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TVD Radar: George Harrison Vinyl Box & Book Release, 2/24

VIA PRESS RELEASE | The Harrison family is proud to announce the release of George Harrison – The Vinyl Collection (UMe) box set featuring all of George Harrison’s solo studio albums in one collection for the first time.

The vinyl box set includes all twelve of George’s studio albums with exact replicas of the original release track listing and artwork. Also included in the box set are George’s classic live album Live In Japan (2LP), and two 12” single picture discs of “When We Was Fab” and “Got My Mind Set On You.” All the discs are 180-gram heavyweight vinyl and are housed in a high-quality two-piece rigid slipcase box. The original analogue master tapes were used for the new re-masters and were cut at the legendary Capitol studios to ensure exceptional audio quality throughout. The individual albums from the collection will also be available separately, with All Things Must Pass as a limited edition title.

George Harrison’s I Me Mine was originally published by the specialist book publisher, Genesis Publications in 1980. It became the first of many collaborations between George and Genesis founder, Brian Roylance. In conversation with his friend and former Beatles press officer Derek Taylor, and in a first-person commentary that accompanies his songs, Harrison’s own words recount everything from his upbringing in Liverpool, to early Beatlemania, his spirituality, and philosophy.

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TVD New Orleans

The New Soul Finders welcome special guests to the Little Gem Saloon, Saturday, 1/21


When guitarist and bandleader Marc Stone got together with two veterans of one of Eddie Bo’s late sixties bands to recreate some of his classic sides with younger musicians, he didn’t expect it to last. Nor did he expect it to continually regenerate itself. Last December, Stone announced the final show for the band, which featured vocalist Marilyn Barbarin and bassist and vocalist Paul Boudreaux.

But now the New Soul Finders are back this Saturday night at the Little Gem Saloon because of further interest from other musicians hooked on the sound of New Orleans funk and soul in the late 20th century.

Stone says his connection with the members of the Radiators (who just celebrated their annual reunion shows this past weekend with Stone as one of the opening acts) helped bring the New Soul Finders back on stage. Bassist Reggie Scanlan has a deep affinity for that era of New Orleans music having played with at least two of the legends—Professor Longhair and James Booker. He told Stone he was interested in playing.

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The Grape & The Grain, The TVD First Date

“Being in my late 20s, I grew up with CDs being the most common media for music. I just missed cassette tapes and I definitely missed the vinyl record…or so I thought.”

“My earliest memory of vinyl is when I was a kid and saw Wayne’s World for the first time. Wayne, Garth, and Co. are packed in the Murph-mobile singing Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.” What an epic scene.

I immediately ran to a stack of old records we had in the basement, pulled out Queen’s A Night At The Opera, and hit rewind on the VCR. I had my head buried in that gatefold… I needed to know every word of that song.

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The TVD Storefront

TVD Video Premiere: Johnson & McAuley, “Illuminated Dream”

“It was always a fantasy of mine to make the ‘ultimate ’80s video’ (and by video, I meant VIDEO). Plus, I really wanted to learn how to do stop motion animation like INXS’s ‘Need You Tonight.’ (It took me 3 full days to do those few seconds.) When my animation buddies Steve and John Loter agreed to parody MC Skat Kat, it was the blue-screen cherry on top of the neon lit sundae of my dreams.”

Formed as a natural extension of past collaborations, Johnson & McAuley serves as the latest concoction of hit songwriter/producer Bleu and indie singer-songwriter Alexz Johnson. Having first become acquainted back in 2005 via a mutual record label (Sony), the two artists worked together on a number of projects over the past decade, with Alexz appearing on the 2015 track, “Bottom of My Heart,” from Bleu’s fifth solo album To Hell With You, and Bleu co-writing “Thank You For Breaking My Heart” on Johnson’s “Heart” EP.

Equal parts Dare-era Human League and When in Rome (whose definitive single “The Promise” lent itself well to an excellent reworking by the pair), Johnson & McAuley’s first single “Illuminated Dream” distills many of the finer elements of the New Wave tradition, which is to say that Bleu and Alexz have undergone a staggering metamorphosis from their respective power pop and acoustic backgrounds.

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The TVD Record Store Club

Graded on a Curve: New in Stores, January 2017

Part two of the TVD Record Store Club’s look at the new and reissued wax presently in stores for January, 2017. Part one is here.

