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Emmy Wildwood,
The TVD First Date

“I was born in Tucson, AZ where records melt. In the summer the heat would rise to 117 degrees sometimes, so both people and vinyl had to be stored in a cool, dry place.”

“My father was a musician turned businessman and avid record collector. He made a media center with our record player in the cool and dim living room of the house I was born in. I’m not sure if I’ve been told the story a million times or if I have retained the actually memory of my mother rocking me before bed in an old wood rocking chair while she played Joni Mitchell’s Blue.

When I close my eyes I can see the electric melon color of the dial in radio lit up in the dark and I can remember the needle on vinyl’s subtle fuzz as an indicator that I going to be wrapped up safely in loving arms and carried peacefully into sleep. Even though I wasn’t a crier (then), she rocked me every night to their collection of Joni Mitchell, Emmy Lou Harris, Crystal Gayle, Juice Newton, The Beach Boys, and The Beatles to ensure we bonded. From time to time, a song comes up on the radio that I feel like I’ve never heard before and somehow I know all the words. Most likely, those are songs my parents put on the turntable before bed.

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TVD Video Premiere:

Today we have the pleasure of premiering multi-instrumentalist RIPL’s video for his latest single “EMA.”

“EMA” is undeniably catchy from the offset, filled with captivating folk-pop sensibilities and RIPL’s rich, eclectic vocal taking centre stage. He’s been regularly compared to the likes of Frank Turner, and its easy to see why in “EMA” as his vocal soars over the uplifting, feel-good instrumentation. The video features various pieces of imagery related to the song’s theme of “reflecting on those times in life when you try desperately to make yourself heard.”

“The video was done by Glaswegian artist called Alan Graham. He drew all the images and animated them as well,” RIPL says. “This project was one of the best and most professional experiences for me as an artist, to work with another artist.”

RIPL now lives in Scotland but is originally from Germany where he taught himself to play guitar at the tender age of just six years old.

“EMA” is in stores now.

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The TVD Storefront

TVD’s Press Play

Press Play is our Monday recap (on Tuesday this week) of the new and FREE tracks received last week to inform the next trip to your local indie record store.

Belle of the Fall – Rise Up
Nathaniel Bellows – How High
Lowpines – Broken Wing
Candace – Anyone Who Knows What Love Is (Irma Thomas cover)
Red Black Red – The Scientist
Moviestar – Technology NWOBHM – version
Fovea – Cost Of
Jeremy Bass – The Greatest Fire

The Orange Peels – Running Away

Berel – Blind Man (Xavier Omär Cover)
Jason S. Matuskiewicz – Can We Put Out The Flames?
Peelander-Z – Yeah Yeah Yeah
Boy Rex – Golden Standard
Youth Man – I Don’t Know
Soul Mate – Chris Rivers
Frank Knight – Black Panther Music
Bingo Players – Devotion (Boehm Remix)

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The TVD Storefront

Graded on a Curve: YoshimiO / Susie Ibarra
/ Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe, Flower of Sulphur

If you’ve a hankering for unadulterated improvisation, the new record featuring the talents of multi-instrumentalist YoshimiO, avant drum titan Susie Ibarra, and multidisciplinary artist Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe will likely sate that need, if only for a little while. Documenting the meeting of the three in performance in front of an audience at Brooklyn’s Roulette, Flower of Sulphur isn’t likely to convert those agnostic to improv’s qualities, but for ears just growing accustomed to abstract ambiance, it could prove inviting and ultimately satisfying as it reaches a bit beyond the style’s norms. It’s out February 23 on double opaque lavender vinyl and compact disc through Thrill Jockey of Chicago.

As a fan from back in the days of Boredoms, I’m eager to soak up any project with YoshimiO’s name on it, mainly because she’s yet to disappoint. Amongst other activities, there was U.F.O. or Die with Boredoms cohort Yamataka Eye; the indie supergroup Free Kitten, which teamed her with Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon, Pussy Galore’s Julia Cafritz and later, Pavement’s Mark Ibold; and the ample discography her own group OOIOO. Last year, she debuted SAICOBAB, a quartet combining ancient Indian traditional music with contempo methods and sounds.

