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TVD’s The Idelic Hour with Jon Sidel

Greetings from Laurel Canyon!

As I like to say in the morning, “Wakey bakey.” “May day, may day!”

Today is May 1. I don’t care what the temp is or where you are in this hemisphere, it’s springtime—time to psychologically wake from winter’s mindset. “Let it bloom” is the mindset behind this week’s Idelic Hour playlist.

I was reading a recent review of the Roxy Music catalog on 180 gram vinyl. The reviver said Manifesto was underrated. I listened to it from start to finish and thought about 1979 and about what records I was digging in the spring of that year. This Ferry ballad popped into mind:

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TVD Washington, DC

TVD Presents Analog Soul Club, Funk Parade Edition, Den of Thieves, 5/2 from Noon-5

Where does the time go? It seems like only yesterday that the inaugural U Street Funk Parade invaded the heart of DC’s 14th and U Street corridor with its enthusiastic celebration of the multi-ethnic and diverse gumbo that’s at the heart of DC’s thriving music community.

Although not officially ON U Street last year, its spirit was pervasive—and persuasive enough to shut down U this year for the procession, and we’re delighted to have a hand in helping you rev your spirits—with spirits and records—prior to the parade.

Join us this Saturday, May 2 for TVD Presents the Analog Soul Club at Den of Thieves at the heart of 14th and U Streets, NW. We’re spinning nothing but vinyl from Noon to 5, just before the parade. It’s FREE, so pop in, have a hang, groove to some tunes, and lively up yourself to hit the streets. Here’s who is joining us on the decks all day:

NOON-1:00 PM, Crown Vic | Electric Cowbell Records label boss and TVD editor-at-large spins selections of “weird world” music. Vintage analog grooves pull up to the bumper of a shiny new day. DJ Crown Vic, aka Jim Thomson, runs the Electric Cowbell record label, promotes concerts as Multiflora Productions, and is a partner of the online independent record label consortium known as Independent Grand. He’s a founding member of both GWAR and Bio Ritmo and currently plays drums with the DC-based psych-punk-dance group, Time Is Fire.

1:00 PM-2:00 PM, Ty Hussell | Director of the Sitar Arts Center music program, Ty Hussell is a longtime DC analog selector who adds all the fun of live percussion to his sets that always include generous portions of soul, disco, boogie, Latin, Brazilian, African, Jamaican, and global sounds.

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The TVD Storefront

TVD Video Premiere: Buffalo Rodeo,
“Blue Sky”

Nashville indie gems Buffalo Rodeo follow up their outstanding EP, “123 Water” with the brand new video for “Blue Sky.”

We have the pleasure of premiering the achingly retro video from the thumpy psych rockers who look and sound like the love child of Broken Bells and Brian Jones Town Massacre. The ’60s vibes are thick, the distortion heavy, but Buffalo Rodeo produces gold nugget pop that is interesting and yes, even sexy.

If you haven’t already, grab their EP here and give yourself a moment with songs like “Lana (Del Rey)” and “All Ears.” The jangling tracks both feature great female and male vocals and woozy hooks. I’m certainly looking forward to hear what they come up with next.

Buffalo Rodeo Official | Facebook | Twitter | Bandcamp

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The TVD Storefront

Amy Fleisher Madden author, A Million Miles, The TVD First Date

“My relationship with vinyl is a weird one… the first record I really owned was a record that I pressed.”

“By the time I was born my parents had donated all of their vinyl to a local library (how lovely of them) and my father was determined to have THE BEST sounding stereo system that he could blast Steely Dan or the soundtrack from Back to the Future on. The audio components were probably flecked with graphite, like everything in the 80’s was. My first real “punk” friend was named Tim. He had a record player in his room and he’d blast Operation Ivy in the morning before school when he had to do his chores. I didn’t know how to operate a record player and when he’d tell me to put on whatever I wanted, I would get nervous about the needle and the arm and the spinny thing—so I just would play Operation Ivy over and over again. They were one of my favorite bands when I was 15, but this bordered on obsessive.

Sometime after meeting Tim and becoming completely obsessed with everything musical, the idea of starting a record label entered my mind. This was 1996, and all young bands put out 7”s… not CDs. So after I swallowed the vomit pooling in my throat and asked a band to be on my label, I began the task of pressing my first record. I didn’t dare tell anyone that I had never really PLAYED a record before. In fact, I think this might be the first time I’m telling anyone this, ever. Way to spill the beans on a first date, eh?

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TVD New Orleans

Our Jazz Fest Picks for the Second Weekend,
5/2 and 5/3

We are in the home stretch. Since Jazz Fest doesn’t release daily attendance numbers, it will be all about perception as to whether this Saturday, with headliner Elton John, ends up being more crowded than last Saturday with The Who. Here are our picks for the second weekend. The full Saturday lineup is here.

As with last Saturday getting an early start is imperative to minimizing your time waiting in various lines. Start your day with saxophonist Khris Royal and Dark Matter. He plays with George Porter, Jr. and lots of other bands. Dark Matter is a genre-defying act that can play virtually any style. Since they are opening the day on Congo Square, I would expect the sound to be more funk than jazz.

Helen Gillet has a long time slot beginning at 12:45 PM on the Lagniappe stage. Considering how wide her musical interests are, from French vocal music to avant-garde cello stylings, lots of time is nothing but a good thing. Last year, her set was positively mesmerizing as she looped her own vocals and cello and created something unique.

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The TVD Storefront

Graded on a Curve:
Bob Seger and the
Silver Bullet Band,
Night Moves

Through no fault of his own—or maybe it is his fault, I don’t know—Bob Seger has never gotten any respect. He’s the Rodney Dangerfield of rock, and this despite the fact that he’s written his fair share of memorable, and even great, songs. He’s always been the consummate journeyman—someone you might go to see, but without being totally psyched about it—but in the bicentennial year of 1976 he rose above his station to produce two very, very good LPs, Night Moves and Live Bullet.

