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TVD Live Shots: The Detroit Cobras at the Brooklyn Bowl, 7/18

TVD photographer Doug Seymour traveled to the Brooklyn Bowl on July 18th to chronicle an evening with The Detroit Cobras. The Cobras blend obscure rock and soul classics with a gritty charm that make the songs all their own.

Lead singer Rachel Nagy owned the stage with a rock and roll swagger that was electric. Check out the balance of Seymour’s photos below—and the Cobras live.

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TVD Asbury Park

Garden State Sound
with Evan Toth

All jokes aside, New Jersey is a pretty great place. While it has a lot to offer as a state, it also has a rich musical history of which many people remain unaware. Everyone knows Sinatra and The Boss, but there’s much more.

Tune in to Garden State Sound with Evan Toth to explore the diverse music with connections to New Jersey. You’ll hear in-depth interviews with some of Jersey’s best music makers and have the opportunity win tickets to some of the best concerts in the state.

“Newark, NJ native Whitney Houston famously sang the line, ‘I believe the children are our future’ and her belief remains a fundamental one. Enter Professor David Philp who—along with the William Paterson University Music Department—offer a college curriculum for students who not only hope for a career in music, but are interested in supporting themselves via their own compositions, performances, and business acumen.

Join Prof. Philp and myself in a discussion about teaching music in the 21st century and—most importantly—to hear samples of some of the up-and-coming talent that has passed through the doors of his program. You’ll meet Big Beat, Jeanette Elizabeth, Lauren Marsh, You and I, Tim Gysin, Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son, and Ally Mac. It’s Jersey fresh music right here on Garden State Sound.” —EZT

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Flower Fellow,
The TVD First Date

“I should probably start with my first LP which was Rumours by Fleetwood Mac. Man that is such a good album!”

“From then on I cited Stevie Nicks as my idol. If anyone asks why I just tell them to listen to ‘Gold Dust Woman,’ that’s enough justification for anyone.

I have a lot of my Dad’s old records like his Stones, Cream, and George Harrison collections. There’s a really great shop in Camden (I can’t remember its name) but that’s where I bought my copy of LA Woman, Live In The West by Hendrix and a super cool compilation that has Lou Reed, Ian Dury, The Moody Blues, and Deep Purple on it. Pretty weird mix but still awesome!

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The TVD Storefront

TVD Vinyl Giveaway: Air, The Virgin Suicides 15th Anniversary Deluxe Box Set Edition

In 2000, Sofia Coppola made her directorial feature-film debut with The Virgin Suicides. The movie, based closely on a novel of the same name, received critical acclaim and garnered a cult fan base.

It was also French duo Air’s first foray into film scoring, but the majority of the music that they had recorded was left on the editing room floor, and the official soundtrack for the film only features two songs by the band. Now, 15 years later, Air is releasing a deluxe edition of their original score to the film, including previously unreleased tracks and live performances.

The Virgin Suicides was the electronica duo’s first score for a film, but they went on to work with Coppola again in 2003 for Lost in Translation and three years later for Marie Antoinette, both of which were well-received soundtracks. In each of these films, Air managed to strengthen and reinforce the scenes they scored, while preserving their original tone and texture.

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The TVD Storefront

Graded on a Curve: Lionel Richie, “Dancing on the Ceiling” b/w “Love Will Find a Way”

Let’s get one thing straight from the start. I don’t like Lionel Richie. I don’t like the cut of his jib, his taste in white suits, or the fact that he looks like a black John Oates. His songs pander to the lowest common denominator and the vast majority of them are pure treacle. I had a dream a while back. I was making love to a beautiful woman. Then I looked up and saw she had the head of Lionel Richie. I had to go see a shrink, who told me I had post-traumatic stress disorder. And that I wasn’t her first patient to suffer through such a terrifying experience. She directed me to a support group that meets weekly, where we can weep and pass Kleenex and rage against a universe that could allow such an abominable thing to happen in the first place.

That said, I have a confession to make. I like one Lionel Richie song. Exactly one. Not two, or three, or four. One. And it’s “Dancing on the Ceiling.” When it comes on the radio, I don’t reach desperately for the dial to find another station. Instead I sing along. I wonder what the people in my Lionel Richie support group would think. They’d probably throw me out on my ear. But what can I say? The damn song, which was released by Motown in 1986, is damned catchy, damn it.

And strange. Dancing on the ceiling? That’s some crazy hoodoo LSD type shit right there. I can’t believe the former Commodore, who works exclusively in the medium of maudlin, actually wrote the lyrics. As for the music, it’s perky instead of ballad slow, and while it will never wash the taste of “Hello,” “Three Times a Lady,” or “Easy” out of my ears, it is a trifling recompense for such dastardly drivel. Seriously, if I possessed dictatorial powers, I would sit Richie in one of those glass booths the Israelis parked Albert Eichmann in and put him on trial for crimes against music. But I lack such powers because we live in a democracy, which H.L. Mencken described as “the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.”

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The TVD Storefront

TVD’s Press Play

Press Play is our Monday recap of the new—and FREE—tracks received last week, provided here to inform your next trip to your local indie record store. Click, preview, download, purchase.

