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In rotation: 9/1/22

UK | Alvvays announce UK tour with record shop visits: After a half-decade-long break between studio albums, Canadian indie pop titans Alvvays are officially returning this fall with their third LP, Blue Rev. The band has already released their first previews of the new album with the singles ‘Pharmacist’ and ‘Easy On Your Own’, and the band are set to embark on a North American tour this fall, but no word has come through yet on when the quintet will visit the UK. Until today, that is. Alvvays have revealed five new gigs that are being promoted as an “intimate run of UK shows” that will feature visits to local record shops around the country. “The Transgressive & Record Stores Presents events will take place in association with Rough Trade (London and Birmingham shows), Crash Records (Leeds and Manchester) and Monorail (Glasgow),” the band share in a statement. “Fans can pre-order the record from these shops from now until 2nd September at 10am for exclusive pre-sale access…”

Canterbury, UK | Record Store in Canterbury closing amid demand for higher rent: A demand for higher rent and a longer contract has forced the closure of a record shop just 10 months after it opened. The Record Store in Sun Street, Canterbury, which has been described as a “mecca for used and new vinyl albums”, will shut tomorrow (Wednesday) with the manager saying she is “gutted.” But the business’ owner says it was not viable to continue at the new rent being demanded by agents for the Dean and Chapter, which owns the building. Vince Monticelli only launched the business in October last year and was hoping to build on the success of the record shop he opened in Ashford in 2016. “We got a short term deal when we opened but just cannot afford what they are now asking and to commit to five years,” he said. “They weren’t prepared to negotiate so we had no choice.”

Orlando, FL | Best record store: Park Ave CDs. Park Ave CDs isn’t Orlando’s flagship record shop for nothing. While the once-mighty physical product stream of the music industry has largely vaporized, PACDs has managed to buck the digital sea change and blossom. And they’ve done that by keeping it resolutely indie and catering to the culture of music lovers. With all their vinyl, merch and in-store performances and appearances, this place keeps old-school wisdom in perpetual relevance.

Winnipeg, CA | Vinyl records with mysterious messages popping up across Winnipeg: Mysterious, ominous and inspiring messages are appearing across Winnipeg. They’re written on vinyl records and being placed around town in an art installation that’s got Winnipeggers talking. There are 60 records in total – all with unique messages. “Buried deep down inside, I left a grave but it turned into a garden,” reads one of the vinyl messages. “Yesterday I saw a mountain, today I see a stone,” reads another. It’s got some in Winnipeg scratching their heads. “I came across this record up on the hydro pole, I read it and I’m still trying to figure out what it means,” said one person. “I enjoy them, I think they’re serving their purpose: they provoke thought,” said another. “Given the timing with COVID, the economy, just the way things are, I think the intention is to make us step back, pause, and think.”

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In rotation: 8/31/22

UAE | Forever vinyl: Will LPs stay in the UAE? Digital music may be swallowed by the masses, but traditional formats continue to resonate with audiophiles of all ages. Dubai-based expats Anil Sukhia and Reyshiel Pastrana belong to very different generations, but are connected by a shared passion for vinyl collecting. One is a banker in his 60s and the other is a video editor in his 20s. Both were growing music lovers who fell in love with “long-running” records, or LPs for the layman. The Retail Tracker report provides positive insight into global record sales, a clear indication that musical masterpieces like Michael Jackson’s thriller or Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon have made a strong comeback in their original headshots. As a result, the ubiquitous record player has reappeared in living rooms and music stores around the world, including in the UAE.

Vinyl can go green but records will cost more: A pioneer of environmentally friendly vinyl records says his new pressing machines are less dangerous to the planet than traditional ones – but they’ll likely lead to a price increase. The resurgence of vinyl in recent years followed the closure of many legacy pressing plants due to lack of business. That’s meant long lines for those who want their music to be available in the format. Even the world’s most famous acts are being told to wait up to a year for vinyl editions. The traditional method uses polyvinyl chloride, which the BBC says was identified in a new report as “the most environmentally damaging of plastics.” The updated version of this technology is constructed of polyethylene terephthalate, a less harmful and easily recyclable material.

Candid Records reissues classic 1961 albums: The New York City-based record label Candid Records has re-released a number of classic Black albums. Founded in 1960 by Archie Bleyer, Candid was on the cutting edge of releasing jazz and blues music from Charles Mingus, Max Roach, Cecil Taylor, Abbey Lincoln, Lightnin’ Hopkins and more. The label’s catalog is extensive and, due to the resurgence of vinyl and interest in jazz, Candid has chosen to re-issue albums from their golden era which took place primarily in 1961 and 1962. Max Roach’s “We Insist!,” Max Roach – 1961: An avant-garde masterpiece, a vocal-instrumental suite, a work of collective improvisation, directly addressing the racial and political issues of its day, “We Insist! Max Roach’s Freedom Now Suite” is one of the most important artistic statements of the Civil Rights Movement and one of the most groundbreaking jazz albums of all time…

John Williams’ E.T. score gets 40th anniversary vinyl release: Back in 1982, a lost little alien and an 8-year-old boy met on screen and became best friends. And the collective hearts of the world melted. When Steven Spielberg’s E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial hit theaters, a timeless classic was born, one we still love decades later. And a big part of that movie’s success was the incredible score by master composer John Williams. And now, the folks at Mondo are releasing a special 40th-anniversary edition of Williams’ iconic score for E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial in a new vinyl edition. Much like his music for Star Wars and Indiana Jones, it’s hard to imagine the film without instantly thinking of Williams’ music. …It’s pressed on 180-gram vinyl in “Full Moon” and “Heartlight” colorways (also available on 180-gram black vinyl).

Best budget turntables 2022: Our pick of the best cheap record players: You don’t have to spend a fortune when it comes to buying a new turntable – and to help, we’ve picked out some of the best budget record players around. Despite the popularity of music streaming sites which dominate the way most of us consume music these days, vinyl sales are continuing to rise as more and more of us look at owning a physical product rather than staring at a digital file stored on phones, laptops or on the cloud. And with a the demand for vinyl steadily increasing, that means more music fans are looking to get their hands on record players – including the best budget turntables on the market. That makes sense as we’re all having to watch our outgoings a little bit more carefully at the moment, and with some turntables on the market costing a considerable amount, I’ve decided to turn my attention to picking out some of the best cheap record players around. These will not only save you a bundle, but they all sound fantastic and are all worth a closer look.