Unsurprising for an artist frequently identified as belonging to the jazz realm, Susie Ibarra’s appearances on record are considerable, though her discography is nowhere near as daunting as some of her peers. She’s played with David S. Ware, John Zorn, Wadada Leo Smith, Sylvie Courvoisier, William Parker, Dave Douglas, Eugene Chadbourne, Mark Dresser, Marc Ribot, and Matthew Shipp, in duo with Denis Charles, Assif Tsahar, and Derek Bailey, and to move outside the jazz/ improv zone, Yo La Tengo. Having witnessed her at the kit behind Prefuse 73, I can attest that she can kill it in a variety of contexts.

Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe first emerged through the post-HC band 90 Day Men, then lit out on his own as Lichens and eventually under an expanded moniker (initially, he went by just Robert Lowe). Like Ibarra and YoshimiO, his collaborations have been wide-ranging, including The Cairo Gang, Om, and Rhys Chatham, plus co-credited releases with artist Rose Lazar (’08’s “Gyromancy” and ’10’s Eclipses, both for Thrill Jockey) and the early electronic-proto New Ager Ariel Kalma (’15’s very cool We Know Each Other Somehow, for RVNG).

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A morning mix of news for the vinyl inclined

In rotation: 2/20/18

Nuggets reflects on 40 years of spinning records: Nuggets, a record store in Kenmore Square, has remained relatively unchanged despite opening 40 years ago. While a small collection of Blu-Ray discs near the front door acknowledges the 21st century, most of the store’s floor space is still filled with boxes of records covering everything from classical opera to rock. “People come in and they keep saying it looks like we’re in the time machine going back,” Nuggets owner Stuart Freedman said. Nuggets began as three men selling records out of cardboard boxes in Harvard Square, Freedman said. Forty years ago, they pooled their money to open a storefront at 486 Commonwealth Ave. and hired Freedman — then a student at Northeastern University — to work for them. It was several years before the original proprietors were bought out and he became the sole owner.

Is the Price of Vinyl Going Too High? Is the vinyl industry at risk of pricing itself out of existence? In its Year in Report 2017, researchers at BuzzAngle Music noted that streaming music consumption surged in the US and Canada. Physical and digital album and track sales, however, continued their slow descent into obscurity. The anomaly? At a 20.1% increase over 2016’s numbers, vinyl records sales actually increased. The medium now comprises 10.4% of all physical album sales in the US. Nielsen Music also reported a similar spike. Last year, vinyl records accounted for 14% of all physical album purchases, a record high. Bandcamp also reported a 54% increase in vinyl sales for artists on its online music distribution platform.

This Is How Bad Your Vinyl Obsession Is for the World: The term “vinyl” is short for polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, a common plastic polymer used in everything from credit cards to window frames. The vast majority of new plastics are made from crude oil, although a small but growing proportion are now being made by recycling old plastic. So what’s wrong with it? “When it comes to vinyl, there are environmental impacts related to anywhere energy is used,” explains Andie Stephens, associate director of corporate carbon footprint measuring company Carbon Trust. “This includes the extraction of crude oil from the ground, refining it, the subsequent processing of [turning] that refined oil into PVC, then using PVC to manufacture a vinyl. The black colour comes from the addition of carbon black, which is also made from fossil fuels.”

Bolingbrook students learn about record players: Tibbott Elementary School in Bolingbrook celebrated its 50th anniversary. As part of the festivities, students learned about what school looked like for students their age in 1967. For students and teachers 50 years ago, the audio/visual technology to enhance student learning was, to say the least, limited. But there was an ancient device known as the record player used in classrooms all across the country. Tibbott Principal Ana Wilson showed her students how the record player worked and what a vinyl 33 1/3 RPM album looked like.

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The TVD Storefront

We’re closed.

We’ve closed up the shop for the President’s Day holiday. While we’re away, why not fire up our free Record Store Locator app and visit one of your local indie record stores?

Perhaps there’s an interview, review, or feature you might have missed? Catch up and we’ll see you back here on Tuesday, 2/20.

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TVD Washington, DC

Record Fair returns
to Penn Social, 2/18!

Back for its 9th year is Washington, DC’s (almost) twice yearly record rummage, The DC Record Fair which sets up shop on February 18, 2018 in the cavernous confines of downtown Washington, DC’s Penn Social.

As with each event, we’ll have 40+ vinyl vendors from up and down the East Coast, the DJ line up, the bar, the food, raffle items up for grabs just for coming through the door, plus the random other surprises that make the DC Record Fair a special community event.

