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In rotation: 1/23/23

Ithaca, NY | Two businesses open new locations in Ithaca: Downtown Ithaca welcomed two new businesses this afternoon with an honorary ribbon cutting ceremony. Choice Words is looking to help organizations get grant funding. While Angry Mom Records will cater to music lovers of all kinds. …Choice Words wasn’t the only business cutting a ribbon today; Angry Mom Records is celebrating a new era in Ithaca. Following over a decade underground, the record store can now see the light of day from their new space in Autumn Leaves Used Books. “Well, we just moved up from the basement. We’ve been in the basement for 13 years. And we expanded into the second floor. Doubled our space,” said George Johnn Owner George Johnn shared music has always been a part of his life. As a teen he loved Punk Rock, but now that he is a business owner, Johnn has to comb through different sources to find the vinyl’s people crave.

Nottingham, UK | New record shop opens in Nottingham’s Sneinton Avenues: Running Circle Records offers a range of vinyl. A new record shop has opened in Nottingham’s Sneinton Avenues offering a range of vinyl. Running Circle Records has launched in Unit 46 on Freckingham Street near Bustler Market. The shop is not just a record shop but also a label, which is owned by Guohan Zeng and Tom Towle. The two are musicians and DJs based in Nottingham and this is their first retail shop. Running Circle is open from Thursday to Sunday and often features appearances from other local DJs who play in the unit. The shop also has online stores where vinyl fans can pick up new releases. Guohan said: “We started as an independent label which was co-founded by myself, Tom Towle and a couple of other friends in 2017. We started the label so we could release music for artists we were really into who were mostly from Nottingham. “Last year, we decided to take a different approach and saw the opportunity in Sneinton Market and thought it would be great to have a physical store so people could get to know us a bit.”

Plano, TX | Josey Records bringing old-school goods to Plano: Dallas-based Josey Records is opening its fifth location in Plano on Jan. 20, according to an Instagram post from the company. The store will be located at 6940 Coit Road and will offer various products from different decades, including vinyl records, posters, CDs, books, apparel and more. Josey Records has other locations in Dallas; Kansas City, Missouri; Tulsa, Oklahoma; and Lubbock.

Kerala, IN | After ‘Chitram’, vinyl records to make a comeback in Mollywood through ‘Marakkar.’ Chitram, released in 1988, was the last movie to release their tracks on a long-playing record. Only when the record was safely back on the shelf did she turn to me and give a little smile. And every time, this thought hit me: It wasn’t a record she was handling. It was a fragile soul inside a glass bottle: Haruki Murakami in South of the Border, West of the Sun.With a sprawling collection of over 10,000 records, the Japanese novelist is perhaps the biggest brand ambassador of the vinyl record player. After a long hiatus, vinyl sales are seeing a resurgence globally and have now overtaken CDs. The warmer sound and the nostalgic feel that the vinyl helps imbibe is perhaps two of the likely reasons why music aficionados attest that one should hear from a vinyl to feel the soul of a song. Now, after over three decades, vinyl records are slated to make a comeback in the Malayalam film industry.

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TVD Radar: The Skatalites and The Maytals The Essential Artist Collections,
2LPs in stores now

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Today, Trojan Records release The Skatalites’ and The Maytals’ The Essential Artist Collection albums—the first two installments from a brand new series of artist-focused compilation albums showcasing some of the very best talent from the label’s esteemed roster. Championing their stellar catalogues, the series highlights the most important ska and reggae tracks from the most influential artists and vocal/instrumental groups with each title available in double colour vinyl, double CD, and digital formats.

As the sound of ska exploded upon Jamaica’s musical landscape in the early ’60s, the driving dynamic sound was championed by a group frequently credited as the originators of ska and the greatest ensemble of musicians ever to have performed and recorded on the island—The Skatalites. Formed in 1964, the group comprised of legendary saxophonist Tommy McCook, trombonist Don Drummond, tenor saxman Roland Alphonso, drumming supremo Lloyd Knibb, and keyboard prodigy Jackie Mittoo. The powerhouse instrumental combo dominated the island’s music industry for 18 glorious months, and this new collection includes the very best of their work including ska anthems such as “One Eyed Giant,” “Alley Cat,” and “Music Is My Occupation”—produced by famed Treasure Isle Records boss, Arthur “Duke” Reid.

