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In rotation: 2/6/20

Montreal, CA | Montreal record shops blame ‘archaic’ rule dating back to 1970s for lost sales: Phonopolis co-owner is glad city plans to allow longer opening hours, but he’s still stuck with hefty fines. On an average Saturday in Mile End, customers start trickling into Phonopolis record stores late in the morning or in the early afternoon. Co-owner Nick Kirschner said the shop’s peak hours are usually late afternoon, and people will happily shop into the evening. That’s why he was surprised to learn about an old rule on the books that forbids him from staying open past 5 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. It was on record store day — of all days — in April 2019 that an inspector walked into Phonopolis and informed staff of the rules governing opening hours. Kirschner later received $2,950 worth of fines in the mail. He​​​​​​​ said running a small business in Montreal is difficult enough, especially in a neighbourhood where high rents are driving out many commercial tenants. “These fines that we received for being open too late … are just an example of an endless list of issues that we deal with every day…”

Los Angeles, CA | Amoeba Hollywood is Moving: We are excited to announce the next home of Amoeba Hollywood will be at 6200 Hollywood Blvd! We are humbled by the massive outpouring of support throughout this search from our customers and the LA community. We aim to do you proud and continue on as your supreme source for music, movies, and so much more. We will bring that familiar Amoeba energy into this new space and you can be sure it will provide the “true Amoeba experience” as we will carry the same breadth and depth of selection. We look forward to seeing you at our new home on the corner of Hollywood & Argyle this Fall, and have provided more details for you below. Thank you for being a part of this journey with us. We’re moving to 6200 Hollywood Blvd! We’re going to take up a huge ground level space on the corner of Hollywood and Argyle in the new “El Centro” complex in downtown Hollywood. This is just 2 blocks east and 2 blocks north of our current location, and right next door to the Fonda Theatre so we’ll be easy to find!

Washington, DC | Grandmaster Flash poised to school fans on hip-hop history at U Street Music Hall: “…Back in the ’70s, we had no technology, no computers, no studios, no beat machines, no apps, no nothing,” Flash said. “So how would the music track be generated? We had to get duplicate copies of the record and pick the desired section where the drum solo was, which a lot of time was like 10 seconds, then cut and paste it and extend it for three or four minutes so the rapper would have a beat to speak on.” That meant voracious shopping in record stores to find the perfect drum break. “When I went shopping for records to find that drum break, we went shopping in the pop section of the record store, or the rock section, or the jazz section, or the blues section, or the funk section, or the R&B section, or the alternative section, or the Caribbean section, or the Latin section, just to find that drum break,” Flash said. …“When we go record shopping, it’s a crapshoot, but once you break the plastic, you buy it, like it or not,” Flash said. “So we would buy records on guessing. I’d bring the record home and play every cut trying to find that drum solo and it would all be crap, so that would go in the crap crate.”

Waco, TX | Vinyl records live on in Waco shop: Across the world, hipsters and collectors alike continue to support the decades-old industry of vinyl records. Despite being one of the oldest forms of recorded music, vinyls continue to make a way for themselves in the age of streaming. In recent years, vinyl sales have been on a continuous rise in the United States, according to Statista’s data recording LP album sales between 1993 and 2019 in the United States. During a time when you can stream any song imaginable within seconds, this continual growth is somewhat of a phenomenon. Vinyl album sales in the United States have shown consistent growth since 2006. By 2019, the industry was up by 14.5% from the previous year, having sold 18.84 million vinyl records, Statista reported. However, the United States isn’t the only country experiencing the resurgence of vinyl popularity. In 2017, the Japanese arm of Sony Music announced in a press release it would open its own vinyl record manufacturing factory in order to keep up with the demand of the Japanese vinyl market.

Record Executive Vicky Hamilton Talks Guns N’ Roses, Mötley Crüe, Her New Label, and More: The renowned music industry figure told her story in the book Appetite for Dysfunction. Vicky Hamilton came to Los Angeles from the Midwest in 1980 and cut her teeth working at a record store on the Sunset Strip and helping to promote Mötley Crüe’s early career. She then went on to propel Poison, Stryper, Guns N’ Roses, and Faster Pussycat into the spotlight, literally shedding blood (she once stapled her thumb to a picture of Vince Neil for a display she was creating in a record store) sweat, and tears to help support emerging artists that she felt had star power. Hamilton has been hailed by Forbes magazine as “one of the most successful music executives in the business.” She has worked on gut instinct that proved to be right time and again. To give it some perspective, as a Geffen executive, two projects she took interest in that the label passed on were the Goo Goo Dolls and Toad the Wet Sprocket. They undoubtedly regretted those decisions.

