer-songwriter movement (think Bill Withers, James Taylor, and Toussaint meeting up at Link Wray’s 3-Track Shack). Deeply introspective, the warm and funky folk album features nine original songs by Nocentelli, plus a soulful rendition of Elton John’s “Your Song,” which had recently hit the American airwaves. Half a century later, these recordings sound just as fresh and engaging as the day they were recorded.

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In rotation: 10/6/21

London, UK | London Independent Label Market returns for winter 2021: The ILM’s 10th anniversary celebrations will also include a market in Manchester as part of Tim Burgess’ Vinyl Adventures Record Fair. Independent Label Market is returning to London this winter to round off its 10th anniversary celebrations. Started at Soho’s Berwick Street market in 2011, ILM has hosted 70 events all over the world and has partnered with more than 600 independent record labels throughout the UK as well as in Paris, Berlin, Rome, LA, Toronto, New York, LA and elsewhere. The 2021 ILM winter event will take place on November 27 at London’s Coal Drops Yard in King’s Cross, hosting a celebration of music and vinyl culture plus DJ sets throughout the day as well as an after party at Spiritland. Labels and partners taking part include 4AD, Bella Union, Distiller, Far Out, Late Night Tales, Cherry Red, Sad Club, Fierce Panda, Memphis Industries, Erased Tapes, Partisan, Transgressive, Gare du Nord, and more – see the full list

Savannah, GA | Not a broken record: Local Savannah record shops on increasing vinyl sales and popularity: A young man was flipping through vinyl at the back of Coastal Empire Records when Foreigner’s first record “Feels Like the First Time” began playing. Ken Jordan, owner of the vinyl store on Wilmington Island, noticed the young man stand there for a second before turning to Jordan to ask what version of the song was playing. Jordan, a collector of vinyl for over 40 years, was confused by the customer’s question. “What do you mean what version is that,” Jordan recalled asking the young man. “That’s the first pressed record.” But the young man had only recently gotten into the magic of vinyl and had only just scratched the surface of what they could offer. “I’ve never heard it sounds so good. My CD doesn’t sound like that. It’s missing something. I don’t hear the same instruments and the same vocals.” “He’s a diehard vinyl guy now which is pretty cool,” Jordan said.

Gardner, MA | The vinyl countdown: How this downtown business established a great track record: When Dave Pierce opened his Straightaway Records store at 118 Parker St. about a year ago, he did so with little fanfare. But his timing couldn’t have been better, as vinyl record albums have been enjoying something of a resurgence lately. In fact, according to reports, more than 19 million vinyl albums were sold in the first half of 2021, exceeding sales of CDs during the same time. The trend is expected to continue. “All of the people who have been coming in here from the Gardner area and the surrounding communities, the reception has been extremely positive,” said Pierce. “Some people were saying that they haven’t been able to buy records in this town for a number of years.” Pierce, who has an inventory of about 40,000 single 45s and 5,000 LP albums in his shop, said that one of the reasons for the recent popularity in vinyl records is the fact that music companies have recently begun reissuing new pressings of classic rock and heavy metal albums that have long been out of print.

Kylie Minogue named National Album Day 2021 ambassador, announces Fever re-issues: Kylie Minogue is re-releasing her award-winning album ‘Fever’ on several formats to mark its 20th anniversary and has been made a National Album Day ambassador. Kylie Minogue has been named an ambassador for National Album Day 2021 and is marking the 20th-anniversary of her iconic album, ‘Fever’, with limited-edition re-issues. The 56-year-old pop icon is celebrating the multi-platinum-selling LP – which included the mega-hit ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’ – reaching the milestone by re-releasing the record on white vinyl, along with a unique print. Fans can also get their hands on a frosted recycled clear cassette, a silver vinyl format, and a range of bespoke ‘Fever’ merchandise. …She said: “I’m so proud to be a part of National Album Day alongside such amazing, inspirational female artists!” National Album Day – which sees artists celebrate the beloved format with one-off releases – takes place on October 16.

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In rotation: 10/5/21

La Crosse, WI | Audiolust, Abracadabra expand in new locations: Audiolust Records and Abracadabra Refurbished have expanded with recent moves to new, larger La Crosse locations. Meanwhile, Wall Things Co. is about to open in the former Uff-da Shoppe storefront in Westby. Audiolust Records opened Sept. 18 at 127 S. Sixth St., across the street from the Cathedral of St. Joseph the Workman in downtown La Crosse. It will have a grand opening celebration on Saturday. Owner Jeff Buchholtz said the business outgrew its original location at 719 State St., where it opened in November 2019. With the move, it has increased its selection of merchandise, he said. “We’ve already expanded our new vinyl (record selection) tenfold,” he said. Audiolust Records sells new and used vinyl records, compact discs, DVDs, audio and video equipment, vintage arcade games, NASCAR collectibles, tap handles, bar ware, puzzles, signs and even music-themed face masks.