Led by the dynamic Frederick ‘Toots’ Hibbert, The Maytals are highly regarded as one of the greatest singing trios in the history of Jamaican music, scoring hit after hit on the island’s charts during an incredible career spanning six decades. This new collection brings together the very best of their work, including their rock steady and early recordings for Leslie Kong’s revered Beverley’s Records during the late sixties and early seventies; a period that spawned ground-breaking work such as “54 46 Was My Number,” “Monkey Man,” and “Do the Reggay,” to name but a few. It also includes numerous classics such as “Sweet And Dandy,” “Pressure Drop,” and “Night And Day,” demonstrating just why the unforgettable music of The Maytals will continue to be loved for many years to come.

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In rotation: 1/20/23

Grand Rapids, MI | Record shop aims to help customers find gold: A new record shop looking to capture the magic of a growing musical medium found a fitting location in Eastown. Vinyl Alchemy is set to open this spring at 1505 Wealthy St. SE next to longtime neighborhood staple Yesterdog. “The best part is I can say, ‘next to Yesterdog,’ and everyone will know where it is,” said owner Kevin Romanyk. A pharmacist by trade, Romanyk said it is time for him to make the jump into entrepreneurship, and the 1,000-square-foot Eastown location provides the perfect setting. “I always thought it was strange there is not a record shop in Eastown,” Romanyk said. “It’s the right vibe, and I’ve been interested in opening a record shop, but I didn’t think such a perfect location would exist.” He said the spot is not huge, but record shops do not need to be large. The cozy, intimate store will provide a nice complementary business to others in the Eastown area.

Yakima, WA | Vinyl in Yakima! Sales are growing even though people don’t have players. It has got to be more than just the retro movement. Vinyl has come back in a big way. In fact, it’s reported by that Vinyl has grown for the 17th straight year. Between new artists like Taylor Swift setting new records (pun intended) or classics released like Michael Jackson’s Thriller or The Beatles’ Abbey Road, vinyl is huge and is still growing! I just don’t get it. Sure I have a small record (aka VINYL) collection. Most of mine came from my father and grandfather. I can honestly say I have bought 2 Vinyl albums in the past 10 years. The Foo Fighter’s record store day album Medium Rare and the fantastic Northwest band, Cockaphonix’s debut album. That one made me laugh, mainly because of my interaction with a band member Chris Nobbs. It went something like this: Me: Can I buy a CD? Chris: Sorry, we don’t have CDs. We do have our album on vinyl! Me: Damn, the needle in my car turntable broke!

Blenheim, NZ | Jonny H achieves his vinyl dream: Jonny H has always wanted to start a pop-up record store, and now he is living his dream. “It has been a dream since I was a teenager; a Nelson record store owner said to me just do it, so I’ve been giving it a nudge since September.” The music fan said got his unique name playing in punk bands. Jonny H has always wanted to start a pop-up record store, and now he is living his dream. “It has been a dream since I was a teenager; a Nelson record store owner said to me just do it, so I’ve been giving it a nudge since September.” The music fan said got his unique name playing in punk bands. He is originally from Brisbane and has been in Blenheim eight years after meeting a local girl. Opening up a vinyl record pop-up store, Sub-urban Records, had not been without some pain, he said. That included having to sacrifice some of his personal albums.