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In rotation: 8/30/22

Stoke-on-Trent, UK | The best-ever record stores in North Staffordshire as chosen by you: Remember the listening booths at Sherwins? Once a rite of passage for all Potteries teenagers, plenty of grown-ups still hold fond memories of the record shop. Whether it was going in with your mates to pick up the latest chart hit, talking all things music with the staff, or hoping to find some imports with those rare B-sides, these places are linked with the best times of our lives. Today, it’s all too easy to download and stream music. Great for the wallet, not so much for the sense of discovery you get while flicking through racks upon racks of vinyls or CDs. In our recent survey, we asked about your favourite record shops in Stoke-on-Trent, past or present. Take a look at the names that came up below. If a particular shade of blue gives you a warm feeling, the name Mike Lloyd Music will spark some recognition. It was the most popular name in our survey results, with branches in Hanley and Newcastle, as well as a few further afield.

Salem, OR | Trio hopes to prove Salem isn’t “So Lame” with new record store: When Doug Kuzmanoff moved to Salem almost a decade ago, his first stop was at Ranch Records. Coming to the city from Chicago, Kuzmanoff knew the store would be his best bet for meeting like-minded people to chat about bands and plug into the local music scene. So when Ranch closed its doors in 2020, Kuzmanoff started talking with some friends. “I don’t want to live in a town without a record store,” Joshua Blanchard, Kuzmanoff’s bandmate, remembered thinking. And thus, So Lame Records was born. The tiny storefront at 231 High Street N.E. opened in early August with Kuzmanoff, Blanchard, and Andrea Jenkins running the show. The name came from the constant refrain the trio has heard that Salem is “so lame” compared to Portland, particularly for its music scene. “There’s a distaste for Salem, so let’s capitalize on it…”

Dallas/Fort Worth, TX | This New Barbershop Has Hot Shaves, Free Whiskey and Vinyl: Your one-stop shop in DFW. …“I want to keep that local barbershop feel, with camaraderie and people interacting and chatting,” he says. “I think when you get to 15 chairs and up, it’s more a cattle call and less of a boutique experience.” Part of that experience includes a selection of complimentary whiskeys and beers offered to each guest when they walk in. Music will be playing on the record player, and old-school movies will play on the large TV. Barbers are happy to talk sports or current events, if that’s what customers want. But when booking services, you can select the “quiet card,” which lets your barber know you prefer to relax and enjoy some downtime.

Marquette, WI | The beginning of a new chapter: Lilliput Records Grand Opening: The Exclusive Company record store officially closed its doors to the public on July 28. Music-lovers around Milwaukee thought that this would be the end of this east side record store, but really, it is just the beginning of a new chapter. August 19 marked the official grand opening of Lilliput Records on the east side of Milwaukee. Owners Tanner Musgrove and Brian Kirk began as employees of the Exclusive Company, but upon hearing the news that the record store was closing for good, the two made a pact to keep the store going. Musgrove and Kirk crowdfunded in order to purchase the Exclusive Company’s inventory and to keep the same storefront building. Their goal was to preserve the dream of Exclusive Company founder and president, James “Mr. G” Giombetti.

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In rotation: 8/29/22

Sheboygan, WI | Sheboygan’s Music Boxx is helping revive vinyl in the age of digital music: First a collector of CDs, it was vinyl records’ clean sound and nostalgia that Sam Lutzke fell in love with. “I started hanging them all over my wall after stopping at the Music Boxx buying five or so every week,” Lutzke said in a message. The Music Boxx, 1119 N. Eighth St., is seeing vinyl sales increase even in the digital age of music. “We probably sell four records for each CD we sell,” Music Boxx owner John Selak said. “It was probably like two to one, maybe like four or five years ago. So, I’d already seen that trend happening. I didn’t expect it to be like this big.” “…I feel like listening to vinyl to someone who is passionate about music and a musician like myself can really appreciate the clean sound it gives off,” he said in a message.

Edina, MN | Minneapolis comic and record store owner continues its Latinx legacy with new trans owner: On June 30th, Wizard Wax owners Ben Menas and Cal Woods will hand over the keys to artist and educator, Jex Arzayus. Wizard Wax, commonly referred to as “The Wizard” is a jem of the city, known for its $3 LP bins and variety of 45s, as well as diversity of comics, and Jex Arzayus said he will continue to build off the customer base already established. But, he’s also committed to something more. “As a Latinx transman, I want the store to reflect everything I am. I want it to be queer and BIPoC focused and artistic, and I want people to come into the store and find comics and records they can’t find anywhere else. I also want the Wizard to be a hub for queer and BIPoC artists to gather and feel supported,” said Jex. He added, “And we’ll be a site where you can sign the petition to get community control of the police in Minneapolis. Transphobic violence is at an all-time high and business owners can do their part to create a safe world for everyone.”

Phoeniz, AZ | The Sweet Story Behind the New-Ish Candy & Records: If you ask Josh Golembiewski why he co-opened Candy & Records, he has a very simple answer. “Well, I fell in love,” he said. “That’s what happened.” But the real story is a tad more complicated. Golembiewski, who moved to Phoenix circa 1994 to study at Universal Technical Institute, admits he was “drunk and belligerent for a long time,” hopping between jobs (auto mechanic, record store clerk, contractor, etc.). Until, in 2012, he met his future wife, Monika Golembiewski. “She never told me to do anything, “Josh Golembiewski said. “I just wanted to stop [drinking]. Once I stopped, it was nice.” Monika Golembiewski had a slightly different life path, and spent years working in radio and television. But they had a shared passion for music: Josh has played in local bands, including the long-running Dephinger; Monika was a longtime promoter in Prescott.