NEW RELEASE PICK: OST, Iris (Erased Tapes) Composer Dustin O’Halloran and Stars of the Lid member Adam Wiltzie are A Winged Victory for the Sullen, and their blend of modern classical, ambient, and drone gets its third full-length release via the soundtrack to the 2016 French thriller from director Jalil Lespert. While often tagged as cinematic, this is the duo’s first film score, with the music on prior album Atomos serving as accompaniment to a dance piece by choreographer Wayne McGregor. Iris taps into the above-listed styles and underlines the duo as a major exponent in contemporary post-rock. A-

REISSUE PICK: Pat Thomas & Ebo Taylor, Sweeter Than Honey, Calypso “Mahuno” And High Lifes Celebration (Presch Media GmbH) This reissues an excellent and pricey 1980 LP from a pair of Nigerian Highlife kingpins, Thomas the vocalist and Taylor the composer, arranger and lead guitarist. Those having scooped up Strut’s 3LP/ 2CD Thomas retrospective Coming Home will know this album’s “Ma Huno,” and it delivers Sweeter Than Honey its highpoint. But that’s no indictment of the quality found throughout this superb if succinct album, for in the truth in titling department, this baby rates high. A

Amas, Grill (Presch Media GmbH) Per PMG’s promo blurb, which quotes extensively from Peter Moore via the website African Revolutions, not only is Nigerian vocalist Gbubemi Amas smooth, articulate, cultured, and classy, he also possesses immaculate enunciation on this reish of a big-bucks 1981 boogie funk LP. Indeed, furthering the good-natured vibe is a cover of “Fire and Rain,” with Amas’ version closer to pop crooning than boogie or funk. Lacking the kick of Afro-rock or Highlife, this is solidly in the post-disco pop mold. Exuding hints of Talking Heads and Boz Scaggs, “Slow Down” is a highlight. B

Bash & Pop, Friday Night is Killing Me (Sire/Reprise) Tommy Stinson, with a lengthy cast of notables on hand, has a new record coming out this week under the revived Bash & Pop moniker. It’s titled Anything Could Happen, and I haven’t heard it. Hopefully, what happens will mark an improvement upon this formerly one and done group’s ’93 release, which is hitting vinyl for the first time on 1/24. To be fair, Stinson’s initial post-Replacements effort isn’t terrible; in fact, it’s a little better than the Mats’ final effort All Shook Down. Giving it a fresh spin, it persists as an okay but not terribly exciting listen. B

Black Anvil, As Was (Relapse) Reportedly one of the few black metal acts based in New York City, Black Anvil are now four albums deep, with all but their 2008 debut Time Insults the Mind on Relapse. That sort of label consistency frequently bodes well for overall quality, and so it is here. This is exactly the sort of LP to stoke the demonic fire of the genre’s sticklers the globe over, as it’s got the mauling guitars, the thudding rhythms, and the threatening croak-growl in spades, but there is a musicality to the 8-songs in 50-minutes that helps them to stand out. Familiar moves resist becoming mere tropes. A-

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A morning mix of news for the vinyl inclined

In rotation: 1/19/17

Vinyl Records Resurging: “A lot of people have heard about the vinyl comeback” said Patrick Hodgkins, Co-owner of Lagniappe Records, “so they’re googling record stores and ours comes up and they’re like ‘ohhhh they’re so many records.'” Patrick Hodgkins and his co-owner moved Lagniappe records to downtown Lafayette a little over a year ago and in that time frame they’ve seen a hike in sales. “It’s between slight and drastic, a happy medium. It’s definitely growing. As many records as we sell, we have people bring in records. So, it’s a steady supply.” said Hodgkins.

Tuff Gong International partners with Florida-based Sunpress Vinyl to relaunch pressing of vinyl records! Tuff Gong International is honored to announce the relaunch of our vinyl manufacturing services this February in partnership with Sunpress Vinyl. Considered by music purists to provide the premium listening experience, sales of vinyl records are on the rise, hitting a 28-year record high last year. Tuff Gong’s vinyl pressing factory has always been the most popular in the Caribbean, with its high-grade product attracting clients from as far away as Europe and Asia.

From anti-releases to 1-inch records: 13 albums you have to work too hard to hear: Obsessive music fans are a strange ilk. Not only will they fill their homes with every deluxe reissue of a record, but they’ll take on some barely functional curiosities, too. Here’s a look at the releases that stretch the definition of “album,” often requiring so much effort that it begs the question if it’s worth it—or, in some cases, if it’s even music.

LPs and the People Who Press Them: “We identified vinyl as kind of working with the ethos of the company, Hand Drawn Records, and also of course a huge need in the market, and something we were excited about,” Blocker says. “So we got into the game actually as brokers in 2014, just to simplify the ordering process for musicians. That’s how we learned the best mastering houses, the best print people, and of course, the process of pressing vinyl records.”