Atascadero, CA | Traffic Records Suffers Flood Damage: The store reopened to the public on Sunday, Jan. 15. The local community came together during the storm on Monday, Jan. 9, due to flooding on Traffic Way. What started out as a typical stormy day, where many shop owners stayed home, turned into something else entirely when the businesses on the 5000 block of Traffic Way were notified of possible flooding. Specs by Kyla owner Kyla Skinner alerted the business owners on her block that the back parking lot was flooding and the water was flush with their doors via a group Instagram message. “It never even occurred to me that anything could be wrong, although it [the rain] was coming down pretty good,” stated Traffic Records owner Manuel Barba. Barba said that he ran down to his record shop to check on the possible flooding and was completely unprepared for what he found. He assumed he was stopping by to assess the potential for flooding. “I figured I might have to move a couple of things. I figured there’d be water at the back door,” Barba added. “I came into my store, which was entirely flooded from the front door to the back door.”

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Demand it on Vinyl: Flicker+Pulse Original Score by Wendy Rae Fowler in stores 3/31

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Composer/musician Wendy Rae Fowler and Ghost Rhythm Records announced today the digital release of the score for the critically acclaimed 2017 BBC documentary Flicker+Pulse on all major platforms on Friday, March 31. Preorder/presave here.

The evocative ambient score is due to be released in time for Spring, as the film’s full title A Year in an English Garden: Flicker+Pulse perfectly reflects the new beginnings and transformations in Spring, including the cycle of life and death. Dark, hypnotizing and sometimes playful, the score was not composed to picture. Musical suggestions were approved, then developed into ideas and the picture was edited to the final compositions. A soundtrack as unique as Wendy Rae Fowler, herself.

Primarily known for her work in We Fell to Earth, as a solo artist, and with bands like Earthlings?, Queens of the Stone Age, and Mark Lanegan, this is Fowler’s first score to be released. It is part of a trilogy with Director Brian McClave that includes another documentary Clay+Bone (narrated by best-selling author Will Self) set for release later this year.

In 2021, Wendy Rae Fowler released her debut solo album Warped: Resurrection on her Ghost Rhythm Records on 2xLP and digital. Dave Grohl summarized the record as, “Hypnotic and atmospheric, Wendy Rae Fowler’s Warped:Resurrection paints a David Lynch-ian soundscape that swells from a whisper to a roar, each track rolling dark and light together into a dangerously seductive album, leaving you bewitched and wanting more.”

The late Mark Lanegan said of Fowler, “Like a contemporary soundtrack to a Bela Tarr cityscape where southern goth, Ennio Morricone and Siouxsie Sioux melt together, the shadow atmospherics of Wendy Rae Fowler is brooding and visceral, dark and dreamlike. Highly recommended for insomniacs et al.”

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TVD Radar: Superchunk, new 7-inch, “Everything Hurts” b/w “Making A Break” in stores 2/24

VIA PRESS RELEASE | In 2022, Superchunk released Wild Loneliness, their first album in four years. The collaborative energy of that record carried itself over into two songs that did not make the album, “Everything Hurts” and “Making a Break,” which now comprise a new 7-inch, out February 24 on limited-edition pink vinyl. Pre-order it now in the Merge store!

Of the two holdovers from Wild Loneliness, Superchunk’s Mac McCaughan had this to say: “We recorded 2022’s Wild Loneliness at home over the course of a few months during lockdown. In keeping with the theory that ten songs is the perfect length for a record, we had to take off a couple songs that fit thematically—who doesn’t have days when everything hurts or you feel like making a break for it?—but musically couldn’t find a spot on Wild Loneliness.

Perhaps because they are more traditionally ‘Superchunk’-sounding than the rest of the LP (‘Everything Hurts’ could be from Come Pick Me Up, and ‘Making a Break’ has What a Time to Be Alive energy)? Who knows! So here are these misfits from the Wild Loneliness sessions, recorded at home in Chapel Hill and mixed by Wally Gagel in LA.”

The single’s distinctive pink jacket features a photograph of the New River near Galax, VA, where Superchunk bassist Laura Ballance goes to be with friends and reflect on life: “A good friend has an old homestead up there near the river, where we go hiking and tubing. In the summer, we carry our tubes on one of our hikes and then float all the way back to the house. Sometimes we hold hands and stay together and chat, and sometimes we drift apart and have quiet reflective time as we travel. One time we saw otters.”