Asheville, NC | Tar Heel Treasures: Citizen Vinyl brings records back into mainstream: North Carolina’s first vinyl pressing facility calls Asheville home. Citizen Vinyl celebrates music and creativity with a vinyl pressing plant, a bar, a cafe, an analog recording studio and a record store. The business honors the legacy of its historic building and nostalgia of vinyl records. Citizen Vinyl is located in a 1939 building that once housed WWNC radio and The Asheville Citizen-Times. “Bill Monroe introduced for the first time over the airwaves that new bluegrass sound from this very room,” Citizen Vinyl founder and CEO Gar Ragland said. He started renting this space in 2020. “This is the original floor, which is a record itself, which we felt was a telltale sign this was meant to be…”

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In rotation: 8/26/22

Silver Spring, MD | Md. record store owner rent check stolen, cashed for $9K: Johnson Lee has sold plenty of copies of the Dead Kennedy’s album containing the song “Stealing People’s Mail” — now the owner of Joe’s Record Paradise in Silver Spring, Maryland, said that’s what has happened to him. “I was speaking to my landlords today, and they mentioned they did not get last month’s rent,” Lee told WTOP. “I went to the bank and got some printouts and noticed a $9,000 check, which doesn’t seem like something we would do.” Lee rushed back to his shop, matched up check numbers, and realized the rent check he wrote and dropped in the mail had been stolen, doctored and deposited, and he was out $9,000. ”I’d written the check and put it into the mailbox on Georgia Avenue,” Lee said. “It’s pretty brazen of them to steal from that box — it’s extremely visible to traffic all day.” Lee said the thieves didn’t just take his check and cash it — they helped themselves to a lot more.

Perth, AU | Check Out This Rad New Record Store Full Of Rare Finds Underneath The State Buildings: We’re not short on cool record stores around Perth (we even made a list for them, which is now due for an update), but the newest edition to the scene may just be its most aesthetically – and aurally – pleasing. Shari-Vari Records, underneath the State Buildings in Perth’s CBD, is a curated, one-of-a-kind import record store specialising in a quality-over-quantity selection of new and used vinyls traversing ambient, experimental, house, techno, soul, disco, reggae, dub, African and Brazilian genres. It’s the brainchild of Patrick Little, who moved to Perth a few years ago and set up the Shari-Vari Records Online Store, and for a short while had a small selection on sale at SHOP MAN-TLE. This in turn has led to an opening at the State Buildings and an opportunity to expand his real world offering and following, while still providing that specially-curated selection of sounds he’s come to be known for.

Wilmington Island, GA | Coastal Empire Records part of Vinyl Revival: Wilmington Island record shop seeing sales soar due to rebirth of vinyl records: It’s a vinyl revival in the age of streaming and downloads. Despite having the ability to summon any song, band or genre of music by simply touching a screen, many are turning to vinyl records as their source for music. As the popularity for vinyl records grows, so are the crowds at Coastal Empire Records on Wilmington Island. “Vinyl has appreciated in the past couple years,” says owner Ken Jordan. “You’re not just buying records for your collection, but it’s an investment.” After a successful career in retail pharmacy, Ken’s head was spinning with possibilities for retirement. He and wife Shirlene decided to drop the needle on a new business venture. It was something near and dear to the Jordan’s. “I’ve been collecting for so long and I just wanted to do something fun after 35 years in the corporate world…”

Denver, CO | DJ A-L Is Bringing a Throwback Vinyl Party to Ophelia’s: When Aaron Ladley, aka DJ A-L, was seven years old, he asked Santa for a Salt-N-Pepa cassette tape, and Father Christmas responded favorably. At age eight, he heard Jam Master Jay scratch on a record. Now, almost thirty years later, A-L calls himself an untraditional musician, and he’s bringing an untraditional throwback dance party to Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox on Saturday, August 27. A-L, who estimates he’s spun more than a thousand sets throughout a decade of throwing parties in Denver, is approaching HYPE’s monthly residency at Ophelia’s as an art installation. “I don’t need to make a killing. I need to make art,” he says. “I’ve been passing out fliers that look bad — a silly ’90s aesthetic. It’s ridiculous to turn a throwback party into a work of art, but I love that type of challenge.” He hasn’t seen his version of the ’90s at other throwback parties he’s attended in Denver, so he’s creating his own. The event will put an emphasis on turntablism and authenticity, rooted in the foundation of hip-hop culture. “Without Boyz II Men, there’s no Backstreet Boys,” he notes.

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In rotation: 8/25/22

Worcester, UK | Spin The Black Circle to open in former EE Phone shop: A new record shop and cafe in Worcester City Centre has revealed when it hopes to open. Spin The Black Circle is marketing itself as “Worcester’s only Vinyl Store and Coffee House”, with a variety of new and used vinyl on sale. The venue, at 19 to 21 Pump Street – the former EE phone shop, now has the logo on the window, as well as city council documentation confirming the project. Sam Barriscale, owner of the Spin The Black Circle, has said that he hopes to open the store in September. He said: ” If all goes to plan, we are hoping to open for around September 8. “We have been in the process of installing and renovating the venue which has understandably taken some time. “The extreme heat we have experienced lately also pushed us back a little bit as it was just so uncomfortable to be working in.” Mr Barriscale said that despite being behind his intended opening goal, the project is going well.

For Wayne, IN | Meet Deadstock Vintage: A Gen Z-run shop where you can buy or sell vintage streetwear in Fort Wayne: Fort Wayne is a popular place for vintage and resale items, from garage sales and antique stores to flea markets, clothing swaps, and Buy Nothing groups. But if you’re shopping for trendier, modern secondhand styles—like 80s, 90s, and early 2000s streetwear—there hasn’t always been a reliable source of locally curated goods. That’s something Gen Z business owners, Isaac Sparks, 20, and his partner, Caitlin Dostal, 19, noticed when they began dating and thrifting together in high school in 2016. …They call their business Deadstock Vintage, and they sell gently used items, ranging from popular sneakers, like Jordans, Dunks, Blazers, and Yeezys, to a colorful assortment of graphic tees, jeans, jackets, and knits. What’s more, they do it all at prices more affordable than you’re likely to find at the mall or at other vintage sellers.