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TVD Radar: Jon Hassell, Vernal Equinox vinyl reissue in stores 3/20

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Ambient music pioneer Jon Hassell’s debut album Vernal Equinox is being reissued on March 20. It’s been fully remastered from the original tapes and is being made available on vinyl for the first time in 42 years, and CD for the first time in 30 years. The re-issue features sleeve notes by Hassell and Brian Eno. Back in record shops on the day of the 2020 vernal equinox, it’s the second release on Hassell’s own Ndeya label.

Hailed as one of the 50 best ambient albums of all time by Pitchfork, Vernal Equinox was the first commercially released work by Jon Hassell, originally put out by Lovely Music in 1977. It is also the debut of a pioneering new form of music that would become known as “fourth world,” a subtle blend of field recordings, electric jazz, ambience and global music influences. Hassell’s trademark FX-soaked trumpet is carefully embellished by a studio ensemble including the master Brazilian percussionist Naná Vasconcelos and David Rosenboom on synth. The result is a quiet, meditative and highly original work of outstanding beauty.

A trumpet player, composer and musical conceptualist, Jon Hassell’s career bisects a multitude of strands in the history of the avant-garde and the development of genuinely new forms of music. Having studied under Karl-Heinz Stockhausen in Cologne (alongside future members of the band Can), he played on the original recording of Terry Riley’s In C (1968), was part of La Monte Young’s Theatre Of Eternal Music and studied Kiranic singing with Pandit Pran Nath, all of which informed his own instrumental technique and treatment of the trumpet with various electronic effects.

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TVD Radar: France
Gall, Baby Pop, 1968 and Poupée de Cire, Poupée
de Son
vinyl reissues in stores 2/21

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Baby Pop, 1968, and Poupée de Cire, Poupée de Son to receive first ever North American vinyl pressings.

Third Man Records is excited to announce three reissues of albums by prolific French vocalist France Gall, marking the first North American vinyl pressings of all three albums. Baby Pop, 1968 and Poupée de Cire, Poupée de Son will be available in stores on February 21. Third Man will host a series of release day dance parties in select cities, where DJs will spin yé-yé (the style of music for which Gall is known) and French psych. Limited-edition colored pressings of the reissues will be available at the events. See below for the list of parties, and pre-order Baby Pop, 1968 and Poupée de Cire, Poupée de Son.

France Gall was a prolific French vocalist and performer, remembered as one of the central figures of the 1960s yé-yé pop movement. Aligning catchy, spirited rhythms with lighthearted lyrics and drawing from the beat music a la early Beatles and Hollies, the yé-yé artists promoted a sort of new freedom of expression and breaking down of social barriers in post-WWII France.

Third Man Records is beyond honored to bring this music to a larger audience by issuing the first authorized North American vinyl pressings of these titles, some of the most brilliant highlights from Gall’s catalog, including Baby Pop, 1968, and Poupée de Cire, Poupée de Son.

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In rotation: 2/5/20

Stoke Newington, UK | Thurston Moore Opens Pop-Up Record Shop: Ecstatic Peace Library will open for six weeks in Stoke Newington starting this week. Thurston Moore is teaming up with two friends to launch a new pop-up record shop in North London. Ecstatic Peace Library is the brainchild of Moore, underground comic artist Edwin Pouncey (AKA Savage Pencil) and record store and label owner Pete Flanagan of Soho Music and Zippo Records. It will function as a record store, bookshop, art gallery and underground newspaper outpost, stocking vinyl, posters, art, vintage t-shirts and music memorabilia. The shop will be based at 96 Church Street in Stoke Newington and will open every day from 11am – 6pm, starting tomorrow (February 4) and ending on March 14. Tomorrow’s grand opening will see the shop open until 9pm. In September of last year, Moore collaborated with East London record shop World Of Echo to sell more than 300 records from his private collection.

Scarborough, UK | Meet Paul Toole owner of Record Revivals – Scarborough’s longest-established record shop: His Scarborough shop may be called Record Revivals, but when chatting to Paul Toole it quickly becomes apparent that vinyl records have never really been away. There’s no doubt about it – record sales are on the up. Last year, around 4.5 million chart-eligible LPs were sold in the UK – a huge jump from 3.2 million in 2016. And it’s not just nostalgia for the glossy black disc which is driving sales – a YouGov survey showed that one in four 18 to 24-year- olds bought a vinyl record in the last month. Paul believes there are various factors that drive the love of vinyl. “In recent years a strange thing has happened. Young people who have grown up with downloads and streaming – not even CDs – have really embraced vinyl. They understand it’s something you have to look after,” he says. He also thinks that people love the fact that a record is a tangible object, adding: “There’s something about the imperfection in the sound that people really relate to on an emotional level.”