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TVD Radar: Leon
Russell: The Master of Space and Time’s Journey Through Rock & Roll History
by Bill Janovitz in stores 3/14

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Hachette Books has announced the March 14 publication of Leon Russell: The Master of Space and Time’s Journey Through Rock & Roll History, a comprehensive new biography of the legendary musician, composer, and performer by acclaimed author and founding member of Buffalo Tom, Bill Janovitz.

Told with the support of Russell’s estate, Leon Russell: The Master of Space and Time’s Journey Through Rock & Roll History stands tall as the definitive, never-before-told chronicle of one of the most important music makers of the 20th century, a genre-defying, multi-talented artist whose wildly diverse body of work has affirmed him as a one-of-a-kind Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and truly mythical figure in American music.

Leon Russell is an icon, but in many ways, he is also an underappreciated artist. A Zelig figure for a number of decades, he is spoken of in tones reserved not just for the most talented musicians, but also the most complex and fascinating. His career is like a roadmap of American music, though his mark can also be found in the work of British rock royalty like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and Elton John, the latter of whom later inducted him into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2011.

The phenomenal litany of collaborators and beneficiaries of the creative worlds Russell created over the years spans such giants as Frank Sinatra, Bob Dylan, The Beach Boys, Phil Spector, George Harrison, Eric Clapton, Delaney and Bonnie, Willie Nelson, Rita Coolidge, Dave Mason, Freddie King, J.J. Cale, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Bonnie Raitt, and countless others.

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In rotation: 1/19/23

Las Vegas, NV | Decades-old record store ‘Record City’ to close one of two valley locations: A record store that has been in business for over 30 years is saying goodbye to the Las Vegas valley. Record City Las Vegas says it will be closing the doors to its East Charleston location at the end of this month, which is one of two locations they have here in town. In a statement posted on Facebook, the shop says they couldn’t reach an agreement with the new landlords despite being in the location for 35 years. Despite the news, Record City will continue to operate its second location on East Sahara following the January 28th closure. Store manager Joey also penned a letter to customers, thanking them for their continued support over the years. The post also states that Joey will be relocating to the Sahara location.

New Westminster, CA | Have you been to New West’s ‘best-smelling’ record store? Here’s your one-stop shop for soap and rare vinyl records. If you ask Google Maps to take you to Relove Records, you will end up at a soap refill store in downtown New West. Much like a hidden speakeasy, the record store remains nestled at the back of The Refill Stop that houses a variety of products including essential oils, bath bombs and counter cleaners. “Whenever people come in, we always say that we have the best-smelling record store,” said Ken Wylie, founder of Relove Records, with a laugh. The record store occupies a small section of The Refill Stop along the back wall. Vinyls of Fleetwood Mac, Marvin Gaye and Frank Sinatra sit drenched in the smell of orange cocoa, menthol, and mulberry at the store. The collection of used records, curated by Wylie, is stored in wooden bins and shelves — also built by Wylie. A carpenter by day, Wylie works full-time in construction; his evenings, weekends, and 40-minute commute to work are spent in buying records and managing the store’s vinyl collection, he said.

Auckland, NZ | ‘One disaster after another!’ Real Groovy’s big move isn’t quite going to plan: The famous Auckland record store is once again on the move, making its biggest shift in decades. It’s expensive, difficult and entirely by choice. So why do it now? When Real Groovy was forced to move shops across Queen Street in 2016, Chris Hart wore a Fitbit. By midnight, the owner of the inner-city Auckland record shop had clocked 58,000 steps – the equivalent distance of running a full marathon, much of it including hill and stair climbs. Hart worked for another two hours, prepping his new store ready for opening day, then walked home. “I didn’t move much the next day,” admits the 66-year-old. Next week, he’s doing it all again. Real Groovy, Hart’s famed 40-year-old record store which has weathered the test of time and constantly changing economic conditions, will next week move to somewhere it’s never been before – off Queen Street and into the very centre of town.