Lethbridge, AB | Record collector turns hobby into a new career: John Brooks has turned a passion he developed while teaching in Japan for 10 years into a business. Lethbridge native Brooks has opened a record and vintage clothing store in a small southside strip mall that is a veritable candy store for serious vinyl lovers. In Osaka, Japan, Brooks got into the vinyl scene in a way he may never imagined when he collected records as a kid growing up in Lethbridge. Now he’s back with a store called Caravan Records & Vintage located adjacent to a popular bakery and a dog grooming business a few blocks south of the hospital. Brooks and his business recently caught the eye of music promoter Ron Sakamoto who contacted The Herald about the operation and spoke glowingly of its operator and the unbelievable variety of music filling shelves and walls. Brooks has recreated in Lethbridge an experience shoppers might have seen in Calgary’s Kensington district in the 1960s and ’70s.

Jackson, MS | B-Side: The End of All Music opens second location in Jackson: David Swider had been working at Square Books in Oxford for about five years when he first considered opening his own record shop. While paperbacks were fine, his real passion was vinyl. On March 1, 2012, Swider opened The End of All Music. Now, nearly a decade later, he’s opened a second location in Jackson. Located in the Fondren neighborhood at 3011 North State Street, the 1,400 sq. ft. store offers the same vast array of genres, new and used, that customers are used to seeing in Oxford, Swider said. One thing unique to the Jackson location is the option to enjoy a “browsing beer” while looking through bins of vinyl records. The store obtained a beer permit and wholesale beer license, taking every necessary step to allow music lovers to buy a beer and flip through records.

Stroud, UK | Sounds of Stroud featured on new vinyl release: Stroud record shop Sound Records released their first record on their new record label on Friday, October 1st. Patched In: Sounds of the Stroud Underground is a compilation of local electronic acts and is a fundraiser for The Prince Albert pub in Rodborough. Amongst artists featured on the vinyl only release are Blancmange singer Neil Arthur, up-and-coming female jazz act Mermaid Chunky and local hauntologists Orbury Common. Other acts include the glitchy hip hop of Fidel Cutstro and neo-disco of Wooolheads. Sleeve notes for the release have been written by music journalist Rupert Howe. All funds raised will go to the Prince Albert pub which, for many years, has supported the Stroud music scene and which was hit hard by the pandemic. Tom Berry of Sound Records said: “For many years Stroud’s exceptional music scene has been a best kept secret. With this record we hope to reframe expectations of what can be achieved in a rural setting.” Sean Roe, co-founder of Sound Records said: “Covid has hit the music industry very hard and this is our opportunity to support the local music scene.”

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In rotation: 10/4/21

Bali, ID | Bali’s Potato Head opens new studio and record store, Headstream: The space is made from repurposed materials such as recycled plastic and motor oil bottles. Potato Head has added another creative space to its Bali location. In addition to a beach club, the audiophile gallery and library Studio Eksotika, amphitheatre and hotel rooms, the venue is now home to a studio and record store called Headstream. Located beneath a 90-meter bamboo archway, Headstream will host events and livestreams in addition to selling new Indonesian vinyl releases and zines. It also includes a communal work zone. Livestreams are set to happen daily from 7 AM to 7 PM local time with occasional streams from other Indonesian cities such as Bandung and Jakarta. Launching this coming weekend, Headstream’s grand opening event will feature local talents such as Dea Barandana, Gabber Modus Operandi and KiTA, among others. Rooted in sustainable design, the space is made out of 564 kilograms of recycled plastic and motor oil bottles that have been repurposed into panels.

Manchester, UK | Tim Burgess’ Vinyl Adventures Record Fair announces further details of 2021 event: The huge event takes place in December. Tim Burgess’ Vinyl Adventures have announced more details about a huge record fair which is happening in Manchester later this year. They are now teaming up with the Independent Label Market for the event, which will take place on December 5 as part of Burgess’ Vinyl Adventures Record Fair. The Independent Label Market will be situated at The Royal Exchange in St Ann’s Square from 12pm-6pm, and will see independent record labels gather for the event. The event will also see gigs and live podcasts with a number of artists including Burgess, The Lovely Eggs, We Are Scientists, Badly Drawn Boy, Pete Doherty, LIINES and more. There will also be a live Q&A with LoneLady and Steven Fretwell. Speaking about the event, Joe Daniel, founder of the Independent Label Market, said: “We’d been wanting to come to Manchester for a long time and for one reason or another had never quite found the right time or place to make it happen.”