Vinyl Editions Of Spice Girls’ ‘Spiceworld’ & ‘The Greatest Hits’ Set For Release: …It’s been 23 years since Spiceworld has been available on vinyl. Now, finally re-issued on 180g black vinyl, Spiceworld retains all original artwork from 1997. It contains the No.1 smash hits ‘Spice Up Your Life’, ‘Viva Forever’ and ‘Too Much’ – their second Christmas chart topper. Spiceworld amassed more than 13 million sales worldwide cementing the Spice Girls as a cultural phenomenon. And if one wasn’t enough … released earlier this year as a picture disc to commemorate their unforgettable sold-out UK tour last summer, Spice Girls – Greatest Hits is back again! This time on 180g black vinyl with no less than nine No. 1 smash hit singles, including ‘Wannabe’, ‘2 Become 1’,‘Spice Up Your Life’, ‘Viva Forever’, ‘Goodbye’ and many more. It also includes the original artwork, this time as a single sleeve LP, with a printed inner sleeve to house the record. Both reissues come complete with digital download code.

Embrace to reissue early albums on vinyl for the first time: Indie heroes Embrace have announced their first three albums will be reissued on vinyl for the first time since their original release. The titles—The Good Will Out, Drawn From Memory and If You’ve Never Been—are available through UMC on March 6th for the UK, with the latter two being released through Craft Recordings on March 20th for North America. The vinyl format of these have been long out-of-print since their original release, making them in-demand for collectors and fans alike. This reissue also marks the first-ever digital release of Drawn From Memory and If You’ve Never Been in North America; beginning today (January 30) both titles are available to stream or download in the U.S., Canada and Mexico

TV Review: High Fidelity: …Like the original, this Hi-Fi focuses on the owner of a record store called Rob (short for Robin), played by Zoe Kravitz. The series begins with a breakup and Rob reflects on his Top 5 Hearbreaks, setting the tone for the series to do exactly what the movie and the original novel did. Using frequent breaks on the fourth wall, Rob uses music as a coping strategy while trying to determine what happens with it, which constantly leads to romantic failure and depressive consequences. Where John Cusack’s Rob had a Top 5 populated by girls of his life, Rob de Kravitz has a list that includes both sexes, as well as his most recent boyfriend, Mac (Kingsley Ben-Adir). The scenario is also changed from Chicago to New York and the entire series feels transported to 2020 despite the fact that the soundtrack still covers the entire range, from the old days to contemporary bands.

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TVD Radar: Vinyl Alliance Founding Members Elect First Executive Board

VIA PRESS RELEASE | The Vinyl Alliance a new industry organization dedicated to promoting awareness of vinyl records and composed of manufacturers, dealers, record companies and other interested parties announce that during their Founders Meeting in New York City on 22 January 2020 the new Executive Board members were elected:

President: Günter Loibl, Rebeat Innovation GmbH / Vice President: Michael Hosp, kdg mediatech GmbH
 / Treasurer: Thomas Neuroth, Rebeat Innovation GmbH / Secretary: Mickie Steier, Masterdisk USA / Board Member: Nike Koch, Sony Music Entertainment / Board Member: Kurt Van Scoy, Audio-Technica / Board Member: Leif Johannsen, Ortofon A/S. In addition to the election, the founding members began outlining a roadmap for future initiatives and potential collaboration opportunities.

The Vinyl Alliance members represent all aspects of the value chain and include companies like the Analogue Foundation, Audio-Technica, CAF srl, GZ Media, Rebeat Innovation, kdg mediatech, Making Vinyl, Masterdisk, MPO Group, Ortofon, Pro-Ject Audio Systems, Sony Music Entertainment, and Universal Music Group.

“I am deeply honored to be elected as the new president of the executive board and look forward to working with my board colleagues to move the Vinyl Alliance mission forward,” said Günter Loibl. “I want to thank the Vinyl Alliance Founding members for their confidence in me to serve as president. Together with our board of directors, staff, and stakeholders, we will work towards the vision to be the premier international organization promoting and advocating vinyl records as the most important physical medium in a digital world.”

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Kevin Griffin:
In-store with TVD at
DC’s Som Records

PHOTOS: RICHIE DOWNS | So, here’s something we’ve observed over time as we’ve taken bands and musicians to Som Records in DC for our record buying excursions—toss most preconceptions right out the window. Like that guy who’s the purposeful party proponent? He’s actually kinda low key, introspective and cerebral. The seemingly shy songstress behind sweeping, evocative compositions? Why, she’s bit of a Chatty Cathy frankly. (And actually we weren’t too sure if Oderus from Gwar would actually fit inside Som, so that was a thing too.)