Howell, MI | Vinyl record lover opens galaxy of great tunes to public with Howell shop: Aidyn Messerschmidt says vinyl albums have a warmth other formats don’t share, and he’s looking forward to sharing his love for the musical format with others. Messerschmidt, 21, recently opened the only full-time record store in Livingston County in the storefront where he previously ran a virtual reality arcade. Galaxy Records opened Jan. 7 with bins filled with vinyl records, a wall of Blu-rays and DVDs, and some CDs and video games at 4088 E. Grand River Ave. in the Country Corners mini-mall. “I’m a big music fan and it never ceases to amaze me how it touches people,” Messerschmidt said. “People like to talk about music and it brings them together.” Galaxy Records is open every day except Wednesdays. The county has one another record store, Old Homestead Record Store in Oceola Township, which is open a few hours a week, 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Wednesdays and Saturdays. “The record store will help people spare the drive to Ann Arbor or Lansing,” Messerschmidt said.

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New Release Section: Gina Birch, “I Play My Bass Loud”

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Legendary post-punk musician, artist, and filmmaker Gina Birch has shared the title track from her debut solo album, I Play My Bass Loud, arriving via Third Man Records on Friday, February 24, 2023. Pre-orders are available now. “I Play My Bass Loud” is available now at all DSPs and streaming services and is joined by the release of an official music video directed by Vice Cooler (who is also a multi-talented musician and performer himself), with concept and choreography by Brontez Purnell.

“Vice asked his long-term friend writer, dancer, and choreographer, Oakland-based Brontez Purnell, to be the central character of the video,” explains Birch. “There are five women bass players performing in the video, Emily Elhaj (Angel Olsen), Hazel Rigby (TBHQ), Mikki Itzigsohn (Small Wigs), Staz Lindes (The Paranoyds), and myself. We shot the video in L.A. so the bass players in the video are not primarily the ones on the track apart from Emily Elhaj who plays bass with Angel Olson and Gina B. The song is a celebration of bass guitar as a voice, simple or layered, pounding or dancing, or everything at once. A celebration of a shout, a yell from the window, and the I am Here, of a woman’s creativity on the bass guitar. I play my bass, my bass my bass my bass, I play my bass loud.”

The album was announced in November of last year with the propulsive first single, “Wish I Was You.” The track – co-written and co-produced by the legendary Youth and featuring guitar by longtime fan Thurston Moore – was also joined by an official music video, directed by Gina’s filmmaker daughter Honey Birch and streaming now on YouTube.

“The album distills my years of musical, political, and artistic life with these genre-breaking songs,” says Gina Birch. “It’s a personal diary using sounds and lyrics, full of fun, rage, and storytelling.” This year will see Birch celebrate I Play My Bass Loud with an eagerly anticipated UK/Ireland headline tour, getting underway March 21 at Brighton’s Hope and Ruin. Additional dates will be announced soon.

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New Release Section: Sleaford Mods,
“UK Grim”

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Legendary British duo Sleaford Mods are pleased to announce a new album, UK GRIM, out March 10, 2023 on Rough Trade Records. The album will be available on LP, CD, and cassette, including black and white vinyl on the webstore, and an exclusive silver vinyl variant available via independent record stores. Sleaford Mods will tour North America this April in support of the new record, with stops in most major cities and appearances at both weekends of Coachella.

Lead track “UK GRIM” is out now and is accompanied by the first-ever music video created by British collage artist and satirist Cold War Steve, who has previously done covers for Time magazine and The New Statesman. The track continues Sleaford Mods’ uncanny ability to call out our times with anger and art, electronic innovation and erudite vision. Though no strangers to the dancefloor, the track’s minimal yet immersive beats add a physical power to the duo’s ever-insightful take on society.

War, rising energy costs, inflation. A sclerotic political class and a divided country. Malaise, acts of national self-harm and other doomed flights from reality. Despair, anger and alienation. Has it ever been worse out there?

Welcome to UK GRIM. Building on the unique, insurrectionary strengths of previous records while refining them in gripping new ways, Sleaford Mods’ newest album is a stunning step up. This is nothing less than a defining band and a voice of the people—like The Jam, The Clash, or Public Enemy were—more fully realized than ever before. It is, unmistakably, the real deal.