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TVD Live Shots: Sabaton, Accept, Twilight Force at the Brixton Academy, 1/14


“We are Sabaton and we play heavy metal,” says Joakim Brodén singer and frontman of Sabaton. This Swedish power metal band are the masters in their niche of singing songs about war and historical battles. Make no mistake, Sabaton wear their influences on the sleeves, well more like on their (camouflage) pants, literally. Army helmets, cannons, fire, explosions, tanks—these guys are not f*cking around when it comes to putting on a full-blown metal show and the fans hang on every single note.

I’ve seen some metal shows in my life but never have I seen a crowd fist pump in unison so perfectly. The energy in the room was undeniable and the comradery that Sabaton orchestrated with their fans is absolutely remarkable. That crowd was losing their sh*t the ENTIRE time and it was contagious.

Touring in support of their 8th studio album, The Last Stand is a concept which takes inspiration from famous defensive “last stand” battles. Released in August of last year, The Last Stand debuted at number one in the Czech Republic, Finland, and of course their home country of Sweden. It’s a testament to the power of metal and the insanely large fanbase in Europe.

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TVD Radar: Modern Harmonic launches “Winter in Space”
vinyl in stores now

VIA PRESS RELEASE | On Friday the 13th of January, Modern Harmonic celebrates their “Winter In Space” event with a handful of space themed records!

“Winter In Space” launches the first ever vinyl LP reissue of Tom Glazer & Dottie Evans’ Space Songs, a record created for children in the ’60s but coveted by adults today. Attilio Mineo’s Man In Space With Sound, a platter of beautifully textured space sounds with period-perfect narration (created for the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair) will be reissued on a custom colored vinyl LP and deluxe CD with a coloring book style insert. The Space Age Is Here To Stay, recently released in a limited fashion, will get a full release on CD and LP. It is the first-ever collection of Arkestra vocal tracks, so they’ve been appropriately released as Sun Ra & his Interplanetary Vocal Arkestra.

Speaking of Sun Ra, “Winter In Space” will feature the release of three 7” singles from the man from Saturn. Each features a celebrated Sun Ra recording on the A-side with an unissued cut on the B-side with incredible illustrations from the cream of the sci-fi artist crop. Friday the 13th of January should prove to be a treasure trove for fans of modern space art and music.

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The TVD Storefront

Graded on a Curve: Parquet Courts,
Human Performance

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in many years spent listening to music, it’s this: If you’re going to honor your idols by means of rank cannibalism, you are best advised to bury the skeletons afterwards, and deep. Which brings us to the strange case of Parquet Courts’ 2016 release Human Performance, which has sent the critics of our planet into unseemly paroxysms of rapturous praise. And I get it—Human Performance is an excellent LP in its way.

But I have my reservations. Because—and here’s where the cannibalism comes in—while I respect Human Performance for what it is, I can’t help but hear echoes, and more echoes, of other bands, better bands, and these echoes come damn close to ruining my listening pleasure altogether. The Velvet Underground, the Talking Heads, Devo, Beck, Pavement, Pere Ubu, even Jimi Hendrix, for Christ’s sake—I can hear them all in what is less an album than a flawed attempt at musical transubstantiation. Parquet Courts wears its influences on its sleeve, instead of picking up spade and shovel and making sure its mass grave is deep enough.

The first step towards killing one’s idols is by aping them; to paraphrase Oscar Wilde, imitation is the sincerest form of homicide. But after the dirty deed has been performed, one must be careful to wash the blood off one’s hands and then move on. And I thought Parquet Courts had done just that on the noisy and experimental 2015 “Monastic Living” EP. True, the critics universally panned it, but the EP had a metal machine heart and the guys in Parquet Courts should have taken all that critical carping as a signpost that they were on the right path.

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TVD Washington, DC

Play Something Good with John Foster

The Vinyl District’s Play Something Good is a weekly radio show broadcast from Washington, DC.

Featuring a mix of songs from today to the 00s/90s/80s/70s/60s and giving you liberal doses of indie, psych, dub, post punk, americana, shoegaze, and a few genres we haven’t even thought up clever names for just yet. The only rule is that the music has to be good. Pretty simple.

Hosted by John Foster, world-renowned designer and author (and occasional record label A+R man), don’t be surprised to hear quick excursions and interviews on album packaging, food, books, and general nonsense about the music industry, as he gets you from Jamie xx to Liquid Liquid and from Courtney Barnett to The Replacements. The only thing you can be sure of is that he will never ever play Mac DeMarco. Never. Ever.

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