All of this preambling brings us to our most recent visit to Som Records with Kevin Griffin, he from Better Than Ezra and on tour at the time in support of his debut solo release, Anywhere You Go. Now, if you’ve seen Better Than Ezra live—which we have more times than one can recall—Kevin’s kinda funny. No wait—he’s really funny, and with a setlist of 100% genuine earworms which linger for days, it’s one fine night out.

Here’s what we didn’t expect off that bat from Kevin—that he’d be such a rock raconteur. Certainly songwriters of a particular stripe know their stuff when plunked down in a record shop, and beyond just this, Kevin’s got anecdotes for days. (Well, certainly for an hour plus this day.)

So, come for the true tales of life on the road and elsewhere—and stay for the hilarious story of teen Kevin and Canadian superstars Rush in Monroe, Louisiana. Oh, and the Green Barchetta too. (Not a typo.)

Let’s go shall we? We’re record shopping with Kevin Griffin at Washington, DC’s Som Records!

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In rotation: 2/4/20

London, UK | FOPP – If Aladdin’s Cave was a record store: Fact: This record shop in the buzzing Seven Dials area is dangerous for the wallet. I have never left here empty-handed. What’s not to love about a store selling brand new oldies for as cheap as £5? If you are also coming to the end of your current read, have a browse through their excellent range of books as most are as cheap as £3 each or two for £5, again all brand new. And if you choose to pay the extra pence for a plastic bag it comes as a see-through carrier so you can show off your latest musical finds when wandering around town. The basement has an equally impressive choice of DVDs but that’s less my cup of Rosy (Lee = tea). Show some support for record shops and swing by here. FOPP is owned by the guys behind the precarious HMV high-street name and I always say a little prayer when these owners appear in the news for their latest closures and just hope that this outpost does not fall victim.

Glasgow, UK | Herald Diary at Large: Why vinyl will never die. The year is 1993. The venue is Sony Music Studios in New York City. The band is Nirvana. Fans will later remember this MTV Unplugged performance as one of those rare TV moments that provide a jolt of dissonance, disturbance and drama to the established music scene. Like the Beatles’ first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show. Or Live Aid, when rock became the new religion; a globalised evangelical church sermon, saving us all from our sins. Although this particular evening in 1993 is low key. Stripped of hubris and hyperbole, yet quietly momentous all the same. Facing his young audience of rock disciples, Kurt Cobain hunches in a chair. A surly toad lumped on a lily pad. The cardigan he wears is the colour of dreich; knitted from wool that could easily have been sheared from a Scottish sky. His lank hair drizzles down his neck; its liquid limpness also redolent of Caledonia at its rain-raddled best. What won’t have any echoes of Scotland, however, are the songs Cobain is about to sing. They promise to be freshly-minted American classics, written by Kurt himself, a native of Washington state. Songs like Heart-Shaped Box and Smells Like Teen Spirit.

Augusta, GA | Out There…Somewhere: Big game of music, not going to Kansas City: San Francisco and Kansas City getting ready to rock, it’s almost time for the big game. “Not much of a football fan,” said Evan Grantski, of Grantski Records The game is being played in Miami at Hard Rock Stadium, and at Grantski Records they know about rocking hard. So when comes to classic vinyl, who wins…Kansas City or San Francisco? “I think musically it would have to go to San Francisco,” said Evan. It’s a hard journey to get to the Superbowl, and Journey has from that city by the bay. So does Jefferson Airplane, and Creedence Clearwater Revival left its heart in San Francisco. And Oy Como Va…it’s Santana. Somebody call a time out. Running up the score, another San Francisco band: Metallica. Sly & the Family Stone called San Francisco home, and Huey Lewis & the News, The Grateful Dead, The Bay Area Band is still huge at the record store “Oh yeah, can’t keep them in stock,” said Evan.

Lake Lanier, GA | Take a trip down memory lane at Moe’s: Moe Lyons was 16 when he purchased his first vinyl record in 1974. “It was ‘Rufusized’ by Rufus featuring Chaka Khan,” says Lyons, who owns Moe’s Record Shop on the east end of Flowery Branch’s Main Street, near the shores of Lake Lanier. “I still have the original at my house, but we have a couple of them here in the store.” As far back as the late ’70s and early ’80s, Lyons had dreams of opening a record store. By 1985, he was hired as Christmas help at a Record Bar store in his home state of Kentucky. Most recently, he retired at age 60 from Hall County Water Treatment after 18 years. He opened the store in April 2019. “I guess you could say I have a music addiction, but I really like to share music, especially on vinyl,” he said. Lyons has been collecting albums for years and now has more than 6,000 albums at home in addition to the 4,000 to 4,500 in bins at the store. Located in the former location of Lakeside Market, the store is filled with bin after bin of vinyl, sorted by genre and alphabetized by artist. Ask him about almost any artist who has recorded an album and he can walk right to the proper bin and quickly pull out an assortment.