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TVD Radar: William Odell Hughes, Cruisin’ reissue in stores 2/24

VIA PRESS RELEASE | A Detroit resident, William Odell Hughes is a much-loved street educated singer-songwriter and music composer. As a regular passenger riding to work on the Detroit East Side bus route in the early eighties, he met jazz pianist Pamela Wise who also rode the bus to work every day and who he noticed was always reading music. Pamela told him about saxophonist, clarinetist, and producer Wendell Harrison (founder of the legendary Tribe collective and a regular collaborator of Pamela Wise). She introduced Odell to Wendell, who was impressed with William’s compositions and felt that it would be a great project for release on his WenHa record label.

Hughes and Harrison began producing and recording the album to be called Cruisin’ featuring musical arrangements by both Wendell Harrison and Pamela Wise. This album (released in 1981) was the first recording for Hughes and the beginning of a long musical journey that continues to this day. Cruisin’ features an all-star line-up that includes Andrew Gibson (The Counts), Pamela Wise (Tribe) and award-winning Detroit Jazz icon Wendell Harrison…all doing their bit and making this a monster of an album!

William Odell Hughes’ debut album has all the best characteristics of an ’80s album: it’s filled with funky playful beats and has excellent soulful honey-dipped vocals. On Cruisin’ the listener is treated to both mellow soul sounds and electrifying disco boogie (that’ll make even the shyest of club goers want to get up and dance) and Wendell Harrison’s instantly recognizable flute-playing and synth pads give the record a warm, relaxed groove. Prepare yourself for funky vibes, cool soothing feet-tapping rhythms, fantastic interplays on vocal tempos…all backed by a beautiful array of soulful synthesized and cosmic music.

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In rotation: 1/18/23

Newcastle, UK | ‘No one’s fault’: Heartbreak as Newcastle record store famous for Sam Fender link forced to close: Beyond Vinyl has had many highs over the years, including that famous night when Sam Fender’s debut album dropped. As the clock turns midnight on Friday, September 13 in 2019, some of the first and keenest Geordie Sam Fender fans are queuing outside Beyond Vinyl in the Newcastle city centre. The independent store has cultivated a reputation as a gem of the Newcastle music scene but has had to take the “head over heart” decision to close. David McGovern opened Beyond Vinyl back in 2018 and despite five years filled with good memories, has been forced to move the store online as the cost of living bites. Remembering one of those highlights as the day Fender’s debut album Hypersonic Missiles came out. David said: “We approached Sam when the first album came out to do a signing and midnight opening, which he couldn’t make because of other commitments, but he was great.

Shropshire, UK | Record shop reopens at larger premises – and proves to be a hit with customers: The grand reopening of an independent record store has proven to be a smash hit. Saturday saw the grand reopening of Queen Street Records following a move to bigger and better premises. The store in Market Drayton moved up the road from number three Queen Street to 15A, a building four times the size of its first home. The building means the vinyl record store also now houses a cafe selling barista style coffee. Owner, Steve Ball, said re-opening day was a whirlwind. He said: “It was absolutely crazy, really busy. We’ve done a weeks’ trade in a day, it was absolutely non-stop!” Steve started the record business in lockdown, when it was a purely online venture. The business moved to number three in July 2021, but quickly outgrew the 18 square metre shop. Steve explained: “Our range just kept expanding and stock just kept growing, with customer demands the building had quickly served its purpose.”

Lancaster, PA | Longtime vinyl collectors open Etown Record Lounge in Elizabethtown: Selling a wide variety of vinyl records, Etown Record Lounge recently opened in downtown Elizabethtown. The record store at 9 S. Market St. operates out of a roughly 500-square-foot space where it has 2,000 to 3,000 records, including polka, jazz, classic rock, easy listening and death metal, among other genres. A lounge in a separate room has tables, chairs and couches, offering room for 20 to 25 people to browse and listen to music. Etown Record Lounge is owned by Ryan Reed and Tim Orth, who both have other jobs. Reed is a real estate agent in Elizabethtown with Realty ONE Group Unlimited and Orth owns Orth Plumbing in Mount Joy Township. Both vinyl collectors, the longtime friends conceived the idea for the record shop after discussing the idea over the course of three hours at Funk Brewing in Elizabethtown. Etown Record Lounge, which also buys records, takes a space previously occupied by the former Advocate newspaper.