Nashville, TN | Garth Brooks Development Impinging on Ernest Tubb Record Shop: …After months of turmoil and concern that the Ernest Tubb Record Shop property would be sold, closed down, and redeveloped, a new partnership group including Nashville-based real estate investor Brad Bars, Russian-born renown Nashville studio musician Ilya Toshinskiy, and Ernest Dale Tubb III purchased the property in late July with the intent of re-opening the Record Shop which closed earlier this year, while revitalizing the historic property. No only are they going to lose the alley which they could have utilized, the new owners are significantly concerned that the construction could impinge upon or damage the historic property.

Yungblud announces US record store events supporting upcoming self-titled album: Yungblud has announced a series of U.S. record store events celebrating the release of his upcoming self-titled album. The run will include stops in nine cities in only five days, September 2-6. The events will feature in-store performances from the English rocker and album signings. “Wanna see as many of you as possible!” Yungblud says. For the full list of dates and participating stores, visit Yungblud the album will be released September 2. It includes the single “The Funeral” and the WILLOW collaboration “Memories.”

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In rotation: 8/24/22

Atlanta, GA | 5 Amazing Record Stores In Atlanta To Snag New And Classic Vinyl: Checkout these amazing shops to snag some stellar records, CD’s, and collectibles. Yea, it’s true we live in the age of iPhone’s, HomePods, Alexa’s and Sonos’ BUT there is nothing like classic tunes being played over classic devices. Atlanta still has record stores located throughout the city where you can find all kinds of gems and classics. From frank Sinatra to AL Green, Dinah Washington to Kiss there are tons of amazing finds. Newer artist such as Summer Walker and Jhene Aiko have even started creating the record version of their albums, because class never goes out of style. Below are a list of 5 record stores to get your retro fix.

Corvallis, OR | Two Cool Hot Spots To Enjoy The Experience of Vinyl Records: Are you the type of person who visits a new town and immediately asks, “Where’s the record store?” If so, Corvallis has two great options, and they are within walking distance of each other. The owners of each place are avid collectors of vinyl, delighted to guide you to discovering your treasures or ordering obscure back-catalog titles. If you are in town on the third Saturday of April or November’s Black Friday, be sure to be at the stores for their Record Days specials. Record Days is a worldwide event where artists release albums that are only available in local brick-and-mortar record stores.

Green Bay, WI | With Exclusive Co. closed, UFO Museum Gift Shop and Records aims to fill void with Tom Smith, walls of vinyl, ‘all kinds of weird stuff.’ When Pierre Jacque says he’s going to have “all kinds of weird stuff” at his new record store, he doesn’t just mean run-of-the mill weird like the full-size R2-D2 and an “ALF” prop he’s been living with at home. He’s talking Mr. T coloring books, “Jurassic Park” buttons as big as a bagel, a “Full House” board game and a black garbage bag filled with those little rubber alligators from 1984 that were inescapable at fairs of the era. “People are like, ‘Oh my God, I had that alligator!’ I’m like, ‘I have hundreds of them!’” he said. If Jacque sounds like a kid in a candy shop talking about a record shop, it’s because he’s excited his Green Bay UFO Museum Gift Shop and Records is giving him an outlet for ideas that have been rattling around in his head for years.

San Antonio, TX | Where I Work: Del Bravo Record Shop. My parents, Salome and Diamantina Gutierrez, opened Del Bravo Record Shop on San Antonio’s West Side when I was just a kid. One of my earliest memories was of hiding behind the counter and reaching underneath to grab customers’ feet, startling them, and getting scolded by my mother. I got such a kick out of it. But, of course, all my best memories here revolve around music. Musicians my father worked with — like Valerio Longoria, and Santiago and Flaco Jimenez — would come by all the time to hang out in the shop and record in my dad’s studio. I remember my dad would leave for his construction job early in the morning, then come tend to the shop and record in the studio late into the night. Then he’d wake up early and do it all over again. Now that I help run the store, I see how much work it is and I’m amazed by how my parents did it back when my seven siblings and I were young. Now I recognize the saying that behind every great man is a strong woman.

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In rotation: 8/23/22

Prattville, AL | Ribbon Cutting for Classic Audio and Records in Prattville is Monday: The anticipation for the opening is finally over. The doors opened Saturday with customers already waiting. The official ribbon cutting will be Monday. Classic Audio and Records, formerly known as Classic Wireless, has relocated to 2048 Fairview Avenue Prattville, AL. The Prattville Area Chamber of Commerce invites the public to the ribbon cutting of Classic Audio and Records at 10 a.m. Monday, August 22, 2022. Owner Stephen Rich, Store Manager, Denise Baker, Store Security Diva along side Rich’s family were there for the grand opening. Stephen Rich an artist himself, long dreamed of a store where people could come share in his passion of music, purchase audio systems and learn about the audio era, and much more. Saturday his dream turned into reality.

Macon, GA | From Depop flipper to business owner: A Mercer first-year’s entrepreneurial journey: Across the United States and the southeast, people just like Noah Silver ‘26 have fallen for the retro-vinyl craze. Whether it be young teens itching for nostalgia, or die-hard phonogram fans, original, reprinted, and brand new vinyl records are flying off the shelves. Silver, a young entrepreneur out of Middle Georgia, has recently opened a physical storefront for his TikTok-famous Depop shop, Vertigo Vinyl, but he has big dreams to open into the live music scene of Macon and Mercer University, as well as expand his already booming internet business. “Gosh, it’s such a mess in here, everything’s kind of frantic,” Silver said. “All this mess, I hate it honestly, I just need more space.” Silver’s current storefront is between the GPB Macon office and the old Indigo Spa, which he wants to convert into part shipping center and part live music venue.