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TVD Radar: Gretel & Hansel OST vinyl in stores 3/20

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Waxwork Records is proud to present Gretel & Hansel Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by ROB.

Written and directed by Oz Perkins (The Blackcoat’s Daughter) and starring Sophia Lillis (It Chapters 1 and 2), Gretel & Hansel is a 2020 American Dark Fantasy Horror Film based on the German folklore tale Hansel and Gretel by The Brothers Grimm. The story is set a long time ago in a distant fairy tale countryside and focuses on a young girl who leads her little brother into a dark wood in desperate search of food and work, only to stumble upon a nexus of terrifying evil. Gretel & Hansel offers a terrifying untold story to the classic fairytale.

The soundtrack by Paris-based composer ROB (2012’s Maniac, Revenge) is a haunting and hypnotic electronic soundscape that features Moog synthesizers and a mellotron. There was no orchestra involved in the creating process, as ROB played all instruments himself, except from additional cellos by his recording partner Moritz Reich.

From the composer: “The idea was to avoid the traditional musical schemes used in tales—such as the use of symphonic orchestras—and therefore find a more original and specific color, using both warm and synthetic sounds with the predominance of the mellotron and the Moog synths.

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TVD Radar: Vinyl Countdown by Graham Sharpe in stores 6/1

VIA PRESS RELEASE | A revival of interest in vinyl music has taken place in recent years—but for many of those from the “baby boomer” generation who made their acquaintance with the music of their youth in this way, it never went away.

Graham Sharpe’s vinyl love affair began in the 1960s and since then he has amassed over 3,000 LPs and spent countless hours visiting record shops worldwide along with record fairs, yard sales, and online and real-life auctions. Vinyl Countdown (Trafalgar Square Publishing, June 1, 2020) follows his journey to more than 100 shops across the globe—from New York to New Zealand, Walsall to Warsaw, (old) Jersey to New Jersey—and describes the many characters he encountered and the adventures he accrued along the way.

Vinyl Countdown seeks to reawaken the often dormant desire which first promoted the gathering of records, and to confirm the belief of those who still indulge in it, that they happily belong to, and should celebrate the undervalued, misunderstood significant group of music obsessed vinylholics, who always want—need—to buy…just one more record.

A mesmerizing blend of memoir, travel, music and social history, Vinyl Countdown will appeal to anyone who vividly recalls the first LP they bought and any music fan who derives pleasure from the capacity that records have for transporting you back in time.

Graham Sharpe has been involved in the betting industry for more than 30 years and has written more than 20 books with a gambling theme. He’s collected vinyl for more than 50 years.

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In rotation: 2/3/20

One Company Now Owns The Only Record Store Chains Left In US, UK and Canada: One company is single handled trying to save chain record store retailing, and so far they seem to be succeeding. This week, Sunrise Records announced that it was buying FYE, America’s last remaining nationwide record and entertainment retail chain from Trans World. That means that with the exception of a few much smaller operations, a single company now owns the only major record stores chains left in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada. FYE currently has 206 stores scattered across America and employs more than 2500. Sunrise already owns 114 HMV record stores in the UK and 85 namesake Sunrise stores in Canada bringing total record store owned 405. Sunrise chief Doug Putman said in a statement: “The addition of For Your Entertainment fits with what we are doing with HMV in the UK and Sunrise Records in Canada. There is a space for retail brands that can cater to a new audience of entertainment-hungry consumers.”

Manhattan, KS | Throwback: Local store feels the rise of vinyl sales: According to an article from Rolling Stone, vinyl sales have grown tremendously. The article claims that “CD sales were declining three times as fast as vinyl sales were growing.” Sisters of Sound, a local music store, has taken note of this trend. Sarah Cunnick, co-owner of Sisters of Sound, said they started their shop with 50 percent vinyl and 50 percent CDs. She said she noticed that vinyl sales began doubling around 2010. Although she agrees with Rolling Stone’s research, she believes the numbers may be more than they’re claiming. “The way they figure out how many sales happen, they’re only counting new vinyl,” Cunnick said. “There is hardly a way for them to track old vinyl. The reporting only takes place with the new vinyl.” Cunnick has been doing her own research throughout her store and noticed that for every one new vinyl purchased, nearly ten used vinyl records are purchased. These used vinyl records aren’t tracked when research is being done, which is why she believes the statistics are under representing.