Philadelphia, PA | This Couple Turned Their Engagement Photos Into an Excuse to Shop for Vinyl Records: They chose Long in the Tooth because it has a “stellar vibe.” We’ve waxed poetic about how pretty Philly is for all things wedding — but its restaurants and shops are pretty cool, too. This couple had the right idea when they took their engagement photos at a record store — Long in the Tooth in Rittenhouse, to be exact. M2 Photography snapped all the musical moments below. Their engagement-session approach: Because the couple enjoys checking out new-to-them record stores whenever they can (Cameron’s also a vinyl collector), they decided to use music as their starting point. They chose Long in the Tooth because they’d been there before and “thought it had a stellar vibe.” It’s also a short walk over to Rittenhouse Square and Delancey Street, where they wanted to snap additional portraits. “Including different aspects of the city was important to us,” says Abby.

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Demand it on Vinyl: Grateful Dead, Road Trips Vol. 1 No. 1–Fall ’79 2CD in stores 2/3

VIA PRESS RELEASE | The set features the Dead hitting full stride with new keyboardist Brent Mydland on their fall ’79 tour, including fresh takes on some of the oldest songs in the band’s repertoire and on new tunes like the fourth ever performance of “Alabama Getaway.”

You live life long enough, you learn that the only thing that doesn’t change is that things change, and of all the bands in the rock and roll pantheon, the one that embraced change the most—even welcomed it—is indisputably the Grateful Dead. No other group experienced the same personnel turnover or carved out such a wide stylistic swath of repertoire in the course of its 30-year career. And on Road Trips Vol. 1 No. 1—Fall ’79, the Dead once again employs its unique brand of musical jiu-jitsu to emerge stronger than ever.

The five shows excerpted here display the band fully hitting its stride with new member Brent Mydland, offering fresh takes on some of the oldest songs in its library, including a boogie-fied “Dancing in the Street” (leading into “Franklin’s Tower” for one of just three times ever), a briefly reggae-fied “Morning Dew” (the only performance in a two-year span), and “Good Lovin’” winding up a medley that features a most satisfying “Wharf Rat.”

And if it’s new stuff you’re after, this Trip features the fourth performance ever of “Alabama Getaway” (the Dead was busy recording Go to Heaven during this tour). Notes by Blair Jackson accompany; mastered by Jeffrey Norman in HDCD sound. Available for the first time ever at music retail!

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In rotation: 1/17/23

Music Consumption Rose 9% in 2022, As Catalog’s Share Jumped To 72%. Luminate’s analysis of music sales and consumption trends shows 2022 was another strong year for the music biz. Total album consumption in the U.S. (which combines album sales and the equivalent value of song streams and sales) jumped 9.2% to 974.9 million. That’s a couple of ticks higher than an 11.3% gain in 2021. U.S. on-demand audio streams hit the trillion mark for the first time ever in a single year in 2022, rising 12.1% to 1.1 trillion. Digital track sales continued their downward spiral, tumbling 25.1% to 151.9 million. And while total album sales (physical and digital) registered another year-over-year decline (-8.2% to 110.1 million) two vintage formats continued to rebound. Vinyl album sales grew 4.2% to 43.5 million, accounting for more than half of physical album sales and more than 40% of total album sales. Cassette sales are also in comeback mode although their contribution is far smaller, surging 28% to 440,000.