Duluth, MN | Pop-Up Record Shop: Northlanders buy music in retro fashion: Some Northlanders gathered at Wussow’s Concert Cafe Sunday to pick up some tunes the old fashioned way. Round Here Records Duluth held a pop up record shop at the Concert Cafe. According to owner Evan Tepler, he holds events like this at different venues around the Twin Ports.. including Bent Paddle Brewing and Earth Rider. He said despite the increased interest in streaming music, many people enjoy listening to music on vinyl. “There’s a lot of people that love it, the nostalgia of it. There’s a lot of people that have been collecting for years, and then there’s the newer people that are just discovering it and finding out what it’s all about,” said Tepler. Tepler said the Northland is a very musical community, and people in the area are supportive of the arts.

Vankleek Hill, ON | Local vinyl record collectors enthusiastic about the hobby: Local vinyl record enthusiasts will have a chance to add to their collections – and pass on some of their extras – when Beau’s Brewery presents Vankleek Hill’s fourth annual Vinyl Sale and Swap Meet at Windsor Tavern on September 10. Organizers are hoping local collectors will turn out with their doubles and other items for trade at the swap. Its also a great way for enthusiasts to meet each other and talk about a hobby that grows in popularity by leaps and bounds each year – almost 30 years after vinyl records were left for dead. “Vinyl never really went away,” insists Rob Carr, who is organizing the event, with local brewery Beau’s providing sponsorship. Carr went from normal audiophile to a fanatical collector of vinyl in the early 1990s, when he lived near Finnegan’s Market in Hudson, Québec. There he discovered a virtual treasure trove of old vinyl records being sold off in the wake of the growing popularity of compact discs (CDs).

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In rotation: 8/22/22

Berlin, DE | The Ghost, Berlin’s van-based record store, has closed: “We were too busy to put the time and love into the shop like we used to.” Berlin’s mobile record van The Ghost is shutting up shop. Originally launched in 2015, The Ghost primarily dealt in second-hand house, techno, and garage records. However, the DJ duo owners noted in an Instagram post that they “were too busy to put the time and love into the shop like we used to.” “We opened a handful of times in the last year – a waste of a vintage bus and thousands of tunes that could be getting spun,” the note reads, suggesting that their resources could be put to better use by somebody else. Subsequently, the van has been sold to a couple who plan to convert it back into a camper van and travel…

Summit, NJ | Scotti’s Record Shop Keeps Vinyl Alive In Downtown Summit: Gary Scotti spoke with Patch about the ups and downs of the record business and how Scotti’s has stayed alive since 1956. Since 1956, Scotti’s Record Shop in downtown Summit has been selling vinyl records to its customers. Now 66 years later, the family business is still going strong — even with the advent of digital streaming. Owner Gary Scotti said he took over the business from his father, Anthony, in 1981 and has been running it ever since. After graduating from college with a marketing and accounting degree, Scotti said he decided to take over the record shop because of his love for the music business that he grew up around. “I was a leader in archiving and preserving the vinyl format,” Scotti told Patch. Scotti was a big record collector growing up and has built up storage facilities, garages and basements full of records. In fact, some of the records in the store today are vintage albums that Scotti has collected over the years.

Kettering, UK | Kettering record shop expands with live music and box office offer: The shop in Market Street opened in October last year. A Kettering record and coffee shop has expanded its offer to fans of live and recorded music with the addition of a stage area and a box office facility for theatre-goers. Vinyl Coffee in Market Street has sold records and refreshments since owner Jason Tagg opened the store last October. Now, to bring even more music to the town, he has introduced a stage for artists to perform to customers. In a further new development, tickets for The Lighthouse Theatre will be available to buy in the shop’s pop-up box office. Jason said: “We’re really thrilled to be offering people who love music the chance to come to Vinyl Coffee and purchase tickets for The Lighthouse Theatre. We see ourselves as part of a network of like-minded people celebrating the performing arts in Kettering.

Toronto, CA | A Randomized Vinyl Vending Machine Is Now at Toronto’s Sonic Boom Records: The Phono-Mat puts a new spin on record collecting. Toronto’s Sonic Boom Records has been known to put together dazzling window displays, host discerning crate diggers like Elton John and Jagmeet Singh, and — on extremely rare occasions — sell secret Burial singles. Now, Canada’s largest independent record store is putting a new spin on the LP experience with a vinyl vending machine. Today, Sonic Boom have officially launched the Phono-Mat, a randomized record vendor billed as the first-ever machine of its kind. Finished in light blue, the retro-styled Phono-Mat was designed and built in Toronto by Craig Small, who previously applied the idea of randomized vending to a coin-operated book dispenser dubbed the Biblio-Mat which can be found in the city at the Monkey’s Paw, blocks away from Exclaim! HQ.

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In rotation: 8/19/22

Bristol, UK | Idle Hands raise £10,000 toward rent costs ahead of hunt for new home: Bristol’s Idle Hands is shutting its doors at the end of August but, with the help of the public, the record store could see a new location somewhere in the city. Idle Hands has been fundraising to help with rent costs and ongoing payments before the store closes at the end of the month. So far, the store has raised over £10,000. “I’m sad to say our time on City Road is coming to an end with the shop closing later this month,” the crowdfunder states, citing the pandemic and Brexit as two main reasons for its current struggle. “These are tricky times, but I do believe Idle Hands still has a future. A future that involves a more centrally located premises, a refresh and a new strategy to make the business more sustainable,” they added. Idle Hands has been running for some 11 years, first opening in Bristol’s St. Paul’s. Producer, DJ, and founder of Idle Hands, Chris Farrell, began the imprint just two years earlier in 2009…

Tunbridge Wells, UK | How London Road record store got into the groove following lockdown: One of the biggest lockdown success stories in Tunbridge Wells is that of vinyl record store Sugarbush Records after owner Markus Holler’s online business rocketed during Covid… It’s cheering to hear of a Tunbridge Wells success story, and on top of the town centre burger boom reported in our Food pages, we’re celebrating the popularity of the new vinyl record exchange shop in London Road – Sugarbush Records. Owner Markus Holler had been successfully buying and selling vinyl online full time for 30 years, but it was long his dream to open an actual record shop. And it was during the pandemic, when he was playing and selling music on The Forum terrace every Saturday, that he spotted the ideal premises on the main road opposite when it came on to the market. So come spring of this year, he opened up, and it has been doing a roaring trade ever since.