Our friends at the Fillmore Silver Spring put together the above feature a while back that outshines any descriptive copy we could devise—hit play.

Mark your calendars! 

Sunday, February 18, 2018 at Penn Social, 801 E Street, NW
11:00–12:00, Early Bird Admission $5.00
12:00–5:00, Regular Admission $2.00

RSVP and follow via the Facebook invite!

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TVD Los Angeles

TVD’s The Idelic Hour with Jon Sidel

Greetings from Laurel Canyon!

I hear the whispers, and I hear the shouts / And though they never cry for help / Tell me who sends these / Infamous gifts / To make such a promise / And make such a slip / Oh no / Can’t pull a trick / Never the rose / Without the prick / Oh, but tell me how do I say? / I woke up and it’s yesterday / Do I again face this night? / Guiding light, guiding light / Guiding through these nights

This has been one of those weeks when I’ve needed a friend or stranger to nudge me in the right direction. A ray of light. A glimmer of hope. A laugh, a tug, a pat on the back, and a dare I say a hug.

To be honest, Spotify randomly played “Guiding Light” from Marquee Moon. It’s funny, I’ve been thinking about Verlaine’s songs this past month but not this one. Digging through a few crates I found more songs about “light” and “the light” than most.

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The TVD Storefront

TVD Radar: 45th anniversary reissues honoring the legacy
of Barry White in
stores 4/13

VIA PRESS RELEASE | From his hitmaking ’70s heyday until his untimely passing in 2003, Barry White set an unmatched standard for sexy, seductive, soulful R&B. As a vocalist, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist, White created music that was unmatched in its sonic and romantic intensity, highlighted by lush, widescreen arrangements and the artist’s deep, dark baritone voice. Over the course of his remarkable career, two-time Grammy Award–winner Barry White scored 106 gold albums worldwide, with 41 of those attaining platinum status, along with 20 gold and 10 platinum singles, with worldwide record sales of over 100 million records. He remains one of the best-selling recording artists of all time.

On April 13, Mercury Records/UMe will release the first of a series of catalog releases of Barry White’s classic work, in a yearlong celebration of the 45th anniversary of White’s first release on 20th Century Records. New collections feature such White solo hits as “Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love, Babe” and “You’re The First, The Last, My Everything,” along with hits by female trio Love Unlimited (“Walkin’ In The Rain With The One I Love,” “I Belong To You”) and the 40-piece Love Unlimited Orchestra (“Love’s Theme,” “Satin Soul”), both of which benefitted from White’s distinctive songwriting and production skills.

The White reissue series launches with a pair of remastered White hits collections: Love’s Theme: The Best Of The 20th Century Records Singles, a single-CD compilation incorporating 21 classic White hits, which will also be available as a double vinyl LP including the bonus track “Satin Soul” by Love Unlimited Orchestra; and the three-CD, 46-track The Complete 20th Century Records Singles (1973-1979), which will be presented in a specially-designed box with the three discs packaged in individual wallets. Both albums will feature expansive liner notes and track details.

Pre-order is available now for both the physical and digital collections with digital downloads receiving the first in a series of instant grat downloads that will be rolled out up to the album’s release. Love’s Theme: The Best Of The 20th Century Records Singles includes the title track “Love’s Theme” and “I’m Gonna Love You Just A Little More Baby” while The Complete 20th Century Records Singles (1973-1979) is also accompanied by that song as well as “Just A Little More, Baby (Instrumental).”

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The TVD Storefront

Andrew W.K.:
In-store with TVD at
DC’s Som Records

PHOTOS: RICHIE DOWNSAllow us to dispel a notion, if you in fact harbor it, that Andrew W.K. is only about THE PARTY. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth.

Sure, Mr. Wilkes-Krier is party practitioner par excellence, yet he’s also quite an astute music aficionado (and fan) with tastes across a wide swath of genres which we were made aware of during our recent record rummage in DC. (Not to mention he had some cool ideas for the video you’re about to view.)

Here’s some stuff you probably DO know—Andrew’s sharp as a tack, hysterical, and has a brand new record, You’re Not Alone, whose vinyl edition lands in your local record shop on March 2nd—which you can pre-order right here.

So, let’s get this party started, shall we? We’re record shopping with Andrew W.K. at Washington, DC’s Som Records!

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