Buffalo, NY | Buffalo Next: Music store has downtown Niagara Falls singing a new tune: Daredevil Records opens in Niagara Falls. Jessica Berry cut the ribbon on her Daredevil Record Store & Listening Lounge in the former Tugby-Lennon building, 324 Niagara St., on Friday. The store sells new and used records, CDs, cassette tapes and vintage T-shirts, and buys used merchandise for cash or credit. Audio equipment scattered throughout the lounge allows customers to listen to music before they buy it. Retro Walkmans and Discmans are also available to use for a fee. “Generation Z, they never got the chance to experience that,” Berry said. Daredevil customers can kick back and relax in the lounge while sipping such musician-endorsed refreshments as Oakland Coffee from the band Green Day and Johnnie Ryan Moneybag soda from Gene Simmons. Berry received a City of Niagara Falls Minority and Women Business Enterprise grant for the project, which she said was instrumental in deciding to open the business.

Rochester, MN | Music community develops in ‘Hidden World.’ While Rochester’s Hidden World Vinyl Records obviously sells records, it also finds ways to engage and energize a local community concerned with creativity and humanity. Hidden World Vinyl Records takes its name from a 2006 album by a hardcore punk band from Toronto. While the hardcore band’s titled includes a not so polite word that begins with F, the local record shop seems to be hardcore about something that embodies the spirit of politeness — community. Appropriately, Hidden World is a bit off the beaten path. Located at 519 Second Ave. NW, Rochester, the local record store is in a neighborhood that mixes residential and commercial properties and butts up against the railroad. It has been open for the last three years with a few pandemic-related closures. While Hidden World obviously sells records, it also finds ways to engage and energize a local community concerned with creativity and humanity.

UK | Vinyl resurgence pulls HMV back from the brink: HMV has reported its highest profits since it was rescued out of administration in 2019. The resurgence of vinyl has driven a turnaround at HMV after the retailer bet on a comeback for records. HMV has reported its highest profits since it was rescued out of administration in 2019, boosted by surging sales at its stores. It comes after the retailer decided to move away from CDs and embrace vinyl under owner Doug Putman, a Canadian businessman who rescued the chain four years ago. HMV now stocks a range of exclusive pressings that cannot be found elsewhere and last September launched its own vinyl record label, signing its first new artist in 20 years. …Sales at Sunshine Records and Entertainment, which owns HMV and smaller chain Fopp, jumped from £90m to £150m in the 12 months to May 2022, accounts show. The jump helped it return to profit after a Covid-driven downturn the prior year. The company made a profit of £2m.

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We’ve closed TVD’s HQ for the MLK Day holiday. While we’re away, why not fire up our Record Store Locator app and visit one of your local indie record stores?

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TVD Radar: Punk Rock Vegan Movie doc from Moby to premiere 1/20

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Punk Rock Vegan Movie, a new documentary written and directed by Moby, will have its world premiere and be the Opening Night film for the 2023 Slamdance Film Festival on 20th January in Park City, Utah.

The film, which is Moby’s directorial debut, is a passionate and stylistically idiosyncratic look at the ongoing relationship between the worlds of punk rock and animal rights. It includes interviews with some of the biggest names in punk and rock history, like Ian Mackaye, HR, Dave Navarro, Ray Cappo, Andrew Hurley, Tony Kanal, Tim McIlrath, Walter Schreifels, Dave Dictor, Derrick Green, Steve Ignorant, Theo Kogan, Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein, Amy Lee, and Captain Sensible.

Moby tells the story of how punk rock became such a fertile and surprising breeding ground for vegan activism. It’s also a call to action, unapologetically reminding people that in a deeply broken world it’s incumbent upon each of us to stand up and fight intelligently, passionately, and loudly against injustice. In the spirit of punk rock, Moby will be giving the film away for free following the Slamdance premiere.

“Punk Rock Vegan Movie, was created to shine a light on the surprising and inspiring history of punk rock and animal rights, but also to remind people of the importance and desperate urgency of adopting the uncompromising ethics and actions of the original punk rock activists,” said Moby. “After it makes its world premiere at Slamdance, it’s yours. It’s my goal to give the movie away, as I can’t in good conscience try to profit from what is essentially a labor of love and activism.”

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