London, UK | South London’s Rat Records is reopening under new ownership, and a new name: “The fact that it will rise again as another record shop is the stuff of romance.” A new record shop is opening in London’s Camberwell neighbourhood, taking over Rat Records’ previous space. Dash The Henge is a new label launched with the “aim of introducing groups to the fore that might not get picked up by what we call the Mainstream Indie Industrial Complex,” co-founder Zsa Zsa Sapien, of SCUD FM and Meatraffle, shared in an announcement on Facebook. “We have noticed that many of these so-called independent labels have become even more conservative than the majors or bigger indie labels and not willing to take risks, understandable sometimes as external financial pressures can deform the integrity of an organisation,” the statement continues. The label’s physical outpost will be in Rat Records’ old shop in Camberwell, which the label notes was in danger of being “turned into yet another fast food chain or even worse an estate agents.”

Milwaukee, WI | Lilliput Records will celebrate its Grand Opening this weekend with deals, beer, music, more: In late July, Lilliput Records rose from the ashes of the Exclusive Company at 1669 N. Farwell Ave., keeping the independent record store dream alive on the East Side. The store is owned by former Exclusive managers Brian Kirk and Tanner Musgrove, who bought the business (and received an outpouring of community support) when Exclusive announced it was closing all of its stores. This weekend, August 19-21, Lilliput will celebrate its Grand Opening with deals and discounts, raffles and beer, and in-store music from Blue Unit, Cabin Essence, and Holy Pinto. It’s gonna be great. Here’s what the weekend looks like. And here’s what the store looks like. Not a ton has changed since the Exclusive days—and Kirk and Musgrove still have plenty of work left to do—but it’s great to see the old space getting an injection of new life. Let’s all shop there this weekend, Milwaukee. Let’s all shop there after this weekend, too.

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In rotation: 8/18/22

Chicago, IL | Shuga Records Opening In Logan Square As Wicker Park Record Store Expands: A second outpost of Shuga Records is taking over a commercial building on a changing stretch of Logan Square’s Armitage Avenue. Wicker Park’s Shuga Records is expanding west to Logan Square. Shuga Records, a record store specializing in hard-to-find vinyl and known for its vast online collection, is coming to 3306 W. Armitage Ave., owner Adam Rosen announced on social media. It will be the second outpost of Shuga Records, serving as a retail shop and the company’s warehouse, Rosen said. The original Shuga Records store at 1272 N. Milwaukee Ave. will remain open. Rosen said he signed a 20-year lease on the Armitage Avenue building last week after two years of searching for the right spot and securing city permitting. If everything goes according to plan, the store will open in mid-November, Rosen said. The Logan Square shop will be similar to the Wicker Park spot, which has become one of the city’s go-to record stores since opening in 2015.

Hamilton, ON | Hamilton record shop teases moving sale before ‘bittersweet’ relocation: A record shop in Hamilton whose pride is selling vinyl from artists who are “off the beaten path” is moving to the main drag — and hoping it does not have to carry too much. Into The Abyss announced last month it would be leaving its location on Locke St. due to “unsustainable rent” at the location where it has been for five years, surviving health protections at the depths of the COVID-19 pandemic before the advent of vaccines. It has two shopping weekends left there before it moves into a space on King St. E. in the International Village, at a location between Wellington and Spring streets. A social media post says Into The Abyss will have a final weekend sale on the Aug. 26-28 weekend before saying sayonara to the 119 Locke St. S. location. It will take about two weeks for Into The Abyss to open on King St. E., next door to the Café Oranje coffee and tea shop. In the meantime, vinyl enthusiasts can lighten the load, or take some sorrow out of the parting, by swinging by Into The Abyss.

FL | Visit these Best Vinyl Record Stores in St Pete and Clearwater: Independent record stores in St Pete and Clearwater have been blossoming for quite some time. It’s where music addicts and second-hand specialists spend their free time while exploring their passion and discovering some awesome recorded music. Now, are you wondering which vinyl record store in St Pete and Clearwater is worth your visit? Worry not – our list below shows unique stores within this area where you can buy both fresh and used records.

MN | Eight Record Stores to Explore in the Twin Cities: In the Twin Cities, there’s a record store for any musical mood. you might be looking for, from classic punk rock to trendy newcomers. Spend an afternoon (or several) browsing the selections at any of these prized stores. With any luck, you’ll find great tunes and great company among avid music lovers, curious shoppers, and fans of vintage vinyl. Here are eight stores to visit in the area. The electric fetus: While no one seems to remember where the name came from, this popular record store is now a staple of the Minneapolis music scene. Established in 1968 by four friends with a passion for vinyl, Electric Fetus is now a hub for the local music community. With a large collection of new and used CDs, LPs, and DVDs, this record store offers a selection for everyone…

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In rotation: 8/17/22

Utica, NY | A look back at the last unicorn, CNY’s favorite indy record store: If you’re longtime Central New York resident, there’s a good chance you still have a CD or vinyl record from the Last Unicorn somewhere in your collection. (I know I do.) Known for its friendly, knowledgeable staff and impressive assortment of used and hard-to-find selections, the Last Unicorn’s memory still shines bright in the mind’s eye, even long after its doors have closed. Many Utica residents recall the $1 vinyl bin, where they either reacquainted themselves with vinyl, or jumped into the vinyl game for the first time. As for me, I never got into the vinyl game, but I would always browse the store for used CDs, looking for that rare import, the single with the obscure B-sides, or just some random heavy metal disc to blast in my 1998 Chevy Cavalier (Discman with the cassette adapter).