Reservations – To be honest
We Came As Strangers – Eyedom
Gem Club – Braid
Kapil Seshasayee – Whatever Was Arranged
Merry Ellen Kirk – Lovers & Liars
Luxxe Band – Cello
Rey Pila – Fire Away
The Weeknd – I Can’t Feel My Face (notno not feeling bootleg)
Adam Cleaver – The Salt Mine
Dioni – Flirting With Reality

Reverieme – Plankton

Secret Friend – Blue Sky
Grave Babies – Something Awful
LOMBARD – Melody Maker
Jackson Boone – Moonbeam
Maroon 5 – This Summer’s Gonna Hurt (Etienne Ozborne BeachClub Remix)
Du Tonc – Rock The Boat
MY BODY – All I Can (QQQ Remix)
Sam Smith – Stay With Me (Bauke Top Remix)
EVVY – Tidal Wave
The White Panda – Reflection Stone (MisterWives // Kygo)
Mophono – FLOTSAM

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A morning mix of news for the vinyl inclined

In rotation: 7/27/15

The Locations Behind 28 Iconic Album Sleeves – And Where To Visit Them In Real Life: “From Abbey Road to Paul’s Boutique, some seemingly innocuous places have been so immortalised by the iconic record sleeves that bear their image that they’ve become destinations in their own right.”

Is Vinyl’s Comeback Here to Stay? “Everyone knows the best way to experience an album for the first time is on vinyl. That’s a pretentious, hipster-ish statement to say the least, but it’s true. Vinyl records sound better.

Independent record stores adjust to the arrival of Global Release Day: “The first Global Release Day, on July 10, ended the longstanding practice of the Tuesday street date in the American record industry. For the first time in decades, U.S. record stores opened on a Tuesday without a new stock of new releases. ‘This was the weirdest Tuesday in my life’…”

Pop-up record show at the Ore Dock in Marquette: “Vinyl collectors got a chance to add to their collection this evening at a Pop-Up Record Show in Marquette. This is the ninth time the show has been put on. Vinyl record enthusiasts got a chance to search and find their favorite records at a low price.”

“Navy base in Cuba houses one-of-a-kind music collection: This isolated U.S. Navy base has many facilities and services to make life comfortable for the service members and their families stationed here. That includes a radio and TV broadcast facility holding more than 22,000 reel-to-reel and vinyl records, valued at as much as $2 million.

Home Design Inspiration: “Buy the best record storage product that suits your needs.”

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The TVD Storefront

We’re 8.

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TVD Los Angeles

TVD’s The Idelic Hour with Jon Sidel

Greetings from Laurel Canyon!

The summer of 2015 has brought our family a strange turn of events. Maybe we should dub it, “The Year Of The Cat.” First we lost our beloved kitty, LuLu. Then we’ve adopted two small adorable kitties. Now both those cats are sick as fuck!

Little Mochi is in an oxygen tent with pneumonia while Princess Nori slowly recovers from a flu. These “cat dilemmas” coming into our lives reminds me—really, you never know how it’s gonna go.

Well morning comes and you’re still with her /
And the bus and the tourists are gone /And you’ve thrown away your choice you’ve lost your ticket /So you have to stay on /But the drumbeat strains of the night remain /In the rhythm of the new-born day /You know sometime you’re bound to leave her /But for now you’re going to stay /In the year of the cat /Year of the cat…

When I started listening to songs for this week’s playlist I was in a serious mood. I searched to fill the hour with a vibey and somewhat somber string of songs. Surfing a number of blogs I found a nice group of new albums and also pulled a stack of deep cuts to choose from. At some point it seemed natural the reach for Al Stewart’s “Year of the Cat.” By habit I always try to avoid “classic rock” radio hits but this song, I should say “true gem,” was singing in my head.

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TVD Cleveland

TVD Live: Waxahatchee at Beachland Ballroom, 7/20

PHOTOS: JUDIE VEGH | Katie Crutchfield loomed tall on center stage, wearing black leather shoes with thick soles. Her twin sister, Alison Crutchfield, seemed smaller in her ballet slippers and short, pixie haircut. They had been in bands together since high school until their last project, P.S. Eliot, disbanded and they each started their own separate projects. Katie Crutchfield started Waxahatchee, who I saw play at the Beachland Ballroom Monday night. This was her band, so she was taller. She was center stage. By the end of the show, she was the only one on stage.

It was only fitting the show ended the way Waxahatchee itself began—just one woman with a guitar, singing darkly into a microphone. But that wasn’t how most of the night went. The Waxahatchee of 2015 is a different beast from the band’s stark, sometimes brutal solo beginnings.

The band had an airiness about them, reminiscent of the Crutchfield sisters’ P.S. Eliot pop-punk days. Even as the instruments drown in the shallow waters of distortion, Katie Crutchfield’s vocals felt measured and comforting. It’s the resolute calm in her voice that made her solo offerings at the end of the night so haunting and the full-band romps the rest of the night breezy and joyous.

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