Boulder, CO | Octave Records Releases its First Vinyl LPs: Say Somethin’ by jazz trumpeter Gabriel Mervine and Out of Thin Air by pianist Don Grusin: Octave’s first-ever vinyl records are now available in limited editions of 500 each. PS Audio’s Octave Records is proud to announce its first vinyl LPs: Say Somethin’ by virtuoso jazz trumpet player Gabriel Mervine and Out of Thin Air by GRAMMY®-winning solo pianist Don Grusin. Both records were recorded “live” in the studio by the artists, and are available in limited, numbered editions of 500 each. Both albums are mastered directly from the original DSD master, a process that captures every nuance of the recordings with stunning depth, clarity, warmth, and dynamic impact. The discs are pressed on 180-gram virgin vinyl using world-class pressing equipment, using the highest-quality Neotech vinyl compound, NiPro Optics electroplating, GrooveCoated stampers from Gotta Groove Records, state-of-the-art temperature control during the manufacturing process, and other refinements. Each record is scrupulously hand-inspected to ensue the ultimate in pressing quality.

Twenty One Pilots’ ‘Blurryface’ being reissued on silver vinyl for record label’s 25th anniversary: Twenty One Pilots‘ Blurryface is getting reissued on vinyl — not to celebrate its anniversary, but that of Fueled by Ramen, the record label that released it. Founded in 1996, Fueled by Ramen turned 25 this year. To mark the milestone, the label is releasing a special edition of Blurryface on silver vinyl — 25 years, of course, is the silver anniversary — on October 15. You can pre-order it now via the Twenty One Pilots web store. The original Blurryface was released in 2015, and vaulted Twenty One Pilots from alternative darlings to arena-headlining superstars thanks to singles including “Stressed Out” and “Ride.” It’s been certified four-times Platinum by the RIAA, and became the first album to have every one of its tracks at least go Gold.

Brighton, UK | Penelope Isles announce Brighton record store performance: Brighton based Penelope Isles have announced that they will be performing live in Brighton at the popular Resident music on Friday 5th November in support of their brand new album ‘Which Way To Happy’ which will be released on the same day. The band will also have a signing session after their performance. ‘Which Way To Happy’ will be the band’s second album and promises to be as great as their ‘Until The Tide Creeps In’ debut album which was released back in 2019 on Bella Union records.

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TVD Radar: The Crow: Deluxe Edition OST 2LP in stores 11/5

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Varèse Sarabande is excited to announce the 2-CD and digital release of the Original Motion Picture Score for The Crow: Deluxe Edition composed by Graeme Revell. This special release adds 25 additional tracks to the original album including Revell’s end title song, “It Can’t Rain All the Time,” performed by Jane Siberry. The digital album is available on all streaming and download services, while the CD is exclusive to Both are available today, October 1.

The Crow: Deluxe Edition will also be available as a 2-LP set on November 5. The bespoke package consists of a glossy wide-spine embossed jacket featuring original artwork, 2 black vinyl records housed in full-color inner sleeves with movie stills, new notes and interviews, and a fold-out 16×24 movie poster. The LP configuration has been expanded by 14 tracks for a total of 30 minutes of additional music.

The Crow (1994) became famous before it was even released, due to the tragic death of star Brandon Lee in an on-set accident. Alex Proyas’ supernatural revenge thriller, based on a comic book, was met with critical and fan acclaim. It became a box-office hit and tribute to its fallen star, leading to a franchise of sequels and a television series.

The Crow features a masterful score by Graeme Revell (Dead Calm, The Hand That Rocks the Cradle). With a background in what is typically called “world music,” Revell radically reinvented the grammar of film scoring by incorporating the authentic sonorities of non-Western cultures far more extensively and adroitly than had ever been attempted.

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TVD Radar: Jimi Hendrix Experience, Paris 67 red and blue vinyl in stores 11/26

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Dagger Records is proud to release Jimi Hendrix Experience: Paris 67 for Record Store Day (November 26). This 150-gram red-and-blue colored vinyl LP presents the original Jimi Hendrix Experience lineup–Hendrix, bassist Noel Redding and drummer Mitch Mitchell in peak form at the famed Olympia Theater in Paris on October 9, 1967.

This live recording documents Hendrix’s triumphant return to Paris almost one year to the date of their 1966 showcase as a burgeoning support act for Johnny Hallyday. Now in place of Hallyday’s audience were more than 14,000 screaming Jimi Hendrix Experience admirers. In his own inimitable fashion, Hendrix graciously acknowledged his audience for their early support. “Thank you very much for last year, for letting us play here,” prefaced Hendrix before starting “The Wind Cries Mary.” “Instead of booing us off the stage you gave us a chance, so thank you very much.”

These recordings capture the verve and exuberant spirit displayed by the group. Jimi kicks off the performance with a rousing “Stone Free,” known to his fans as the flip side of his debut single “Hey Joe.” “The Wind Cries Mary” finds Jimi in fine voice, showcasing his deft touch with slow ballads. The raucous “Catfish Blues,” Jimi’s unique hybrid of Muddy Waters’ classic “Still A Fool,” was another early-stage favorite of the Experience.

For the first time, tracks from this Paris concert that were previously only available on The Jimi Hendrix Experience box set from 2000 (aka the purple box) are re-integrated with several other tracks recorded that night, making Jimi Hendrix Experience: Paris 67 the most complete official release of the October 9, 1967 set to date.

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