Philadelphia, PA | Vinyl is flying off the shelves at Philly record stores, with Gen Z fueling the trend: Demand is so heavy the industry is struggling with supply chain issues. Pat Feeney opened Manayunk’s Main Street Music because he couldn’t kick an obsession sparked by seeing the Beatles on “The Ed Sullivan Show” in 1964. Sixty years later, Feeney is selling stacks of Beatles records to people whose parents weren’t even born when that now-iconic performance took place. His boom in vinyl sales is largely being fueled by Gen-Zers who appreciate the bonus of physical ownership in a world of streaming music. “The beautiful big album cover is just so nice and pretty,” said Olivia Hoover, a 24-year-old Queen Village resident, who said she also really appreciates the sound quality. “There’s something so fun and magical about having tangible music.” Vinyl records in 2021 saw U.S. revenues exceed $1 billion for the first time since the mid-80s. Sales jumped by 50% last year alone, surpassing CD revenue for the first time since 1991 — the year Main Street Music opened.

Cheshire, UK | ‘Amazing’ response to Cheshire record store’s ‘use us or lose us’ plea: The Electric Church owner says he has been moved to tears by customers’ kindness after online message. A Cheshire business has received an amazing response from the public after issuing a ‘use us or lose us’ plea on Facebook. The Electric Church is an independent record store and coffee shop based on Over Square in Winsford. The shop also makes its own food on the premises and sells to the public via delivery services. Manager Jimi Coppack put out a heartfelt Facebook message on August 12 saying: “I’m utterly disheartened and feel like I’m working against everything but… we still have the 25% sale still on all stock, your support is needed to avoid closure.” Jimi told CheshireLive: “When I put that post out the response from the public has been overwhelming. I know a lot of businesses are struggling, unfortunately, with how the economy is at the moment. Music is life, but records are not a necessity – and that’s where we are.

Seattle, WA | Easy Street Records asks for public’s help after van gifted by Brandi Carlile is stolen near Alki: The Easy Street Records van was stolen this weekend and the record store is eager to get it back, according to social media posts. The black passenger van was a gift from Seattle’s own Brandi Carlile, who put over 180,000 miles on it during her early tours. It was the first thing she bought when she was signed. The 2005 Chevy Express was last seen near Alki Beach and was stolen Saturday night or Sunday morning. The van was painted black and does not have any logos or branding on it; however, it does have a Brandi Carlile sticker on the back window and two Easy Street stickers on the driver’s side. There is also a slight scrape on the driver side, where the original white paint can be seen. The WA state license plate is BUB3110. There is also a $1,000 reward.

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In rotation: 8/16/22

New York, NY | A new record shop has opened in Brooklyn: Focusing on electronic music, as well as indie labels, and reissues. A new record shop, called Octopus Records, has opened in Brooklyn’s Bushwick neighbourhood. Octopus Records originally launched as an online shop in 2019, with its Brooklyn outpost marking its first physical shop. Specializing in hard to find electronic music — from house to techno via IDM — the physical shop also stocks reissues, indie labels, and import presses. Octopus Records also offers cleaning and flattening services. The shop is located at 204 Irving Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237.

Chicago, IL | Signal Records Opens In Former Bric-A-Brac Spot, Bringing Post-Punk, Industrial And More To Avondale: Blake Karlson, founder of local record label Chicago Research, recently opened Signal Records at Diversey and Kedzie avenues, featuring tens of thousands of LPs. Bric-a-Brac Records moved to a new location last year, looking for more space after eight years at Diversey and Kedzie avenues. But thanks to a record collector and local record label founder, the corner storefront is still a destination for vinyl. Blake Karlson, founder of the label Chicago Research, recently opened Signal Records in the former Bric-A-Brac spot at 3156 W. Diversey Ave., selling mostly used, hard-to-find LPs, with a focus on post-punk, experimental, global and industrial music. The shop’s grand opening is set for Sept. 3-4 with DJ sets and refreshments. Karlson is a longtime member of Chicago’s hardcore and punk scene who’s spent years playing and attending shows while amassing an enormous vinyl collection.

US | Put the Needle on the Record: Top Five US States That Love Vinyl: Here’s a trivia question: Which US state is most obsessed with vinyl records? The online vaping shop, ProVape, conducted a survey and compared the results against state populations to discover where the aficionados of the LP reside. Sales of vinyl records have grown steadily, and in 2021 alone, 41.7 million LPs were purchased. That’s up more than 45 percent in the 15 years since the vinyl revival began. In a media statement by ProVape, a spokesperson for the company said, “It is fascinating to see how many people want to purchase vinyl records nowadays. People tend to have a feeling of nostalgia when it comes to the pre-digital era. The new millennium brought a series of digital innovations to the musical world, which are far more convenient and appealing from a user perspective, compared to the stationary vinyl record player. However, listeners have now found a new love for vintage music, and it’s amazing that people all over the US still search vinyl records online in such vast numbers.’’

Austin, TX | Austin’s members-only Soho House spins out vinyl bar and Italian restaurant: …The restaurant fits the main mission of Soho House, which is to bring members together to connect, have fun, and celebrate the creativity that makes Austin unique. Paired with the other new addition, Dante’s HiFi, the South Congress outpost is continuing to cater to some of the city’s best features: food and music. Taking over the pre-screening room for a year-long residency, Dante’s HiFi is actually a Miami import, hailing from Soho’s coastal outpost in Florida. Outfitted with a custom sound system from Soundlux Audio in Miami — which may quite literally blow listeners away — the space is intended to match Austin’s vibrant music scene. (For the tech geeks out there, the speakers are vintage Klipschorn speakers with custom crossovers and a vintage 1960s McIntosh MC 275 tube power amplifier, according to a release.)

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In rotation: 8/15/22

Jackson, MI | “Inflation is gut-punching my business,” record store owner laments: At his store in Jackson, Mississippi, Phillip “DJ Young Venom” Rollins sells a lot of different things. “Offbeat is an alternative culture store,” Rollins said. “It’s a record store, a comic book shop, a designer toy shop. And most importantly, it’s an art gallery for young minority artists in the area, so they can showcase and sell their work.” During the pandemic, vinyl records became the financial backbone of Rollins’ business. As a DJ himself, Rollins takes pride in his selection. “If I don’t give good recommendations, then I can’t say that I’m a good DJ,” he said. “I know what moves the crowd and what people will like.” But even before the pandemic, record printers struggled to keep up with demand; the pandemic only made it worse. And for Rollins, that meant some of the prices on his most popular records have skyrocketed, especially records that have been rereleased.