New York, NY | With Vinyl Making A Comeback, A Treasure Trove Could Be On Your Shelf Or Packed Away Somewhere: On Sunday night, millions of people watched some of the best artists in the world honored on the Grammy Awards. Their records might even be worth a fortune someday. But music lovers might already have a treasure trove of valuable vinyl stashed on shelves or in boxes, CBS2’s Dick Brennan reported. Record stores are seeing a lot more action these days. Vinyl sales reached nearly a quarter billion dollars last year. But certain collectors have an eye out for the rarity, valuable albums re- discovered for resale, like a 1963 Bob Dylan, recorded with four unreleased tracks. “There’s only two known copies and I’m the proud owner of the first one. They insured it for $100,000. I’ve been offered as high as $80,000 for it, but I value it more than that,” said David Eckstrom, owner of the Forever Young Store. It’s an extreme example, but there’s more 12-inch treasure out there. But there’s a catch.

Canoga Park, CA | It’s A Shame, But Vinyl Manufacturer Rainbo Records Has Closed: Artists, record labels, and music trends come and go, but an unseen backbone of the music industry since 1939 has closed – vinyl manufacturer Rainbo Records. Rainbo has been the place to go for indies since there was such a thing. This was not only for artists trying to get their initial break like Husker Du, NWA, Kacey Musgraves, and Childish Gambino, but indie labels like punk stalwarts Epitaph and SST; rap imprints Death Row, Priority, and Sugar Hill; early dance labels Moonshine, Mushroom and Thump; and Concord Jazz, Rhino, and American as well. Along the way the company pressed records for the U.S. War Department for messages from home to servicemen overseas, to General Mills for records built into Wheaties boxes, to Disneyland to describe its attractions. That’s why it comes as a huge surprise that Rainbo has gone out of business. Even as vinyl has seen a healthy resurgence, that hasn’t been enough to offset the upcoming 40% rent increase that the company had to endure on its Canoga Park (a Los Angeles suburb) facility.

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TVD Radar: Nick Mason’s Saucerful Of Secrets, Live at the Roundhouse 2LP in stores 4/17

VIA PRESS RELEASE | “Immense, electrifying, galvanizing, mesmerizing and still deeply strange, bending the formats of primal rock into all kind of weird and wonderful shapes…a set of such startling intensity it seemed to mock the very notion of nostalgia.”
Neil McCormick, The Daily Telegraph

Legacy Recordings, a division of Sony Music Entertainment is proud to announce the release of Nick Mason’s Saucerful Of Secrets Live At The Roundhouse, an extraordinary all-new concert recording featuring an array of Pink Floyd classics rarely performed by the band during its lifetime. The 22-track collection arrives April 17 as a double-CD/DVD package, double-vinyl, and on Blu-ray; pre-orders are available now. Additionally, the band today shares the song/video for “Fearless” as an exclusive video trailer.

Also, in collaboration with Trafalgar Releasing and Sony Music Entertainment, Nick Mason’s Saucerful Of Secrets Live At The Roundhouse will be coming to cinemas in selected cities worldwide for one night only on March 10, 2020. This theatrical event will also include a pre-recorded cinema exclusive Q&A with Nick Mason and the band where they will answer questions submitted by fans. Tickets are on sale now from

Nick Mason—founding drummer and the only constant member of Pink Floyd since their 1965 formation—united Gary Kemp (guitar, vocals), Guy Pratt (bass, vocals), Lee Harris (guitar), and Dom Beken (keyboards) as Nick Mason’s Saucerful Of Secrets in 2018, fueled in part by the desire to perform the legendary band’s pre-Dark Side of the Moon material, timeless songs which had not been played on stage in decades.

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In rotation: 1/31/20

AU | Executive changes at AMRA & Record Store Day: Changes are afoot at the top of the Australian Music Retailers Association (AMRA) and one of its main initiatives, Australian Record Store Day. AMRA CEO Ian Harvey and head of membership Sara Hood, are stepping down to follow other pursuits. They have run AMRA for 20 years and Record Store Day for 11. “The general plan is to keep it running as it has,” says AMRA president Blake Budak, who operates the long-running store Landspeed Records in Canberra. “Sara and Ian have put a lot of mechanisms in place and done a lot of groundwork to establish Record Store Day in Australia in such a good way. “AMRA wouldn’t be where we are today without them.” It’s little wonder that Record Store Day plays a vital role in AMRA’s operations. “We do as much trade on that one day as we do in the four days leading up to Christmas,” Budak explains. The event returns this year in April. Last year 195 stores were involved, drawing around 85,000 customers.