The former included a couple of instant standards, while the latter made a convincing argument that seeing him live might just be a better bet than you think. I’ve liked him since I first listened to my older brother’s copy of Live Bullet way back in 1976, and I continue to have a soft spot in my heart for him, this despite the fact that he’s the force of evil who bequeathed us such awful songs as “Like a Rock,” “We’ve Got Tonight,” and the dreadful “Old Time Rock and Roll,” which to his credit he didn’t write but still recorded, which probably merits the electric chair. Why he even helped the Eagles write “Heartache Tonight,” a song that deserves to be burned at the stake.

But I forgive him, because he’s also given us such great tunes as “Get Out of Denver,” “Turn the Page,” “Beautiful Loser,” “Looking Back,” “Katmandu,” “Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man,” “Night Moves,” and “2 + 2 = ?” And his version of “Nutbush City Limits” is almost as good as Tina Turner’s. As much a product of Detroit as the trucks he’s helped to sell via the suckass “Like a Rock,” Seger played in or founded a number of bands—the most notable being The Bob Seger System—without achieving much more than regional success before forming the Silver Bullet Band in 1974. Live Bullet finally propelled him to national stardom, and Night Moves solidified his status as a player in the big leagues.

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A morning mix of news for the vinyl inclined

In rotation: 5/1/15

Unplugged: Savannah Record Fair returns “In a city like Savannah — with so many artists and with so many folks who value the past — the resurgence in interest seems like more than a passing fad.”

The Fishtown Record Swap: “A monthly crate-digging afternoon for vinyl lovers and their friends! Come see selections from Reptilian Records, SLUGSALTrecords, Christian Dayton Osgood, Sit & Spin Records, AND MORE!! Hang out for The Meatmen show later on!!”

Vinyl fans get in groove about record fair coming to Halifax Forum this weekend: “It’s hard to show off your mp3 collection to somebody if they come over to your house,” said Kevin Beal of Black Buffalo Records.”

All that jazz and this man with vinyl records: “Born in 1942, Sampat grew up in Nagpur where he heard jazz for the first time at a music store. He was 10 when he bought his first LP (long playing) vinyl with his weekly allowance. It was an Oscar Peterson album and he paid four annas for it.”

Friends of the Library sale nets nearly $130,000: “The Friends started the sale with nearly five full tractor-trailer loads of books, CDs, DVDs, audiobooks, vinyl records, games and puzzles — all donated over the past year by individuals and weeded out by the library system.”

What A Vinyl Record Looks Like On A Microscopic Level

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The TVD Storefront

Bullyheart’s Holly Long, The TVD First Date

“Records are raw. Emotional rawness. In fact, there’s something wrong to me about listening to a clean, new vinyl record. Maybe because all my memories of LP indulgence include the necessary pops, hisses, a skip or two rendering some pretty amazing lyrical malfunctions, and most definitely reaching for the needle to switch from A to B—a big hairy fur ball at the end. I could have made cat #3 out of those in college.”

“Clearly I was not super involved in taking care of my albums in the early years. What I was more interested in was diving deep into the beautiful angst winding its way out at 33 rpm. By the time I was buying records of my own and seriously listening to music of my choice, my family was equally seriously on the rocks. My parents’ marriage was in lethal trouble. And me, who at 10 was already crying at Coca Cola commercials, I was a wreck even before teenagehood kicked in. So, record spinning for me was almost something like therapy.

I have to out myself that it kinda all began with some serious So Cal pop rock. Nothing fringy or edgy. Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours pulled me in with Christine McVie’s mellow throatiness and Stevie’s weird warbly white-girl croon. I remember hours staring at the black and ivory cover wondering what the fuck adult men were doing dressed in tights dangling things over wanton ladies. And how perfectly it reflected my feeling of also being on the outside of understanding the kick ass lyrical syllables that wound their way through the electric melodies. How did they DO that? What where they SAYING? How did they know it would sound so AWESOME?

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TVD New Orleans

Our Jazz Fest Picks for the Second Friday, 5/1

By the second Friday, the old saying, “when the going gets tough, the tough get going” makes all the sense in the world. If you’ve been going to the Jazz Fest every day, and going out at night, now is the time to start pacing. The full schedule is here.

The Honorable South made quite a debut last year at the fest and they have been keeping up quite a schedule. I saw the young indie band at the French Quarter Festival and was impressed by how much they have improved in just under a year. The musicians were tighter and the lead singer, Charm Taylor, was much more poised on stage as she charmed a crowd new to their music.

The Panorama Jazz Band never ceases to amaze with their joie de vivre and musicality. Seeing them outside on the intimate Jazz and Heritage stage should be a real treat. Get ready to boogie because they play music from all over the world and it’s all very danceable.

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UK Video: Urvanovic,
“Open Ground”

Urvanovic are a band who are tricky to pigeon-hole. Their latest free track “Open Ground” is filled with an organically mixed blend of sounds which begins as an anthemic, distortion heavy synth-tastic track, with Tom Irvine and Seonald Stevenson’s vocals coming into play and blending together effortlessly.

There are also a few dynamic surprises hidden inside as well, with a number of mini breakdowns throughout allowing the strings to have their time to shine beautifully.

The video is pretty captivating too as we follow a young girl performing ballet along the streets before she greets the full band and the track comes to a brilliant, dynamic ending.

Urvanovic have managed to create a sound that is both complex and enchanting. Their music is filled with gorgeous layers from all forms of instrumentation which begs you (and us) to catch them in a live arena.

“Open Ground” is available to download now via the band’s Bandcamp page.

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