Cambridge, MA | Stereo Jack’s Records packing up after 40 years, relocating under new ownership to Ball Square: Stereo Jack’s Records closes Monday between Harvard and Porter squares after a 40-year tenure – an impressive existence selling just old-school vinyl in a biz that has shifted from records to tape to CDs and ultimately to digital, surviving Tower Records and a pandemic. Since a reopening after the worst of Covid, owner Jack Woker said business has never been better – the draw for vintage vinyl is at a remarkable peak due to its audio quality, usefulness to DJs and collectibility – but the locale is making way for a recreational marijuana dispensary called Budega. Woker believes the cannabis shop will pay a significantly higher rent, as well as remodeling at 1686 Massachusetts Ave., to bring a circa-1890 structure up to date.

Liverpool, UK | Behind 81 Renshaw, the record store where The Beatles used to visit: “Liverpool’s music has led the way rather than changed.” 81 Renshaw opened its doors in 2016 as a record store and has since become the most sought-after spot for Liverpool music lovers. While many go into business for the prospect of riches, 81 Renshaw is the product of managing director Neil Tilly’s passion for music. Neil told the ECHO: “I was lucky enough that I was doing this because I wanted to and it was something I loved. “I was surprised with how well it did, but vinyls have really taken off, I think people have realized the value in having something physical. Luckily we started to get regular customers, and we still have people coming in every week” When asked what was the best thing about owning the shop, Neil said: “Probably the customers and their love and enthusiasm for music. We show them new music and discover new artists through them. That’s the biggest joy I get.

Greenville, NC | More revision in the works for bar regulations: Book-record store owner says 500-foot rule limits downtown business model. A business owner who plans to open a record shop with entertainment space in downtown Greenville says a proposal to eliminate restrictions on alcohol sales would allow him to bring in additional revenue. David Brown, owner of David’s Used Books and Records, said he needs the Greenville City Council to change a decade-old rule that prevents bars and nightclubs from opening within 500-feet of another bar or nightclub before he can sell bottles of beer and glasses of wine during events at his new shop. When Councilman Will Bell recommended the change in late 2020, he said it would improve the quality of nightlife options by making it easier for businesses like martini bars to open. However, some think the change would allow the return of venues that contributed to an environment that saw vandalism and violence downtown including a drive-by shooting that killed two men in 2010.

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In rotation: 8/12/22

The difference between Vinyl fans: Then and Now. Industry analyst Russ Crupnick of Music Watch shares his findings about what’s so different about modern vinyl music fans. The new generation of Vinyl buyers are dedicated to the format and represent an opportunity for artists, retail, and device marketers. In 2021, vinyl record sales topped $1 Billion in the US. The last time vinyl sales topped the billion-dollar mark was 1988, when inflation adjusted revenue was $1.2B (RIAA). Between 1989 and the early 2000’s the vinyl format was smothered by cassettes, CDs and digital downloads. After the 80’s it took until 2010 for the vinyl format to show an uptick in sales, though it would take several more years for momentum to really build. There remains an entire generation who grew up during the golden age of vinyl. Some were around for Brubeck’s “Time Out”, released in 1959. Others listened in awe when the album was reinvented, thanks to “Sgt. Pepper” and “Pet Sounds”. Alas, that generation of “Vinyl 1.0” buyers is slowly fading. What if you were born during the vinyl drought, say in the ‘90’s or aughts? That cohort is helping to drive a renaissance we’ll call “Vinyl 2.0”.

Hull, UK | Sushi rolls in and music store turns up the volume at Victorian arcade: A Victorian arcade which is proving to be a launchpad for independent traders has welcomed a sushi street food restaurant and a record shop. Oishii Ne – an Asian street food restaurant and take-away inspired by the Japanese phrase for “it’s delicious” – is the latest addition to Paragon Arcade in Hull. Meanwhile Out of the Attic – a record shop which opened in the arcade in June 2020 has expanded into a double unit with space to display more records, CDs, DVDs and t-shirts. Allenby Commercial, which transformed all the units and attracted a range of niche businesses after buying Paragon Arcade in 2017, will soon announce new tenants for the remaining space. Georgia Allenby, design and marketing manager at Allenby Commercial, said: “Paragon Arcade is all about providing a launchpad for independent local businesses which bring great ideas and fit into the community spirit we have nurtured here.

Midland, TX | Local businesses to give away 5 vinyl records from upcoming artists: The Wagner Noël and Endless Horizon are teaming up to give away 5 vinyl records this Friday in honor of National Vinyl Record Day. Participants will have the opportunity to receive a record from upcoming WNPAC artists set to perform this year. Here’s how you can win a one-of-a-kind record: The records will be from upcoming WNPAC artists, Robert Earl Keen (performing 8/26), Charley Crockett (performing 8/27), Tesla (performing (9/12), George Thorogood (performing 9/14), and Blue October (performing 10/27). On the morning of August 12th, both Endless Horizons and Wagner Noël PAC’s Facebook pages will post an enter-to-win contest page link on each Facebook page for people to enter. Participants who enter prior to August 12th at the Endless Horizons Stor will earn double points, giving them more chances to win a record.

New York, NY | Watches and Music: The Collector’s Approach. David Hurley, an executive with the Watches of Switzerland Group, talks about life with 10,000 vinyl records. When it comes to analog goods, David Hurley’s enthusiasm borders on mania. Not only does the New York transplant (from Cork, Ireland) serve as deputy chief executive of the Watches of Switzerland Group, the largest retailer of mechanical timepieces in the United States and Britain, he also is a vinyl devotee with more than 10,000 records in his collection. “I have CDs on top of it and I’m still collecting cassettes,” Mr. Hurley said on a video call last month from his home in Nyack, N.Y. “It’s an issue. Anytime I speak to my mum, it’s like, ‘More? Why do you need it?’” But as any mechanical watch collector knows, need is beside the point. “When you put on a record, it evokes so many memories,” Mr. Hurley said. “I like having the physical artifact.”

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