Dallas, TX | After 46 years, Hit Records will close, take its final spin this weekend: Say goodbye to Hit Records at a two-day closeout sale this weekend. Hit Records was anything but a one-hit wonder. The record store in the Casa View Shopping Center will close after 46 years in business. Owner Ron Ross said on Facebook that the store’s lease is up, and he doesn’t agree with the new terms. He would rather sell than try to move, according to the post. A two-day closeout sale will take place from 3-8 p.m. Friday and Saturday at the record shop at 10253 Ferguson Road. “Come see Ron and buy a piece of record store history,” the Facebook post said. Ross began working at Hit Records in 1974, and bought the store in 1986, CultureMap reported. Over the years, rock bands, such as The Ramones, AC/DC and Aerosmith, have come through its doors. Every inch of Hit Records is covered in memorabilia, from Chuky dolls to baseball cards to a pair of Chuck Taylors signed by Marky Ramone. Oh yeah, the store sells records too.

Eastbourne, UK | Eastbourne record store announces it is closing: An Eastbourne record store has announced it will be closing in March. The owner of Pebble Records in Gildredge Road said the decision was made due to ‘tough conditions’ on the high street taking its toll. Michael Kerton said, “It’s been great fun to do it. We have met lots of lovely people and made new friends. “It’s really hard on the high street at the moment. It’s inevitable change.” The online side of the business will continue trading at, but the shop itself will shut by the end of March. Michael said, “There’s the social part of it you miss when shops close. That’s what we are losing.” But he said, “It’s been great, we have had a great time doing it. No regrets, it’s been fun. “It’s come to an end. Thank you for the supporters of the shop.”

Minneapolis, MN | Tes de Luna and Jason Hughes: The Curators: Tes de Luna and Jason Hughes’ introduction sounds straight out of an indie-rock rom-com. The owners of south Minneapolis record store/art boutique Rock Paper Scissors Goods initially crossed paths in Seattle, where de Luna was a regular at Hughes’ Sonic Boom Records. After hitting it off at an Elliott Smith concert in 2000, they went on their first proper date. Eventually, they would run small businesses next door to each other, get married, and have kids. De Luna, a Minneapolis native who graduated from MCAD in 1999, wanted to move the family back home. So they sold their Pacific Northwest shops and opened Rock Paper Scissors in 2018—a shop that combines their shared love of art and music under one roof. “We just wanted to use the knowledge from our former shops to start something new,” de Luna says. “Starting small in a new city made sense, and we hoped that creative folks would appreciate both art and music.”

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TVD Radar: Hamell on Trial, Ed’s Not Dead—Hamell Comes Alive!
20th anniversary vinyl reissue in stores 3/13

VIA PRESS RELEASE | On March 13th, Saustex Records will release the 20th anniversary edition of Hamell On Trial’s live album Ed’s Not Dead—Hamell Comes Alive! on digital and hyper-limited vinyl format.

March 13th, 2020 will mark Saustex Records’ re-release of the Hamell on Trial live album Ed’s Not Dead—Hamell Comes Alive!. The album is culled from live shows in Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, and San Diego back in 2000, when Ed was the regular opening act for Ani DiFranco and was also on the roster of her Righteous Babe Records. Ani had her front-of-house engineer record Ed’s show nightly, with the unspoken intention of releasing a live album for her label.

Things were going well…Ed was playing for much larger audiences than he was used to and Ani’s audiences were very gracious and receptive. Then, tragedy struck. Following some dates with Ani, Ed resumed his club touring, and had a serious automobile accident that laid him up for nine months. He broke three vertebrae, his wrist, ankle, and had 52 staples in his head. He had to wear an upper body brace for the duration of the nine months.

As a working musician whose bread and butter is live performances, this was devastating. Luckily, some friends came to the rescue, in the form of Ani’s manager Scott Fisher, who gave Hamell the tapes so that he could self-release an album and keep the money, and his good friend George Fontaine (now president of New West Records) who ponied up the money for CD manufacturing. Ed’s longtime road manager Ricki C sifted through the tapes and culled the best performances.

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In rotation: 1/30/20

Eastbourne, UK | Popular Record Store to close!: This evening (28th January) it has been announced that the popular Pebble Records will be closing its doors. Pebble Records is a leading independent record shop, which is located not far from the mainline railway station in Eastbourne at 14 Gildredge Road. They sell vinyl, CDs, tapes, merch and record decks. Their range includes indie, rock, garage, psych, funk, soul, reggae, dub, dance, electronica, hip hop, r & b, blues, jazz, folk, country and soundtracks. In an official statement by Michael and Chris on the shop’s Facebook page they stated:” I’m sorry to be letting you all know that the tough conditions on the high street have taken there toll on the retail shop and we will closing at the end of the March. Pebble will continue to trade online but in more specialised niche areas more information to follow soon.”

Montreal, CA | Montreal Allows Record Stores to Extend Opening Hours: Shops were fined thousands by the province late last year. After raising concern with the province of Quebec over opening hours leading to thousands of dollars in fines, Montreal record stores will now be permitted to keep doors open later as of this spring. Montreal Mayor Valerie Plante confirmed the forthcoming changes on Twitter today, writing that governments will “invite merchants and boroughs to make the rules surrounding store hours more flexible.” She added, “You have to be able to adapt and that’s what we are doing!” Plante’s announcement comes weeks after Phonopolis co-owner Jordan Robson Cramer explained how his shop and fellow record stores Sonorama, La Rama and Death of Vinyl had received warnings and thousands in fines for staying open past 5 p.m. on weekends.

Wilmington, NC | From new to old rarities, Record Bar opens in Wilmington after nearly 30 years of brand-dormancy: It’s been nearly 30 years since music lovers have seen any stores for the previously Durham-based Record Bar, which was acquired by Blockbuster Video in the early ’90s. With more than 150 stores nationwide at its peak, the store eventually went the way of Blockbuster — until now. Tony Stroud has lived in Wilmington for years and has made a career as a CPA, but he can now add ‘record store owner’ to his resume after reviving the previously dormant brand. Now, along with his partner Donna Hoehlein he’s brought the Record Bar back, located next to Beach Bagels off Oleander Drive. The shop opened in December of 2019, but Stroud has been working on the project since 2018, acquiring a large inventory of albums and working to acquire the name and the brand from its dormant status.

Dallas, TX | One of Dallas’ oldest remaining record stores is closing with a big sale: One of Dallas’ oldest remaining record stores is closing. Hit Records, located in the Casa View Shopping Center at 10253 Ferguson Rd., will close after 46 years in business. According to owner Ron Ross, the store’s lease was up and he “couldn’t meet the new terms.” That entire intersection at Ferguson and Gus Thomasson is in churn. The shopping center is getting a $10 million makeover, and some longtime tenants such as Casa Jewelers, which had been at the center since 1954, have been nudged out. Hit Records was almost more museum than shop, with an extensive display of photos and memorabilia. Most of the photos were Ross’ own; he was a music photographer for 20 years, shooting for record labels and publications such as Buddy.

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Demand it on Vinyl:
Art Blakey & the Jazz Messengers, The Best of the Columbia & RCA/Vik Years (1956-1959) in stores 3/6

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Art Blakey’s Jazz Messengers were the greatest incubator of talent the jazz world has ever known, and the late-‘50s were arguably the outfit’s most fertile period, as Blakey led not one, not two, not three, but four aggregations that spawned the next generation of jazz superstars.

While Blakey recorded for a number of labels during that period, his sessions for the Columbia and RCA/Vik labels formed the core of his repertoire along with his Blue Note sides, and this 2-CD, 17-track set throws in six rare live performances in France (led by Blakey’s impossibly polyrhythmic playing, the Jazz Messengers were one of the greatest live bands in jazz history) to create a crucial document of the era.

The set begins with three tracks from the 1956 Columbia album The Jazz Messengers featuring the jaw-dropping line-up of Blakey, Donald Byrd on trumpet, Hank Mobley on tenor, Horace Silver on piano, and Doug Watkins on bass; two Horace Silver compositions, “Nica’s Dream” and “Ecaroh,” join the Tin Pan Alley song “The End of a Love Affair.” After that album, Silver split and took Byrd, Mobley, and Watkins with him, but Blakey turned around and hired soon-to-be-legendary alto saxman Jackie McLean along with trumpeter Bill Hardman, pianist Sam Dockery, and bassist Jimmy “Spanky” DeBrest to replace them.

This unit recorded the next three tracks including the McLean composition “Little Melonae.” “The Sacrifice” and “Cubano Chant” hail from album sessions with The Art Blakey Percussion Ensemble featuring, among others, bassist Oscar Pettiford and pianist Ray Bryant, while the last two tracks on Disc One, “Almost Like Being in Love” and “Couldn’t It Be You,” add tenor titan Johnny Griffin to the Jazz Messenger mix.

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